tagGay MaleBio of a Bully Ch. 5 Pt. 1

Bio of a Bully Ch. 5 Pt. 1


The world was fuckin’ black, man! I couldn’t see a fuckin’ thing and I thought I was gonna be sick. There was this funny smell around my nose and mouth and I couldn’t work out what the fuck it was. All I knew was that I wanted to chuck so hard, my shoes would’ve come out my mouth -if I was wearing any.

My shoes had disappeared off my feet, like the rest of my fuckin’ clothes had disappeared. I had no fuckin’ idea what the hell was going on.

The last thing I remembered was cutting through the park to meet up with one of the faggots for a quick workout. I was gonna start the long weekend with a quickie, then disappear down to the nudist beach for three days of camping, fun, sex and sun. The beach was this long strip of sand and fuckin’ a-grade crystal clear water. One end was full of fags and the other full of real men and gorgeous chicks, letting it all hang out.

It takes about 90 minutes to drive down there from the city, so after working over the fag in the park, I was outta there. I was gonna jump in my car and be pitching my tent before nightfall so I could make the most of those morning boners.

I got to the spot where the dweeb was supposed to meet me and he was there alright, looking scared out of his fuckin’ mind. Too scared, man...I should’ve realised something was up, but I was so horny, I thought it was just gonna be an extra cool session.

“You’re lucky you’re here” I said, ripping off my tank top and walking towards him. He backed up against a tree, not saying a fuckin’ thing – just whimpering like the pussy he was, and as I reached out to grab him, I heard this noise behind me. Before I could turn around, all these fuckin’ hands grabbed me and this stinking fuckin’ cloth got shoved into my face.

That was the smell. The smell was in the fuckin’ rag. And I suddenly I woke up, blind as a bat.

I tried rubbing my eyes, but I couldn’t move my arms. I tried pulling them down, but realised that the fuckers were tied up tight. My legs were the same, tied nice and tight so I couldn’t move.

I thrashed about a bit, wondering what the fuck was going on. I could feel the panic spreading through me like a fuckin’ fire man! Where the hell was I? What the fuck was going on?

I stopped thrashing and took a deep breath. Panic isn’t my scene, so I made myself calm down to think.

I was standing up, I could feel that, but I was tied out like a starfish. I could feel these beams of wood pressing into me, like a huge fuckin’ X, and my arms and legs were strapped to each point of it.

I wasn’t blind I realised, but someone had stuck a blindfold on me, and my mouth was gagged too. Someone was gonna be sorry for this! No one fuckin’ messes with me and gets away with it!

I thought about the park again, and then I realised that the cunts had got smart. I didn’t think they could muster a single fuckin’ thought between them, but the little shits had, and decided to get even with me. I still don’t get their fuckin’ faggoty logic, but you have to be a fag to know what they’re thinking sometimes I suppose.

With all queers being so fucked in the head, anything could happen. These cunts are unpredictable, and for the first time I can remember, I was worried.

“Welcome back.”

The voice wasn’t that far away from me, coming from one side. I tried abusing the little fuck, but I couldn’t talk with the gag in my mouth.

“If you’re wondering what’s happening,” it said, “you’ve been kidnapped. No one’s going to miss you for the next three days, since you’re supposed to be away. So for that time, you’re here with us, and you’re going to learn what it’s like to get instead of give for a change.”

Us? I wondered how many of the cunts were here, but suddenly I felt a fist pound into my stomach. I couldn’t double over, so the blow bounced through my body like a fuckin’ earthquake. It was way too hard a punch for one of the dweebs to pull, so all I could think of now was ‘who the fuck was doing this?’

“Enjoy that?” another voice asked. That one sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place whose voice it was. Man was I furious. I heard more voices now, giggling like a bunch of girls, only real nervous-like. I tried counting the voices...four? Five? I wasn’t sure, but I could tell by the way they were laughing that the other dweebs weren’t sure of this either. That was good. That could be my way out of this fuckin’ mess.

The gag over my mouth started to tug, and then it fell free. I spat out the rag inside my mouth and let out a string of abuse so loud and fast their ears would hurt, but someone backhanded me across the face, making me shut up.

“You’ll speak when you’re spoken to, and be punished for anything more. Understand?”

“Fuck you,” I said and felt another whack belt me across the face. It fuckin’ hurt man. Who the fuck was this cunt with the muscles?

The first voice spoke again, this time real close to me, like he was whispering in my ear.

“Chemistry and woodwork classes come in handy,” he said. “First with the chloroform, and now...you’ll like the contraption we made for you in our free time. It has hinges on all the joints so we can bend you any way we want.” And suddenly the top half of the X bent backwards, taking me with it and stretching me out like I was lying over a table.

A hand grabbed my cock and started yanking at it and another pair of hands began twisting my nipples. I yelped, thrashing about again, the fuckin’ faggots groping and stroking me like I was their fuckin’ doll.

Then suddenly they stopped and I was swung back to the standing position and over so I was bent forward. I heard some locks click into place and suddenly a hand was grabbing my arse, sticking its fingers into my fuckin’ hole.

I cried out in surprise but there was fuck all I could do as the fingers wiggled inside my hole, playing with me. I could barely breath, the sensation overtaking me and then the fingers came out and another pair of hands grabbed my hips and I felt a hard cock pressing against my butt.

“Leave my arse alone, you fuckin’ faggots!” I gasped, but the cunts ignored me and I went blind again as my arse checks spread apart further and the cock slipped inside.

“How does it feel, Justin?” Another voice I recognised from somewhere!

My mouth was hanging open, huff and puffing from the pleasure and pain, the prick breaking in my virgin arse with thrusts that got deeper and deeper. I could feel the pressure building up in my eyes, and was suddenly glad the pricks had blindfolded me. There was no fuckin’ way I wanted to give those cunts the satisfaction of seeing my eyes watering.

A hand grabbed me by the hair, forcing my head up and a crotch was pressed into my face. I could feel the studs of the jeans pressing into my cheeks and scratching my face as the invisible cunt rubbed himself against me.

“Take it out with your mouth,” he ordered.

“I’ll fuckin’ bite it off first, you cunt!” I said. He tightened his grip on my hair, making me wince more and pulled my head back as far as it would go. His faggot breath hit my face as he leaned in close to me.

“You’ll take it like I tell you,” he whispered, “or I’ll break your neck.” And he pressed his mouth into mine, pushing his tongue in. I tried turning my head, but I couldn’t move my face either way. I tried pushing his tongue out with my own, but he held tight, gripping my fuckin’ hair even harder to make me open my mouth more.

I couldn’t breath, my arse on fire and my head forced back so far it cut off my windpipe. Fuckin’ cunts!

The faggot snogged me for ages before finally letting go and pushing my face into his crotch again.

“You had better take it, Justin...if you want to get out of this.”

“Tough talk for a fuckin’ pussy!” I was gasping for air, but refused to give in.

“Do as he says, or I might have to push harder,” the voice behind me said and he thrust his cock so hard into me, I thought I was going to be ripped apart. I roared with pain, muffled by the crotch over my mouth.

“Unzip me,” the front one said again.

I did like he said, knowing I’d have to bide my time till I could get free. The cunts had the advantage for now, but I knew it would only be a matter of time till I could rip their fuckin’ heads off.

“Now take it out and suck me off.”

I went to say something but he cut me off by squeezing my hair tight again.

“Nice and slowly...take it out with your mouth. C’mon...you’ve seen enough of us do it. Now it’s your turn.”

I grabbed the faggot’s underpants in my mouth and tried ripping at them with my teeth, knocking the little shit off balance. The prick jerked my head back up again and spat in my face as he was talking.

“Do that again and you’ll be sorry.”

“That’s right,” said the one behind me and thrust is cock into me hard again. The fuckin’ wuss sounded like a kid, his voice all squeaky and high pitched.

“Cunts!” I gasped, then grabbed the pussy’s underpants with my teeth and pulled them down over his cock. It flopped out, hitting my blindfold before resting pressed against my cheek.

He moved my head back and forced my mouth open by grabbing my cheeks, shoving his hard dick inside then clamping my lips shut around it. His cock was like a worm, only hard and moist instead of soft.

“Take it,” he said and started driving his cock back and forth, getting the head job he wanted from me. I was breathing hard through my nose, ‘cause I couldn’t breath any other way now, with two faggots pumping their stiff cocks inside me at both ends.

I could feel the ropes grating the skin around my wrists and ankles as I bounced back and forth with the rhythm of their pumping. It hurt more with each fuckin’ thrust and if I wasn’t in so much pain, I wouldn’t been fuckin’ more furious.

And then came the thrashing. A small cat-o’-nine-tales with knots tied into the leather straps, hit me across the fuckin’ back where it was exposed between the top V of the cross I was tied to. My mouth was locked shut around the throbbing cock, the faggot’s hands making sure I didn’t spit him out, so the only sound I could make was a grunt from the back of my fuckin’ throat like an animal.

There were three of the faggots working on me now! Three against one. I should have topped all of the cunts and it killed me that I couldn’t.

The whip hit my back again and I couldn’t tell if the dampness on my back was from sweat or blood. I was desperate for someone to rub away the sting from each stroke, but no hands touch me there. The only hands were grabbing my face and my arse.

The whip hit me again and then again, and then before the fifth stroke could hit, a forth cunt slid in underneath me, wrapping my own throbbing cock in his mouth and grabbing my nipples in a tight squeeze.

He sucked on me hard, his tongue sliding beneath my foreskin and tickling the nerves. The suction was almost unbearable, so tight I thought the cunt was going to rip my dick clear off me. His grip on my chest alternated between pinching my nipples and digging his nails into my pecs. Every muscle in my body was tight and every pinch and claw was like fuckin’ knives stabbing me.

It was fuckin’ overload, my brain freaking completely as the cunts pumped my arse and mouth, sucked me off, held tight to my nipples and fuckin’ slashed my back with the whip.

I couldn’t think straight and could barely breath, my nose working overtime as the sick cunts all worked me over. I could feel my body starting to convulse and I wanted to fuckin’ scream out for them to stop. The blindfold was saturated now and I couldn’t tell if the strain was making me harder or killing me. It was like being in a nightclub, you know? With all the noise and lights and bodies and smoke...there was too much to take in and my brain was fuckin’ frying trying to cope with it all.

I was spinning out from the sensations, and fuckin’ praying they would stop. Me – praying! I knew then that I was going fuckin’ insane. These cunts were pushing me over the fuckin’ edge. Every fuckin’ thing hurt and in between all the pain, there was something that felt good. I couldn’t understand how the fuck that could be.

I started gagging and I felt the cock slip out of my mouth. The hand let go of my hair, and as my head fell forward like a limp fuckin’ rag doll, I blacked out.

To be continued...

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