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Big-O Machine


It was your 36th birthday. I wanted to get you a special birthday present... something out of the ordinary... something different... I had an idea.

"Oh sweetie," I say while looking deeply into your eyes, "I’ve made a new toy for you for your birthday."

"You did?’ you say looking a bit apprehensive.

"Please come over here so I can show you. " I say devilishly.

You weren’t quite sure what to make of all this but you reluctantly agreed. I began to take off all your clothes very slowly, kissing each part of your body as I did.

"Now turn and face away from me. " I say. I could tell you were getting a little excited.

I would then take hold of your hands and your wrists slowly pull them behind you, palm to palm, and tie them securely. Another silk scarf would go around your elbows, drawing them closer and closer, until they nearly touched. Your breasts now pointed straight forward even more proudly than normal as your nipples begin to harden. I gave them a little rub between my fingers just for good measure...

I then firmly bound your ankles using a short metal rod, not unlike a spreader bar, but little more than a 2 feet in length. At each end of the rod was a leather strap to gently, but firmly, hold those sweet ankles in place. I then put a little blindfold on you temporarily while I set up your birthday present.

"What are you doing?" You said as your voice quivered.

“You'll see soon enough my dear" I said.

I know your eyes widened when you saw "it" as I removed the blindfold and let you gaze upon it. A small, wooden platform, just large enough for you to stand on, with a strange looking device in the middle that looked like a saddle. There were also with several other items attached to the platform. Perhaps its purpose became evident as I rested the platform on the floor and walked towards you, lifted you from behind, and placed your standing body on the platform.. Maybe the electric plug at the base got your attention, or maybe it was the protrusion extending from the center of the saddle, beneath where you stood, with the hard rubber "Joy stick" (appropriately named) attached at the top. Then you realized what it was... a Sybian!! Little did you know it was a modified Sybian!... and modified it was!

"Oh my!" was your first reaction. You had read stories how these machines can leave women weak kneed and babbling after just a short time of use. And this one was modified!! Now your brain was really running at full speed.

"I call it the Big-O" I said. You would soon find out what the "O" was about...

As I placed you on the platform, your heels came to rest on two small metal boxes attached to the back of platform, the pressure of your heels pushing two tiny plungers down to the base of the box. I know that you did not realize that this would be the only time you could push down on the plungers and not have anything else happen.

My next move was to reach down to the Big-O attached to the platform base beneath you, and slowly slide it upward between your legs, until the top of the machine first touched that soft area between your legs. Each turn slid it higher, and deeper within your body. I made sure that you were moist, which by then was obvious, but nevertheless put some KY on the "Joy stick" in the middle of the saddle. As I glanced upward, I saw your eyes begin to flutter as you slid your body, ever so slightly, up and down to enjoy the filling sensation inside of you.

I was sure that the Joy stick between your legs would get your attention, but you hadn't noticed the nipple clamps (my personal favorites) hanging by a thin cord from a metal rod in front of you. When you did notice, I needed to do nothing to your nipples to harden them. You were well aware of the pleasure these could impart when used properly... and boy were they going to be used properly!

Your eyes suddenly opened wide, as I fastened the tiny clamps... one to each nipple... just tight enough to hold on firmly... but not to tight as to cause any pain. On the other end of the chain holding the nipple clamps was a small weight that had been threaded through a tiny pulley protruding from the bar in front of you. I can imagine the puzzled look on your face as you looked down and examined that weight. Even though it was only a few ounces, and didn’t cause any great discomfort, I could still see you leaning forward to ease the tension on your breasts realizing as you did that the weight came to rest on a small, flat metal plate. Once I got you positioned exactly like I wanted you, I told you to pull back on the nipple clamps to lift the weight from the metal plate. I then told you to stand on your toes, rising your heels off of the plungers on the metal boxes beneath your heels. You did both of these things without hesitation... but with some apprehension.

"Now my love" I said "let me demonstrate..." I flipped the switch to turn the device on... nothing happened... yet.

"Perhaps you think that little machine between your legs will not do much. But listen to my words carefully, my sweets. I now want you to lean forward to let the weight that is attached to your nipples rest on the metal plate. " You quickly followed my instructions. Your eyes immediately widened as the rubber "Joy stick" quickly seemed to spring to life, vibrating and moving around inside of you, sliding deeply in, then out, and moving in a rotating motion. You instinctively pulled your breasts and your nipples back, lifting the weight off of the metal plate and the Big-O stopped just as quickly! You still managed to keep on your toes...

"Wow" was all you said.

"Now, my cutie, slide back off of your toes, and rest your heels on the plungers on the metal boxes beneath your feet. " This was the only other movement you had since your ankles were spaced at a specific distance apart. Your body and your heels, went back on the tiny plungers and the Big-O again sprang to life!... sliding back and forth, and up and down deep inside of you. In addition, there was another sensation you didn’t feel the first time. As your body went down on the saddle, a little extension on the saddle began vibrating your clit! The added weight of your body also made the vibrator go faster!! The longer you sat... the more intense the vibrator grew... slowly but surely.

Your reaction was again immediate, and your body rose upward, balanced on your toes. But you apparently miscalculated and leaned too far forward, resulting in the weight connected to nipple clamps to touch the metal plate and the vibrator again springing back to life! You quickly pulled your chest back, causing a slight tug on your nipples, but you had stopped the machine... and yet managed stayed on your toes. You now began to realize that you were dammed if you did and damned if you didn’t! Quite a predicament wouldn't you say my dear!

If the weights on your nipples became to heavy, dropping them to the metal plate would cause the Big-O to kick in. If your legs got tired and you went off your tip toes and onto you heels, The Big-O would also kick in... with the clit vibrator!

Just then it became obvious just what you were in for... you weren't quite sure what to expect from all this, but being the gamester you are... you were willing to play along... not to mentioned the fact that you were becoming completely turned on at the thought of what sensations this souped up contraption could give!

"OK my dear... I think you’re all set. ’ I said ‘You can try to avoid the inevitable if you like but I’m afraid your in for one hell of a ride... like it or not! You know what to do to stop and start the machine, but your absolute ability to control it is to be determined. Remember that gravity can be relentless (don’t you just love physics and sex together!) and sooner or later you will succumb to the Big-O. And when you do... this baby will have you cuming like a wild woman. Also remember each orgasm you have will weaken you further, until you can neither stand on your toes nor support the weights with your nipples for any length of time. At that point the vibrator will continue relentlessly... imparting orgasm after orgasm with increasing intensity... until I shut it off! And by the way... since your 36 today... your initial ride will be for 36 minutes!”

Your eyes were as wide open as I had ever seen them. Your anticipation was indescribable as I went in the bathroom to shower and shave. As feisty as you are, you tried to stay on your toes as long as possible and arched your back to pull up on the clamps attached to your nipples keeping the weight off of the metal plate. You were a beautiful sight to behold---your proud breasts protruding forward and your hard nipples being pulled by the weight attached to your nipple clamps. The muscles of your legs and rear pulled tight and firm as your head was held high in that streak of stubbornness that I love about you. You tried to wiggle but your hands and feet were securely held in place. Your only movements were the two I had laid out for you. And each of these had quite an effect!

Knowing you as I do, you must have lasted for quite a while and even perhaps playfully either leaned forward or backward for a few moments and enjoyed the effect of the vibrator. Your curiosity by now was getting the better of you. After a little while you began to notice the constant tug on your breasts was starting to feel a bit heavy (kinda like the old Chinese water torture bit). You leaned forward to place the weights attached to them on the metal plate and the Big-O started. You tried to resist by pulling the weights off the plate again but couldn’t. The sensations were to much inside you... you were getting EXTREMELY excited! After another minute or two your legs started getting weak and you slipped off your tiptoes. You slid down further on the Joy stick and your clit started rubbing against the special extension. Without thinking your body straightened up and your nipples lifted the weights off the plate. This didn’t stop the Big-O this time since your heels were flat on the pedals. The renewed tug on your breasts only caused your excitement to grow. As you squirmed the weight moved from side to side intensifying the sensations in your breasts. Now you were beginning to fully understand just what these nipple clamps could do to your body! You were REALLY getting excited... and there was nothing you could do about it... even if you tried! Your knees had buckled and the machine and the nipple clamps had taken over! You realized that the inevitable was about to happen. Your first orgasm began to build... and it released with a vengeance!

Somehow, after about a full minute, you got back on your toes and the Big-O stopped. You were still breathing heavily but tried to stop and catch your breath for a moment. You could hold this position for only a few minutes... your breasts were tingling from the orgasm and the light weights still pulling on them. After a few minutes you had to lower them to the plate to relieve the tugging... and the machine started slowly again. You could feel it moving inside you but you stayed on your toes. In this position the machine gently massaged your sex but your clit was not in direct contact with the extension. Nevertheless it was extremely pleasurable. After a few more minutes of this smooth gentle massage, you could stand on your tiptoes no longer. Your heels hit the floor and the vibrator increased in intensity... both inside you and on your clit! Again instinctively your head went back and pulled the weights off the plate and the sensations went straight from your nipples to your clit again. All that went through your mind was ‘OH MY GOD!!!!" Your 2nd orgasm was immense... and I do mean immense! I thought I heard quite a loud moan through the bathroom door but I wasn't sure...

After your second orgasm you looked up at the clock. Only 15 minutes had gone by. You were less than halfway through your escapade! You had never quite felt this level of excitement, apprehension and pleasure all at once. You weren’t sure you could physically make it through the next 21 minutes... and that damn machine never got tired! Within a few minutes you legs began to tremble again. You could not hold yourself on your toes any longer. Once again... the Big-O started up.

As I walked through the bathroom door at the end of 36 minutes, you were at the point of yet another orgasm. Your eyes were totally glazed and you were staring into open space as your hips were grinding to match the movements of the Joy stick. I was sure that this was not your first orgasm. Your wetness was streaming down your body and down your thighs. I was just as sure that this was not even the second or third. I don't know whether it was seeing you ready to achieve another orgasm as I came through the door, or perhaps the excitement of seeing you in complete erotic fulfillment, but I know that I was harder than ever before.

I am not sure you even realized the moment that I disconnected the power switch and removed the nipple clamps from your breasts. Your hips kept moving, back and forth, on the vibrator and your eyes continued to stare forward. Perhaps reality began when I gently lifted you off of the mount, and carried you into the bedroom resting you face up on the bed. You were covered with perspiration, your breathing was rapid, and you seemed to be in a trance like state.

It took only a moment for me to remove my robe, gently spread your legs a bit wider, and then help you towards your next orgasm. I knew at that point that you had returned to this world, as your legs locked around my waist... your ankles pressed hard against the small of my back and you looked up at me with that mischievous look of wonder in your eyes.

Your orgasm and mine, coming at the same time, must have registered on earthquake equipment somewhere. Not long after that, we were both lying on the bed, your body snuggled next to mine.

When I awoke, you were still snuggled in my arms. As I slowly opened my eyes, I saw you, looking up at me. Those eyes of yours, wide open, and sparkling, were again speaking to me when nothing else could. You tried to speak but couldn't... one of the few times I recall you being speechless! Nevertheless I knew what those eyes were saying... I smiled and said "Happy Birthday sweetie!... I love you"

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