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Bikinis Are Dangerous


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I had worked hard to achieve the body I now sported. It hadn't been a quick fix with botox and liposuction like many of the beauties I saw here on the beach. Mine had been simple hard work with exercise, dance, and wild passionate sex. Yes, I did say sex. It's a wonderful way to burn calories and I was a big proponent of using every means at hand that I had to sculpt the body I had now created. My girlfriend of course was a thrilled participant in encouraging me at my exercise routine in it's many forms. We both worked out on the machine I had bought at the second hand exercise equipment store. We loved dancing together and could be found two or three times a month at the local dance clubs. But it was the sexcapades that had been the best part of our regimen to keep fit, to get me in shape, the reason behind so many of our 'interruptions' into daily life.

Oh come on, if it isn't fun then why do it? Right? Sex is fun! Exercise in the form of sex is not a bad thing. It's not like I invented it. I couldn't help that I was practically married to an incredibly beautiful woman who had a high sex drive and I was the mechanic that worked on it. Okay, she was the mechanic and I the willing machine she worked on. Sometimes I drove, sometimes she drove.

Exercise equipment by it's very nature is a form of S&M. Let's face it, an active and sexual creature can use their fertile imagination to turn anything into a sexual escapade. My girlfriend and I were willing victims of our own regimen. I can't tell you how many times a good work out got even better by ending up on the floor of our exercise room. If you don't work up a sweat it really wasn't a good workout right? Tongue in cheek I tell you these things.

Even dancing was a form of torture to the well defined mind. Whether we were gyrating to a disco or hip hop beat or slow dancing it couldn't help but create a tension between two like minded women. It was exquisite. It was necessary. Many was the time that we gave a new meaning to the words 'dirty dancing' and had to make a hasty exit from the club. We kept it clean, we kept it legal, we kept it hot. It was a fusion of two bodies that adored each other absolute. I didn't mind. I know my girlfriend didn't. Many was the time we barely made it to the car much less the living room floor or even the bedroom. It was okay, neither of us minded the impulsiveness or improvisations that resulted. It certainly proved it would never be boring between the two of us. It provided a workout that my now well toned body had needed. The muscles in my ass from straining were well defined.

I was going to flaunt it now. I had worked hard for a long time to achieve these results. The flesh over my now toned body deserved to tan. I was going to go the beach and for the first time in my life I was going to wear a bikini. Not just any bikini either. The one my beautiful girlfriend had chosen to show off the body she loved so adoringly. It was unfortunate she wasn't here to see the unveiling though. That last minute call to work was something she already regretted but being the responsible woman she was she had reluctantly gone. Amazingly she had encouraged me to go though and had even handed me the bikini. It's small scraps of material barely hid my assets but they were shown off rather beautifully. It's not like she hadn't seen me naked a few million times over the years but this was different, very different. I had never had the body to flaunt in my opinion. My girlfriend liked women with big bones and a bit of flesh on them. I still had that but the flesh was taunt and toned now. The bi-weekly tanning bed made it so I had no lines and the deep tan I had was safe to take out in the hot sub-tropical sun. I wanted to go out now, I felt confident enough to do so. I was only sad that my girl wasn't going to be with me.

I had offered to wait of course but she wouldn't hear of it. Everyone we knew was going to be on the beach today and while they had seen me for years in various dresses and shorts they had never seen this much of me. The two scraps holding up my lush breasts made me feel very exposed. I'd had to have my girlfriend help me shave down below to keep the dark hairs from peaking out and ruining the effect. The 'landing strip' she had left she found very appealing. She had to test it out after finishing it's construction and I'd enjoyed it but I still didn't want to go out without her. She convinced me to go and enjoy myself with our friends. She would see the bikini another time she told me. She kissed me goodbye and left it up to me whether I would go or not. I didn't want to be alone at the gathering, it wasn't a party but I knew all our friends and I really wouldn't be alone. Besides I really wanted to show off in my new bikini, I had worked hard for this moment but without my girlfriend I wasn't as confident. She had assured me I had nothing to worry about but when you go your whole life in a one piece for the very obvious reason that you didn't have the physique for a bikini the confidence it takes to wear one isn't exactly there. I decided to go but hoped against hope that my girlfriend would make the gathering.

I put on a wrap around my chest that went entirely to my ankles. It made it look like I was wearing an exotic tropical dress and with my physique and shoulders I could pull it off. With slip on sandals and a mesh bag over my shoulders and ray bans on my nose I was ready. My long red hair flowed over my shoulders and I was out the door locking it behind me.

As I walked the two blocks to our 'spot' I wondered who would be there, probably the usual friends and family that we hung with. It was a tight knit group of about 20 regular people and up to 40 with friends of friends and so on. There was always someone to get to know better and my girlfriend and I trusted each other enough not to worry about getting into trouble. Besides, her sister and brother would probably be there with their various children in tow, I would be watched whether I wanted to or not. I wasn't worried. I loved my girl and she loved me. They watched whether it was intentional or not because they didn't want their big sister or aunt hurt, not that they had any cause to worry. I think it was a cultural thing anyway.

I looked out over the beach from the comfort of the wide sidewalk that wound it's way up and down this stretch of the beach for miles and miles. You could literally ride from one city to the next with it's wide expanse. I could see a few familiar figures in the distance that were nearer the water. I had no intention of going into the water in this little scrap of material they called a bikini. It would have dissolved or floated away with barely a breath.

"Hey you! Was wondering when you two would get here" a voice addressed me and I turned to my girlfriend's sister "where is she" she asked looking around behind me as though I was hiding her.

"Work called and there she is" I sighed disgustedly. Work sucked the life out of a relationship sometimes, not that I hadn't been guilty of doing the same thing from time to time.

"That sucks, maybe she will make it later?"

I nodded as I looked curiously around at the others who had made the gathering and saw a few with children in tow. That surprised me as we usually kept it adults only since alcohol was involved. Not that I had to worry about my behavior drunk or sober but a few of the group needed leashes at one point or another.

"Come sit with us then" she invited and I was surprised. I was certain that my girl's sister didn't really like me, jealously protecting her sister from this outsider who had loved her for years. Perhaps she was softening to me. After all we had been together for years. Or maybe I should be suspicious and she really was keeping an eye on me since her sister wasn't here to do so for herself. I begin to think I really am paranoid and I would have to accept her invitation at face value.

Several other people greeted me and asked where my girlfriend was and I explained time and again. Its nice when your a couple that everyone assumes you are together all the time and we usually were but it was also nice that I was accepted on my own without her presence to 'complete' me. I had several friends here that I knew without my backup. I greeted and chatted with many before turning back to my 'sorta' sister-in-law.

She had really gone all out and had food and drinks. I pulled some drinks and food from my bag to add to her supply, after all I had to contribute something besides my stimulating presence. She offered me a sand chair and I took off my wrap and laid it out on the chair. It wasn't until I was bending over to lay it out and swing my bag onto the back of the chair that I heard my sorta sister-in-law's indrawn breath of air at my attire.

"Are you kidding me?" she hissed at me and I looked up in alarm trying to see what was upsetting her and looking around for the culprit. As she was staring at my bikini clad body I could only rightfully assume it was me that was causing her dismay.

"What?" I asked wondering at her indignation.

"Put something on" she hissed as she looked around to see if anyone else had seen me.

Apparently her hiss had caused many eyes to look around as well which only drew more attention to our situation. Not one eye looked with the embarrassment she was showing, instead I saw many eyes with apparent admiration in them, a few with more than that but I chose to ignore them even though I secretly relished the feeling.

"You wouldn't dare wear THAT if SHE were here" she continued to hiss.

I looked at her in absolute surprise. My bikini was decent compared to some of the ones I had seen on this beach, many in our own circle of friends and family. There were a lot of men especially that should not be wearing speedos (I shudder at the sight of some of them). "SHE was the one who CHOSE this for me, in fact she bought it FOR me" I said in response, indignant, stressing certain words to make my point. I remembered how my girl had always referred to this sister as the prudish one. I had always thought she just didn't approve of me because I might, just might hurt her sister someday. Then I had thought it was because we were both lesbians. Now I wondered if it were perhaps just because I was attractive, her sister was sexy as hell, and perhaps she was envious.

"She bought it?" she repeated stupidly.

I nodded as I stood there looking at her curiously.

"Relax, she looks great" her husband put his arm around her to distract her and I smiled at him gratefully. I didn't want to start a fight but I'd be damned if I'd let her dictate what I could and could not wear, especially when her sister had chosen this particular outfit for me.

I sat down and moved the chair slightly so my back was to her and I could look out over the ocean and our friends.

"Wow, where did you get that" one of the guys came by to admire.

I touched the top of my bikini self consciously and began to say "oh we went by Armonio's..."

He shook his head and interrupted me saying "no I meant the body, I don't think they sell those at Armonio's" he laughed charmingly.

I smiled my thanks but said nothing, I was very aware that my sorta sister-in-law could hear every word and I didn't want to be accused of unnecessary flirting. Gawd knows WHAT she would say to my girl.

Over the next hour or so many of our friends and family gave me various compliments. I accepted them graciously but felt distinctively uncomfortable under the glare of the woman behind me. No one was inappropriate and for that I was grateful. It gave her no food for fodder.

We ate and drank and I had some great conversations. I was enjoying myself despite being alone.

"Hey, let's walk this off" my sorta-niece offered after we had consumed our lunch.

I walked with her away from the indignant breaths of her prudish mother.

"Don't mind mom, she means well" she consoled me.

"I just don't want to make any waves" I answered but was grateful she understood without having to explain.

As we walked outside our circle of friends and family the stares and the looks we both received were very different. They weren't tempered by the fact that I was in a relationship with one of our group or that she was protected by her mother and father and family. These were strangers who saw instead two beautiful bikini clad bodies on women, that meant we were fair game or something. We received not only looks and stares but an occasional whistle and a shout out. We pretended we didn't hear them but occasionally we couldn't help but giggle at the originality or corny line that came our way. It was fun, we enjoyed it immensely but it wasn't anything either of us took seriously.

"Hey baby, can I have an order of fries with that shake" I heard and couldn't help but roll my eyes as we began to make our way back to the group.

"Jeez, can't they come up with anything more original" she laughed beneath her breath.

"All their thoughts are below the belt" I murmured back and she laughingly agreed.

I heard the same voice add "baby, could I get your digits cause I've apparently forgot mine."

We both laughed at how stupid that sounded and I turned to answer that one only to stop in surprise as my girlfriend grinned at me from where she stood on the sand in her bikini. Smiling a huge grin I walked over to her and into her welcoming arms. We got a few wolf whistles as we kissed there in front of god and man. "Damn, your a sight for sore eyes" she said as she held me, restraining herself from caressing the expanse of flesh revealed by my suit. I could tell immediately that she loved how the suit looked on my body.

"Couldn't you think of any good lines?" I teased grinning at her efforts.

"Hey Auntie, thought you were working?" her niece asked in greeting.

"I got done sooner than expected and thought I'd join all of you" she smiled at her niece.

"I'm glad" I said squeezing her.

We walked with our arms around each other back to the group who greeted my girl as she joined us.

"Did you really choose that suit" her sister hissed at her at her first chance and we both turned in surprise.

I realized she hadn't gotten over her earlier snit and couldn't help but grin. She reminded me of a hen with her feathers ruffled and not only that but wet besides.

"What?" my girl asked her sister.

"That suit, it's positively indecent" she stated indicating the scraps of material that I was wearing.

I blushed a little bit but my girl grinned at me as she answered "I think she looks nice."

"She's too old for such a suit" she continued.

"Well let's ask" and before I could stop her my girl swung us around and called out to our group at large "hey you guys, what do you think of my girls new bikini?"

Now I knew I WAS blushing and not on just my face as she drew attention not only from our group but amused strangers all around us.

We got several "she looks hot" and "va va va voom" from not just our group but total strangers. Several other less subtle men AND women called out some things I won't repeat and my embarrassment was complete. I went from feeling good about my body in this suit to mortification over it being exposed in this way.

My "shhh" went unheeded as my girlfriend willingly answered a few of the more lecherous answers she had gotten. She was genuinely enjoying herself. She noticed though when I took my hand off from around her and backed up to reach for my wrap.

"Wait" she said laughingly.

"Are you KIDDING me?" I asked sure that my cheeks were ruby red in embarrassment.

"No, you DO look HOT" she answered the glitter in her eyes telling me more than mere words.

I looked at her a long time before releasing the wrap I had grabbed. She smiled in reply and pulled up a chair to sit beside me and eat her own lunch. I realized I had become the prude. If you've got it, you should flaunt it, that was her motto and she had me. I had worked hard for this moment, she had helped me to achieve it. She was showing in so many ways that she was proud of me. The shout out hadn't been to embarrass me really but her sister and to show me off. I deserved it after sculpting this body into something to be proud of. She was proud of me and my hard work. She had contributed in countless ways to that hard work but ultimately it had been up to me. Why should anyone take this moment away from me? I realized all this as we discussed what had taken her away today.

With my girl there more of our group came up to talk with her or me or both of us and the rest of the day passed pleasantly. I loved the feel of my girls hands on my body as she made sure the Tropicana Oil was on every exposed inch as we baked in the sun and then I teasingly returned the favor. The comfort of having her there with good friends and family was a familiar thing and I relished it. I didn't realize that men and women were openly flirting with me until my girl whispered something in my ear about it. I turned to her in surprise, I hadn't a clue about it, I thought they were being flattering and that was all.

"They'd get into those briefs quicker than you can blink if you let them" she smiled at my surprise. She liked knowing her friends and their friends found her girlfriend appealing, she also knew that I was kind of naive about such things, she had 'rescued' me many times when we went clubbing. I just didn't know when someone was hittin drive the neighbors would have gotten an eyeful. As it was I had to work hard to keep my murmurs and cries of appreciation under control. My girl too was sighing and whispering loudly.

The bikini was no deterrent to a determined hand and let's face it, that amount of fabric covered less than it revealed. It wasn't only my body that got it's attention from the other, I couldn't help but caress, stroke, and taste my girls incredible physique. It was so exciting as she determinedly climbed over the stick and knelt on either side of my lap holding me prisoner to her desires. It also gave me more room to maneuver my own hands over her lush body. The scraps that were her bikini disappeared under my hands but then that was only fair, I was exposed to her view, to her lips, to her hands by her releasing my assets under those faint pieces of material. I reached to the side of my chair and the seat reclined fully and she fell on top of me, I didn't mind.

The feel of her now naked body against mine was exquisite. As she writhed, squirmed, and felt me up it really aroused me. I could tell what I was doing to her was not going unnoticed. Her sexy little body was tan and fit and beautiful and MINE to do with as I wished, and I wished a lot as I touched, caressed, and aroused her in return.

Somehow, don't ask me, I wasn't paying attention in that way she managed to get my ass to the edge of my seat and then she spun around in the classic 69 position. Let me tell you in a convertible that was amazing, and heavenly. As she plunged her fingers into my pussy and her tongue into my clit I could only return the favor. My gawd she tasted wonderful, my own juices were flowing and I couldn't help but begin to buck at her hands and mouth. Her juices were amazing, the amount that could drown a girl if she wasn't careful. Believe me what a way to go though! She was petite enough that she fit comfortably against me and I relished the feel of her svelte body against mine as I ground my pussy into her amazing and skillful mouth and onto her hands. Her own hips began the age old rhythm of our dance. As she came at the same moment she caused my amazing orgasm I thought belatedly that we were going to have to clean the seats on the car but I really didn't care at that moment too caught up in the feelings that she invoked in my body and soul. We both had to cut off our usual loud cries, not that the neighbors hadn't heard them from time to time, but not from our carport. We didn't need the police called, imagine the sight they would have seen as they looked over the top of the convertible!

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