tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBirthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 03

Birthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 03


Jade could easily see the storm gathering in Akim's eyes and sent a silent prayer to heaven. She could still feel the drug moving through her bloodstream and half prayed his retaliation would take some sort of sexual form.

"Insolent. Willful. Disobedient. Disrespectful." His insults rained down on her. She accepted them as compliments in the circumstances standing proudly and defiantly before him.

At one point she started to tune him out so bored was she with the litany of faults. Who cared? She dared to shrug her shoulder at him unknowingly stoking his anger further.

"You will be taken to the public pleasure halls and you will serve there until my anger has abated."

That caught her attention.


"Li'ir," his imperious voice rang out calling forth the one who would carry out his wicked plan.

"That's inhumane!" she screeched, not willing to be his love slave, much less the love slave of hundreds of different men.

Before she could think twice about it she threw herself at him and had dragged her nails down his cheek in rage. His hand came up to cover the wound as soon as she had been roughly dragged off him. When it came back smeared with his blood she knew she had not yet witnessed the fullness of his rage.

"Li'ir," he called again, his dark gaze fixed on her even though his attention was fixed firmly over her shoulder. "Do not take her to the public halls until the aphrodisiac has worn off."

His cold smile told her she would not have an easy time of it at the public pleasure halls, especially now that she was going to be denied their little pleasure inducing cocktail. Jade seethed with latent fury. She would die before going to the pleasure halls, literally.

Li'ir dragged Jade to her feet and escorted her back to the harem to wait. She was restrained while the drug raced through her system and made her wish for some small privacy so she could masturbate to satisfaction. While she waited she formulated her plan conspiring to look weaker and weaker with each moment that passed.

Finally when she was just about drooping in her restraints she turned to Li'ir. "I know I am not in anyone's favor right now, but I'm diabetic and my blood sugar is dangerously low. Is it possible to have some strawberries or something? It would be a shame if I died before I could receive my punishment," she said with no small amount of irony in her words.

Li'ir sent the guard to the kitchen. He was not long in returning with a bowl of mixed berries. Her bounds were loosened so she could feed herself.

Jade lifted a prayer of thanks that her small ruse had worked so well. She swiftly consumed the berries knowing that she was deathly allergic.

When she was a child she had eaten two strawberries which had cost her 2 days in the hospital and a severe warning. Several years later she had eaten a handful of blueberries and was hospitalized again for swelling and shock. Her allergy to all berries was diagnosed soon thereafter and she hadn't touched a berry since. But this was a special occasion and berries were definitely called for. Besides, what better way to go than death by mixed berries?

The first hint that Li'ir had that something was wrong was when she noted the bright red rash that had appeared on Jade's neck. With her fair skin it was very obvious and caused Li'ir no small alarm.

By the time Li'ir decided to send for the physician Jade's breathing had already become very shallow and she knew she was moments from passing out. Jade welcomed the beckoning darkness with open arms and hoped that when next she came to she would be in heaven.

When word reached Akim that Jade had collapsed his first thought was that maybe she had really been sick earlier when she had complained of flu-like symptoms. When it was later revealed that she was having a severe allergic reaction and possibly couldn't be saved he was filled with admiration. A sick emotion in the circumstances, but her choice to die rather than accept punishment was a further sign of her commitment to defy rather than submit.

His physician kept him updated on her status over the coming days. Initially she was in a coma-like shock that lifted after two days. She then fell into a very deep sleep for another two days before she awoke in a weakened state.

When her heavy eyelids lifted on the unfamiliar room and it all came rushing back Jade could have cried. She was fairly certain she wasn't going to be getting anywhere near another berry and couldn't bear the prospect of being a love slave. She released a weary sigh before closing her eyes again wondering if she could die just by willing it to be so.

"So you are awake?" The kind voice came from behind her, probably alerted to her awareness by her less than subtle sigh.

"Yes," she replied. Though her monosyllabic reply said clearly that she wished it wasn't so.

"I will inform the prince."

Jade scrounged together enough energy to turn towards the voice. "Wait," she called, clearly becoming more agitated with the movement.

He rushed swiftly back to her side soothing her back into a relaxed position and fussing over her as though her health was of the utmost importance. "You mustn't work yourself into a state," he chided. "Relax." He smoothed a hand over her forehead and shook his head in consternation. "You have a fever young lady and need lots of liquids and rest before you'll feel halfway decent."

"Who are you," she shot back. Her health was the least of her worries, especially while she was still praying to die.

"I am the palace physician. You must relax so you can get better," he insisted pressing a glass of cool water into her hand.

Jade took small sips from the glass while he hovered over her before pushing the glass away as soon as he took his leave. She dragged her resistant body from the bed determined to make her escape. This was probably the least well guarded she would ever be.

The prince entered the room moments later and found Jade collapsed in the middle of the floor. His condemning gaze flew to the physician who shrugged as if it was beyond him to control this particular patient. He helped settle Jade back into the bed before taking his leave.

Akim settled next to her on the bed smoothing his hand over her damp brow. "Even ill you are the loveliest creature I have ever seen."

Jade turned her head away from him not willing to listen to his saccharine speech that was worth as much as the plastic punch bowl stored under her sink.

His lips caressed the curve of her cheek and the stubborn line of her jaw.

"It was wrong to have you sent to the public pleasure halls," he apologized.

Jade was not in the mood for his apology and tried to shrug him off, but her miniscule strength was ineffectual for achieving her goal.

Akim took her chin in a gentle grip and turned her face towards his. His lips met hers in a light searching kiss. She lay passive beneath him knowing she didn't have the strength to do anything else.

"In the same way that it would be wrong of me to expect you to fulfill your sexual duty to me right now." His hand drifted down her throat to the gentle slopes of her breasts. His hand enclosed her left breast in a lazy caress. The nipple hardened immediately. "And yet that's exactly what I want from you."

His mouth followed the path of his hand falling to her breast. She tried to shift away from him, but found she couldn't even do that. His mouth closed over the turgid tip. His teeth gently scraped the flushed bud before drawing it into his mouth completely.

"Your flesh is as sweet as I remember." His mouth moved to her other breast while his hand slid between her thighs. "I thought of little else while you were unconscious."

Akim sat up abruptly while his hand discovered the depths of her tight pussy. He pushed a finger inside relearning the delicious contours. Her flesh stretched to accommodate him and welcomed him with a warm rush of liquid fire.

"You may be exhausted but you can still feel. You can feel how your body responds to mine, welcomes mine." Jade hated that he would do this to her when she was clearly too weak to resist him. Her logical mind argued that she couldn't resist him even if she had been at full strength. His touch was too skilled, his hands too knowing.

"I don't want this," she negated. Hoping against hope that just this once he would care what she wanted.

He pushed two fingers inside of her and watched dispassionately as her hips tried to arch up in pleasure. She was too weak to do it, but the fact that her body had made the effort told its own tale.

"Lie to yourself if you must, but your body tells me the truth." His eyes locked with hers as he forced her to submit to those two thrusting fingers. He pressed them deeper into her slick depths and watched her pupils dilated.

"Do you want me to lick you? Should I suck your clit?"

Her body convulsed as soon as her mind processed his words. Her treacherous body had once again given silent testament to how well she enjoyed his touch, his words, his everything.

While the obvious sign of her pleasure still pooled between her legs and his wet fingers continued stroking her heated flesh she castigated and repelled him. "Will you rape me now? Will you pry my legs apart and force yourself on a woman who is too sick to fight your disgusting possession, My Lord."

Her words were like a slap and the prince appeared to immediately recoil. Only he could feel the reaction she couldn't see. His flesh pulsed out an aggressive rhythm and swelled uncomfortably in response. He loved her boldness and her inability to yield. That she withheld so readily what other women threw at him made her that much more seductive.

The desire to spread her thighs and do as she suggested was riding him hard but he fought it down. The next time he took her she would beg for it. She would carve her pleasure into his back and it would echo through the halls as she took her release.

But in the meantime he would leave her with something to think about.

He reached his hands out and spread her thighs. He saw the raw anger in her eyes as he did it, the certainty that he would rape her. She turned her head to the side unwilling to watch his ruthless possession.

Akim lowered himself between her thighs and blew on the wet sheath that greeted him. His tongue followed the motion sweeping out in long laps to cleanse her glistening pussy. Her hips shifted slightly again. He knew she loved to be eaten and couldn't resist his mouth anywhere near her clit.

He slid his tongue up her slit and circled her clit lightly with his tongue before roughly attending to the plump outer lips. A soft moan told him to keep going and he immediately withdrew. This time she would burn and not from any aphrodisiac he had given her.

"As the doctor said, you should get some rest." He gave her one final glance taking in her flushed face and glittering eyes before exiting the room.

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