I let out an involuntary moan at the pressure against my cunt. The pressure of the ropes dug into my raw, aching clit. He let go and pulled again. "Ahhhhh." I could not be silent. "Ohhhhh."

"Like that?" He whispered. I did not respond. He pulled once more and I felt my body shudder and shiver, it was like HE was fingering me. I was undulating my hips as he watched me masturbate against the taught ropes, as he held them tight against me. I was his instrument.

"Ohhhhh." Only these guttural moans, I felt like an animal unable to speak.

I wanted to cum again, to let him watch. But he let go, and began sliding his fingertips back along my body, exploring every crevice of me.

I heard his voice once more, "You want me to untie you?"

I simply nodded, and felt his hands slide off of me.

He stood, I could see the key. I closed my eyes, waiting for this to end. I knew it would have to. No other thoughts.

But there was no key. When next I opened my eyes, he was still looking at me, and I watched as he unzipped his pants and took out his cock, leaning toward me touching his hard cock to my lips. Oh my god! I was so tired. He was poking my mouth with his cock, saying nothing. I simply opened my mouth and let him slide inside.

I took him in my mouth and swirled my tongue on the underside of his cock, licking him. Tasting his salty cum, touching the tip of his head with my tongue. He was rocking himself into my mouth and I held myself to him, opening my mouth and sucking. Sucking my brothers cock while tied up. He could do anything to me.

My hips rocking, and my pussy throbbing. I could feel my heart beating in my labia. I opened my eyes and looked at him, he was not smiling. His eyes closed and rocking into my open mouth. Fucking my mouth. He reached a hand down and began to stroke my arm, squeeze my breasts, moving in my mouth faster. I could feel him tremble suddenly and his cock spraying cum into my mouth, "Oh god Sara. I'm sorry. I couldn't help it." And I felt my mouth filling with his cum, could feel it leaking down my cheek.

I held his cock in my mouth, felt it softening and he curled his body over me once more. He hugged me, and leaning down nuzzled his face in my hair. Whispering, "I couldn't help it Sara. You are so fucking beautiful."

It was the nicest thing anyone ever said to me.


I felt the key in the lock, and before turning the lock he said, "I want to untie you."

There was a pause, he was holding the key there, waiting.

"Let me."

I knew what he meant and nodded.

Click, the cuffs fell off my wrists and I realized how much my arms hurt as they swung to my side. I pulled them in front of me and stretched, still utterly naked before him. I realized also that he had completely taken off his pants and that he was sitting on the bed in only his T shirt, which now felt somehow normal. I noticed his cock was not soft anymore, but it was not quite hard either. A big bush of hair at the base of his cock, lighter than my puss.

His hands were back on me, caressing my skin and rolling me toward him. I complied completely, only crossing my arms over my breasts as I turned as he moved me. I kissed the tip of his cock. His eyes roamed over my body, and I held my eyes on his, watching him watch me. He was the mirror I had always looked at and imagined.

He turned his attention to my legs, the way my cunt was spread wide. I could feel his eyes on me as he looked between my legs. I felt him slip the knot loose and curl the black silk ropes from around my ankles, undoing the figure eight I had tied there. He slid his hands up my long legs, up my thighs and across my abdomen, following the rope where it was tied to my waist. My legs were still spread wide and his hand slipped between my legs.

"Ahhh," I gasped. "I'm sensitive there."

He lightened his touch and was pressing his fingers softly through my pussy hairs, and gently over the outline of my pussy lips. I let him do anything he wanted just then. I had no idea what this would do to us when we went back to normal. He continued to untie the knots at my waist and then I could finally straightened my legs.

My legs fell apart and I stretched. He sat beside me, only my torso trussed, and the bindings between my legs.

He rolled me onto my front, and I lay with facing away from him. He began stroking my ass and back, tugging the silk ropes, that held such imaginings for him; and I felt his hands tugging at my legs pulling them apart. The only moment I felt a flush of resistance was then, he was going to look at my pussy again, but I was not bound. If I were to hold my legs apart now, it would be me letting him.

But I knew what he was doing too. He wanted to see the silk ropes that slid between my legs. I felt him pulling and I let my legs lay however he positioned them, letting my legs slide wide apart as they had been when bound. I let him look between my legs. His hands sliding over my ass and his fingers curling into my cunt again. My whole body trembled as his fingers traced the cords down between my legs, pulling my labia open, letting his fingertips splay my pussy hairs as he reached under me following them up to my hip, pressing his hand flat between me and the mattress and then sliding back up through my center again, I felt a finger pressing into my cunt raising my ass into the air, "aaahhhh."

My ass was involuntarily raising from the mattress at his touch, I was following his hand as it slid on me. Too delicious for words. Make me cum, pull on the binding I kept thinking. Touch me, don't stop. His hands fell off me again, I let out a deep breath.

"Beautiful." He whispered. "You are so beautiful."

I felt movement on the mattress and David was moving between my legs, my ass still lifted in the air and I felt his cock touch me, pressing right at my pussy. Slick and warm, his hard cock. He was going to fuck me. He was sliding the head of his cock along the silk cords and tugging them to the side with his fingers. He slid the head of his cock to my opening and then pressed himself inside. My shoulders were down on the mattress, my head turned to the side and my ass lifted high in the air meeting him. Holding myself open for him. Yessss! Fucking god. All the air went out of me as he slid inside.

Oh my god, he was fucking me. I was imagining my self being fucked while bound and how incredible that would feel.

He was pressing inside, long deep strokes. His cum in my mouth and pussy, I began pushing back hard and felt my head buck up along the mattress with each thrust until I was reaching my hands up to the headboard and pushing back against him. He was fucking me harder, and his hands pulling at the cords, each thrust having the duel effect of being filled with his cock, and the silk cords being pulled taut up between my legs and around my clit. It was an unbelievable feeling, it hurt so deliciously, and I felt my orgasm, a raging orgasm.

I lifted my head and began to moan, gutteral deep longings, not words at all, whimpering, a tearing out of my soul. He fucked me harder and harder, I could not stand it. It felt as if I were being torn into pieces, ridden into the air. It was so fucking incredible, I was laying on glass and his body began to fall over the top of me and he wrapped his arms around my waist, cumming in me, filling me, pulse after pulse, his sperm running down my legs. I could feel the change in lubrication, his cum mixing with me, my pussy juices. The weight of his body, his hard cock up inside my body.

I was so tired, I felt dizzy and over and over he was still sliding inside me. His cock holding to me, my ass pressing into him. Soft, slowly and slowly, the head of his cock in my belly. Imagining being fucked while tied up.

I felt him slip out of me.

My whole body shivered. I suddenly felt cold, and my tongue was cold. He let go and I dropped down, lay flat on the bed, one knee pulled up. I could feel his cum leaking out of me. I wanted to cry.

As I lay like that I felt him nosing down between my legs and then I felt the flat of his tongue. David was tasting me, tasting us, licking me, licking the silk cords and my pussy, licking my ass hole and up the crack of my ass, licking my thighs and the small of my back. Shoving his tongue into my hole. Eating my pussy juices and his cum, licking out our spunk.

I let out such a deep moan and stretching raised my ass high in the air. Exhausted, exquisite, like dreaming. I began tipping my ass to his mouth, he was lapping at me like a bowl. Like he was holding a saucer in his hands. I felt like I was in pieces.

"Oh god David," it was the first words I had spoken.

All he said was, "I can't stop."

I let him lick me, his tongue wandering over my body, tasting me everywhere. The salt of my body, cum and sweat. He rolled me onto my back and sucking my breasts, licking my pussy hairs, and the sweat between my breasts, the hairs up my abdomen, licking my belly button and sucking on the lobes of my ears, my neck. Kisses and licks.

I did not move, unbound, free, with him laying across my body, tasting me. I was utterly freely letting him. I could feel his hard cock on my leg again. I wanted to fuck again. But I could not move. He was hard again. I wanted it in my mouth. I casually reached down and wrapped my hand around his hard cock.

"I still have to untie you," he whispered.

He began to loosen the knot at my navel as he lay by my side, and following the cord up over my shoulder, curling the rope around his hand as he tugged it off me, turning me however he needed to untie me. I let him move me however he wanted, his doll. When the rope descended between my legs he pulled my legs open wide and watched as the rope slipped out from my pussy lips, the soaking wet ropes and my creaming pink cunt. Unwrapping the rope from my waist it fell between my legs one last time, up over my shoulder and around one more time and it was off.

I was untied, unbound. David had freed me. I was his. And I was spent, this five hour ordeal, ended with David beside me as I lay naked on my bed. I felt myself drifting off.

He leaned down and looked at me so closely, with such intensity, and lay beside me brought his one leg up over my hips. He leaned close and kissed me, a lingering kiss on my cheek. I turned and gave him my mouth. I could not even open my eyes.

He lay his hand over my abdomen as we kissed, touching me, stroking my tummy, tickling my pussy hairs. We touched tongues, leaning back he said, "Sorry."

I said, "Don't be."

He said, "Teach me."

I said, "I will."


I held the cup gingerly to her lips. Not because it was hot -- it was surely cold by now -- but because I was suddenly nervous for some reason. She opened her lips and I tipped some in, careful not to spill. I tipped it several more times until she shook her head slightly and then I set it back down.


I was untying my torso, my flesh aching from the bondage, and the orgasms. But I was so hot that the moment I stepped into the shower I plunged my fingers into my pussy feeling the wetness. Fucking incredible. I had never been so wet and over the past several weeks that was saying a lot.


I rigged two belts, snapped a dildo on and worked it into my ass, not sure if I could get it all in. The vibration began, higher and higher when David fell between my legs. I was tied down to the bed, his cock thrust inside my cunt. I was crying out, unable to move, bound in every way imaginable impossibly filled in every way.

Afterward I could barely walk. We finally detached everything to eat dinner.


I was drooling so I took out my gag. Then I fell asleep, when I can hear David calling. There I was with my legs tied open in a sea of wetness. We talked for a while and he asked if I had been a good little girl. I told him I was stuck, his hand playing down between my legs while I rolled my little hips around his fingers. I started to say 'No' and we were on.


However, the only pressure point supporting my body was my crotch, and I found that the localized pressure of the chains tended to pinch my skin too hard against my pubic bone. If I'd had a wide leather strap set up, maybe it wouldn't hurt so much.

I did enjoy the suspension, though. Tipped just right and a cock in me, god, fucking incredible. But the whole house seemed to be moving now, I don't really think that beam's very sturdy.


Yesterday I had David take pictures of me! I really wanted a picture like the self-tie I did earlier.

I asked him to tie my elbows together. I said "tighter" and he pulled it super-tight! He tied my wrists too. I was very pleased to have my elbows together. I rolled on my tummy and let him snap away. He asked me to scootch up the bed so he could get my cunt. I obeyed.

After a few pictures I asked him to tape my mouth shut. He cut a piece of PVC tape and came at me uncertainly. At about one foot I tipped my head back and he hesitated. Then we both laughed. "Just a second," I said and tried to calm down. Somehow the idea of being taped was making me feel too much loss of control, if that is possible. But I said "Okay" and he put it on. Then he took more pictures.

What can possibly come next.


As a sidebar, David got married and moved away. I hadn't seen him for years. I am thinking of visiting. This was all our secret, and his wife of ten years has no idea whatsoever. I have always wondered what ever happened to those pictures?

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by Robinius101/07/18


I missed this one when it was posted and I'm very lucky to have found it by accident. The build up is incredible, palpable. I didn't just read this one, I was immersed in it. This is one of the sexiestmore...

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Great story and well told. Thanks.

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by Anonymous08/01/17

So well written

This is the sumation of my ultimate taboo bondage fantasy.

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by Anonymous06/26/17

Thank you

I have no words.. A beautiful piece of work.. I loved every word.. I have had sex with my sister, I wish it had been like this.. We both had fun .. But not this..

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