tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeyond Evil Ch. 03

Beyond Evil Ch. 03


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Everyone in this story is over eighteen. Once again Kristy is the narrator. This is part three of a nine part Syfy series.



Over the past few weeks Beth has been experimenting with her new found powers. I have really missed having a sister to experiment our powers with. As kids I thought it was going to be me and Tilly against the world forever. "How wrong could I possibly be?" That's so sad.

Beth discover that she could not only open galaxy porthole openings, but she could also open portholes to different worlds, dimensions, back in time and open portholes to the future. I warned her to be careful with time travel and especially careful with dimension portholes, we never know what we might find and that we could see ourselves with different personalities in different dimensions.

Beth was getting particularly fascinated with opening dimension portholes despite my caution. "It really excites me to discover myself and my family in other dimensions. I wonder if Tilly could ever get a personality transplant?" These new found powers were starting to consume her.

"Oh boy I can see I'm going to have to keep a close eye on Beth. I hope her powers don't go to her head to much." I decided not to bother Mum with my concerns about the powers that I've given Beth, mum has enough to worry about at the moment!

Beth was sunbaking naked on the beach, I read her mind. "Jesus christ Beth you can't use your powers in public. Not even Tilly is that stupid. Our powers need to be our family secrets. I haven't even told Ruby about them. Pinky promise me you will be careful when you use your powers!"

As the sun went down and the beach became deserted Beth couldn't contain her urge to open an dimension porthole. It would appear that Beth holding back using her powers increases her strength, causing both of us as well as our beach house to get swept up into the porthole. I closed my eyes tightly. "Looks like we are all about to discover different dimensions and everything that goes with it. What have I created?"

Beth grabbed me around the waist and flew me onto our Balcony before the force of the porthole got any stronger. Now Dad and Jane had particularly worried expressions on their faces. Amazingly Mum was quite relaxed with the discovering we were about to encounter. "I'm obviously not as adventurous as Mum and Beth. I was freaking out just a little bit!"

Beth really has incredible strength, as we made it all the way through the porthole Beth single handedly managed to manoeuvre the house to a location landing it safely on solid ground.

We looked out over our Balcony to see our home in this dimension, the look on Jane's face was priceless. "What a crappy house we have in this dimension. I want to go home."

This dimension was called A7.

I used my powers to power transport Mum, Beth and I through the walls of our home in this dimension. I wasn't loving what I was seeing. In this dimension Tilly and I changed places. "I was the evil one here."

We hide away from the sight of what we were seeing, not wanting to come face to face with ourselves. I saw myself with crazy eyes zapping holes into my Mothers tits, face and hands. "You can't use your swords on me now can you bitch. I was in disbelief that in any dimension I would find myself talking to Mum like that or cause her harm."

For the first time in her life Mum witnessed herself with a close Mother daughter relationship with Tilly. I saw Tilly gaining speed around myself until I fell to my knees, click my fingers and saw myself disappear in a puff of smoke through the roof. As I saw myself disappear we witnessed Tanya's wounds heal as if nothing had ever happened and saw Tánya and Tilly in a warm embrace kissing and fondling each other.

I whispered to Beth get me out of here. I power transported Mum and Beth out of the house and back onto our Balcony. Beth created another dimension porthole. As we were half way through the new porthole Beth realized she didn't have control of our next destination. "I think we're going back in time Beth informed us."

We found ourselves in the 1940s. I had to use my graviton powers here, I had to make our beach house gravitate above the ocean, as in this dimension we lived on a houseboat.

What we witnessed here was really surprising, we saw ourselves all as one big happy family, but here Tánya didn't exist. Dad had chosen to marry his sister Dani, but Jane was still there lesbian bitch.

Meanwhile Beth had created our beach house to fly above the ocean, Dad was filled with excitement. He felt like his house was surfing above the ocean. "What a crazy card he can be." We all started laughing at him.

"Ok guys lets go home." I pleaded with Beth enough dimension travel for one day.

Beth reluctantly opened the porthole and got us back safely to the world we know overlooking the nude beach. "I was exhausted by all the build up and fear I felt about dimension portholes. I really hope Tilly isn't planning an unwelcome visit tonight causing us all grief we don't need.

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