tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBeyond the Bonfire

Beyond the Bonfire


(This is the continuation of Beach Bonfire. Probably a good idea to have a read of it before this one... Ooshnafloot.)


Standing at the end of the bed, she took her bra, t-shirt, short and panties, rolled them up and threw them to me.

"Okay," she said calmly. "I'm ready."

Wow, I thought. She is one fine looking naked woman. And she just told me she was willing to show it to the world. Wow.

I threw her panties back at her. "Seriously, you better put them on for now, they can come off again in the car."

Silently she took them and put them on. They were small yellow cotton ones, small but enough to cover her hair. I checked in my pockets. Wallet, keys, phone all there, good. Pity my sunglasses were back in the house. I should keep them in the car, I made a mental note to myself.

"All done? Then let's go." No point in letting her think about it too much.

I opened the door, her clothes in hand. I motioned for her to go first. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment before taking a final look at me. I nodded, and she stepped through to the lounge, and out into the world.

We both stopped in front of the door and I closed it behind us, symbolically blocking any return. There were half a dozen people on the sofas watching MTV, only one of them a girl. My fuck cringed and went bright red, instinctively covering her breasts with her hands.

"Hands off," I whispered a warning and she dropped her arms to her side. "Where's all your stuff? You got a purse or bag or something?"

"A back-pack," she said. I chuckled and she guessed why. A backpack, not a handbag. It's true she possibly was still a kid, she thought. A topless one.

"Where is it?"

"I don't know, I can't remember where I put it. I don't think it was inside, I don't remember coming inside."

Thank goodness, I thought, my mind back to how drunk she was when I first led her through this lounge. I held her hand and walked her past the gawking lads in the room, none of them saying a word, just staring in disbelief at their ever-hidden friend's tits bobble past them. We went through the front door and onto the porch. The sun made both of us squint. There was a small area of low shrubs in front of the shack, then a small sandy path to the beach which lay out in front. The tide looked high, almost up to the big black pit of coals where the main fire had been last night. I looked over at my fuck. Undoubtedly she was uncomfortable and would have given anything to cover up, but to her credit she kept her arms to her side, her breasts pointing out to the world.

"Don't hunch your shoulders," I told her. "Where did you leave it?"

"Out there, I guess," she said, squinting into the distance.

Again I took her hand and led her to the sand. The boys in the shack were all up at the window now, staring and murmuring. Out on the beach it was busy but no little kids thanks goodness. It was pretty apparent there were no bags left on the beach, not in any direction. All we could sopt were guys walking at us from all directions, getting closer to see if they could better see what they thought they were seeing. She was mighty nervous and even more flustered when a couple of guys came close. I thought she was going to make a run for it, instead she jumped in behind me.

"You guys look like you lost something. Can we help?" one of them asked in a genuinely friendly way, just in time to relax her building panic. Mind you, no guesses for where their eyes were trying to look.

"Left her bag out here somewhere last night," I said.

"What kinda bag was it?" asked the other chap in a Scottish accent, which was weird for these parts.

"A little yellow back-pack," my fuck answered quietly.

"Aye, to match your clothes, then," sprouted the Scot. She laughed nervously, they laughed heartily. I just smiled.

"I think you'll find it up in that shack back there," said the other guy, pointing to where we had just come from. "Earlier I saw people carting a whole lot of stuff back from around that fire place up and into the shack. It's probably in with that lot," he told.

"Really?" she said, looking around at the shack and the boys now out on the porch peering over our way.

"You better go check," I told her, sending her on her way back to the shack. "Thanks guys."

"No! Thank you, mate!" grinned the Scot.

My fuck walked hesitatingly back to the male audience at the front of the shack.

"You lost your clothes?" asked one of them, thinking he was helping.

"My bag," she said, hands on hips before them. The wind had made her hair a mess and nipples hard and for a moment no one moved an inch, just staring at those perfect breasts they all these years imagined she had.

"It's yellow," she said to wake them.

"Right. Right. Yes, come have a look, there's a whole lot of stuff in here."

I stayed outside at the top of the beach while she went in. It was an age before she returned with her small pack. I could only imagine the diversions those boys were creating to keep her in there with them.

"Got it, huh?"

"Eventually," she said, not entirely happily. Her breasts held such firm shape when she walked, amazing really. I smiled.

"Which one's your car?" she asked looking at the rubble-laid car-park to the right of where we were.

"None of them," I said. She looked at me confused.

"I parked over at that other lot, walked along the beach, didn't know any better, just followed those guys that brought me here."


"Over there," I pointed to the distance.

She looked at me, at the clothes I held in my hand, looked back at the shack then along the beach to where the car park was in the distance. It must be near lunchtime, we both were starving. People lined the beach. I could see the fear in my fuck's eyes - before today only one guy had ever seen her breasts. Now they had hickeys all over them and already a dozen guys from the party knew what they looked like naked. It wasn't meant to be like this, she thought. Only the most intimate of boyfriends are meant to see a girls breasts, and even then she was embarrassed to show them. Along this beach there were dozens of people, some of them might even know her, know her family.

"You want me to just walk past and show my breasts to all those people? Are you mad? I can't do that. People will recognize me."

"Up to you, girl. I'm not making you do anything. If you want your clothes back, here you are."

She put her hands to her temples. Her head still hurt.

"Jesus Christ," she said, then started walking. Turning back at me she yelled, "Come on then, at least can you move quickly?!"

I stepped up, took her by the hand and led her down to the water to walk along the hard sand. I made her stop for a while while I took my own jeans off so we could walk with our feet in the water. I had black boxers underneath that looked close enough to shorts. I held our clothes and my shoes in one hand, her by the other. I made her walk on the inside of me so people laying on the beach could see better. Her breasts had slight white triangles where her bikini usually was, but the walk shouldn't be so long that she'd burn. My fuck held her head slightly forward to let her hair cover the side of her face and I didn't stop her, we'd already stomped over so many of her boundaries.

The reaction of people on the beach was mixed. It wasn't completely unusual to have the odd topless girl around, but usually they lay face down rather than walk along through the shallows. Usually they weren't beautiful nineteen year-olds, either. Groups of guys would overtly stare and make jokes amongst themselves, sometimes whistling or yelling out after we'd gone past. She subconsciously squeezed tight on my hand when that happened. Guys with their girls were the most careful to not be caught staring, whilst groups of girls looked on either with admiration or disgust. Either way, it was a long way to walk and I was quietly surprised she could go through with it.

"What's your name?" I asked as we splashed our ankles through the water.

"Hilda," she replied, looking at me.

I couldn't help myself, I scrunched up my face and laughed.

"What?" she said, hitting me in the shoulder, fortunately with a smile on her face. "What's wrong with it?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I just haven't heard of anyone actually called Hilda, certainly not anyone good looking! Is that really your name?" I teased her.

"Yes!" she exclaimed.

"Do I have to call you that? Do you have a nickname or something?"

"Well, my last name's Jones, so a lot of people at school called me JoJo, but I don't really like that either..."

We kept walking, still in the edge of where the water ran up the beach. She was such a delicate figure, lifting her smooth brown legs as she walked to reduce the drag from the water, while I just churned through like a bulldozer. Her breasts were so tight, they bounced ever so enticingly as she took each step.

"What if I called you Hilly?"

"Eww, yuck, that's even worse!"

"Well, what about a flat-out simple thing like Jonesy?"

"My brother gets that, but yeah, Jonesy's fine, I'm okay with that."

She was beautiful when she smiled and flicked her hair behind her ears. Her shoulders had such great shape, and her breasts...well, the world was delighted to have them on show. Hiding them would be like buying a Monet and hanging it in your bedroom.

"What about you?" she asked timidly, as if she was scared to open me up to such a personal thing as my name.

"Ignatius," I said with a straight face. She looked at me for the longest time, trying to work out if I was telling the truth. After a while I couldn't help it. "But you can call me Iggy!"

I burst out laughing and she grabbed me and started thumping me, laughing.

"You bastard, I don't even care what your name is, I'll just call you Rover, or Pig, or even better Fluffy! Fluffy. Everybody, I'd like to introduce you to Fluffy, his name is Fluffy!" she started yelling.

"Ok, Ok," I said, wiping saltwater from my eyes, "Jimmy, I'm Jimmy."

"Jimmy what?" she asked suspiciously.

"Jimmy Leigh."

We'd stopped walking at this time, facing each other as the water ran up and down the beach at our feet, people probably staring at us. Definitely staring at her.

"Well, Jimmy Leigh, it's nice to meet you."

I stepped forward into her and she put her arms around the back of my neck. We kissed. Her nipples were studs in my chest, my free hand went down to her ass. I couldn't help myself, I slipped it under her panties onto the goosebumps of her ass, pushing her into my hard-on. My hand kinda accidentally pushing the pants down, the people I'm sure could see me groping her bare backside. We broke the kiss and she looked around.

"People are watching," she whispered, but didn't move away.

"It's just your ass," I said. She leaned onto my shoulder, shaking her head but not covering up. We stood there for a while, eyes closed, trying to ignore everything around us. Including the ocean. Without warning we were pummeled by a couple of waves that raced in at pace around our knees. I held her tight and we were able to keep our feet, but the spray had us covered. I had to let her go to rub the water from my eyes. The clothes I was holding were completely wet, so were we. She pulled her pants up properly and we struggled up to a point higher on the beach, screaming, laughing, saturated. My boxers hung daggily under my sopping wet t-shirt, but I was still decent. My fuck, however, was scandalous. Those yellow cotton panties were wet through, they may as well not have been there. Her bush was as plain as day.

"Turn around," I said. They clung see-through to her ass, too. "I think we'd best move along."

She could guess what she looked like as we quickly walked the rest of the beach. She didn't need to look at the people to know their jaws were dropped more than ever, she didn't want to think about how many of them she might know.

We eventually got level with the car-park and headed up through the people and the soft sand to the back of the beach. You never saw so many heads turn. I grinned. I love it when beautiful women showed their privates in public. The sun was warmer at the back of the beach. I looked over at Jonesy tip-toe her way through the crowd and through the hotter bits of sand. All things considered, she was relatively un-flustered.

"Which is your car?" she asked when we reached the pebbly path at the rear.

"The black one."

"That one?" she gasped, impressed. I had a 318i B-mer. It wasn't that brilliant, or so expensive, but it did look good. I was happy to see it. It did cross my mind that leaving a B-mer in a beach-side car park all night wasn't exactly the safest thing. I pulled out my keys and opened the boot. I threw all the wet things in there, including my own shoes.

"Here, give me those," I pointed at her pants. There were people on the beach and in the car park staring at her standing there in her wet panties. She looked at them, and at me.

"Do I have to?" she asked quietly, looking nervous now.

"Come on, they're not hiding anything anyway and you're not sitting in my car with them, they're saturated, let's have them." I held out my hand.

My hard-on started coming back as I watched her sheepishly pull them down over her thighs, reluctantly showing her bottom half to the guys nearby. She passed the panties to me. I grinned at her. For a girl with little experience with men she wasn't struggling like I thought she would. Maybe, just maybe, she'd been waiting for someone to pick up her sex life for her.

"Can we get in?" she trembled. To show breast was one thing, but cunt, that's a different level entirely. She hadn't expected to show her cunt outside and she was still not completely comfortable.

"In a minute, need to dry your ass first. Leather seats don't go well with sea water."

"You got a towel in there?" she asked, getting edgy about all the boys staring at her pubic hair.

"Use this, the top half is dry on the top half." I pulled off my t-shirt and gave it to her. She used the dry bits and rubbed her ass and between her thighs. I pulled off my own wet boxers and put them in the trunk trying to will my half-hard-on down, I was as naked as her now. She gave the t-shirt back and I rubbed my own ass with it.

"Where are your shoes?" I asked as she was trying to pick her way around small rocks in the car park.

"I left them in Sherry's car. Can we get in now? All these guys are staring at us."

"Not staring at me, I don't reckon," I smiled at her. She picked her way over closer to me. She turned back to the beach and nodded.

"That one over there, he's looking at you," she teased me.

I looked up. I think she was right. I faced back to her, her lips were just there, ready for kissing. We clinched. This time I had both hands on her ass, pushing her close to me.

"You're shaking?" I asked.

"They're all watching us. I can't believe it, I can't believe...I'm doing this."

"Shut up, girl. Just kiss." She did. We ground into each for long enough to be touch-dry when we came up for air. We didn't fuck, but it probably looked like we were. I was stiff as a board now. Some of our audience were getting close, one of them had a camera out, it looked like they were filming or taking photos.

"Jonesy," I said without alerting her to it, "we're dry, shall we go?"

She nodded. I pressed the auto button and the doors unlocked. We broke our hold and each went to our side to get in, my kit bobbing around full-mast in front of me.

"Wait a minute," I warned. I touched the seat, burning hot. "Whoa, need to get the air-con going for a minute."

I started the car and turned the fan on full blast. Black cars in sunlight get damn hot. She stood there nervously by the open door, watching people overtly stare at her nakedness.

"These guys," she murmured. "They just flat out stare, even when I look at them..."

I looked over at about 8 guys who had taken up spots to do just that.

"Just use your hands to try and take some of the warmth out of the seat," I said, showing her what I meant. The guys out to the side would be enjoying the view from behind as she bent over, but it would help us get in the car quicker. From where I was her breasts fell gorgeously beneath her beautiful face. Undoubtedly young girls like her were fantastic screws, but how long could I put up with her being around? It would be a matter of whether she could adapt to being an 'interesting' screw or not. Just because a girl is stunning enough to adorn a magazine cover, it doesn't mean you don't get sick of her pretty quickly after you've dumped most of your cum in her. The ones to hang onto are the ones that have enough bravery, enough imagination, enough confidence to push back boundaries, keep things turning over and fresh. This Hilda had fought hard to keep my dick up her, so it was worth having a try, but you could only eat so many servings of cheesecake before wanting something else. Could she change flavors?

"C'mon, its probably alright now."

We both of us gently eased our backside up and down on the seat until we could sit there without too much burning. The great thing about high quality leather is that it cools relatively quickly and unlike vinyl you don't get sweaty when you have your bare skin on it. Doors shut, my fuck was demonstrably relieved at being out of public view. Her body slunk down in the seat and relaxed, she even smiled.

I backed around and took off. I buttoned-down the two front windows and opened the sunroof. With breeze running through the car, we wouldn't need the air-con and I didn't want this girl feeling too comfortable hidden behind tinted windows.

"Sit up properly, put your belt on," I told her. She did as asked. I pointed to the glove box. "Pick some music."

She didn't know any of my CDs, so she picked a dance compilation and we cruised away from the beach and took the longer coast road back toward town, toward where I was living.

"You give blow-jobs?" I asked her. She looked at me and shook her head.

"Well, we'll need to sort that out..." I told her. It could wait for now. "You masturbate?"

Again she sheepishly shook her head. I'm not sure I fully believed her, but even if she did I suspected it wasn't with ramrodding passion.

"You know that by staying with me, there is a whole lot of things you're going to have to start doing, don't you?"

She stared out the front window, then nodded. "I know."

I smiled. "Well, anyway, good job so far. That was a big step, what you did back there."

She turned and smiled at me, seemingly pleased that she had been able to make me happy, make we wanna stay with her still. In the back of my mind I was still worried that this girl was too emotionally dependent, that she needed a guy, any guy, that she couldn't be alone...that moving on from her might be harder than I'd like. Anyway, that was for later. Today I'd have fun.

We drove along the ocean-side road and around the long way to where I lived. It took about 30 mins. A couple of times I had to tell her to sit up straight, mostly when we were stopped at traffic lights. The windows on the B-mer are relatively large, but even so the door came up just above the nipple line. It was pretty obvious from the outside she was at least topless but they couldn't quite see her whole breasts...except for that truck that stopped next to us, of course, but that was only once.

I found that we could talk with each other relatively easily. She opened up about Stuart, how they got together, what sort of things they did, why she liked him, what was annoying about him. She spoke with little bitterness given he'd hit her to the ground just a little while earlier. But she was needy. The way she spoke about her and Stuart really gave the impression she followed him around like a faithful puppy, that their lack of overt sexuality was because he never required it. I could never understand guys with low sex drive, or ones with repressed abilities to express their sex drive. Here he had this gorgeous girlfriend from the age of 17 and he never even got fully naked with her? What was he thinking? Look at her now, riding my car without clothes. Obviously my sex drive was quite un-repressed, and she was having a sexy drive because of it...and my car looked a whole lot better because of the beautiful naked girl planted in the passenger seat.

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