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Billion Dollar Bitch


It's me again Jessica Hampton currently one of the stars of the CSI television series. Now my schedule keeps me pretty busy and it not a regular 9am-5pm work shift if we have to do night scenes we are on the set sometimes past 10pm at night. However we do get some down time and what luck a Monday we actually had off WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) had a Monday Night Raw event in my city I just had to go. I am huge fan of wrestling I have been for years and haven't been to live event in such a long time. I was hoping Triple H would make and appearance I have had a crush on him for such a long time, he's so dreamy. I stick to women for sex but I would take him in my bed without even thinking about it, his wife Stephanie McMahon was also somebody I wanted to see. And of course the Divas Kelly Kelly and A.J. Lee who is now General Manager of Raw are my favorites.

I didn't want to risk being on hold by calling for the ticket so I lined up at the box office early, I was first in line and I wanted to get front row hopefully right beside the ramp so I see get a good look at wrestlers coming down the ramp as well as the action in the ring. Finally the ticket window opened and I ran up to it and said immediately, "One ticket front row for WWE Monday Night Raw please." I did consider asking somebody to go with me but in the end I decided not to and did not want to let any of my fellow actors and actresses know I was a wrestling fan. The ticket lady pulled out a map to show me where the ring and ramp would be, I pointed right at the corner of the ramp and the surrounding ring area right where I wanted to be.

"That will be $54.50 please," said the ticket lady. Wow that was more than I was expecting but I didn't mind I handed her my American Express card to charge it, she swiped it handed back to me and in a few seconds my ticket was printed and given to me. I was so excited I couldn't wait but the event wasn't for a few weeks though.

So I went about my daily routine working on the set and doing all the things I usually do on a daily basis the day was drawing closer and I was getting more and more anxious. I searched through my drawers I was sure I had a Triple H t-shirt, it was an old one but I didn't care. I found it and tried it on, I wanted to make sure it still fit me, it was perfect not to tight but tight enough to show off my breasts a bit. I decided just to wear a pair of faded blue jeans I wanted to be totally casual and comfortable.

The day finally arrived and I was so excited, I decided to take public transit cause I didn't want to look and pay for parking. I kept looking at the clock hoping the time would move faster than it actually was. Finally it was time I left and hour and half before the show I knew I might have to walk a block or two to the arena and I wanted to give myself plenty of time.

I arrived at the arena and my first stop was the concession stands and I got a nice big Stephanie McMahon poster for my room. Then I went the snack bar got myself a small popcorn (have to watch my figure) and large Pepsi for the show and went to my seat. The action was great and the matches exciting as usual. In case you are wondering what happened the show opened with Dolph Ziggler along with A.J. Lee and Big E Langston talking about how Dolph Ziggler was going to be the next World Heavyweight Champion and how he was going to hang on to the title longer than anybody in history. Then Kofi Kingston came in to respond to Dolph and Vicki Guerrero made the match right there Kofi Kingston against Dolph Ziggler, which Ziggler won by cheating (placing his feet on the ropes during the pin for leverage). Next was Wade Barret who successfully defended his Intercontinental title against Sin Cara. Then was a Divas match my favorite and it was a good match between Natalya and Beth Pheonix with Beth getting the victory. Then came out Paul Heyman with CM Punk with a rant then I heard it, my wish came true Stephanie McMahon's music began and she walked out with her usual mean look on her face I couldn't stop cheering I even opened up my poster for her to see. With her trademark sneer and voice she was telling Paul Heyman that neither he nor CM Punk make the rules in the WWE. She made CM Punk and Paul Heyman very unhappy and her her music started again and she began to exit the ring I yelled at her, "the bitch is back". She looked at me saw my Triple H t-shirt and her poster and gave me her bitchy mean smile. Then she walked back up the ramp and back stage. I was a little upset that she didn't say anything back to me but oh well.

About 10 minutes later a security guard came to me and asked to follow him that he needed to speak to me about not interfering with WWE superstars or divas while in or near the ring. I didn't interfere I just said something, people say stuff and heckle wrestlers all the time, it all part of the fun. I hoped this was a joke. I was lead back stage I saw a bunch of the people that worked there. I also passed a few superstars John Cena, and The Big Show who towered over me. Most them just nodded at me and then ignored me, of course they didn't recognize me I guess they weren't fans of CSI. Then before I knew it I was pushed in an office and the door shut behind me. There she was Stephanie McMahon at her desk black skirt and blazer and a shimmery dark blue blouse. She got up walked towards me with what seemed like a cold expression her face, almost like she was mad at me, now I was a little scared, maybe I shouldn't have said what I said. "Stephanie...I mean M..M..Ms. McMahon...I...I...I am..." my voice trailed off.

"Shut up," she snapped back at me. My back was against a wall and she was right in front of me so close I could feel her breath on my face. "So I am a bitch you think huh Ms. Hampton?" I was in shock, she knew who I was, I was still scared but happy that she knew who I was. She turned and started to walk away from me. "You know Ms. Hampton we have very strict rules here at the WWE about fans saying certain things to the wrestlers and divas and especially people like me." She turned to face me. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

I just looked at her with my mouth open. "I...I..I'm...I...uhhh..." my voice trailed off again.

She quickly walked towards me and before I could even react she pinned me against the wall, her hands holding mine against the wall above my head by my wrists as she roughly kissed me on the mouth her tongue parting my lips. I could feel her extremely large breasts pressing into my smaller ones. Her hands let go of my wrists then I felt her hand run down the sides of my body where she grabbed my Triple H t-shirt and quickly lifted it up over and off me leaving me in just a black bra up top. She pulled the cups down for my breasts to hang over. The whole time she had her bitch smile across her face. She then took off her blazer and threw it on the couch in her office then she unbuttoned her blouse and let drop to the floor behind her revealing her sheer black silk bra, she then unclasped her bra letting it fall to the floor. She then quickly grabbed my head bringing it down to her breasts as my mouth opened and I was sucking her nipples as she was moving my head back and forth between each breast. "We're gonna see who the bitch really is," she sneered at me. Now I am used to taking control so this was all new for me and I loved it. "That's it you horny bitch," she continued "suck my tits." I continued to lick and suck giving the nipples a light tug with my teeth from time to time. She meanwhile unzipped her skirt and let it fall revealing matching sheer silk black panties. She then grabbed my left leg an lifted it up so my thigh was against her hip. I looked up into her eyes and she roughly kissed me on the mouth again her body grinding up against mine. She then began to unbutton and unzip my jeans and slid down my body lowering them. I wasn't wearing any fancy panties just boring white cotton with a pink trim. She slipped the jeans off my feet and leaned her face in and began licking my pussy through my panties. Then she raised back up tracing her tongue up my body and then roughly ripped off my panties.

She then crouched back down and spread open my pussy with her index and middle fingers from each hand and lightly blew air into my now open pussy causing me to gasp before she leaned in and began to lick me. I couldn't believe this, a girl involved in so many of my fantasies and wet dreams was now crouching down in front of me feasting on my pussy. She the stood up in front of me shoving her tongue back in my mouth. I could taste myself as my tongue licked hers. Her hand then went up and started to squeeze and grope my breasts that were hanging over my bra and lightly pinching my nipples from time to time. As we broke the kiss I gasped for breath before encouraging her on. "Oh yes keep going Stephanie, oh my God yes." I urged her on as her mouth went to my neck and throat and she began licking sucking me there. She then grabbed me by the hair dragging me over to the leather couch in her office and pushed me face down on it.

"Stay right there don't you even think about moving." I heard her walk towards her desk and open a drawer but could not see what she had on her way back to me laying flat face down on her couch. "You know Ms Hampton, I think you need to be punished for causing a problem at this WWE event." Then a felt a belt slap mercilessly on my bare ass.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh," I screamed out in pain and tears pricked my eyes. Apparently my cry didn't phase Stephanie as she just kept whipping my bare ass, I could feel welts forming as I began crying and begged my tormentor to stop. "Ow please Stephanie, it hurts so much...please stop...please." Then she got on the couch behind me and what I didn't notice before I sure noticed now and I felt my pussy being penetrated by the strap-on she must have put on. "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I cooed and Stephanie slowly slid the rubber cock in my love hole. She started to pump me a little faster, deeper and harder with each thrust, soon she was fucking me like a mad woman her hands pulled my hair and yanked my head back.

"Take it, take it you bitch," Stephanie barked at me as I just closed my eyes and started riding back against her thrusts. It felt good, so good I had almost forgotten how good it feels to have a cock, fake or not, fucking my tight pussy. Both out bodies were covered in sweat as Stephanie pounded away at me with everything she was worth. She then started to spank my ass causing me to cry out in pain again as my ass was still sore from the previous belt whipping I got I felt my orgasm approaching fast.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, oh my God," I warned her but she kept on fucking me. In a few seconds my body began to shudder as I released myself all over her pounding strap-on. Stephanie then collapsed herself and fell on me her massive breasts on my back. Than was all I remember before I passed out. When I finally awoke the office was empty and Stephanie was nowhere to be seen, and I was still naked on the couch. I walked over the desk and where my clothes were neatly folded with a note on top of them. It said:


Thank you for a wonderful time. Triple H and I watch your show every week and love it. I left for you a personalized autographed picture of me and one of Triple H. I also left for you my business card. Call anytime you want and I hope to see you again next time we come to your city. There is a security guard outside the door he will lead you to the exit.


I just smiled to myself as I got dressed and exited the office where there was a security guard who walked me to the exit and to my amazement there was a limousine waiting for me. The driver and smiled at spoke to me "Compliments of Ms. Stephanie McMahon I am instructed to take you wherever you wish to go." I smiled back to him and got in the backseat and gave him directions to my home. A great ending to a great day.

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