tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBirthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 01

Birthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 01


"Your birthday presents, Prince Akim."

Jade lowered her head at these soft words. She was more ashamed than she could say. Herself, and four other girls from various countries had been kidnapped as possible birthday presents for some rich prince in a small principality she had never even heard of. That didn't mean they didn't have the money or resources to carry off international crime though, mainly people trafficking.

They were told on their arrival that one of them would be the lucky girl selected to join the prince's harem. The other four would be returned to their homelands.

Dressed in diaphanous cloths and precious stones and metals, the girls felt vulnerable and exposed. Jade had seen clearly the gentle curve of her breasts through her clothes and was embarrassed to be so publicly exposed, but hadn't dared draw attention to herself by being defiant. Like the other four girls, she still had a chance to go home.

Five beautiful virgins, none wanting the honor that would be bestowed on one of them. They were told to be respectful and to follow orders while they were guests or they might not be returned home after all. All five of them had been especially selected because they had no living relatives, few friends, and most importantly no one to raise the red flag if they were never returned. Their fear was real and tangible, but they did as they were instructed and tried to catch the eye of the prince.

The first girl, taken from France, stepped forward. "I am Amelie," she offered in her soft voice, her head dipping as a sign of respect. She stood for his insulting perusal not daring to move as his finger brushed the tip of her breast and his eyes roved over her lush curves. When he finished his inspection, Amelie stepped back into line with the other five girls.

The second girl, taken from Thailand, stepped forward. Her small body trembled with fear and she could not even find her voice to say her name. A whip landed softly against the back of her thighs in warning. Finally she opened her mouth. "I am Kindra."

As the prince stepped nearer to Kindra she folded under the pressure and stepped away from him. Another slash of the whip was her reward, but she was past caring as she turned to run for the door. Where she thought she could go was uncertain, but her need to flee was too strong to ignore. She was caught halfway to the door and thrown to her knees before the prince. His displeasure was obvious as he looked down at her huddled weeping figure.

"Get up," the words left his mouth and filled the air with a tense silence. They did not bode well for Kindra's future.

Jade bit down on her lip as the temptation to defend Kindra warred within. She knew it would not go well for either of them if she stepped forward.

Kindra slowly dragged herself to her feet, tears still coursing down her cheeks. "Am I so abhorrent to you?" the prince asked, although the answer was clear to anyone with eyes that he was a vision of male perfection.

The slow shaking of her head confirmed that Kindra did in fact have eyes.

"Why then do you seek to flee?" The hard glitter in his eyes was too much for Kindra and she started her heavy weeping all over again.

Their keeper, who had been silently watching the proceedings, and cracking the whip when necessary, stepped forward and spoke. It was clear by her words that she had no heart. "Send her to the public pleasure halls. There let her learn of the opportunity she passed over." There was no emotion in the words. No malice, no hatred. These were the words of a woman who cared only for her prince.

The prince considered her words, and with a nod of his head, and four little words, Kindra's fate was sealed. "Let it be so."

Two guards grabbed Kindra by the arms and dragged her from the prince's presence. Her frightened cries grated in Jade's ears and before she knew her own mind she spoke.

"Wait!" Jade could have kicked herself as the word left her mouth. Damned in that one word.

The prince lifted his hand signaling for the guards to give pause, although what this slip of a girl could have to say that would change his mind he couldn't imagine.

Jade took a deep breath, trying to draw strength from the air itself. She hadn't done anything wrong. It was impossible for her to have kept quiet while Kindra was being consigned to a fate worse than death. The five girls had formed a friendship during the days of their brief captivity and in all good conscience Jade couldn't let her suffer for a situation that was not of her own making.

Some serious ego stroking was in order. "If it pleases the prince, he should show mercy to a stranger in a strange land," her lowered head and soft green eyes called for clemency. She worked hard to inject her voice with just the right note of reasonability to give him the impression that maybe he had acted a little rashly.

Akim was not fooled by her softly spoken words. The clenched fist at her side said more clearly than anything else how she felt about his decision and what she would like to do to him.

"It does not please me," he rejected her words with a casual toss of his hand. He crossed over to her, marveling at her beauty and purity. "What is your name?"

The fist clenched tighter. "Jade." She raised her lowered head to stare into his eyes. "My name is Jade."

"Jade." He said the name slowly, rolling it around his mouth to see how he liked it. It suited her eyes. "Be at peace Jade," he offered his hand sliding down her arm to meet the clenched fist.

Jade could have kicked herself as she realized why he had not been swayed by her soft and persuasive words. Her own body had betrayed her. She quickly checked her natural reaction, which was to pull her hand away from his. She let his fingers play there until he had teased her clenched fist open.

His hand slid back up her arm and cupped her breast. He watched her closely and was surprised at the two reactions he saw reflected in her. One said very clearly that she was not fighting him because of his position over her, but in different circumstances she would do him mortal harm for daring to touch her. The other said that she liked his touch and was surprised by this.

"What are you willing to do to save your friend?" He asked the question with only half interest, lightly pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Jade took a deep breath, trying to calm her rapidly beating heart. "What do you require?"

"You." Akim moved his other hand up the gentle curve of her thigh before turning it inward to explore the depths of her. He slid a single finger into her body pushing past her body's natural rejection and forcing the digit in. Jade bucked against the move trying to pull back and he secured his hand on her arm to hold her still.

His eyes bore into hers as he made her submit to that one finger sliding in and out relentlessly. She wasn't wet, but she was so tight and hot that Akim felt full to bursting just touching her. The defiant fire flashing in her eyes told him just how passionate she would be when aroused.

Without warning he pulled the offending finger from her and released his hold on her arm. "Just you." Jade didn't like the sudden darkening of his eyes or the wicked gleam that sprang to life as he finished. "On your knees."

Bowing before him as she had been taught, Jade fell to her knees bringing her head to rest on her hands. Akim's laugh split the air and she could even hear their keeper, whom she had previously thought incapable of feeling emotion, stifling her chuckles. Jade raised her head in inquiry.

Akim drew her face up until it was on a level with his crotch and she was suddenly afraid she knew what he had meant as he began to unfasten his pants.

Jade scurried back rising swiftly to her feet. "No," she adamantly refused.

"Suit yourself," Akim replied, giving her free reign to pleasure him or not, and appearing for all the world as if he didn't care either way. "But know that your decision decides her fate." That same finger that he had just pulled from her body was now pointing at the still defeated Kindra, who was too timid and tender to be in such an emotive situation.

Jade hated him in that moment. Emotional blackmail. Do it and your friend can have a chance at life; don't do it and your friend will wish she had never been born. Some choice.

"Now?" she asked, not quite believing what he wanted her to do or that he could be such a cold unfeeling bastard.

"Now," he agreed.

As if in a daze, Jade lowered herself back to her knees in front of the prince. Her eyes widened with fear and abject horror as she took in the size of him. And he expected her to put him in her mouth? Jade flicked her tongue out once over the tip, mindful of the six guards, the four other girls, and their keeper. She watched dispassionately as his penis flinched violently from that small contact.

Her eyes lifted to Akim's, silently asking him if he was sure this was what he wanted. The hand on the back of her head that guided her back to his straining flesh provided her answer. Jade released a deep breath before bending her head to the task that had been assigned.

Her mouth slid smoothly over the tip and she tightened her lips in a tight o and slid back. His answering groan told her she was on the right track. Jade ran her tongue down the length of him, stopping at the base to nibble little kisses around it, watching the head twitch and dance with her slightest touch.

In an unexpected move Jade drew her head away from his straining flesh. She couldn't do it. "I'm sorry," she whispered the words, half afraid to say them aloud. His hand in her hair had tightened considerably.

He dragged her to her feet, his flesh standing proud and erect between them. "Sorry?" he echoed, her words sounding even less savory coming from his mouth.

She shook her head in mute denial. "I can't do it," she apologized. "I can't degrade myself for you."

Jade could feel the silence behind her and wondered what cold words their keeper would offer now, but it proved to be unnecessary as the prince issued his own words. "Worshipping me with your mouth is degrading?" he practically snarled the question at her and Jade knew a moment of fear so powerful she could barely combat it. No wonder Kindra had been a blubbering idiot when faced with this kind of raw aggression.

She stayed silent, knowing no answer could pacify his current rage.

"No answer?" he mocked. "Too afraid to take responsibility for your own words?" His eyes fell to her breasts as they moved quickly up and down in her growing agitation. "Then let me make it easy for you by taking the decision out of your hands," and before she could stop him he was tearing the clothes from her body. Sheer though it had been, it was the only protection she had against the knowing eyes all around them, and she protested violenty.

Fighting like a she-tiger, Jade scratched and fought and kicked and punched, but it was all to no avail. Akim easily stripped her and backed her against the western wall. Her piercing scream echoed around the room as he reared into her flesh tearing through her virginity and robbing her of her self respect with one thrust. Her fingernails dug into his forearms as she pushed herself as far back into the wall as she could, almost as if she were trying to disappear within the cold unyielding surface.

The keeper couldn't believe her eyes. She had never seen the prince take a woman with anything other than respect. Even the reluctant women were prepared with a special aphrodisiac. His ferocity surprised and in some small way alarmed her. That he had possessed the ability to be so cruel all this time and having never once expressed it.

Jade's blood provided enough lubrication for Akim to slide comfortably in and out of her hot depths. He pushed into her untried flesh neither caring that it was her first time or doing anything to ease her suffering. She had angered him too greatly with her refusal. He had offered her an easy alternative to release his pent up desires and she had refused it. This was her reward and her punishment.

Jade's body radiated pain from the point where their bodies connected outward. She tried to disconnect her mind from what was happening but it was impossible to ignore his hard flesh pounding into her. Each time he would push back in he would stretch the flesh again to accommodate his massive size. He showed no signs of slowing or tiring soon.

The pain eased slightly as the time wore on and like a rag doll Jade went completely limp in his arms. Let him spend himself in her depths; she wouldn't be there to suffer it. Moving her mind away from her body, she focused on happier times. Times when she was free, when her virginity was still intact, when she could say no without fear of the consequences.

Akim felt the change immediately and pulled out. As soon as he released her, Jade was back at it again, only this time with a thousand times more passion as she felt she had been grievously wronged. She landed a few lucky punches before Akim restrained her again, clenching her wrists together and using the weight of his body to crush the rest of her into immobility.

She was defiant and disobedient, but something about her moved Akim in ways he couldn't name. Almost without his knowledge his hand moved down her body moving gently through her sensitive sore flesh. Jade immediately flinched from the contact but had nowhere to go. "Please don't," she begged, not knowing any other way to stop him. He was like a marauding invader and he ignored her plea taking whatever he wanted.

His thumb swirled once around her clit and he saw in that instance how right he was about her. Her nipples tightened and a single drop of dew gathered. He could have her screaming her pleasure to the world in less time than it took to change his clothes. He swirled it again. Her hips tried to follow the movement but were blocked by the weight of his body. Akim was gratified to see the look of pained horror in her eyes when she realized what he could do to her. And just that quickly she tried to fight again.

"You're not a prince; you're a rapist," she yelled, her voice the only weapon left to her.

As quickly as he had pulled out, Akim pushed back into her protesting flesh. Trapping her hands above her head and dragging one of her legs around his waist. Jade felt a bolt of lightening burn directly from her pelvis to every region of her body. "No," she potested seeing his intent clearly.

"Yes," he countered, his hand leaving her leg to fall between her thighs. He pressed insistently on her clit, rubbing his finger faster and faster around the swollen nub. Jade felt his thrusts quicken and knew that it was owed all to the slickness of her body. She felt her juices leaking onto him each time he pushed in and she knew that the other girls could hear the wet sound coming from between her legs.

She bit her lip to lock the sound inside. She wouldn't shame herself further by letting them think he had given her pleasure.

Akim's mouth fell to her breast, his teeth gently nipping at the nipple. Beads of sweat ran between the valley of her breasts with the effort she was exerting to lie still in his embrace, neither meeting his thrusts, nor refusing them. His tongue followed the trail down to her stomach where his current position prevented him from going. He pulled out of her intent on following the path to its known end.

One minute he was inside of her and the next he had bent her knee to rest her foot on his back as he knelt before her. Jade was too slow witted to stop the motion, not imaging his wicked intent until it was too late and that same pleasure giving mouth fell between her legs.

Two fingers moved to fill the void left between her thighs and a third circled her clit every few seconds when he removed his mouth to slide lower to taste the proof of her desire. Jade couldn't contain herself any longer and cried for mercy, her hips moving frantically in time with the thrusts of his fingers. His tongue lightly tapped on her clit as he felt contractions start deep inside of her and knew she was about to pay him the highest compliment by retracting her words, not with her mouth, but with her body. No rapist ever brought a woman as much pleasure as he was gifting her.

Her nails clawed the wall behind her as her body flushed with pleasure and her screams again echoed through the chamber, only this time in pleasure. Akim slid back into her folds before she had fully recovered knowing her flesh was too sensitive to bear the heavy pounding he was giving it. He thrust deeply and quickly into her intent on finding his own pleasure. He had played with her long enough.

Jade screamed again as another wave of pleasure drowned her. "Akim, please," she yelled, her voice raised high with excitement and need. He immediately stilled.

It was not immediately clear to Jade the reason for the sudden stillness in the room. Her mind raced furiously and the keepers words drifted back to her through a haze of mist, "No one calls the prince by his given name without his express permission. You may call him My Prince."

Jade's eyes connected with his to determine the extent of the wrong she had done. As the prince pulled out of her, she knew more effectively than any words how great her transgression was. When only moments before she had dreaded having him touch her, now she felt the loss of his presence as he backed away from her adjusting his clothes. He did not meet her eyes or speak to her again. Instead he turned to the keeper.

"Take her to my room to be punished." Jade felt fear slither down her spine at these words, but kept silent knowing she was in enough trouble. "Kindra will remain as our guest," he continued, not elaborating in what capacity she would serve. "You may return the other three to their homes." He turned on his heal dismissing their presence.

Jade was led away by the keeper, hiding behind her hands as much as possible as she was led naked through hall after hall. She was cleansed and secured against one of the walls in the prince's bedroom, her legs spread apart and her wrists bound together overhead. She dreaded what he would do to her and her mind tripped over all the stories she had heard about torture in foreign countries.

Time passed slowly as Jade contemplated her fate, but every second she was alone meant she wasn't being punished by the prince so she remained thankful. The keeper returned with a sweet milk like substance which Jade drank without question grateful for the nourishment.

The keeper heard Jade's agitated voice calling a few minutes later and knew the cause. Ignoring Jade's pleas for help and something about needing to see a doctor, she left to find the prince with a huge grin splitting her face.

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