tagLoving WivesBig Treat For Halloween

Big Treat For Halloween

byTraci Ott©

This is a true story that happened last year during Halloween. The main characters are Sharon and Joe. Sharon is a lawyer working for a big law firm in Indiana. Joe is also a lawyer in Indiana. Sharon was born and raised in Indiana while Joe was born in New York. Sharon is 5-8 and weights about 140 pounds with 34b's. Not very big but perky. Joe, on the other hand is only 5-7 and 135 lbs. Joe along with not being very big also has a small penis, about 5 inches and 2 inches wide. Their sex life has been very active since they met in law school 6 years ago.

They married after law school and moved back to Indiana. Sharon being very tall her whole life was always the butt of jokes all through high school and college. With that she was very inexperienced when it came to sex. Joe had to take his time with Sharon. Joe had many girlfriends and was experienced when it came to sex. Through the years he has given Sharon tips on giving blowjobs as well as different positions. Although, Sharon's favorite position is missionary. Joe had tried to get Sharon interested in anal sex but that was no use. Sharon did not like to give blowjobs very often. Usually on special occasions. They would both discuss fantasies and try to act them out. This is one such fantasy that Joe finally talked Sharon into doing.

Joe had bought Sharon skimpy clothes and would have her dance for him and do a strip tease in the bedroom and then they would make passionate love. It was during one of these instances that Joe asked Sharon if she would do it for him live on stage when they went on vacation. Sharon wasn't up to this. Joe would persist and finally Sharon relented and agreed to it on one condition and that is that what ever happens happens. If she were to do a full nude strip and someone wanted a lap dance then she would give them one. If the guy touched her in her private parts then that was fine. Joe agreed not knowing what he had agreed too.

While on vacation down in Florida Joe brought the dancing up again and Sharon decided that this would be a good time to do it. Sharon went looking for a strip club and found one that was in a very nice part of town. She thought if it was in a nice part of town then it would be a little more respectable. Joe and Sharon went to the strip bar the night before Halloween to check out the bar. All eyes turned to them when they walked into the bar. They found a place up front and watched the show. Sharon thought it was funny that all the strippers had body piercing's on both nipples and their clitoris. The bar was a full nude strip club. Sharon didn't know this when she agreed to dance.

She was a little afraid of doing it in this club. Little did she know that most strip clubs were full nude. The dancers were paying Sharon a lot of attention. Joe would egg them on by putting 5's and 10's to have them do the whole song for Sharon. The best looking girl came up and grabbed Sharon by the arm and told her that the owner of the bar had paid for the stripper to giver her a private dance. Sharon looked and there were 2 areas for dances. One a hands off and one a free for all. Anything goes. The dancer, Angie, took Sharon to the hands off area. Sharon asked what happens in the other room. Angie whispered in her ear that anything could happen. If a guy wants to fuck you he can.

If a guy wants a blowjob he can get that as well. If a girl wants to eat your pussy she can or if she wants her's eaten you can do that as well. Sharon was not expecting the girl/girl part. Angie noticed Sharon pulling back when she talked about the girl part. She leaned in and started licking her ear lobe. This drove Sharon wild. The song started and Angie started doing her dance. She took off her top and then rubbed her breast all over Sharon's body. By now Sharon's nipples were getting hard as a rock. Angie noticed this and started massaging them through her blouse. Angie then turned away from Sharon and took off her thong underwear. Forcing her ass checks apart Sharon got a close up view of Angies pussy and anus. Both looked like they had been used before.

Angie put a finger in her pussy to get a little moisture on it. She turned around and licked the fingers off. This caused Sharon to moan a little. Angie sensing that she had a wild one asked Sharon if she had ever had sex with a girl before. Sharon shook her head no. Angie leaned over and whispered in her ear that there is a first time for everything. Angie then sat on Sharon's lap and ran her fingers up the inside of Sharon's thigh. Noticing that Sharon started parting her legs a little to give her better access. When Angie reached the top she noticed that Sharon had no panties on. This excited Angie very much and told Sharon this.

She stuck a finger in and noticed that Sharon was very tight. Angie withdrew her fingers and licked them clean. She then tried to put 2 fingers in and Sharon moaned again. Angie pulled her fingers out and cleaned them again. She then put 3 fingers into her own pussy up to the knuckles and they came out glistening with her juices and instead of cleaning them off herself she offered them to Sharon. Sharon opened her mouth and before she could realize what she had done she had licked them clean. Angie them reached up under her blouse and tweaked her nipples cause a low grown to come from Sharon and then Sharon started shaking. She was having an orgasm.

After the third song ended they talked about what happened. Sharon asked her about dancing and told her that while they were here that she wanted to try it. Angie's eye's lit up. She told Sharon that tomorrow night Halloween night was to be amateur night. Angie then told her that all the same rules applied. Sharon asked what she meant by this and Angie then took her into the all hands room and there was a guy with a huge cock fucking a young blonde in the ass. Sharon didn't know if she would be able to do this. They watched from the back and the blonde kept yelling for the guy to give her more. Finally he pulled all her weight down onto his dick and she screamed in pain.

After that there was a look of joy in her eyes. Sharon then left and went to get her husband and went to the manager’s office to see what needs to be done for tomorrow night. The manager told her to come back at 3pm the following day and he would go over some of the things that will need to be singed and cleaned up. Sharon didn't understand the last part of what he said. On the way back to the hotel Sharon had her husband pull over and she gave him the best blowjob that Joe had ever had. When they got back to the hotel Joe fucked Sharon like there was not tomorrow. Not knowing what was said between Angie and Sharon and what Sharon saw in the all hand room.

At exactly 3pm Joe and Sharon showed up at the club. The manager Don told them to come in. After the introductions Don asked if what would happen tonight would bother Joe. Joe told him that Sharon had free will to do what she wanted. Don then brought out a chair in the middle of the room and Joe sat in it. Joe's hands and feet were then fastened to the chair. Don told him that this was a test drive to see if Joe could handle it. Don told Sharon to do her best striptease for him. She did a pretty good job and worked Don up a little. Don looked over and noticed that Joe had a little hard on.

He told Sharon to go over and suck it off. She did and when Joe had come Don told her to not to swallow but to kiss Joe until they had both shared his load. Joe was a little taken back from this but went ahead with it. Don then told Sharon to sit on the couch. He was going to shave her pussy hair. Sharon had never been completely bald before. She was a little apprehensive about this. During the time she was being shaven the door opened and in walked Angie in street clothes. Sharon blushed having been laid open for everyone to see her. Don had done a good job of shaving all the hair off of her pussy. He stuck a couple of fingers inside her pussy and noticed that she was very tight.

After seeing her give her husband a blowjob he knew that his little dick was the one that had ever been inside of Sharon. He asked Sharon how many lovers she had had and Sharon told him that Joe was the only one. He asked her if she had every had anal sex and she said no. Don then told her that she might have too tonight if a customer was willing to pay for it. Joe's eyes lit up when Sharon said that anything goes. With that Angie sat on the couch and told Sharon to dance for her. Sharon did her best to do what Angie did last night. Angie took off her blouse and was playing with her nipple rings. This drove her wild. She looked up at Don and asked if they were going to do Sharon's nipples. Don thought that that was a great idea. Sharon didn't know what was happening.

Before she knew what happened Don had her sit on the couch and then put something on her nipples so she wouldn't feel it and then pierced both of her nipples. When he was done what ever he put on the nipples wore off and they were sore. Angie pulled on them and she moaned. Don told her that she wasn't done dancing for Angie. Sharon got up and took off her underwear and went to pull down Angie's jeans. What Sharon found was something that she had never seen before. It looked like Angie had a man's penis attached to her body. Angie looked up and said that she was a lesbian and was going to love fucking Sharon's tight pussy and stretch it so others can enjoy it as well. Sharon was a little apprehensive about this. Angie told her to get on her knees and lube it up a little.

After about 5 minutes Angie turned her around so she was facing Joe. She grabbed her hips and started lowering her onto her penis. Sharon's eye's lit up when the head of the cock touched her tight pussy. She looked over at Joe and you could tell in his eyes that he had bitten off more then he was willing to try. After about 5 minutes Angie had the whole 7-inch dildo buried inside of Sharon's tight passage. Sharon looked over at Joe and moaned that she had never been this filled in all of her life. At that Don laughed and dropped his pants revealing a 9-inch cock that wasn't that wide but very long. He walked over to Sharon and she leaned forward and started sucking his cock.

After about 5 minutes she heard Don tell Angie to lie down on the floor and for me to get on top. It was time to take her anal virginity. Sharon had a look of fear on her face. Joe started to say something but didn't. He knew that this was his idea. Angie lay down and then Don proceeded to insert his cock into her tight anal passage. Sharon screamed out in pain as the head slipped passed the ring in her ass. After about 3 minutes Don had his entire dick inside her ass. She found that the experience was not that bad. He pulled out and cumed all over her back. Angie asked if she could do her ass next. Sharon shook her head no because the rubber cock was a lot wider then Don's. Sharon was lying on the floor when Don and Angie each grabbed a leg and spread them wide. Again before she noticed anything her clitoris was pierced. This caused her a lot of pain. After an hour she was still feeling the pain in both nipples but more in her pussy. She didn't know if she would be able to perform later. Angie gave her a pill and told her to take it. It was a muscle relaxer of some sort.

During the ride back to the hotel there wasn't much said between Joe and Sharon. When they reached the hotel Sharon went to take a shower and Joe joined her. He wanted to fuck her bad but Sharon wasn't in the mood. Joe was persistent and he was finally able to stick his dick inside of her. Instantly he noticed that her pussy was stretched. He could barely feel the walls of her vagina with his dick. He then turned her over and was able to slid his dick into her ass with no problem. In his head he was wondering what had he gotten into. He figured that after today's episode her pussy and anal passages would get back to normal. He had no clue as to what was going to happen later.

At 9pm Sharon was ready to go to the club. She asked Joe to stay at the hotel. She didn't want him to see her make a complete slut of herself like she knew was going to happen. Joe agreed thinking that it would make her feel better. Little did she know that Joe was going to show up in an hour when she took the stage. At 10pm Sharon took the stage and started dancing. The men were throwing dollar bills left and right. When she took off all of her clothes and started moving to the music people were yelling and screaming. After her set the DJ told the customers that now the fun begins and Sharon is all yours to do with what you please. Sharon walked around and found a guy that wanted a no hands dance. Sharon did her best to please the guy. When she was done she could feel that he had a hard on and she squeezed it and whispered in his ear that he had a nice cock. Then off she went.

Sharon didn't notice that Joe had snuck into the bar. During her next set she was onstage fingering both her pussy and ass. This drove the guys crazy. Joe knew what was coming next and sneaked into the hands area before anyone saw him. Before long Sharon walked into the hands area with 2 huge Italians and Angie. He knew that Angie would fuck her but didn't know if the others would. Sharon had the room to herself. When she was done taking off her clothes she went up to the first guy, Tony. She removed his pants and then his boxers and before her was the biggest piece of meat she has ever seen. Sharon's eye's lit up like there was no tomorrow.

She could barely get her hand around it and the head looked like an apple. She was able to get the head inside her mouth and that was all. Before she knew it Tony was spurting deep into her mouth. You could see Sharon swallow and swallow and swallow. How much cum did Tony give her? Enough that Sharon started leaking cum out the sides of her mouth. When Tony was done she moved her attention to Paul. She took off his pants and boxers and was rewarded with an even bigger cock. Paul's was about 9 inches and very thick. She gave him as good as blow job as she did with Tony. Paul's cock didn't spew as much cum as Tony's but it was still a lot.

When she was done with Paul she then went over to Angie and removed her skirt and found that she had a different strap-on in place. This one was 12 inches and 4 inches wide. Sharon looked up with fear in her eyes. Angie looked down and told her to put her fingers inside her pussy, which she did. Sharon couldn't believe that they went in so easily. Angie looked at her and said that when I am done with you will never be able to be satisfied with your husband’s dick anymore. With that Joe let out a moan as he was whacking off and cum was spewing from his dick. They all turned around and started laughing as his little dick. Joe was now embarrassed. Sharon looked over at him and said, "I hope you enjoyed our little fuck earlier because I am about to be abused beyond belief and this is what you wanted and this is now what I want."

With that Sharon jumped on top of Tony's lap and guided his gigantic penis to her pussy. The head slipped in but that is all that would go. With that Paul and Angie picked Sharon up by the waist and then lowered her trying to get as much into her pussy as they could. On about the third try Sharon told them that it was no use that she would just have to give him another blowjob. Tony looked at them and said lift her up and then let her go. Sharon didn't know what that meant but would soon find out. They lifted her up and then let go. Sharon's body weight pushed Tony's penis into her in one motion. It was a good thing that there was loud music or everyone would have heard Sharon Scream in pain as her pussy was readjusted to Tony's length and girth.

Tony then rolled Sharon onto her back and fucked her for thirty minutes. During this time Sharon had 4 multiple orgasms. Her slick hole was now making noises as his dick kept going in and out. Finally Tony was ready to come and lunged home one last time and Sharon felt his dick smash into her cervix. It felt like Tony deposited a gallon of cum inside her body. Paul was next. He put Sharon on all fours and started pounding into her well-used and lubed pussy. He would reach around her and fondle her nipples. He would pull her rings and this would cause Sharon to moan and groan in the same voice. When he was tired he flipped her over on her back. He then pushed her knees up to the side of her head. This was new to her. If she only knew what was going to happen next.

Paul had Angie come over and hold her feet. With his hands free he started to fondle her clit and play with the piercing. This was a new sensation to Sharon. Paul pulled out and Tony's and Sharon's cum were running down her ass. He decided to go for broke. He pinched Sharon's clit really hard forcing her to concentrate on that pain to notice that when he pinched and pulled her clit he managed to shove 5 inches into her ass. Paul pinched it again and slammed his big dick home. By the time Sharon realized what happened it was too late and she was now moaning and sucking the huge dildo that hung from Angie's body. Paul tensed up and came deep within Sharon's anus.

Sharon lay on the floor like a limp doll. Angie then took her place and put the head of the penis into Sharon's pussy. Sharon's eyes lit up and Angie asked her how it felt. She said it was painful but was willing to try. After about 10 minutes Angie had the whole dildo buried inside of Sharon. Sharon was now moaning uncontrollably.

With that Angie pinched her clitoris and Sharon knew what was coming. She pleaded with Angie not to fuck her in the ass. All Angie did was pinch her clit again and ram it home. Sharon screamed in pain and then after about 5 minutes was begging Angie to keep fucking her. When Angie thought that Sharon was finally satisfied she stopped fucking her. She pulled out and you could see that both her pussy and ass were used and abused. When Sharon calmed down she looked over at her husband and he was beating his meat again. She was ready to go and they left. She didn't bother putting any clothes on.

When they got back to the hotel. Joe tried to fuck her and Sharon didn't have the will to fight him. Joe got into place and put his dick into his wife. The most humiliating thing that has ever happened to Joe was when Sharon looked up at him and told him that if he was going to fuck her that he should start. Little did Sharon know that Joe had his dick buried to the hilt. In the morning Sharon woke up a little sore. They didn't do anything that day or for the next few.

One night at midnight Joe woke up and Sharon wasn't there. He had an idea but didn't care. Sharon came home about an hour later and you could tell that she had been fucked and fucked well. She climbed up onto the bed and made Joe clean out her pussy. Joe could tell that someone with a large dick had fucked her. Sharon looked down at him and told him that she had just been gang banged by 10 guys and she loved it.

When they got home everything went back to normal except one thing. Since Joe didn't have a big enough dick to satisfy Sharon he was forced to go to the local porno shop and buy a strap on that would do the job. Sharon has even put it on and fucked Joe. But that is for later.

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