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Big Dick Beauty in Space


Luckily, the result of combining a bit of science fiction with big dick chicks wasn't a six-eyed alien robot with three cocks. The title may be a little too silly for some of the story, but don't let that fool you. It was either this or "An Adventure in Scrotum and Testicles." I went with my heart.


An alert popped up via the digital overlay on the cockpit main windows. The instruments onboard indicated that an unidentified object was heading toward the space vessel. The captain's heart started to beat faster.

Scrolling through all available data, the captain, a statuesque woman, tried not to get her hopes up. It was probably space junk, she told herself. Nothing could be out this far. Checking her readouts again, she waited for visual confirmation of the object.

The unidentified object was finally close enough for an advanced report. The captain read through the information gathered on the UFO. Its readings were promising, but the object was too small to be a ship. The captain used its unique heat signature to cross space junk off the list as well.

"Visual in 3... 2... 1..." The toneless, female voice of Kassy, the onboard A.I., echoed through the cockpit.

A metallic object appeared on the captain's digital overlay at maximum magnification. She recognized the design. "An escape pod. What the hell is it doing out here?" The captain, hunched over her controls, asked herself in a mutter. "Kass," the captain stood up straighter, "identify the make of the pod," she requested.

As the pod got closer to her ship, the captain's instruments could now detect one life form inside.

"I've completed cross-referencing the object's specifications with my system and identified its origin," Kassy intoned. "The unidentified flying object is an escape pod." No duh, the captain thought. "It originates from a twenty-engine interior planet spacecraft," the voice added.

"It's off an interior planet rig, huh. Strange."

"The object will be within range in two minutes," Kassy informed her.

The captain waited with bated breath. A minute passed before she looked quizzically at her readouts for any new notifications. "It's almost within range. Why hasn't the pod attempted contact yet?" she asked Kassy.

"I have no new information."

"Well, you're a lot of help," the captain shook her head. She turned the magnification down on her digital display as the peculiar object finally came into unenhanced view. "Why hasn't it latched on? It's going to pass us right by..."

"I have no new information."

"I wasn't asking you," the captain retorted. She watched the helpless pod hurdle through space with a cocked head when it dawned on her, "It can't. It can't latch on!"

The captain's backside plopped down in her chair as she frantically fumbled with her controls. "Shit!" she cursed. "I wasted a lot of time. I've gotta do it myself now and I've only got one shot at it." The captain took a few hasty measurements as the small pod shot nearer.

Assuming the escape pod would be able to comply with its programming and latch on itself, the captain had let the tiny escape vessel get too close to use her ship's tractor beam. She'd have to connect with the pod manually now. The degree of difficulty when doing this in real-time with a small object catapulting through space was immense.

A bead of sweat developed on the captain's brow as she gripped the controls so tightly you would have thought they'd crumble in her hands. The captain hoped she was precise enough as she flipped a switch with her thumb that suddenly released a metal strip into space. The rope-like device, being controlled by the captain, sprung on the tiny pod, its tip splitting into a million individual ties which tethered to the flying object as it rocketed by. The thin metal cables entered the pod's computer and started to slow the object's main engine whilst simultaneously strengthening their own resistance.

The captain managed both speeds with expert precision, understanding any misstep could result in a deadly case of whiplash for the life form inside. She didn't waste time wondering whether it in fact had a neck to be broken or not. She tracked and controlled the small pod manually with a multi-directional handle, careful to avoid any false moves.

The relieved captain let out a deep breath as the pod finally halted; the mechanical cables starting to pull it back to her ship. "That was close. Thought it was all over for a minute there," she let out another heavy breath.

"I detected no threat, Captain," Kassy stated.

"That's not what I meant," the captain replied.

"It is of no consequence. I've already checked the pod's schematics - it contains no usable materials. We have yet to find a solution," she declared.

"Now don't go bringing that up. Not now," the captain warned. "It does matter. A lot, actually. That's the difference between you, a faceless, cockless, machine... and me, a living, breathing, exceptionally well-hung being."

"My conclusion is less kind. Your 'cock' always seems to get us into trouble. I was seconds from the scrapheap on Voltrex-8 after you and your exceptionally well-hung-" The captain put her hand up, stopping her onboard A.I. mid-sentence.

The captain checked the progress of the pod's tow and then said, "Our guest has almost arrived. I better prepare myself for a proper greeting." The impressive, large-cocked female captain stood up and stretched her long body out, relieving the tension she'd accrued saving the pod.

She made her way to the cockpit's supply storage. The captain pulled out a laserproof vest and slipped it over her ample chest. Next, she hooked her holster belt around her womanly hips. The captain made sure her gun was ready to fire. "Can't be too careful these days."

"The connection has been made," Kassy notified the captain, "Filling the interlocking compartment with oxygen now."

The captain was halfway out when she remembered something and hurried back to the supply storage. She rifled through her personal items, coming away with a tube of lipstick. The captain clicked a panel on the wall closest to her and a mirror appeared. She applied the lipstick generously, the perfect shade of red for her rich skin tone and full, pouty lips. "Mustn't be too careful."

"The interlock is now safe for natural breathing."

"Unlock their pod," she told the A.I.

"Pod unlock successful."

Strolling through the clinically lit corridor of her ship, the captain headed toward the pod attachment entrance. A digital overlay surfaced beside the strongtanium door separating the ship's interior from the unknown life form. The door itself was comprised of multiple prongs, fastened together like clenched teeth.

"Show me through the door on the screen," the captain ordered.

An image popped up on the screen. The captain choked on her breath; her heart skipped a beat. It was a man. She'd been crossing her fingers that it wasn't some neckless pile of goo in there. She never would have let herself dream that it was a man. The well-hung beauty's freshly painted lips opened into a smile. The realization that he was cute sent blood rushing to the organ between the captain's legs.

"Unlock the ship door. Open it now." The door prongs detached and receded into the walls of the ship.

The young man standing before her there was the first living thing she'd seen in so long. The captain might have been prone to hyperbole in the those first few moments they spent gazing at each other. She started to consider his miraculous survival, shooting through deep space in that tiny, ill-equipped escape pod, as not only a testament to man's dominion over space, but as an important overture to the meaning of life itself. After stepping foot on her ship, the man immediately fell to the floor and wept like a baby.

His emotions overwhelmed him. "I didn't think anyone would find me." He reached out to her from the deck of the space vessel, "I had one day of air left. You saved me," his voice was soft and filled with emotion, "I can't believe you saved me."

The captain smiled down on him. She offered him a hand off the floor and then shook it. "I'm Captain Vivian Walker V. Welcome aboard my ship."

Tears still streaking the young man's soft facial features, he returned her smile. "Thank you so much, Captain Walker V. I'm Jon. Jon Gregg. I'm so happy to be here." In his present state of elation, he hugged his tall, beautiful savior. Realizing the captain might not want to be hugged, the young man started to pull away, but her strong arms caught him and hugged him back tight.

The captain enjoyed the embrace so much she had to reposition her large tool on the spot to keep the bulge hidden. Feeling his smaller body against her, smelling him so close to her, even if he could do with a good bath, brought the captain pleasure she never thought she'd feel again.

"It's nice to meet you, Jon." Their arms finally unlocked and they looked at each other again. "And my A.I. calls me Captain Walker V, why don't you call me Vivian or Viv," the captain chuckled. Jon nodded with a goofy grin.

"Well, thank you, Vivian! I can't believe I'm going home. Never thought I'd find my way there again," he said.

Vivian's expression darkened. She debated in her overworked brain whether to tell him now or later. It wouldn't get any easier, she told herself. "About that..." she said regretfully, "the ship's hyperdrive busted a little over two months ago. Unfortunately, I don't actually have the parts to fix it."

Jon's brow furrowed. "My pod wouldn't let me, but can't you get a message out? How far out are we?"

"Out of range. Most ships weren't designed to go this far. We're about sixty-two billion milars from the nearest colonized planet or manned space station. Without a working hyperdrive, I can do about seven yardzillions a day," she answered dejectedly.

"But..." Jon tried to figure it out, "that doesn't work. That means we won't hit land for like-"

"Two hundred and thirty-nine years." She shook her head. "I've done the math."

Jon rubbed his forehead. "Two hundred and - you don't happen to be one of those species with an extended life expectancy, do you?"

"Nope," the captain clicked her teeth. Jon, after being so happy, seemed to have had a ton of bricks thrown on top of him. "Why don't you get cleaned up? Keep heading down this corridor until you get to the gyropedometer. You'll find shower cubicles inside the far room. You're in the system now, Kassy will let you in." Vivian tried to brighten the mood, "Then we can talk about all this stuff. I want to hear everything about how you came to be shooting through deep space in a pod with one day's air left."

"Yeah, a shower. That sounds good right now. What will you do, Viv?" he asked.

"I'm going to go over your pod with a fine-tooth comb, see if I can't find anything that might help us out."

They promised to meet back there and then parted. It took Jon walking away, with his tight little butt teasing her, for the well-hung captain to remember her sex-crazed, butt-fuck-loving, old ways. A quick cum in her quarters sounded much more fun than scavenging through Jon's escape pod.

With a new spring in her step, Vivian hurried toward her quarters. The beautiful captain replayed her meeting with Jon over again in her head as she tossed away her laserproof vest and peeled the pieces of her form-fitting, thirty-third century attire off. She cupped her breasts as they made contact with the cool air.

Vivian freed her growing cock and started to rub it. "Open the hole," the captain demanded of her onboard A.I. while preparing her over-sized dick with firm strokes along its length.

"You are capable of doing that yourself," Kassy answered.

"I know," the captain snapped back, "I want you to do it." She continued to pump her shaft.

"Very well..." On the wall appeared a seam taking a circular shape which rotated, retreating into itself, leaving a big hole.

Vivian shoved her rock hard womanhood into the hole. The hole contracted around her cock, sending a shockwave of pleasure down the captain's spine. A warm gel covered her cock as the suction kicked in.

"Mmmm..." Vivian moaned. "Ohhh. Suck it. Suck it, Kass..." the captain's eyes closed.

"I am your spacecraft's artificial intelligence. Possessing no physical form, I am incapable of performing such a task," Kassy answered more tonelessly than usual. "I seem to recall you upgrading from the Blowjob Giver 7000 to the Blowjob Giver 9000 instead of replacing our old hyperdrive in the first place," she sniped.

Vivian began to thrust into the wall. "I said suck it, Kassy. That's an order!"

"Oh, you're not going to make me do that again, are you, Captain?"

"Yesss," the captain hissed. "Do it!"

Kassy obediently hacked into the rather rudimentary blowjob machine's computer and began controlling it herself. She'd observed in the past that the captain enjoyed a stronger, vacuum-like blowjob with more lubrication, so she increased both of those functions.

"I've done as you requested," Kassy announced.

Vivian's breathing became much heavier. "Now commit to it. Really commit to it. You know what I mean," she huffed.

"... As you wish," the A.I. answered. "Here goes..." A slurping sound filled Vivian's private cabin. "I'm sucking your cock," Kassy stated. "It's so big. Mmm mmm. Suck suck suck. I love cock," she declared robotically.

"Oh shit!" Vivian was fucking the blowjob machine so hard she nearly pounded her head against the wall. "Ohhh. Yeahhhh. That's it. Take it all down your slutty throat. Fucking choke on it!"

"Your dick is so big. It feels good sliding down my throat. Sucking suck sucker. Your pre-cum tastes so good. Fill my mouth with cum, Captain. Slutty Kassy wants to swallow it all."

The blowjob machine tugged Vivian's womanhood harder. Sparks touched off in the captain's brain. She was teetering over the edge. Vivian was ready to fill the hole with every ounce of girl cream she could muster. She plunged all the way into the pleasure-giving machine.

Her big tits smashed into the cold, unresponsive cabin wall. Vivian bit down hard on her bottom lip, "This isn't right," she muttered to herself. Something about that metal wall had ruined the moment. The captain reluctantly withdrew her impressively-sized cock from its pleasure sheath.

The mushroom-like head of her penis had swelled to an obscene size and currently looked a deep reddish purple in color. "I can't just stop now, though. Guess I'm finishing up the old-fashioned way." She dropped onto her bed and began a long string of base to tip strokes. Her mind wandered back to Jon. She studied the mental image she had of his cute butt through his pants. Vivian's first, innocent fantasy of just kissing his lips quickly devolved into him impaling his little butt on her rod while she sat in the captain's chair.

A light bulb flickered on in the well-endowed captain's brain. "Kassy, give me a visual on the shower room."

"I don't believe that's a wise decision. I'm going to give you twenty seconds to reconsider your request before I perform it."

"Do it now!" the impatiently horny captain roared. "Bring it up this instant - or so help me, I'm unplugging you."

"Camera 37 will now broadcast in the captain's quarters as per your request," Kassy relented. The screen which originated on the wall quickly scrolled up and across the ceiling until it hit Vivian's perfect viewing angle.

Vivian's eyes hungrily gulped down the video of Jon's naked form. Her cock lurched in response to the visual feast. His young, lithe body seemed to glisten with the flecks of shower water hanging from his skin. Vivian found him delicious from head to toe. She rubbed her cock with a new urgency, watching the young man wash the soap from his beautiful frame. "Oh, Jon," she said, using her opposite hand to tweak her inflamed nipples.

She began to murmur, "I have to have him. I need him." The captain was nearing the edge again. Her hand ravaged her breasts. The heels of her feet dug into the bed. Her hand was a blur as it pistoned up and down her considerable length. The large-cocked woman felt like a fire was burning through her balls and she couldn't get enough. Her other hand moved from her fantastic tits to her overloaded testicles. She grabbed and squeezed the big eggs in their smooth casing.

Vivian watched, enthralled, as Jon started to wash off his bubbly little buttocks. He positioned his ass so that the shower spray hit it dead-on. Jon bent over a little further and spread his hairless cheeks with both hands. Camera 38 kicked on, replacing camera 37 with a better view. The captain could now catch glimpses of his tiny, pink asshole as he washed it.

Unable to hold out any longer, piping hot ejaculate rushed up the captain's long stem and shot like rocket fire from her tip. Blasts of thick, potent semen covered everything. It was an incredible mess, and all the while, Vivian couldn't tear her harshly-focused eyes from fleeting glimpses of the tender opening nestled between Jon's delectable butt cheeks.

The well-hung, never-sexually-sated beauty couldn't decide whether she'd rather rim and kiss that hole through the night or stuff it full of meat until the sun came up instead. One would leave him singing and the other crying, she giggled. Vivian finally allowed herself to blink once Jon started drying his body off.

The captain cleaned up while Jon finished toweling off. The young man then removed the space casual wear he'd arrived in from the instawash machine. The two met exactly where the captain had specified. A shower had picked up Jon's mood. Vivian led him on a quick tour of her ship. Their banter verged on flirting.

They ended up in the main kitchen sector, sitting at a disc-shaped table. The kitchen hummed with an array of thirty-third century devices. It was there that the inquisitive captain, eager to have Jon talk more, and watch the way his delicate lips moved as he did, learned how he'd ended up on that escape pod.

Jon had been with a group of guys going planet to planet around the Rundor Solar System looking for work. The trouble started when he'd been assigned to watch the craft while his crewmates scoped out the employment opportunities below him on-planet. He got nervous when a vessel with a Universe Police red flag tag for pirating entered their ship's vicinity. Every second that ticked away, ever-closer that pirate ship came to contact with their ship, his apprehension grew. In a split second decision, he sent an alert down to his crewmates and then took off in an escape pod, figuring he could turn back if and when the coast was clear.

The UP-flagged pirate ship made a move when they saw his pod escaping; they hit him with an energy virus blast designed to incapacitate his pod. Jon thought it must have missed when he managed to escape, but the blast had done a lot of damage. The energy virus burrowed deep into his pod's programming and caused it to malfunction. He could neither perform an emergency navigation override nor send out a distress call. The virus had injured the system so badly that, as he joked to a deeply interested Vivian, the pod's onboard knowledge and pop culture database only went up to the twenty-second century.

The captain shuddered at the prospect of being cooped up in a small escape pod with only pre-23rd century history and entertainment to keep her company. It did give her an idea for a question to keep him talking and joking, though.

"So, I know we consider the twentieth century significant for the beginnings of space exploration, and the twenty-second for the first off-Earth colonies, but what was the twenty-first century like?"

Jon considered her question seriously, reflecting on everything he'd learned about that period in the pod, before a smile appeared on his face. "It got a lot better once drone delivery pizza became a thing. That and the growth of online pornography." Both of them started to crack up. It felt good to laugh like this after each had been by themselves for so long.

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