tagGay MaleBio of a Bully Ch. 2

Bio of a Bully Ch. 2


Most of the teachers at my school really suck. No shit man. They could all do with a good fuck to loosen them up a bit. And I'd be the one to give it to them too, if I could.

The problem with most of them though is that they're too fucking smart for their own good. Adults are dangerous. See, the older they get, the more the know about things, so I usually can't do jack to them without the shit hitting the fan. The kids in school are easy. I can push them around, make them give me a fuckin' blow job, whatever, and they're too scared to squeal. They know I'd put their fuckin' head through a window if they fucking tried that shit on me. So they keep quiet and I get to have it all my way. Just how I like it.

Teachers though, they're a different kettle of fish. But when I put my mind to it, I can have anyone I fuckin' want – student or fucking teacher. And I have too. I just gotta go about it different, see?

First of all, I always make sure I don't get caught when I'm messin' around so most of them know jack shit about me. Ha! Some of them even think I'm an angel. Can you fuckin' believe it! How fuckin' stupid are they?

I don't get good grades most of the time. Study is for pussies. I like the hands on stuff like carpentry and gym and things - now they're cool. But 'cause most of the teachers think I'm an okay kinda guy, they just think I got some kind of learning disability. Fuck that! I just don't give a shit, that's the truth.

I remember there was this one chick. Fuckin' tight as, she was. Came into the school to work as a librarian. Hair all pulled back in a tight bun, glasses hanging off the end of her fuckin' nose. Jeeze she was ugly. Looked like the back end of a fuckin' baboon. Anyone that ugly deserves to be treated like shit. They should be put down at birth.

She was young – only 25 I reckon, not long outta college. Janet was her name. Never forget it. I fuckin' wrecked her for life, I reckon!

She was staying back to do some work with one of the other teachers – cataloguing or some shit like that. So I hung around outside watching them through the window. And when they started packing up, the other teacher left and she was all alone. I couldn't believe my fuckin' luck!

I had this ski-mask which my Dad bought be ages ago and I put it on so she wouldn't recognise me, right? Then I slipped inside and fuckin' scared the shit out of her. What a fuckin' high! She was sure I was gonna rape her or something, but I didn't want to touch her – not her. She was too fuckin' ugly! I just shoved her around a bit and teased her, telling her she was a walking flag for euthanasia. Had her in fuckin' tears I did. And I kept at it for a full half hour before I let her go running out the room screaming and crying, leaving the library all unlocked and stuff for me to trash quickly before the cops come.

She didn't come back to school the rest of the week. And when she did, she was never alone. My mates knew it had something to do with me 'cause I couldn't stop fucking laughing every time I saw her after that. And there was a rumour going 'round the school that she'd been attacked by one of the students, but no one knew who.

I don't trust no one, so I never told anyone that it was me. I just let them think that I found it all funny but didn't know who had done it.

I do heaps of shit like that, scaring people and pushing them around. It's better though when they know who you are but with teachers, you can't get away with it. I love seeing the look of fear in people's faces, you know? Watching them cross the road to keep away from me or doing what I tell them. People are such pussies. They deserve to be treated like that and most of them want it deep down anyway, I reckon, otherwise they'd stand up for themselves more.

One of the best times I had was with the football coach at the start of this year. Now that was something different, not my usual style, but fuck was it fun. You see, I planned this one and worked at it for weeks. I wanted that cunt to know exactly who I was and have him sitting in the palm of my fuckin' hand.

He was a new football coach at school. Started this year 'cause he transferred from some other place miles away. Anyway, his name was Coach Agliadis – a wog - and man did I fuck him over good and proper!

Agliadis kept pushing me to go on the football team, but I hate that game. I think its for faggots, like said last time. But I think he really just wanted to see me in the showers, you know? He was a faggot, I could tell. He was heaps old, like 40 or something, and had this huge fucking moustache like all the leather men do when you see them on TV – you know, like at Mardi Gras in Sydney. Why the fuck they let those poofs out on the street like that, I dunno. It's fuckin' sick. They're all fuckin' sick in the head. The only time they're happy is when they're sucking cock or being kicked in the head like they deserve.

So anyway, he looked like a faggot with his huge mo and all this fuckin' chest hair that stuck out from the top of his shirt. He always kept a couple of buttons undone – like, we wanted to see all that? I'd fuckin' put a match to it if I could and start a fuckin' forest fire on him!

Anyway, he kept asking and I kept saying 'no' and after about the fourth time, that's when I realised what he really fuckin' wanted from me. I wasn't gonna give it to him – I'm no faggot – but I got this idea in my head and thought this could be mega cool, making him so fuckin' hot for me that I could jab him up the arse and he'd never tell anyone cause it would be his fault and he'd loose his job.

So I started hanging out where ever he was and watchin' him, you know? And I'd make sure that he'd see me watching him and smiling at him. And sometimes I'd undo a couple of the buttons on my shirt like he did and when he'd notice me, I'd start playing with my chest and stuff, or touching my crotch.

It wasn't that obvious, don't get me wrong. I was fuckin' Subtle with a capital 'S', not doing it always and when I did, I made sure that it looked like I was thinking about other stuff, like I didn't know that I was doing it.

After a while, he started coming up to me to chat and asking me what I was doing alone without my friends around me. I had to try so fuckin' hard not to laugh at him. He was so fuckin' obvious. But I pretended like I didn't know that he wanted me and that I thought he was just being friendly 'cause he wanted me on the football team. And when I was talking to him, I made sure that he knew that I was eighteen, to sort of encourage him and stuff, and I'd touch myself again like I was doing it absent minded.

I could see his eyes dropping down to look at my hand, you know, every time I touched my chest or crotch. The perv was trying to look at my body without letting me know. And sometimes he'd lick his lips like they were dry or something, but I knew it was because he was fuckin' fantasizing over me.

It didn't take long – only a couple of weeks – before he started talking to me every day. Like, he'd come over to me, and on some days, when I deliberately made sure I wasn't near him, he'd come looking for me to talk again.

He acted like he cared a lot about me and that he thought I had some fuckin' problems or something and was reaching out and stuff, but I knew it was all an act. He had to have some kind of excuse to spend so much time with me, you know, 'cause he was a teacher and all. If only he knew that he was doing exactly what I wanted him to fuckin' do! He was eating out of the palm of my hand and didn't even know it!

Then one day, he said to me that some of the jocks on the football team were gonna spend the weekend at his place on a property he had in the country, and he wanted me to come too. I wanted to cum alright – fuck yeah – but I didn't let him know that.

I told him that I wanted to come, but not with all the other guys 'cause I didn't get along with them – all sweet and nice like I was really fuckin' desperate to get away from home but too shy to go with the fuckin' group. He lapped it up and told me that I could go out to his property with him the next weekend if I wanted instead. Fuckin'-A! Just him and me.

I was hangin' for that weekend, man! I was used to just going up to whoever I wanted and fuckin' taking them, then and there, whenever I wanted. All this fuckin' plotting and planning was driving me nuts, but I knew it would be worth it. And I've got good patience. I always get what I want, one fuckin' way or another.

So there I was, fuckin' killin' time for a week and a half and waiting to shove my cock up his arse. It was gonna be so cool seeing him on his knees like that. Agliadis was a tall bastard – loomed over everyone. He was more than six foot. But when I got him alone – man, he was gonna feel smaller than a fuckin' ant when I finished with him. I got hard just thinking about it. I love a good challenge and this was definitely one of them!

There was this senior wimp at school called Scott and he copped it heaps till that weekend. I was so fuckin' horny waiting to take down the Coach that I made Scott eat me three times that last week. Scott was a real pussy. A total faggot, all weedy and thin and scared of his own shadow. He used to cry every time I picked on him or made him do stuff for me - like give me his lunch or lick my shoes clean. Like, he was really gonna make it in the world when he finished school this year – yeah, right! Fuckn' dweeb!

There was no challenge with Scott, but it killed time for me and sometimes a wuss like him was okay for a quickie, you know? Just do it, no problems, nice and fast. Shove it in, slap him around and go home.

I pinned him down in the corridor at school on the Monday and told him that he had to meet me in the park after school. He didn't want to come and started crying almost right way, the fuckin' pussy. But he came anyway, 'cause he knew that if he didn't then I'd let him have it, bash him stupid.

Scott is one of my favourite wimps for a quickie. He's got these big, thick lips and a really long tongue and he could use both of them real good. And when he was giving me head, he was always crying and sobbing and I could feel the tears fallin' on my cock like warm water, and his sobs were like an extra vibrator or something that made the blow job even better.

I'd boss him around in the park and make him pull down his own pants first and open my fly with his teeth. Not that I wanted to see his fucking dick. No way. But making him do that embarrassed the shit out of him and made the fucker cry even harder, which is like, the ultimate high, you know?

"Fuckin' do it, you little shit!" I'd yell at him and I'd squeeze the pressure points on his shoulders to make him fall down to the ground. I'd ram my cock down his throat as hard as I could and keep ramming it even when he was sucking. And when he finished, I always made sure he swallowed all the cum and lick my cock fully clean and then put in back in my pants. I didn't want to touch it with his fuckin' saliva all over it. Not till I got home and had a fuckin' shower to clean all that shit off me.

I always slapped him when he was finished too, just for the hell of it, and I'd tell him that next time it had to be better or I'd kick his arse. He was so scared. I loved it. I never told him if I like it, I just made him work harder the next time and pretended like he did some pissant little job that wasn't worth the fuckin' effort.

When Friday came, I left school with the coach so we could drive out to his property right away. I told my old man that I was going away for the weekend, but he'd be too fuckin' pissed to know I was gone anyway.

It took about two hours to drive to Agliadis's fuckin' property. It was miles away, really in the sticks. And when we got there, I realised that he had no near neighbours either. Too fuckin' good to be true! We were completely by ourselves with no one around.

It was like a farmhouse, his property. It was all wooden and small. I don't know how the fuck he put up with the jocks the weekend before. There wasn't enough fuckin' room.

When we got inside, he showed me to my bedroom and I told him that I wanted to have a shower. He showed me where it was and told me to make myself at home and that he'd start cooking dinner for us.

When I got out of the shower, I put on some really tight shorts and nothing else. I came out and sat down on this old, beaten up lounge chair and watched him cooking in the kitchen. When he turned around and saw me, he did a double-take and I swear to fuckin' God, I had to bite my tongue to stop myself grinning!

When dinner was ready, he told me to put something else on, so I threw on a shirt, but didn't bother buttoning it up. Before dinner, when we were talking and stuff, I saw his eyes keep falling down to my chest. I could see that he thought I was hot, and when I left my shirt open over dinner, he kept looking down again at my bod. Fuckin' queer.

After dinner, all he wanted to do was sit and talk. There was no fuckin' television there and the radio was so piss weak that it wasn't worth having it on – all static and stuff so you couldn't hear the music good.

I told him that I was really tired and wanted to go to bed early and he said that it was a good idea. I stood up before he did and gave a fake yawn so I could stretch in front of him and make my chest stuck out of my shirt. I saw him look at it again, so I rubbed my hand over my chest as I said goodnight. He wanted me so fuckin' bad, I could tell.

I waited in my bedroom for about an hour after he went to bed, then tiptoed to his room. I could hear him snoring inside like a fuckin' ogre or something, so I slipped in and climbed into the bed next to him, real carefully so that he didn't wake up. He was only wearing his jocks and he was stretched out on his back so I could see his hairy bod rising and falling from breathing.

I wanted so bad then to put my hand over his mouth and nose and suffocate the sucker, but I didn't 'cause I knew that would scare him and the only way I was gonna fuckin' own him was to make him think it was like a sicko father/son thing.

So I pulled the covers right back instead and put my hand on his chest and rubbed in up and down. The faggot woke up really slowly with a smile on his face and I could see how hard his cock had gone too. The cunt was having a wet dream because I was touching him and he started to play with himself until he opened his eyes and saw that it was me. Then he sat up real quickly and looked at me.

"What are you doing?" he said, like he didn't know!

"I didn't want to be alone tonight," I lied. "Can I sleep here with you?" Real sweet like a fuckin' little boy lost! I was fuckin' smooth, man!

I could see his mind ticking over real fast like he was trying to decide if he should do the right fuckin' thing or what he wanted most.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Justin," he said. "Perhaps you should go back to your own room. I'm right here if you need me during the night."

"I need you now," I said and I put my hand down on his crotch and rubbed it. He jumped like a fuckin' scared rabbit and pulled my hand away, but he was already hard again and I could see his cock throbbing in his underpants.

"Justin, no," he said, as if I'd fuckin' take orders from him!

"Why not?" I pulled my hand out of his and started rubbing his cock again.

"Who's gonna know? It's just us two."

He was breathing heavy now and when he tried to take my hand away from his crotch again, I redirected it to my cock and made him start rubbing me.

"We're both hard," I said to him. "I know you want me." I wanted so bad then to call him a faggot, but I knew I couldn't do that till I had him convinced further. It's so fuckin' lucky I've got patience when I need it!

"Justin, no. This is wrong," he said. "I'm a teacher. We can't have sex, it's not allowed." He pulled his hand away from me and tried to get up, so I pushed him back down on the bed and climbed on top of him, sitting on his stomach. He wasn't trying hard to get away or stop me, so there was no fuckin' way I could lose.

"Fuck the rules!" I said. "I'm eighteen and there's no one here to know." I rubbed my hands up and down his chest a few times, then started tweaking his nipples with one hand and reached back with the other to grab his cock, masturbating it. Agliadis groaned and his head fell back onto the pillow.

"We shouldn't," he said, but I knew he was lying now 'cause he breath was all rasping like he was having a fuckin' asthma attack or something, so I slid my arse up his chest and flopped my cock out in his face, putting my knees over his arms to hold him down. My cock was throbbing real hard, bouncing up and down like a fuckin' yoyo, and Agliadis opened his mouth and swallowed the fucker whole like it was his first fuckin' meal in a week. Oh yeah! The fucker was mine!

I gave his mouth a good working over, thrusting as hard as I could, but the motherfucker took it, didn't gag or nothin' – a real faggot! So I reached back, making sure I kept him pinned down with my knees, and grabbed the sucker's cock again, rubbin' it hard and then grabbing it out of his jocks and strokin' it. I hate that shit man. It felt like a fuckin' worm baked hard in the sun, but I knew I had to do it if he was gonna let me ram his arse like I wanted. I had to get the fucker going right off, and if I made him cum first, then he couldn't try nothin' on me, like playing with my arse or something.

When I grabbed his cock, he stopped sucking and let my dick flop out and he was gasping and groaning. He tried lifting up his hands but I made sure I held them down. I grabbed my cock with my free hand and shoved it back in his mouth. It was all wet from the fucker's saliva, so I wiped the dribble on his hair then grabbed it and forced his face up and down to keep sucking me. Man, was I in fuckin' Heaven or what! I was sitting on a fuckin' old age daddy bear leather man making him suck me off, AND he was a fuckin' teacher!

It wasn't long before I was too hot for his arse to wait any fuckin' longer, so I slid down his bod and grabbed his undies, ripping them off over his ankles. I had to get off the end of the fuckin' bed to do that 'cause the cunt was so tall, his feet were hanging off the end. When I did that, he tried sitting up, like he was gonna grab me and pull me down under him. But there was no fuckin' way that I was gonna let him fuckin' slobber all over me. So I walked around to the side of the bed and pushed him over so he was face down.

His arse was all hairy like the rest of his bod and I climbed on top of him again, slapping his butt cheeks to make them all red and hot. I heard him groaning again, so I knew he liked that. He was getting off with me making him do my stuff, so I slid down onto his ankles and grabbed his waist, pulling him up so he was kneeling in front of me. I pressed my stiff cock against his butt and he knew exactly what I was gonna do.

"Wait," he said and reached into a the drawer next to the bed and pulled out a fuckin' condom and lube. It was like, he knew this was gonna happen and he had it all there ready! Fuckin' faggot – all they ever think about is fuckin' sex.

I knew I'd have to use the fuckin' rubber if he was gonna let me shove it in him, so I snatched it out of his hand and ripped open the fuckin' packet with my teeth. I slapped him hard on the arse again to keep him hard, then rolled the rubber on and squeezed the lube all over it.

My hands were all greasy then, so I reached around the fucker's massive torso and rubbed them dry on his chest. The fucker expected me to kiss his neck or something, but I just wanted to ram myself in him, so I grabbed his nipples and pinched them real tight. Agliadis yelled out loud and I pulled down on his tits making him bend over onto all fours.

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