tagMatureOld Mrs. Finney

Old Mrs. Finney


My name is John and I am eighteen years old. I live with my mom and dad in a little old hole in the wall called Watchewin. Population here is next to none I reckon. But the nice part about that are the open spaces. Golly you could hit a golf ball in almost any direction and hit nothing but farm land. Actually the small settlement of Watchewin has a main body of about 250 people, and the rest, like my family live on the outskirts of the town. Our closest neighbor Mrs. Finney lived almost half a mile away. She was a widower, her husband having past away going on three years now. She lived in a big old farm house all alone, her children long since grown and escaped the boredom of small town life. She must have been around 72 now, but spry as ever. She would catch me stealing fruit off her apple and pear trees, running after me with that old broom stick in her hand, cussing like it was nobody's business. She must have been either a sailor or a truck driver in another life, her language was so foul. It made me kinda take a shine to the old bat.

Well it is another Friday and all my friends are headed out of town. Me, I don't get to go with them, on account of my grounding. See Mrs. Finney was none to pleased with my stealing her produce and went and told my parents. At least I didn't get taken out back to the barn, man that would hurt when my daddy would lay the whoppin' on me. And let me tell ya, I got whoppins' plenty. I don't recall a time when my backside wasn't sore for some reason. I was always a trouble maker, never made no difference on how many times I'd be scolded, for some reason I just couldn't stop myself from causin' trouble. Just the other day the old fart Mr. Samuel's ratted me out for shootin' off bottle rockets, so what if I started a bail of hay on fire, we had plenty!

Anyway back to my punishment for the stealin' I'd done. My Pa made me go and work off my crimes at Mrs. Finney's house, and as he said, "Till she is satisfied you have paid a proper penance!" I was none to happy about missing the outing with my friends but it sure beat having my hide tanned again! So I jumped on my bike and rode to Mrs. Finney's to work off my sins. Actually I found Mrs. Finney a rather pleasing lady; she had a great sense of humor, much ahead of her time. She seemed to be a youth trapped in an old lady's body. A fine body she had too, a thin lady with a bit of wrinkling, and a pair you can't even imagine! Them tits was humongous, I am surprised she could walk straight let alone chase me after I done stole her fruit! She would wear her pretty patterned dresses at the church gatherings and was always quick with a laugh. Them dresses even though simple could not hold her charms. That laugh had me sportin' a big woody every time. I reckon she could give any of the young tarts in this county a run for their money.

I arrived at Mrs. Finney's home and knocked on her door, not knowin' what quite to suspect. She answered the door in a beautiful yellow summer dress, as bright as the sun it was. Her front buttons just itchin' to bust from the confinement of her heavy bosom. My pecker liked what I saw and reacted justly. I noticed Mrs. Finney give me the once over, her gaze stopping for a time on my package. She smiled and had a look I'd never seen before in her eyes. Oh her eyes, I'd never realized what soft pretty eyes she had, deep blue like the ocean.

"Well you might as well come in," she said. She took me to the kitchen and poured me some iced tea. "I have plenty for you to do today. I hope you're not upset but when I phoned your folks your dad told me he was gonna whip ya for whatcha done. I figured it wasn't that bad and came to an agreement with him about you learning your lesson."

I was embarrassed I had been caught but thankful she made the arrangement. "That is just fine with me Ma'am. I am awfully sorry I went and stole your fruit."

"Well thank you for your apology but I will be having you work off what you owe me. And the name is Anne by the way; ma'am is saved for my mother. Hundred years old this year she is." She then took my empty glass and showed me the way out the back door. Outside was a huge basket full of clothes, it looked like she hadn't done laundry in a year.

"That sure is a lot of clothes there! More than a department store I imagine," I said.

"Well since I got ya here I figured I would just do up everythin' I owned," she replied. "And I wanted to make sure you got yourself a good workin." Then she showed me how she wanted her laundry hung on the line. "I don't like them automatic dryers; the clothes don't come out as soft or smell as fresh."

"It sure does look like a lot of work. It don't matter me none though, I'd rather work my tail off here than have my daddy work it off with that strap of his," I told her. Then I watched her in her sunny yellow dress mosey back into her house, her ample butt swaying back and forth through the sheer smock. I did the big items first to lessen the load in the basket. Her flower patterned sheets and blankets went up first, followed by her dresses and sweaters. As I reached the bottom of the baskets I came to find her under things. I never before touched ladies underwear not even my moms. Although I have thought about doing it many times. I would see my mom's dirty panties in the hamper at home and wonder about her smell. I would stop myself before I picked them up though. Now here I was being forced by my accuser to touch these dainty things. It made stealing the fruit almost worth it. When was ever going to get an opportunity like this again.

I picked up her hefty brassiere and looked at the tag, wonderin' just how big Anne's jugs were. Man, I didn't know what sizes meant in womens things but 42dd sure sounded big to me. Staring at the under garment I felt my pole get hard again. I put her bras on the line, I counted nine in all. All that was left was her panties, all different colors, but all very silky. When I picked up that first pair I almost creamed in my pants from the feel. So soft and smooth, it reminded me of my mom's hair after she just washed it. I would rub it between my fingers and just enjoy it so much. I put her first couple of pairs on the line and reached back into the basket and pulled out a pair that did not seem clean. I could feel a crust in the middle of them. I turned them inside out and noticed a faint yellow tinge in the center between the leg holes. The spot right were her vagina would be when worn. I let my curiosity get the best of me and I brought those dirty panties to my face and took in a deep breath. Sounds gross I know, but I had to know more. I don't even know why I did what I did, something inside me told me too and I just went for it. It was then that I noticed the figure in the window. It was Anne and she had one hand on her breast and her head was slightly cocked and she was staring directly at me. I could feel my face flush with embarrassment; here I was finishing my reparation with my face buried in my accuser delicate underwear. I wanted to run away as far as I could. I watched her leave the window and I finished the job quickly hoping she had nothing else for me to do. Then I heard the door open and Mrs. Finney called me inside. We went into her living room and she had me sit on her big comfy couch while she got us both a drink. She came back with a cold beer for me and a wine for herself.

"Well even though you're not old enough to have a beer yet, you earned it," she said as she smiled her dazzling smile. "I hope you don't mind a good steak for dinner. I have more things for you to do and you will get hungry so I figured I would give you some dinner."

"That sounds great," I replied. It was as if nothing had happened at the clothes line, like she didn't even see me. Here I thought I was going to get cussed out but instead she invited me to dinner, oh ya and more work of course. Well what other job have ya got for me?" I asked.

"Oh we will discuss that after supper. Till then relax a little and let me get you another beer, I know I could use more wine for sure," she finished. I could feel the first effects of the beer, my head a little lighter than before. She came back with another bottle for me and another glass of wine for herself. Instead of sitting at the chair across from me though, this time she sat right beside me on the couch. I could smell her faint perfume and took another swig of my beer, both intoxicating me. She was so close I could see right down her cleavage, deep into her massive valley. I couldn't take my eyes off the sight until I was startled back from her voice.

"Oh you like those do you?" She said referring to her breasts. "George used to love them too. Right up until the day he passed away he would show them great attention."

I couldn't believe she was being this open with me; I was just a kid and a trouble maker at that. But when I looked up I saw the look I had seen earlier through the window, that blank stare, like she wanted something. "I can understand why," I replied. "If I was married to a woman that was as heavy on top as you I don't think I could ever stop staring."

"That is so sweet John; you make an old woman feel young. But you know there is a way you could make me feel even younger!" She then took her hands and moved them to the front of her dress and slowly started to undo her buttons.

"I...I...I..., not reallllllyy surre what to doo, Mrs. Finney," I stammered.

"Oh you just sit there and enjoy, I will help you along. Have you ever been with a woman John?" she asked.

"Umm," I said, "No!"

"Well surely you have played with your cock before," she asked.

I was stunned by her words, here was a 72 year old woman spewing out words like cock. It floored me! I couldn't hold in a lie and she was showing me her beautiful breast so I answered. "Yes I do, matter of fact it seems if I am not out makin' a ruckus I am jerkin on my pole!"

"Perfect, I am going to let you experience something much better than your hand. I know you will have lots of fun finishing your work here!" she added.

So that was the rest of my job then, unbelievable I thought. This beautiful old lady wants to punish me by giving me pleasures I have never had before. I worked for me, that I can tell ya. She then leaned into me and kissed me deeply, her lips tasting of wine, so sweet. I then felt a warm feeling as her tongue tried to gain entry in my mouth. I accepted it and pushed mine into her. God it was so hot, our tongues fighting to get more of each other. Anne's hand then slid down and brushed against my rod and it jumped at her touch. I could feel my sticky fluid starting to flow already. She unbuckled my pants and slid them and my underwear over my hips till my bottom half was completely bare. What happened next I can't even describe the feeling; she put my thing in her mouth. So wet, so warm was her oral embrace. I couldn't hold back as a familiar feeling shot up through my loins. She couldn't have had my cock in her mouth more than ten seconds before I was moaning.

"Ohhhhh Goddddddd I ammm sorrryy, I'mmmmmmm gonnnnnna cummmmm Mmmrrsss Fffiiinnneeyyy!" I screamed as the hot juice exploded out of me and into her throat. She didn't miss a beat and just kept sucking, milking me like we milk our cows most everyday.

"Ummmmmm you taste wonderful," she said. "I can't remember when I tasted cum so sweet. Must be your young age." She finished licking my cock then stood up and completely removed her dress. Underneath she wore nothing at all. Her huge tits sagged almost down to her waste, her huge saucer sized nipples pointed straight out. Looking down I noticed a full matted bush between her legs. It was wet and the hairs looked tangled. She next lay on the couch and grabbed my head in her hands and guided me to where I was to go.

"Oh John, I need you to lick my pussy. I want you to suck all the juices out of my cunt. I want to feel your tongue in my so bad. I need it now," she cried. She pushed my head deep into her snatch. The musky smells drown my senses, the tangled hair tickled my nose but I did as I was told. I drove my tongue into her wetness not knowing what I was doing I just kept darting it in and out and sliding it all over her cunt.

"Oh yes John, oh yes right there. That is my spot oh lick harderrrr, oh yeah harrrrrdeeer!" she screamed. "Oh my I am going to cum! Yes I am cumming. Cumming all over your young face. My old pussy is shooting juice right into your face...Yes....Yes!"

I drank in her fluids, kept licking until she stopped shaking. It seemed to make me even harder as I ate Mrs. Finney. She pulled me on top of her and grabbed my penis in her hand then guided it into her pussy.

"Yes fuck me John! Fuck me now! Drive your young cock into my hot wet pussy! God I want to feel it all the way inside! FUCK ME....FUCK ME...YES PLEASE FUCK ME HARD!" It was as if she lost her mind. She twisted and bucked beneath me. Energy a younger woman couldn't match. Her feet dug into my back as she drove me deeper inside. The feeling was incredible as my cock slid in and out of her hot wet box.

"I am fucking you Mrs. Finney...Oh god I am fucking you...So hard...!" I answered.

"Yes son that's it fuck me with everything you've got. I want to feel your hot young cum shoot deep in my pussy....Ohhhhhhhhh Godddddd I'mmmmm cummmmmmmmmin again!" I could feel her cunt tighten as she started to spasm once more and I could no longer hold it. I shot my hot seed into her, pumping all that I had left into her aged body.

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