Bi-curiously Experimenting


His body slowly relaxed again. When he finally stirred he sat up and just looked at me with astonishment in his eyes. He said, "There is no way you have never done this before. I have never in my life had a blowjob as good as that. My wife, who is damn good, isn't as good as you."

While being pleased with his comments I had to tell him. "Nope, I have never done anything like that before. I have read about it extensively and fantasized about it till my cock was sore from all of my jacking off. I have to say, the reality of this aspect of it was so much better than anything I had ever hoped or imagined. I have a few other things I want to try too. I want to get fucked in my ass and I want to try that too. I guess we'll see where we go from here."

"Well, when I have recovered more we will definitely see about accomplishing those and more." he said. With that he pushed me over on my back and started kissing his way down my body.

It wasn't too long before he got to my cock and filled his mouth with it. It took quite awhile, but he finally got most of it in. I am uncut and 7.5 inches long and about 5 inches around. So, it was no small task he had. He bobbed up and down for awhile and then he went to licking it up and down on the sides like a lollipop. He went lower to my balls and he gently sucked them into his mouth and swirled them around awhile. It felt good to have them bathed like that in his mouth. Then he went lower into that area right between my balls and my asshole. That ticklish area that when it gets touched like this during sex totally enhances every sensual feeling that you have. My body just went a little nuts it felt so damn good.

After a few minutes of that he got to my asshole where he licked around the outside edge and then slowly began to rim me out. His tongue felt so good dipping into my ass. I was so very glad I had taken such care to get it very clean during my shower. My wife had done this for me and it felt good, but for some reason, maybe due to who was doing it, it felt so much more intense now. He got my ass all wet with his saliva and then he began sticking one and then two and then finally three fingers deep into my ass.

He went back to licking his way up my cock until he got the top and then he plunged down upon it. He stroked something in my ass and that was all I needed. It came as such a surprise that I didn't have a chance to warn him. Luckily, he didn't seem to care. He just accepted my load in his mouth. He knew just what to do to enhance the moment and help it to continue for as long as possible. I think I actually passed out at one point.

The next thing I know I was coming back awake in one of the most pleasant feelings of euphoria I had ever felt. He was lying next to me just looking at my face as I came to. He told me later that he started to get worried until I slowly smiled and then he knew I was ok.

I just said, "Wow. That was...well words can't describe it". Actually, what came out was more of a string of sounds rather than actual words. But that is what I tried to say. He just laid there and smiled like he understood me perfectly.

I couldn't move for what seemed like a very long time. Finally I rolled over and slowly made my way to the bathroom. I glanced at the mirror and was shocked. I looked like a person who had been royally fucked. My hair was askew, I had dried cum on various parts of my body including in my goatee, and my body was kinda red and blotchy looking. So, I called out and told him I was going to take another shower.

I stepped in and started the water going. Got it just the right amount of heat and proceeded to get all wet. My glasses were over on the counter. The windows began to steam up and I shakily just stood there for a few minutes trying to get my thoughts to act in a coherent manner. Next thing I know, the door opened up and he stepped in. It wasn't a huge shower, but there was enough room for two people. He kind of danced me around so that he got all wet too. Then he grabbed the soap and began to soap up my body. Geez, I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I had never done any of the stuff that had occurred tonight and here I was getting soaped up by another man. And it felt good. As a matter of fact, it felt damned good. I was enjoying it thoroughly. By the time he got down to my lower regions my cock was already rock solid.....again. Wow. He had maneuvered behind me and he reached around and grasped my cock and stroked me up and down a few times. It felt amazing for him to do that. He got my balls all soapy and my cock as well.

Then he pulled his hands behind me and began to soap my ass up. His fingers went up and down my crack until he finally got to my asshole and he began pushing his fingers into me with one hand and he gently pushed me into bending over with the other. He pulled his fingers slowly out and then he put the head of his cock at my closed hole and began to gently push. It was tight until I remembered something that I read at and elsewhere. I began to push back with my sphincter muscles and that relaxed me enough for him to slide slowly and deeply in. I felt very full and then it started to feel to full and hurt just a bit. He must have felt me tense up because he stopped for a few moments.

When I felt a little better I began to push back against him. He took it as a signal to resume and began pushing again. And this began a cycle that culminated in him finally burying his cock all the way in my ass to the root. I could feel his pubic hair in my crack. Once he got there he gave me a few moments to got used to it and then he began sawing it back and forth in me.

I was being fucked in my ass by a living cock. It was amazing. It is hard to describe how it truly felt. I will say this though. My cock, which had not just 30 minutes before spewed out every bit of cum I had and in the process totally sapped me of strength, now felt harder than I had ever felt before. It was sticking out so hard and so far that I felt like it had extended a few inches longer than it ever had. I have read that is possible in extreme moments of sexual excitement. Well, guess what? I was there. I was being fucked by a man and his hard cock moving in and out of my ass felt awesome. Pretty soon he was pounding in and out of my ass at a rapid rate and I could tell he was nearing the end. I was pushing back against him in rhythm.

Then, his body tensed up and he began spewing his hot cum deep into my bowels coating the inside. He began slowing down as he emptied his balls. Finally he stopped. He was kind of resting the upper half of his body on me as his cock began to slowly shrink and slip out of my asshole.

We finally dried off, me after directing the shower nozzle directly towards my asshole in order to try and get some of the cum out to keep it from squeezing out later. My cock slowly went down. He just looked at me like he was amazed.

Then we went to bed. He to his and I to mine. I went to sleep with a smile on my face and I woke up with one because he was sucking my cock when I awakened. Of course I had to hurry up and get to the bathroom before I could cum, but then I went back and he finished me off. And then I went back down on him. We spent the rest of the week, when our schedules synced up that is, continuing to get to know each other even more. But those are stories for another time.

**I may one day find out if this the way it goes and feels and experiences. I may not. Who knows. All I know is that today, right now, I wish to. I hope that yall enjoyed sharing my fantasy with me. I may continue this fantasy another time.**

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