tagMatureBig Ol' Barfly

Big Ol' Barfly


I was 22 and recently out of college. I was still living at home, and it was putting a crimp on my lifestyle, but I wasn't letting it destroy it completely. I went out to a local bar on Friday night to get out and see if I couldn't meet someone. It was your typical mix of people, and I spent a good part of the night striking out. It seems that I have the curse of the short guy - 5-6 just doesn't seem to be what the young ladies want. A few of my regular friends were there and I hung out with them until they all finally managed to wander out with a lady until it was just me. It was around 11:30 and I was thinking that I'd head home when I noticed a lady who seemed to be watching me.

Now I had been trying to hit on ladies around my age and this one definitely was not. She had to be in her late 50s and was past chubby and well into plump. Her glasses and greying hair also signaled that she was on the older end of the scale. Either she was here with her husband for a night out with the youth of the area or one of those barfly types. As I got closer to her I noticed that she had on a low cut top, a very short skirt and "fuck me" ankle boots. Definitely a barfly type looking for some action.

As I got next to her table she asked if I wanted a refill of my beer. Now I'm never been one to turn away free beer so I said yes and sat down next to her.

"I'm Marie," she said by way of introduction.

"I'm Paul. Nice to meet you Marie," I replied as I took another sip.

We made some general chitchat as we waited for the waitress to bring us another round. I wasn't surprised that I felt her foot running up and down my calf soon after we started talking. When I didn't move my leg or say anything, Marie smiled wider.

"Its a little loud in here don't you think?" she asked casually. "Would you like to go somewhere quieter?"

"Where did you have in mind?" I replied equally casually.

"Well, my apartment isn't too far," she responded. I figured as much if she chose this bar to be her "hunting ground".

In fact, her apartment building was just 2 blocks away. We kissed in the elevator and I groped her big ass. I wasn't so drunk that I didn't know that she was old enough to be my grandmother and heavy enough to be both my mother and grandmother, but I was horny and a little tipsy and she was eager.

She lived on the 8th floor and we stumbled a bit as we played grab-ass down the hall. We got inside and kissed our way to the couch. I tasted her mouth, ears and neck as we continued to make out and when we came up for air, I asked her how many men she had picked up at the bar.

"Quite a few to be honest," she giggled.

"Whats the strangest thing a guy has asked you to do with him?"

"Well," she said after thinking for a minute, "I had one guy who was wearing ladies pantied under his jeans who wanted me to kick him in the nuts. He was a weird one."

"Well ok then - I don't think I'll be asking you to do that," I said and went back to kissing her.

We tugged each other's clothes off and let our hands roam over each other's bodies as we kept right on kissing. Her mouth was ravenous for mine. I had started to move down to suck on one of her large tits when the phone rang. To my surprise she pulled away and reached for the phone.

"Sorry honey, I have to take this. It's my friend Eileen."

I listened as she said hi to her friend and started talking. Feeling adventurous, I whispered in Marie's ear to keep on talking to Eileen as if I weren't there. She nodded and smiled at me. I knelt down on the floor and started kissing her feet. She looked surprised at first but then pushed her feet at me as she talked to her friend. Encouraged, I kissed all over the tops of her feet and worked my way down to her toes. I licked at them gently and started to suck the big toe of her right foot into my mouth.

She wiggled her plump toe in my mouth as I licked and sucked on it.

I was a weird scene with her carrying on a conversation with her friend while I worshipped her feet. I moved up to ask her what the call was about in a whisper in her ear. She covered the phone and said "She's gets all lonely at times and she's my oldest friend. We met in middle school."

"What's she like," I asked.

"She's part Irish and part Italian. My age with long hair that she dyes black."

"Lets be naughty, Marie. Start telling her EVERYTHING that we do."

Marie grinned and nodded.

"Um Eileen, I have a confession to make. I'm actually stark naked on the sofa with a lovely young 22 year old who is licking my feet. No really hun, I'm absolutely telling the truth. Now he's looking into my eyes as he's sucking my my big toe."

Marie looked at me and said, "she doesn't believe me. Can you say hi to her?"

I took the phone and said "hi there Eileen. I'm Paul. Can I just tell you that Marie has very tasty toes?"

I heard a gasp and laugh from the other end and handed the phone back to Marie.

"I told you Eileen. We met at Baxter's down the street and he's got the best tongue. Oohh - now he's licking the soles of my feet."

I started kissing up Marie's leg and when I got to her knee I told her to lay on her tummy. I said it loud enough to make sure Eileen heard.

When Marie was laying down I started caressing her fat asscheeks.

"He's playing with my butt now Eileen." She got quiet and listened for a minute as I massaged first one cheek then the other.

"Eileen says you should kiss my ass, Paul"

I reached for the phone and asked Eileen "do you want me to kiss her cheeks Eileen?"

Eileen's breathy voice said, "No Paul. I want you to pull those big fat cheeks of hers apart and plant a wet sloppy kiss right on her asshole. Will you do that for me Paul?"

"Marie," I said, "Eileen wants me to lick your asshole. Would you like that?"

"Mmmmm. Well if Eileen wants that, you'd better do it," Marie replied and wiggled her ass at me.

I handed the phone back to Marie and knelt on the sofa behind her. I kneaded her plump cheeks and pulled them apart. I let them flop back together and pressed my face against her twin pillows. I kissed Marie on either side of her asscrack and then proceeded to lick up and down the length of her asscrack.

"Relax honey, he's getting there, and it feels so good," Marie told Eileen. "Eileen is getting a little impatient, Paul. She really wants your tongue up my ass."

"Eileen sounds like a real naughty old lady, Marie," I said whiel grinning. "What good ol Aunt Eileen wants, though, Aunt Eileen gets," I told her as I pulled her cheeks apart again and looked at her little brown hole. I lowered my head and blew softly against Marie's asshole, which puckered up tightly as I did so. I leaned the last inch closer and gently pressed the tip of my tongue against her butthole and listened to Marie moan into the phone.

"Oh Eileen, he's doing it. He's licking my asshole. Oh I wish you were here to see it. He's like a little puppy back there lapping away. Mmmmmmm its so naughty to have a kid young enough to be my grandson with his tongue up my big ass."

I pulled away from worshipping her butt for a minute and asked, "So should I call you Grammy now, Marie?"

"Call me whatever you like just get your face back into my butt!"

"Yes Grammy," I replied and leaned forward again and pulled her cheeks wide. Marie wiggled deliciously as I pushed my tongue up against her nether hole and lapped away. I let go of her cheeks and loved the way her fat ass cheeks pushed against the sides of my head and tried to pull me deeper into her big ass.

With my hands now free, I reached under Marie and found her pussy. It was very wet and excited so I knew Marie was really getting off on what my mouth was doing. I started to rub my hand over her whole pussy and I continued out eat her asshole.

"God damn Eileen, he's gonna make me cum any minute now!"

I continued to rub her mound and my middle finger found her engorged clitty. When I hit it, Marie squealed and her whole body shook. I felt her asshole clench against my tongue rapidly as the orgasm took her over.

She wound down as I watched her jiggle and shake a bit in pleasure. I straddled her and let my hard cock and balls nestle in between her now thoroughly wet asscheeks. I laid against her back and kissed the back of her neck and nibbled at her ear. I took the phone from her.

"Well auntie Eileen, I licked Grammy's fat ass like you said. I even made her cum. Did I do good?" I asked Eileen.

Her breathing and the squishing sounds I could make out told me that she was desperately trying to cum herself.

"It's too bad you're not here right now or I could lick your butt too. Maybe I'd lay down and have auntie Eileen sit her ass right onto my face."

Her moans told me that had done the trick and she was cumming herself now also.

Marie had recovered from her shuddering orgasm and moved off the sofa to kneel in front of me. She cupped my balls and gave the tip of my cock a kiss.

I smiled at her as she bent down to start sucking my cock into her warm mouth.

"Oh auntie, she's sucking my dick," I told Eileen. "She has her eyes closed and I'm watching her bob up and down along my cock. Her tongue feels great as it runs along the underside of my dick.

I scooted forward a bit and pushed her head down below my balls to tell her I wanted my ass licked as well.

"I'm pushing her head down to make her eat my asshole, auntie. Grammy is so fucking naughty. She's looking at me while her tongue tastes my asshole."

Marie spent a while worshipping my asshole. She closed her eyes and made long licks along my asscrack.

"Tell her to lick her lips for you, Paul," Eileen whispered to me breathlessly.

"Aunt Eileen wants you to lick your lips grammy."

Eileen pulled back and looked me in the eye as she licked her lips lasciviously. She stuck a finger in her mouth and sucked on it a minute before reaching it down to rub my asshole. She rubbed the tip of her finger around my wet asshole for a minute before surprising me by standing up and leaving the room. She looked back and told me to stay put so I watched her fat ass jiggle out.

She waddled back into the room holding a flesh colored buttplug and wearing a big smile.

"Turn over you bad boy," she commanded.

I knelt on the couch with my ass pointed at her. "She's going to fuck me Aunt Eileen. She has me kneeling on the couch and she's standing behind me with a buttplug." Marie spread some lube on it and pressed it against my asshole. Between the lube and her saliva it slid in pretty easily and left me with a pleasantly full feeling.

"Now turn over again," she commanded, "and let me get that hard cock of yours inside me."

I sat on the couch, which felt a little odd with a buttplug in my ass. Marie pressed my knees together and straddled my hips facing away from me. She reached down between her legs to grab my cock and guide it into her sopping wet pussy., She gasped as I slid in at first, and then slowly lowered herself onto me.

All thoughts of the phone and Eileen went away as I set the phone on the couch and reached one hand around to grope her tit as she started to bounce up and down on my cock. With the other hand I reached down to play with her butt. My middle finger found her asshole and started to slip up inside her as she grunted and thrust down onto my hips.

I pinched and rolled her nipple with my other hand and felt her using a hand to furiously rub her clit as her pace quickened.

With a gasp I came and shot what felt like a gallon of cum. The buttplug made my orgasm so much more intense. Moments after I felt her asshole clench tightly around my finger and her hand stop abruptly as the rest of her started shuddering. Her orgasm pounded over her in waves. When I started to pull my finger out of her butt, she said "No. Leave it there for a bit."

We sat like that for a minute. Until my cock softened enough to come out of its own accord. Marie gave a happy little sigh and stood up. She grabbed the phone.

"Now Eileen, you see why I want you to come out to the bars with me?"

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