tagLoving WivesBeverly and I: An Homage to Elia

Beverly and I: An Homage to Elia


The beginning of this story is the same as the beginning of the "Beverly and I" four part series by Elia_CDL. The ending has been substantially modified and published here with the explicit consent of the original author. It is reimagined here with the main characters going in a different direction together after their initial adventures in flashing strangers. It is also a prequel to "Room Service," one of my own original stories.


Beverly and I have been married for 16 years. Right out of high school. We have 4 kids. The oldest is 15 and the youngest is almost 6.

I think we've had a great marriage. Everything has been pretty normal for a middle class white couple. It was a little tough when we were starting out, but I hung in at the job and got a couple of promotions and now I'm making enough that Bev can stay home and take care of the kids and house.

Bev and I have both put on about 10 pounds since we got married but I don't think it has hurt either of us. She's round and curvy and, as far as I'm concerned, perfect in every way. She has long blond hair and blue eyes. I think she's more beautiful today than the day we married.

For quite a while after we got married we spent all of our free time in bed. I even had a couple of complaints from neighbors about not mowing the lawn enough. I guess that's what happens when you throw two healthy virgins together. I'd have to say we both had higher than the average sex drive.

Sometimes I would chuckle to myself when I heard a friend talk about not having sex once or twice a week. It was pretty rare that Bev and I didn't have sex at least twice a day!

We had to slow down some towards the end of Bev's first pregnancy. But after our first son was born, it didn't take long before we were back at it.

In any event life was great. About the time our first girl was born we were beginning to slow down some. It just seemed to happen naturally. Wake up too late one morning and head off for work without any sex. For some reason it didn't seem to me that I missed it. Then, maybe two or three mornings in a row. Then a whole week would go by without having sex before going to work. Gradually the same thing happened at night. Instead of fucking and sucking all evening we would watch some TV. We'd wait till bedtime for our fun.

By the time of my 25th birthday we were only having sex four or five times a week. It seemed we were both happy with this arrangement. I know I rarely missed the daily fucking/sucking sessions. What the heck, we weren't kids anymore. We had kids and responsibilities. Lot's of responsibilities.

When Bev hit 30 we had four kids and regular Wednesday and Saturday night lovemaking. That wasn't quite enough for me, but I didn't complain. I think Bev would have liked a little more loving too, but we just never seemed to have time.

About a year ago I started thinking there was more to life than work, play with the kids, and make love twice a week. When I thought about it I realized I was happy with my job and the kids. It was the sex that wasn't fulfilling.

The problem was that our lives had become even more complicated and there was no way we could fit in the time more for sex. We didn't even seem to have enough time to squeeze in an occasional quickie.

Besides that, I didn't think the number of times a week was the problem. I just didn't feel that our sex life was providing the same level of enjoyment that it had before, even as recently as a couple of years ago.

After thinking about it for a while, I took off from work one day at noon and went to a nude bar. What a surprise that was. I'd never been to one before and I found it quite entertaining. The way those girls danced around displaying their bodies was amazing. They definitely left nothing to the imagination.

I did get turned on watching them and when I got home my wife benefited from my afternoon in the nude bar. She was pleasantly surprised at my renewed ardor. However, as much fun as it was, I didn't feel that it was the answer to our not completely satisfying sex life.

If I don't want to have sex with someone else, and sex with Bev isn't providing everything I need then how am I going to resolve this problem. What can I do to increase our pleasure? How can we make our sex life as exciting as it was when we first got married. I realized it wouldn't be as often, but I thought it could be more intense.

I started going to the nude bars pretty regularly. Once or twice a month I would go and enjoy the show, then go home and make love to Bev. We both enjoyed these times because I was much more aroused and we spent more time at our lovemaking.

About six months ago I made one of my regular visits to the nude bar. While I was there a group of four guys came in and they had a girl with them. One of the guys took the girl over to the office and they went inside. The others sat near me at the bar. It was about half an hour before the guy that went in the office came out. He sat between his friends and me. The girl never came out and I assumed she was one of the dancers.

Then one of the guys said, "Hey, Bill, when is Nancy going to dance?" That caused the other two to burst out laughing. Bill got a little smile on his face, but he didn't really look all that happy.

I was getting up to leave when one of them told me to stick around and I could watch Bill's wife in her debut performance. I could see that Bill wasn't as thrilled as the other guys, but he didn't put up any argument. I found that very interesting.

I sat back down. I was thinking how I'd never sat next to a man whose wife was putting on a show like the ones you get here. I wondered how a guy could just sit here and watch his wife dance around nude in front of his friends.

I think I'm pretty normal. I'll look for a beaver shot or glance down a top if the chance is presented. I assumed other guys would look at Bev the same way. Things like that happen when a woman is a little careless about crossing her legs or bending over. Nothing to get excited about. But the thought of watching another man's wife exposing herself, on purpose, while he was right there was giving me a hard-on. Even harder than what I normally got at these bars.

The girl on the stage finished her set and picked up her money and clothes and left. Things were pretty quiet for a few minutes then Nancy came out. Bill's friends started yelling and whistling. I glanced at Bill and saw his face get red.

When Nancy got on the stage it was obvious that she was new to this. She had a nervous smile and was having a little trouble walking on those 4" spike heels.

The first couple of songs she just danced around and did some bumps and stuff. Things you could see on TV any night of the week. Everyone was getting a little impatient for her to strip. Bill's friends were hollering for her to "take it off!" Most of the other customers were leaving. It was getting close to closing time.

When the third song started she finally unbuttoned her top and gave us a quick flash, then held it closed over her tits. That brought on some cheering and yells of encouragement. It was easy to see that she liked the attention and was starting to have fun. As the song continued she slowly slipped the blouse off her shoulders and down so it was just covering her nipples. She strutted around the stage while the guys cheered and howled.

Just before the song ended she removed her blouse and gave us all a look at her tits. They were huge. As big as Bev's ever were, even when they were full of milk. She put her hands behind her head and danced around with her tits bouncing with each step. When the song ended she stopped right in front of the loudest of Bill's friends. He opened his arms wide and yelled, "Baby needs some milk!"

Nancy laughingly bent over, staying just out of reach, and shook her tits at him. I could see Bill was sweating as he watched. Suddenly, Nancy bent down and grabbed the guy's head and pulled him right up between her tits.

I looked at Bill when I heard him gasp and saw him glance down at his lap. I looked down and saw a wet spot growing on the front of his pants. His friend on the other side of him saw it too. He yelled out "Hey everyone, Bill's cumming in his pants." That got a lot of laughter. Even Nancy laughed.

As soon as the next song started Nancy stripped off her skirt. No teasing or anything. She just unzipped and unbuttoned it and dropped it to the floor. Then she started dancing around in a pair of lacy white bikini panties. They were thin enough to see through, especially since they were plastered wetly against her pussy.

It only took about a minute before she was sliding those panties off. I was surprised to see that her bush was trimmed. I thought the dancers were the only ones who did that. I didn't know just an average housewife would shave down there.

I looked around the bar and saw that everyone had left except the bartender, the dancers, and Bill and his friends. I guess it just took her too long to start taking her clothes off. I'm sure glad I stayed. Nancy was really starting to put on a show now.

She would squat down in front of one of the guys and grab his head and pull him between her legs. It looked from the side like he had his head right in her pussy. Then she moved to the next guy in line and did the same thing. When she got to Bill, she passed him up and stopped in front of me. She squatted down in front of me and gave me a good close up view of her wet pussy. I let her pull my head toward her. I looked up at her and saw she was looking down at me. I could tell she was getting hot from all the guys breathing on her slit.

I stuck out my tongue and moved it up and down like I was licking her. I was really surprised when she pulled me a little closer and at the same time she moved toward me. I was suddenly licking a pussy other than my wife's for the first time in my life. After a few moments she stood up and danced away from me.

I was ashamed of what I had done and looked out the corner of my eye at Bill. His mouth was open and he was breathing hard. I realized he knew what I had done and he wasn't pissed. He was excited.

I don't know if anyone else noticed it, but I saw the bartender go over and lock the door. I thought it was time for me to leave, but I knew I had to see what was going to happen next.

Nancy was just swaying back and forth in front of us with her legs spread wide. Her head was back and she was running her hands over her body. It was plain to all of us that she was going to bring herself off pretty soon. She never knew the bartender had joined her on stage until his hands wrapped around her and squeezed her tits. For just a minute her face registered shock. Then she smiled and backed her ass right against his hard-on.

She started moving her ass up and down and side to side while he made fucking motions. Everyone got quiet as Nancy reached behind her and unzipped his pants. That was the sign the guys had been waiting for. Bill's three friends climbed up on the stage and started stripping off their clothes.

It only took a couple of minutes for them to have Nancy on her hands and knees. The bartender didn't waste any time. He knelt behind her and shoved his cock in her cunt. She opened her mouth to gasp as he buried his shaft to the hilt. Before she could close her mouth, one of Bill's friends filled it with his cock.

The guys were cheering each other on. "Fill her up!" "Fuck her hard!"

Then I heard "Yes, yes, fuck me hard!" Nancy was screaming with the rest of them. Her yells were cut off as her mouth was filled with cock again.

One of the other dancers came over and unzipped Bill's pants and pulled his cock out. It was all wet and sticky, revealing how he had cum while watching his wife. I could see he was still hard so he was obviously enjoying his wife getting gang-banged.

I couldn't understand how he could let them use his wife that way. And be turned on by it too. I had a hard-on too, but it wasn't my wife that was getting fucked in her mouth and pussy at the same time. It wasn't me being humiliated in front of my friends. I was feeling sorry for the SOB until he yelled encouragement to the other guys. "Fuck her! Fuck her! Shove it in her! Make her eat your cum!"

I had seen enough. I needed to get home and fuck Bev.

When I got home I found Bev in the kitchen. I asked her where the kids were and she said they were all staying at different friend's houses for the night. I came up behind her and put my arms around her. She purred how nice that was. I kissed her neck as I raised her skirt. I found she was just as ready as I was and she quickly pushed her panties down as she leaned over the table.

I rubbed her pussy for a minute while I was pushing my pants down. By then she was good and wet and I pushed my cock all the way in her. We fucked like rabbits for a couple of minutes then we both came. We laughed at how quick it had happened.

Bev stood up and turned around. She put her arms around me and gave me a big kiss. Her hand was sliding up and down my cock and we were both surprised to find that I wasn't getting soft. "Mmmmmm, that's nice. Does that mean we can do it again?"

I laughed, "You bet. Do you want it on the table, the floor, or in the bedroom?"

"I'd rather have it in my pussy." We both laughed like a couple of kids and ran upstairs to begin what turned out to be a four-hour fuck and suck session.

Afterwards, Bev wanted to know what had brought on my renewed vigor. I told her I didn't know, but was sure glad the kids hadn't been home when I got home. We both laughed at what a scene would have greeted them if they had walked in on us.

Actually, I did know what had inspired me. It was the thought of Bill watching as four other guys fucked his wife. It was unbelievable how he came without anyone touching his cock. Just watching his wife get gang-banged was all it took.

Saturday, as I was working around the house, I started thinking about the show the day before. My dick was beginning to stretch a little bit. For some strange reason I pictured Bev as the girl getting fucked instead of Nancy. When that picture crossed my mind my cock jumped to attention and started drooling pre-cum. I had never been harder.

I felt like I had been punched in the stomach as I realized I might be just like Bill. In my heart I knew I didn't want to watch Bev get gang-banged. But I also thought I might like to watch while another man fucked her.

This was something totally new and something that would take a lot of thought. I wasn't about to do something weird and upset my happy home life. With a beautiful wife like Bev a guy would be crazy to throw it all away for some perverted desire. Besides, I didn't think I really wanted to watch her getting fucked. Probably just fantasizing about it was all I wanted.

Being somewhat computer literate, I started surfing the web. My God! The things I found. There were all kinds of sites devoted to husbands and wives. Some of them were where the husband let his wife fuck other men, or he was forced to. Either way the husband always seemed to enjoy it.

Apparently, there are lots of guys that like to share their wife with friends or strangers! Or at least think about it. I was totally blown away. There were sites for guys that just liked to expose their wife to others. Some of them even had pictures. This was opening up a whole new world to me. It was also turning me on.

I read several stories then subscribed to the Watching the Wife site. What the hell, it was pretty cheap entertainment. It definitely had a positive effect on me. Over the next couple of weeks Bev and I were almost back to the old days. The more stories I read the more I was up to fucking. Wake up in the morning and fuck. Crawl into bed at night and fuck. Anytime the kids weren't around, grabbing a quick fuck or suck. It was great.

Finally, Bev asked me what was going on. She said she wasn't complaining and she enjoyed our rekindled love life, but she wanted to know what had gotten me so excited.

I didn't want to tell her everything at first so I just told her I had found some web-sites where guys talked about showing off their wife's body. She thought that was weird and she said she was glad she was too old for anyone to take a second look at.

I told her she was crazy. "There isn't a man alive that wouldn't like to see your body exposed. You're more beautiful now than when we first got married."

She thanked me for the compliment and said, "I'm not about to take off my clothes so some horny guys can check me out." That's what she said. But I noticed her nipples were standing out a little bit and there was a little gleam in her eyes. I was pretty sure that if I approached it right she would give it a try.

The following Saturday was unseasonably warm. I asked her to put on a new sundress I had bought for her. It had a pretty floral pattern but the material was very thin. It was kind of easy to see through it, but the colorful flowers kept you from actually seeing her skin.

She asked me what I had in mind as she was getting out a slip. I was a little bit flustered as I told her to just wear the dress and nothing else. I could feel my face burning as she looked at me. She knew right away what I was planning to do. She knew that if she did what I asked I would be exposing her to some guy.

I didn't realize I had been holding my breath until I let it out when she dropped the slip and picked up the dress. She turned toward me and I was looking at her magnificent body while she slipped her arms in the sleeves. Then she started at the middle and buttoned the dress up to the top, then down to the bottom. I could feel my dick throbbing from just watching her and knowing she was willingly getting ready to expose herself to some lucky guy just to please me.

Once she was dressed she said, "OK, now what?" I told her I just wanted to go for a ride and see what happened. She asked me if I was sure I knew what I was doing. I replied that I wasn't sure, but that I needed to try it once.

She stepped up to me and kissed me. "I love you. If you want me to let other men look at me; I'll do it for you. But you have to promise me you won't get mad or leave me."

My voice was hoarse as I said, "I promise. I won't get mad. And I'll never leave you."

She smiled and kissed me again. "I can feel your hard cock rubbing against me. Maybe we should just jump in bed and try this another day." As good as that sounded I knew I wouldn't be as happy if I missed this chance to see her exposed, on purpose, to another man. Before I could say anything she added, "I'm getting horny thinking about what we're doing too. Let's do it before I chicken out."

We walked out and got in the car.

I didn't really have anything definite planned. I had read about flashing truckers and thought we might try that. I decided to head out of town so I drove over and got on the freeway. Bev asked me what I wanted her to do and I told her I was just going to drive by a truck and she could let the driver have a look at her.

Bev smiled nervously at me as I sped up to catch up to a truck up ahead. I really got turned on when she unbuttoned the top five buttons of her dress. She folded the top back until only her nipples were covered. She asked me if that was what I wanted. I croaked out, "One more button." I was really starting to get super hot. I could hardly breathe and I could feel my heart racing.

She undid that one more button as I was pulling along side the trucker. When I got beside him she opened the top of her dress and let him see her bare tits. I almost ran off the road when he blew his air horn. I looked over at Bev and could see her nipples were sticking out straight and hard. Her hands were clenched at her sides and I knew she wanted to cover up.

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