Big Man on Campus: The Dancer Ch. 02


"Don't waste it, ladies," I said. Alyssa was a bit faster; she cupped her hands an caught the stream in her palms. Then she brought her cupped hands up to her mouth and sucked up my cum with a loud, long slurp. She sucked down that last bit of spunk and moaned appreciatively. Melanie seemed overwhelmed by the volume of my orgasm, so Alyssa took it on herself to help her out. She grabbed by cock and, after quick kiss on the tip, started using it like a shovel to push the cum on Melanie's face into her mouth.

"You said you wanted the next load, so now you get to have it. Swallow it down, if you're woman enough to do it." Alyssa was clearly enjoying Melanie's shock. She told me later that Melanie got more attention from men and was always flaunting her body—and especially her tits. Alyssa was glad to have evidence that she was a better fuck, despite Melanie's general sluttiness. I was happy to encourage the friendly rivalry, since it led to some fantastic sex.

Once all the major cum splatters had been cleaned from Melanie's face, Alyssa let go of my cock and started to clean herself off with her fingers. She scraped up my seed, which clung to her in thick white lines, gathering up the jizz and feeding it to Melanie. Melanie sucked hungrily at Alyssa's fingers each time they dipped into her mouth, and I could see her working to make sure she had got every last drop off them. Alyssa saved the last splashes for herself. Melanie pouted at that, but Alyssa ignored her.

I slapped my cock on Melanie's tits to get her attention. "That was a good start, girls, but now I want some new pussy. So spread your legs, Melanie." She did so, as I stepped back off the mats. I grabbed her legs and pulled her toward me, bringing her to the edge of the mats. "You know, it's not fair for Alyssa to go without attention for so long. Melanie, you made Alyssa eat you out earlier, so now you're going to return the favor." Alyssa gave me a devilish grin at this.

Melanie started to reply. "I don't—" but then she was cut off as Alyssa dropped down onto her face, forcing her cunt down on Melanie's mouth. I slapped my cock against Melanie's clit a few times, making her twitch and squirm.

"If you want to feel me inside you," I said, "you had better eat her fucking cunt. And if I don't think you're trying your absolute best, I'll stop fucking you and find one of those real women you were talking about." Alyssa's cunt, still dripping some of my seed from our first fuck, muffled whatever reply she might have had, but the little gasp Alyssa let out told me that Melanie got the message. I kept teasing her for a bit anyway. I let my dick rest against her pussy and slowly slid forward, letting my cock glide across her clit like a bow across a violin string. When I reached the end, I smoothly repeated the motion but in reverse. I inserted the head of my dick into her dripping cunt and then shook it up and down a bit, causing Melanie's hips to buck up toward me. I pulled out before she could take me in any deeper and then smacked my cock against her labia a few times. Then I started the whole cycle over.

After three or four repetitions, Melanie's hips were thrusting up into empty air. She was getting desperate for my cock, which is exactly what I was looking for. "What do you say, Alyssa? Has she done a good job eating you? Does she deserve a fuck or should I find someone else to do it?"

Melanie pulled herself out from under Alyssa. She couldn't move far, but she got her mouth free to speak. "Please put it in me," she begged. "I need it. Lyss, tell him I did good so he'll fuck me. Please. I'll suck your cunt every night for a week if you tell him I did good."

Alyssa let her stay on the hook for a moment as she seemed to consider Melanie's performance. "Make it a month, Mel, and I'll tell him to fuck you."

"A month! Yes, anything. Please tell him to fuck me! I need it so bad!" Melanie seemed genuinely afraid that I might leave her high and dry (okay, high and soaking wet, if you want to be pedantic). Alyssa moved her cunt back to Melanie's mouth, cutting off any further begging.

"She's trying her best. You should show her what you can do," said Alyssa. I nodded and once again entered Melanie. I gave her just the tip at first and then paused, letting Melanie feel a bit more desperate uncertainty as she wondered if I was finally going to hilt myself in her or once again pull back and leave her unfilled and unfulfilled. Then I decided to be merciful and I buried myself in her in one powerful thrust. I heard Melanie's muffled scream from the shock of my invasion. Alyssa heard it too, and more importantly she felt it. "Make her scream some more. It's like her mouth is a little vibrator when she screams."

I hooked my arms around Melanie's spread thighs and used them to pull her toward me as I thrust powerfully into her. Our bodies met with a loud slap, and the stack of gym mats that we had been using slid an inch or so. Melanie didn't exactly scream again, but whatever she did seemed to appeal to Alyssa, who threw back her head and moaned. I gave Melanie another punishing thrust, and then another, and before long the room echoed with the sounds of our energetic coupling. Alyssa's moans of pleasure provided a counterpoint. Before too long, I made Melanie scream again, a loud wordless howl of ecstasy as she came around my cock. This seemed to set Alyssa off, and she squirted on Melanie's writhing body. Some of Alyssa's juices even splashed against my chest.

Alyssa let out a satisfied sigh and let herself fall to one side. Melanie took a deep breath, her first in some time not obstructed by Alyssa's cunt. Melanie was still twitching and shivering in the aftermath of her own climax, and I continued to fuck her (albeit not quite as hard as I was before). Just as she seemed to come back to herself, I reached forward and cupped Melanie's breasts, which has been liberally coated by Alyssa's orgasmic shower. I squeezed them fairly hard and started fucking her hard once more, using her massive tits as handles. This seemed to set her off again; she didn't moan or scream this time, but her jaw dropped open, her back arched, and I felt her pussy clench my thrusting cock like a fist.

Alyssa stretched out like a cat and sat back up. "Mmmmm, that was nice. And you're really giving it to her now aren't you?" I didn't answer; I may not ever run out of steam entirely, but that doesn't mean everything is easy. I was breathing hard from exertion and focused on fucking Melanie until she was a quivering wreck, which left me little time to answer questions. Alyssa didn't seem to mind. She watched us fuck for a few minutes, playing with her tits and rubbing her pussy absently. She kept watching as I drove Melanie into another orgasmic spasm, then she spoke up again. "I want to help. Lean back." I did as she said, returning my hands to Melanie's toned thighs. Alyssa swung one leg up over Melanie's face again, but this time she dipped her head down to Melanie's cunt as well. She spent a few moments licking some of her juices off my chest and Melanie's legs, but then she got down to business and gave Melanie's erect clit a single lick.

Melanie's response was instantaneous and almost violent. Melanie's back arched until she was in a back bridge, with her head on the mats and her hips supported by my arms. Alyssa was almost forced off her. Every muscle in her body seemed to go rigid, and I could see Melanie's stomach flutter as she came. She stayed rigid like that for the better part of a minute, and then she practically collapsed as the tension left her body all at once.

Alyssa and I didn't give her a chance to recover. Without a word, we both went back at her. I reentered her, pushing deep into her cunt with each thrust. Alyssa's lips and tongue were magic; she attended to Melanie's clit, but also lapped at my cock as it withdrew and planted light kisses all along its length. Once her orgasm-addled brain came back online, Melanie quickly realized what her part of this was and lustily dove into Alyssa's cunt.

We kept this up for some time, until Alyssa said "She's delicious, but I'd rather taste her on your cock." I gave Melanie an especially deep thrust, making her gasp, and then pulled out. Alyssa immediately gobbled up my length, taking me entirely into her throat without a moment's hesitation. She held me there for a long moment, then slowly let me slide out of her throat. "Please sir," she said, "can I have some more?" I did as she asked, sinking myself back into Melanie for a few slow, deep thrusts, then pulling out so she could suck on my rod.

Eventually, Alyssa and Melanie got the better of me, and I felt myself on the verge of orgasm. Alyssa noticed the telltale signs, and said "You had better cum inside her so she can feel you drip out like I did—at least until I clean it out of her. Anyway, that's where real women take a real man's sperm, isn't it?" The thought of Alyssa eating my spunk from Melanie's cunt was enough to push me over the edge. I decided to make Alyssa work for it, and hilted myself in Melanie as I came, firing off an enormous load practically at the mouth of her womb.

Melanie came at the same time, moaning with each powerful blast from my cock. Alyssa put her head by Melanie's and whispered in her ear. "Do you feel it? Feeling him pumping you full? His cum is so thick and creamy. There's always so much of it, too. And now he's cumming in your young cunt, draining his balls inside you, and I know you can feel each spurt as her fills you up. "

When I was done, I pulled back. My cock came free with a thin thread of sperm hanging from the tip. Alyssa quickly gobbled that up. For a moment, nothing came from Melanie's stretched cunt. But then a pale white trickle of seed dripped out. Alyssa got off the mats and knelt between Melanie's thighs. She watched my issue flow from Melanie's twat for a moment, and then set to work licking, sucking, and slurping it up. Melanie closed her eyes and languidly ran her hands through Alyssa's hair as she worked. "Save me some of it, Lyss. Don't eat it all. I know how good it is, and I know you're a greedy slut, but I want some."

"I promise I'll share, Mel. I'll save you a mouthful and come up and give it to you," Alyssa replied. Alyssa continued to eat out her roommate for five or six minutes, with my cum draining from her the whole time. Then when she finished, she stood and climbed back on the mats. She positioned her head over Melanie's. Melanie opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. Alyssa let her lips open just enough for a long string of spunk and spit to drool out, directly onto Melanie's outstretched tongue. The silvery thread stretched out between them until Alyssa brought up a finger and broke it. Then the roommates locked lips in a passionate kiss, swapping my sperm back and forth, letting it drip from their lips and lapping it off each others' chins. I watched appreciatively, stroking myself slowly.

When Alyssa and Melanie stopped snowballing my sperm and swallowed, they both turned to me. They let out a simultaneous squeal of delight on seeing that I was still hard and ready. Moving in unison, the two girls got off the stack of mats and moved to me. Alyssa pressed herself against my left side, and Melanie molded herself to my right. I could feel Alyssa's erect nipples and Melanie's soft breasts against my skin. They gently removed my hand from my cock and took over for me, each of them taking a hand and giving me a slow, soft stroke. Melanie's tongue traced a path around my ear, while Alyssa gently kissed and nipped at my nipples—hey, they're not as nice as girls' nipples, but they're still sensitive.

"You know, I closed up the gym before I came back here," Melanie whispered. "We could head out there and see what we could do with some of the equipment."

"I don't think I'm done getting stretched yet," added Alyssa. "After all, you haven't taken either of our asses."

"Proper stretching is vital," I said. "I wouldn't want either of you to be injured because I didn't help. I think the only option is for us to go out to the benches out there, and I'll ensure that you're all thoroughly stretched in every way." And with that, we walked out to the darkened gym.

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