tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBeyond Desire, A True Need Ch. 02

Beyond Desire, A True Need Ch. 02


Okay, so this is the follow-up piece to the first Willow/Justine story. Hope you like it Justine.

Love Mrs. B

You Never Can Tell

She was embarrassed. How was she supposed to tell her best friend what she had done last night? She couldn’t even tell herself that it happened. But it had. She had made love to a woman. Not only that, she loved it. The way Justine felt beneath her fingertips. The way she felt on her tongue. Reminiscing about yesterday was enough to make her grow moist between her thighs. And the urge to satisfy the urges that sprung up inside her was overwhelming. Hopefully Buffy would not notice.

It was Saturday night and Willow was headed to the Bronze to meet Buffy. A single note for her left by her best friend in her locker the previous night. They had not spoken since Friday afternoon, before – it – happened. Willow blushed again at the thought. Then an image of Oz popped into her mind, Oh my God, Oz, she thought. What would he do if he found out? They had only started dating the night of Buffy’s birthday bash. The night everything went wrong. The night that Buffy’s true love was taken away from her. Then again, it didn’t seem to bother Buffy too much anymore. Willow knew that Buffy still loved Angel and would give anything to get him back, but until that time, she certainly looked as if she was enjoying herself with Angelus in the library the week before. That day was full of surprises. Willow found out about Angelus, and Buffy and he found out about her trip to lez-land. What surprised Willow almost more than finding out about Angelus, was that Buffy had actually brought him into the school, and into the library where Giles was. Regardless, they now each knew a secret about one another.

So, this little invitation note to meet Buffy at the Bronze at 1:30am was slightly un-nerving. The Bronze closed at 1am, since most of its patrons were of the teenage variety. But the letter seemed strange. Short and sweet.


Meet me at the Bronze at 1:30 Saturday night. We need to talk.


Willow folded the paper up once more and shoved it into her pocket. She stood outside the front entrance. It seemed to still, so quiet, and definitely strange. She took a deep, necessary breath as she tried for the door. Expecting it to be locked, but it opened in her hands.

Stealthily she walked into the room. All the chairs were piled up on the tables. The floor was swept of all debris. Wow, Willow thought, they really do clean up fast. The lights were dimmed almost to the point of being off, but things could still be seen with the naked eye…

And heard…

It was a whimpering, no, perhaps a moan. Willow cautiously walked toward the other side of the room when she where the voice came from. She hid behind the staircase that led up to the second level. There, in the corner of the room near the couches, was Buffy laying sprawled out on one of the high tables as Angelus slowly thrusted into her tight heat. She was moaning and grabbing for his naked body. Words escaped her mouth Willow was sure she had never heard her utter before. Just as the words Willow had uttered to Justine had never crossed her lips before.

When Willow had first seen them, Angelus was going slow, making soft, languid movements inside the Slayer’s body. But now, he thrashed into her, pounded so hard that the table shook violently beneath them. Willow could see Buffy’s eyes open wide and stare into Angelus as she screamed for him to – well, do exactly what he was doing.

The sight and sounds of these two beings was too much to take as Willow’s hand slid down between her thighs, massaging her center through her red jeans. It was magnificent. This beautiful, tiny, yet preternaturally strong, blonde, all that shone lightly in the world, girl, was being pounded by a large, muscular dark haired, everything that screamed danger, man. The world within them exploded as the world around everyone else remained the same.

Angelus rested on Buffy’s body, as she barely had the strength to hold him tight to her. Willow, who had been so close to coming at the scene before her, stopped her movements, afraid at being discovered. Angelus raised his head off his lovers sated body, and still watching Buffy’s face of contentment, he spoke, “Sorry, Willow. I tried to last longer so that you could come too, but my lover here is just so damn hot I couldn’t hold back,” he said turning his grin-stricken face toward where Willow stood.

Willow began to back away as Buffy jumped off the table, “Oh, my God. Will,” she said going after her scattered clothes that were thrown about the floor.

“Buffy, I’m sorry, I -,” Willow stammered as she headed toward the door.

With his vampiric speed, Angelus stood before Willow in all his naked glory. “Where are you going? The fun has yet to begin.”

Willow stared at him a moment, “Angelus….I – I didn’t mean to interrupt –“

“Nonsense. You didn’t,” he turned his head upright to see Buffy quickly trying to pull on her clothes, “Buff,” he called as she looked up toward him, “don’t put your clothes on darling.”

“But..” Buffy began to stammer out.

Angelus narrowed his brows in slight anger, “But nothing. Leave them off.”

Buffy complied, still attempting to cover her nudity with her hands.

Willow looked away from Angelus ashamed. The only problem was, she looked down – down to wear Angelus stood, still erect and glistening with his and Buffy’s combined juices. Blushing, she turned her head up once more to find him watching her.

“Never seen one before, hmm?” he said smiling. Willow’s blush deepened. “Well, Buffy hadn’t before she met me either. And now,” he said glancing over to Buffy, then back at Willow, “she can’t get enough.” He leaned into her, brushing her ear, “She begs me to fuck her ever night. It’s incredible really. She’s so tight.” Willow whimpered at his words. He looked into her eyes as she quickly tried to avoid his gaze. With an expressionless face, he said, “Touch it.”

“What,” both girls sounded. Fear racing through Willow and jealously through Buffy.

Angelus looked up at Buffy, “Don’t worry lover, I just want to see if she likes the feel of hard cock,” she watched Willow’s face again, “the same way she loves the feel of wet pussy. Seems you and me have something in common, Willow. Pussy is delicious, isn’t it?” he gleamed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

“Really? Hmm. Seems to me that you know exactly what I’m talking about, doesn’t she Buff,” he said smiling. Whispering again, “We saw you,” he sang, “I came across Buffy yesterday in the hallway of your school. She was petting that pretty little pussy of hers through her skirt. I wasn’t sure what was going on until I came up closer. You see,” he licked his lips, “I could smell arousal. Not just Buffy’s, but someone elses’. Then I peer into see what Buffy was so intent on, and what do I see, some little chick between your thighs. Gotta say, Will, never thought you had it in you.”

“You saw me….us,” Willow said mortified.

“Indeed,” Angelus gleamed. “My Buffy was so fucking wet when I slid into her. We watched as that girl ate you out. And watched as you returned the favor to her. Hell, we all came at the same time. So, who is she?”

“Nevermind. That’s none of your business,” Willow screamed, “you leave her alone.”

Angelus gave an unnecessary sigh. Obviously this girl didn’t know about his patience – or lack there of, the way Buffy did, “Buff, darling, sweet little slut of mine, who is that girl that Willow was eating. It was the same one as in the library. What’s her name?”

“Justine. Justine Deegan. She’s in our English class.”

“Thank you,” he said smiling at Buffy, then turning his attention back to Willow, “she was definitely cute. I can see why you wanted to fuck her. So tell me, wouldn’t you love to do it again?” he said staring at the person in question who just walked into the Bronze.

The trio turned around and watched the eyes of the nervous girl that had just entered the club. Wide eyes greeted them back as she held up a letter, “I got this from Willow,” she stated simply as she raked her eyes over the naked man standing in front of her.

Willow quickly grabbed the note out of Justine’s hand as she quickly read the scrap of paper, “I didn’t send this. I didn’t ask you to meet me here. It’s the same paper I got that Buffy sent me.”

Buffy stepped further into view, still fruitlessly attempting to hide her nudity from the others while Angelus stood gloriously naked in front of all three girls, without shame or embarrassment. “I didn’t send you a note, Will,” Buffy said quickly before hiding back in the shadows.

Angelus smirked at her modesty. His lover, despite all her naughtiness when they were together, still possessed the humiliation about herself one has during their teenage years Angelus turned back to the girls. He noted with amusement how Willow eyes kept shifting. While he was presumably not watching her, or so she thought, her eyes never left him. Or his engorged flesh that jutted out from between his thighs. Whereas Willow’s lover, Justine kept her eyes glued to Angelus’. Awaiting an answer she already knew he was able to give.

“Come over here lady’s. To the center of the room,” he drawled, “I will tell you all you want know. Follow me,” he said turning around and walking toward his timid lover. Willow and Justine eyed each other for a moment, before Justine boldly followed suit, leaving Willow trailing behind.

All four stood in the center of the Bronze. Buffy had once again attempted to get dressed, but was quickly diverted once she saw the look on his face. So there she stood, naked across from her best friend, and her best friend lover? Could she be called that? Buffy wasn’t sure. Either way, Justine was very much still a stranger, an acquaintance at most.

“So why are we all here,” Justine boldly asked breaking the silence.

They all looked at her while Angelus chuckled slightly, “Well my dear, you’re here because you thought Willow wanted to see you. Willow is here because she thought Buffy wanted to see her, and Buff,” he watched his lovers heated gaze as he grew harder still at the sight of her nude body, “Buff is here because she wanted a fuck.”

All three girls flinched at the harshness of his words. “Here it is though” he looked at Willow, “Willow, all this time I thought you were the poster child for innocence. I apologize for stereotyping you. You are quite the little vixen if watching you slide your tongue inside this young woman here is any indication. Kudos. You made her come beautifully.”

Willow’s face fell a deep shade of crimson as she blushed from ear to ear. Angelus turned to Justine, “And you, I suppose you’re the one to thank for Willow’s little change of teams, shall we say.”

“Who are you?” Justine couldn’t believe what was going down tonight. She thought she was meeting Willow here for a talk. Or at her hopes highest, another discreet encounter. She had masturbated herself to the memory of their little classroom adventure at least a dozen times since yesterday. Nothing in the world was more delicious that Willow. But now she stood in the Bronze with a very naked, Buffy, that was her name, right? Vaguely she remembered her from class and seeing Willow with her. Justine had raked her eyes over Buffy’s body when she first saw it. Beautiful. Her tiny frame, the curve of her hips, the roundness of her breasts. She was beautiful. And it didn’t go un-noticed that her curls between her thighs were soaking wet. What had she missed before she walked through those doors?

Then there was this man. Obviously the one heading the show. She may have been a lesbian, but his form was beautiful; his towering height in comparison to all three girls; the angelic face with the smoldering eyes; the cut if his chest; the obvious firmness of his cock. The man was gorgeous.

And lastly, Willow. Angelus was wrong about one thing, Justine thought, Willow still is very much an innocent. While she may have pushed her to explore her more devious side. The side that hungered for the soft flesh between a woman, she was still too shy. Too inhibited. Willow was nervous about her body, uneasy about her lovemaking abilities and edgy about herself as a whole. Hopefully Justine would have the opportunity to teach Willow how to explore her body. And Justine’s as well.’

“I’m Angelus,” he answered after a pause, “We were just telling Willow before you came in, that you two made a beautiful sight together. My lover over there was so wet at the sight of you eating away at Willow. Damn near thought she’d stroll into the room herself and offer her fingers as help. Of course that would never happen,” his eyes darkened as he watched Buffy squirm, “it would never happen because Buff is mine and not allowed to touch, or be touched by another being. Not that imagining her little pink tongue lapping up a woman’s juice isn’t appealing. It is. Just as imaging another woman fucking her and sucking her pert little nipples has its charm as well. But this will never happen, “So Buff, no gnawing at pussy.”

Buffy gave a large gulp, deciding she’d had enough, walked fully more into the center of the room. She stood a foot from Angelus and watched his face, expressionless, “Get to the point Angelus. I know why I’m here. And certainly why you are, but why are they?”

Docilely, he replied, “Because its there turn to watch.”

“What,” Buffy quietly mumbled as she watched a smile cross his face.

“Darling, we watched them. We stared at them as they fucked. Remember? We could almost feel them making love. And I know you loved it. I think it would be rather rude of us not to allow them to watch. It’s certainly better than porn.”

“I won’t,” Willow said stumbling away from them, “I won’t. Buffy’s my friend. I can’t..”

He cut her off, “You will. You’ll watch me fuck her tight little pussy. Maybe even her ass tonight. I’m telling you Willow, the juice that slides down her thighs is delectable, truly the finest wine.”

“Buffy how could you let him do this to you.,” she spat at her best friend, “what about Angel.”

“Shut the fuck up Willow,” he commanded, “we don’t talk about him. We’ve talked him to death in my opinion. Buffy fucks me because I make her scream so goddamn loud, she’s woken the dead. Literally.”

Justine tread forward, “Why would we want to watch you?”

“Because Willow will never truly open up to you,” he chuckled lightly, “sorry for the pun, she’ll never open up to you if you don’t pervert her. Show her the world of lust. I wasn’t there for the first part, but I’m sure it took more than a little convincing on her part. You have the hunger. I can see it in your eyes.”

Justine stood there. She knew this man was right. But perhaps it was Willow’s innocence that she was drawn to. Still, wouldn’t it be amazing for Willow to make love with her in front of this couple. These two people that even now, looked as if they wanted to crawl inside each others bodies.

Justine looked at Willow with a gleam in her eye that she knew what was going to happen. Willow was going to watch her best friend make love? No, it wasn’t making love was it. It was pure animalistic sex between the two. But surely there was love there. After all, it was all Buffy had left of her beloved. And for Angelus to stick around and not kill the Slayer, that was worth some thought. Only, not now.

Angelus smiled at the girl’s obvious withdrawal. It made him harder, all though he wasn’t entirely sure that was possible, at the thought of being watched. He stalked over to Buffy who held her eyes to the ground. Not in a show of defeat, merely in an awareness as to what she had become. Angelus lifted her chin with one finger, “Come on darling, just imagine it. Remember what watching them did to you. You were so slick. Now, Willow needs to be shown how to open up. If she isn’t, how can she ever truly please Justine? How can she ever know how to eat pussy the best way. The perfect angle of the tongue, the nipping of the clit, sliding in a finger,” he smiled as he watched her eyes slide shut. Her heady arousal wafted through the air. “Don’t you want Willow to know how to please a woman? The way you liked to be pleased by me.”

“Yes,” she sighed as Angelus strolled his finger down her collarbone and massaged the curve of her breast.

“That’s my girl,” he turned to Willow, fully aware that even after that brief moment with Buffy, both she and Justine were heavily aroused. Slick with honey that made Angelus want to taste them each. Only, Buffy had him. In every sense of the word. Only she didn’t know it yet. “Now Willow, Buff here never likes to wait. She hates being teased. So, I do just that. I tease. Make Justine wait. Tease her a little bit. Make her juice slide down her legs.” Willow nodded as Angelus went back to work on Buffy.

He bent his head forward and captured her lips with his own. Drawing his tongue inside her, she was getting hotter by the second. While at first their kiss was almost tender, it had quickly heated up once Buffy wound her arms around his neck, pulling his face closer. He broke the kiss and moved down her body slightly, imprisoning a taut nipple between his teeth, he bit down, Buffy cried out but did not move away, only clutched his head to her breast as if she was nursing a child.

“Oh, Angelus,” she crooned. She couldn’t believe it. How could she have submitted so easy to Angelus? Especially regarding this? How could she allow her best friend, and pretty much a stranger, watch her fuck this demon? This demon that was…her mind was taken off track, “Oh, yes,” she cried out as he nipped a particularly sensitive area.

Angelus stuck out his tongue and glided it down her body, dipping it inside her belly button along the way. When he reached her wet curls, he softly parted her nether lips, still staring at her glistening sex, he spoke to Willow, “Come here Willow,” she obeyed. Slowly walking over, trying to chafe her thighs together to relieve some of the tension. She glanced at Justine along the way, noticing how she was softly massaging her clothed sex.

Willow stood beside Angelus as he told her to kneel down, she complied. Buffy’s pussy lay straight ahead and open to her heated gaze. Was she really doing this? And how come Buffy was watching her intently, not even attempting to move away?”

“Look at it Willow. Isn’t it beautiful? She’s always like this, you know. I make sure, one way or another that she is always wet and ready for me, even while she’s in class with you. I’m sure you remember my little visit to the school last week. Her pussy is so pink and the way she clutches my cock when I’m inside her, it makes me crazy,” casually he leaned in and dragged his tongue along her slit. Buffy screamed in pleasure as Willow’s hitched sigh could be heard throughout the room, and she was pretty sure she even began to drool. “Hmm,” he pulled back, “so good. You know Willow, I have definitely eaten my share of pussy, and in all my long life, none has ever compared to hers,” Angelus looked up at Buffy and smirked, “Say it darling. I know you want to tell me something.”

“Fuck me.”

He chuckled, “Patience lover. In due time. Willow’s lesson is far from over.”

“Please? Please just fuck me. I need you inside me,” she begged.

Angelus turned toward Willow, “See, she begs. Never likes being teased. Doesn’t matter, I will still do as I please as she well knows. Do you want a taste Will?”

Willow swallowed harshly. “I – I don’t…”

“Relax. I just meant from my finger. No one gets between her thighs but me,” Willow nodded at he pushed his index finger inside her, pulling it out, he held it to Willow’s mouth. She looked over to Justine, who had taken her shirt and skirt off. She stood only in a pair of panties and a deep purple bra. Watching Justine face intently, Willow stuck out her tongue and enveloped Angelus’ finger. Sucking all of her friends juice off his long digit. Angelus smiled as he retracted his finger.

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