tagErotic HorrorBetween a Witch and a Devil

Between a Witch and a Devil


Brilliant red and yellow flashes of light strobed, illuminating the damp dark stone walls, as dark silhouettes of nude bodies entangled together slow dancing at their own seductive tempo around her. Her heart quickened in realization she was unable to move, bound tightly at her wrists and ankles, she pulled against the restrains. Sweat beaded up on her flawless creamy white skin as flames licked at her with sharp vicious tongues. Trying to scream but her voice wouldn't emerge, silenced, eyes darting from side to side, every muscle ridged in her body, heart beating out of her chest, mind racing looking for reason to find nothing.

Against the wall, she saw him move, a tall, dark, monstrous shape, snaking his way through the melding bodies and flames. The overpowering need of flight was taking over her body and she flailed against the stone bed that she was strapped to, not finding a voice within her to scream for help. Flames more intense mocking her every movement, he crept in closer moving his beady black eyes over her luscious body, analyzing her long reddish brown hair and striking green eyes, wild with terror, to her full lips bared showing her brilliant white teeth, her shimmering skin, glistened with sweat in the light of the flames, taking note of her perfect supple breasts and erect nipples rising and falling with every erratic breath she took, her back was arching, yearning to move away, anywhere but here, her tight tummy, her bucking hips, her sweet bare mound exposed, her long legs, twisting in every direction possible, all the way down to her blood red painted toes he reached out his dark hand towards her legs. Tears poured out of the corners of her eyes, knowing she was about to die by the hands of this creature, not being able to utter a sound, helpless.

A thundering voice erupted from far away in the fiery room, grabbing the attention of the creature, pulling his hand back and adjusting his posture to more of a crouch. Confused, she looked into the direction of the voice, not seeing anyone or any thing. A low rumbling growl brought her awareness back to the creature, just as he leaped towards her with vigor, her muscles tightened and she closed her eyes as her heart lunged into her throat.....

Lucy jolted straight up in her bed, arms thrashing, screaming as she opened her eyes to realize she was dreaming again. She wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand and took a deep breath and let it out slowly, rolling her eyes and letting out a sigh, she rolled over and fell back onto her pillow wide awake for the night.

Lucy had been in the house for a little over a month now. A beautiful older home nestled in a wooded lot in a small town in Southern Illinois. She had been looking for that 'out of the way' house in an 'out of the way' place for quite sometime and she had finally found it, and cheep too; the house had been on the market for quite sometime. The realtor was more than happy to help make a deal on the home, especially the way the housing market is these days. She found it to be a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city and had wonderful plans of a garden in the spring. Within, driving distance was Lucy's favorite place to go in the afternoons, the local bookstore with a small coffee shop. She found herself wrapping herself in books instead of finding ways to intermingle with the locals.

Lucy headed to the back of the bookstore to hopefully find some sort of book about dream interpretation. She browsed all sorts of different books that really didn't peak her interest and ended up in the alternative religion area of the bookstore. With her nose in one of the books of spells, she bumped into Cleve. Cleve was the manager of the bookstore and always helped Lucy out when she came in looking for something in particular. She had grown fond of Cleve, her only real acquaintance in the little town. He was young, handsome with tribal tattoos and some piercings. He seemed strong, inside and out and she admired that.

"What are you reading today, Lucy, another 'how to book'?"

"Oh, hi Cleve, No not this time." Lucy slid the book down her side closing it and holding it out of side. She was a little embarrassed by the fact she was reading a book of spells and letting her dreams get the best of her.

"What ya got there?" Cleve asked.

"Oh Cleve, I'm a little embarrassed that I'm even looking at this stuff. It's just that I'm still having these dreams that I can't shake and they are becoming more vivid each time. I know, it's silly, I don't even know why I bother telling you this."

Moving his eyes over Lucy's and seeing her discomfort, Cleve hesitated slightly as he reached out his hand and rubbed Lucy's shoulder. "You're still having those dreams? Lucy, I'm not sure a book like this would help with your dreams, especially if you don't know how to use it correctly."

His touch was warm, really warm and it send a current through her that she wasn't expecting. She pushed back the feelings as she spoke, blushing, "I know, that's why I'm embarrassed. I just have this strange felling." She shook her head and looked deep into his searing blue eyes and giggled, "It's nothing, really."

He smiled, "What are your plans tonight?" Shaking her head with a smile, "Nothing but dreaming about crazy demons eating me alive." Laughing Cleve said, "Lucy, Come have dinner with me." Lucy stammered over a few excuses and finally gave in to Cleve and agreed to meet him for dinner.

They met at the local pizza place, they sat down and ordered some beer and began talking. Cleve asked Lucy about her dreams, wanting to know more. Lucy didn't want to divulge too much more information in fright he might take her to be insane, but he seemed truly interested.

"It's just that each time I dream, something more to the dream evolves. Like a story."

"So, like its working its way up to an ending." Cleve said.

"Yes and ..." she trailed off, not wanting to say the rest.

"And...what?" Cleve said.

"And I feel like the ending is my death and if I die in the dream, I'll die in real life. I'm really afraid." She turned her head to hide the crimson glow of her cheeks.

"So, what is new about this dream, you said they are evolving." Said Cleve.

"Yes, they are evolving and I feel like it's close to the end, but there was someone else in her dream this time. He was yelling but I don't know what he was saying."

"Who was he, did you know him?" Cleve asked.

"I don't know. I didn't see him, I only heard his voice"

"Then what happened?" asked Cleve.

"The thing lunged at me and I woke up" stated Lucy.

"Woooweee, that's spooky Lucy, you should tell that story for the Halloween reading this weekend. Ooo better yet, we should host it at your place since all the crazy things that happened there. We would draw a huge crowd"

Looking up at Cleve over the rim of her glass, she said "What things happened there? What do you mean?"

"What? You don't know? How could you buy that house and not know!"

"Cleve, what are you talking about? Nothing has happened in my house."

"Yes, Lucy. Something very dark happened in your house a long time ago"

"Bull shit Cleve! Someone would have said something to me about it."

"Well, all I know is that, an evil man lived there when I was growing up and everyone was scared to death of that house."

"What happened to the man?"

"No one knows, they never found him."

"What did he do?"

"The rumor is, is that he raped and killed young women there, but like I said, they never found him or any bodies."

"See, it's not true, just a silly legend."

Lucy and Cleve laughed away the night. Walking her to her door, Lucy said, "You didn't have to walk me to my house. The boogey man wasn't going to get me." Cleve laughed and said "I know, I just wanted to spend some more time with you, Lucy." Lucy blushed and told Cleve she had better get in the house. Cleve smiled and told her good night and to have sweet dreams as he winked at her, but not before he stole a peck on the cheek from her. Lucy smiled as she closed the door. The thoughts of Cleve were steaming in her head. It has been a long time since she had felt any emotion toward a man.

Lucy crawled into bed and nestled down under her covers, thinking of Cleve, his warm touch today in the bookstore, his piercing blue eyes, the simple kiss on the cheek, his sexy tattoos. She had let herself drift, feeling her hands moving down her body and back up, cupping her breasts in her soft hands, pinching her nipples. She thought of Cleve's hand touching her, her hands becoming his as she ran her hand down her stomach to her panties, letting his fingers cup her mound, tracing her pussy lips, moving her panties to the side, feeling her silky folds. Biting her lip, his fingers found her clit, already swollen with excitement then dipping his fingers inside, once, twice, then coming back to her clit and gently circling it with his wet fingers, then back down dipping with two fingers again and again, sliding out to find her clit throbbing.

Lucy was moaning, her eyes were closed, one hand on her breast and the other in her pussy. Her back was arching she could feel the burn in the pit of her stomach become hotter as her muscles began to tighten, she dipped in again with two fingers and back out rubbing her clit, his hands fell so good she thought. Beginning to imagine Cleve's cock rubbing her clit as she dipped her fingers in again, she was on the brink as she gasped she plunged her fingers back into her pussy and out again finding her clit she tightened and let out a moan as the waves of pleasure took her over. Sinking back into her pillow, she smiled and fell fast asleep into the dream she had had over and over again.

The voice was closer this time as it thundered through the room. She bucked trying to free herself before the creature lunged at her, but it was too late, she felt his cold mass on her hot fire licked body and she turned her head to the side, not wanting to see what was next, fearing death. She heard the voice again, closer but couldn't make out what he was saying, but the creature took notice and was agitated, hurried, impatient as he growled. At her? Or at the voice? She felt his breath on her neck; it smelled like sulpher, it repulsed her. She turned her head to the other side, trying to avoid his hideous breath and face. She felt something wet on her neck, his tongue was tracing her jaw line to her neck, down her collar bone to her nipples, his forked tongue flicking at them. She was struggling to try and get away, wanting to scream, she couldn't. She heard him laughing, this evil bellowing laugh she was screaming NO NO NO but no sound emerged. Feeling it lower itself between her legs, tears streaming down her cheeks! "NO! CLEVE, help me?!" No sounds, no sounds. The voice thundered again, she still couldn't understand, but as the new bombing voice echoed in the room the creature began screaming a horrible scream as if in pain, holding its distorted head. Shaking uncontrollably, she kept crying with no sounds, "Cleve help me, please help me." The creature continued screaming as he leaped off the stone bed.

It was then, she saw a bright flash of light though her closed eyelids drowning out all the flashes of red, the fire, it was a bright white light. She slowly opened her eyes, and could see a dark figure in the white light moving towards her. Beginning to struggle again, trying desperately to get away. She heard him say "be still, it's ok. I'm here. It's ok, I'm here. I'll protect you."


"Yes, I'm here it's ok. You're ok."

"No we have to get out, the creature, he'll be back, help me, help me get loose"

"Lucy, I will untie you, it's ok."

As he loosened her restraints, Lucy sat up and said "You can hear me?"

"Yes, I could always hear you Lucy."

Tears rolling down her face, dripping on her chest, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, he scooped her up into his arms carrying her away from the dark stone walls, up the stone stairs into her warm bedroom and laid her on her bed. The sheets were crisp and cool against her fiery hot skin.

She couldn't help but to kiss him and feel him closer, his lips touching hers, molding perfectly with each other. Their kissing became more intense before she knew it he was on top of her kissing her neck, her chest, he was holding himself up with one hand and the other was pulling her closer to him, they were on fire. Breathing became erratic; all she wanted was for him to be inside her, her heart was pounding in her chest. His hands traced down her chest as he sucked her breasts, circling his tongue around her hard nipple. Gliding down her stomach past her navel, licking, kissing, sucking, and her muscles tightened as he moved further south on her plain. He ran his hands ever so lightly up her legs to her inner thigh to her hot wet pussy, her body quaked gently.

He moved in to pleasure her, he said "I want to taste you," she was so hot as he started licking and sucking her, she moaned in pleasure. He knew what he was doing; he was hitting all the right places. Her muscles were starting to contract, her body was starting to shake, as he ran the tip of his tongue around her clit, that was it. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head, she moaned as she came, he moved down to take her all in licking and sucking, her body quivered under his tongue.

She met his hot wet lips with hers and rolled over on top of him, kissing and sucking his neck. The passion was so hot and all she could imagine was how good this was going to feel, but she wanted to really pleasure him, make his head spin the way he did hers. She moved ever so gently down his chest with little kisses and licks, keeping eye contact with him, she moved lower and slid her hands down his sides. He let out a sigh and smiled and she smiled back just as she lowered her lips down onto him, taking him all into her hot wet mouth, he moaned as she slid down as far as she could possibly go and as she came back up, she moved her tongue all around him, licking all the right places.

They were loosing control, she took him deep into her mouth and throat, over and over. He was so aroused, she could feel him pulsing in her mouth, he was getting close and she knew that he was enjoying himself. She was hot too. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as she sucked his cock. He was gripping the sheets, thrusting his hips, his head was back in the pillows as he let out a low moan and she knew he was coming, his body was ridged. She moved all the way down on him and he shuttered, she could feel his hot cum in her mouth and throat and at that point she needed him inside her more than ever.

She moved back up his body, they were hot, their bodies were sticky with sweat, they were melting into each other, and she couldn't have wanted anything more. She crawled on top of him and leaned down to kiss him. His lips were so warm and his arms were wrapped around her, his hands moving up her spine, it was very passionate and the desire for him to be inside her was growing. They kissed each other, their hands moving over their bodies their lips swollen, she sat up, her hair was falling on her shoulders and she positioned herself to take him inside her.

They were moving slowly, passionately, deliberately. This was not lust, this was something else all together, they were meant to be here. She slowly slid down on to him, she was so hot and wet, it was so easy. He was big and her pussy was tight on him as she maintained the slow motion of taking him all in. She could feel every inch going deeper and deeper. Her muscles were contracting and he hadn't reached full penetration, she could feel the fire burning deep in her stomach. His eyes were rolling too, it felt too good. She pushed down and he was completely inside her, filling her up, her pussy hot wet molding to him. She could feel how big he was inside her, he didn't have to move, she was reaching orgasm by just the sheer pleasure of full penetration. Her body was shaking; she pushed down a little more and arched her back, threw her head back and let her hair fall down her back. Her eyes were rolled back into her head and she came so hard that her stomach muscles contracted bringing her forward.

She began grinding her hips moving him in and out of her, he was thrusting too. His hands were gripping her hips and she continued to ride him. She could tell that it was going to be hard for him to control himself. He leaned up, wrapped his hands around her waist as she gently contracted her pussy around his cock. He rolled his eyes and buried his head in her breasts; she smiled and moved in to kiss his neck. His hands were moving up her back and she could feel his hot breath on her chest and they continued moving together as one. It was incredible the feeling he was giving her.

She couldn't focus on anything but the satisfying feeling that burned between her legs. His eyes met hers and they gazed at each other for short pause, long enough to see the passion in their eyes. He slid her leg back and rolled over on top, never once breaking the breathtaking motion of deep penetration. With one hand he balanced himself and with the softest touch of his other hand, he caressed the side of her face and ran it down her neck to her chest, with gentle pressure, he moved his hand down her side, under her hip to her thigh, reaching around lifted her leg into his arm while driving deep inside of her, she let out a sharp moan as he continued to thrust deeper and deeper.

He smiled down at her and he slowed down to a very sensual pace and her head was spinning. He continued to look into her eyes and she could feel the white blazing light burning in her, her breath was hot and fast, her chest was rising and falling in motion with their bodies moving together. His stare was penetrating her and she couldn't control herself. She closed her eyes as she began to come, her muscles contracting around him and he whispered "look at me." She opened her eyes to stare back at him and he said "I want to see it in your eyes." She was so close to climax, she could have screamed. He moved slowly, rhythmic in and out of her, she could feel every motion with precision, while he never looked away, neither did she as her body quaked with pleasure, he smiled at her as did she him.

He was moving faster now; their intense intimate glare had got both their hearts racing. He was so deep inside her, but all she wanted was him to be deeper, it wasn't possible. She didn't want to stop, she wanted to be close to him. The sheer passion of that was driving her over the edge. She couldn't see straight, she thought she may have been passing out. He was thrusting into her over and over and she could feel his muscles getting harder and his breath was hot and fast, he was close and so was she. She wanted to climax together, make it complete. He let her leg down and moved in closer to her, scooping his arms under her body and grabbing her shoulders from underneath to pull her down on him; to hold her tight in position as he moved inside of her in slow controlled hard thrusts. His back was arched over her as she ran her fingernails down his back, he threw his head back and moaned loudly with each thrust as she felt the fire, her pussy was getting tighter, she was moaning, he was moaning, the burn started inside her and continued up through her stomach, her vision went blank, she couldn't see, her back was arched just as he pushed deep inside her; his body was quivering as was hers, they both came with incredible force as he filled her up inside. He collapsed on top of her nestling his head into her neck, both trying to catch their breath, they kissed each other softly.

Curled up next to him, she whispered in his ear "that was wonderful." He reached for her hand and kissed each finger gently. Reaching towards the nightstand, he grabbed a small sliver ribbon and gingerly tied it around her wrist.

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