tagRomanceCaptured Ch. 01

Captured Ch. 01


Carly didn't know which was worse, being locked in a cramped cabin filled with terrified women, or not knowing what was happening on deck. Her sky blue eyes flickered around the stuffy cabin in despair, wishing she were able to do something, anything to aid their plight, rather then suffer the pitiful moans of the women.

Opposite Carly sat a frail elderly woman, her trembling hands clutched tightly in her lap as she prayed under her breath. The plain, middle-aged woman beside was her recently widowed daughter. Antoinette, a governess in her early thirties who Carly had come to know and like, sat stiffly in the corner, tears trickling down her pale face. Carly's mistress, Lady Miriam, sat beside her on the tiny bunk clutching Carly's hand as she sobbed into a lacy hanky. The faces of the women were white with fear, and Carly knew, no different from her own.

She gazed down at the slightly oversized silk gown she wore, crushed from her cramped position, and she gently tried to smooth it over her slender legs. The material was soft and luxurious, so different from the simple gowns of pale blue or gray she usually wore. Miriam had begged her to swap gowns, fearing that as a woman of breeding she would likely suffer most at the hands of the pirates that had been bearing down on their ship since dawn. With a wry twist of her lips, Carly noted that Miriam was quick to assign that same fate to Carly.

That Miriam and Carly were half-sisters went unsaid in the Montague household. Lord Montague neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, yet the active dislike of his wife, Lady Annabelle, for the beautiful young girl seemed to confirm the whispers. Miriam and Carly both possessed the same silvery blonde hair and light blue eyes of their father, but where Carly was tiny and petite, her curves gently rounded, Miriam was tall and angular, her features pinched.

That Miriam had never shown her a moments kindness no longer disturbed Carly overly much. Yet she was more than grateful when Miriam, soon to marry a Duke she had never laid eyes on, had begged her parents to allow Carly to travel with her to his Island of the coast of France. Her life was one of misery under the strict rule of Lady Annabelle, who took great pleasure in meting out subtle punishments on the young Carly. Often things would go missing, only to be discovered a short time later by the Mistress upon searching Carly's tiny room in the servant's quarters. She would be punished as a result, but Carly had forbidden the other servants to stand up for her or inform her distant father.

Carly was jerked back to the present by the thud of something heavy against the thin wooden door, and the sounds of muttered curses. Her wide eyes met Miriam's as the door thundered under another assault, her heart racing.

It wasn't supposed to be like this, she thought desperately. This was supposed to be a fresh beginning for her, away from the cold, watchful eyes of Lady Annabelle.

Muffled screams filled the cabin as the door began to splinter under the forceful attack. The old woman started praying out loud, her small fist clutching her cross, and not for the first time did Carly fervently wish that there had been a pistol to spare.

Someone screamed as a bloody and torn sleeve appeared through the splintered door, fumbling with the small latch that was their last protection from their determined invaders.

Carly moved before she realised. Tugging a hair pin from her upswept mane, she crossed the cabin and stabbed at the grasping hand. A rough curse filtered through the door as the hand reached blindly through the cracks, shoving Carly away from the door.

Carly fell, hitting her head on the edge of a chest and knocking books to the floor beneath her. She cried out from the pain, dizziness overwhelming her as she tried to scramble to her feet, but the roll of the ship tumbled her back on the floor.

She heard the scrape of wood on wood as a chest barring the door slid across the floor from the forceful shoves of the pirates, and her mind screamed 'No!' She felt the trickle of moisture down the side of her face as she tried to sit up, but it was too late. Three men, bloody and disheveled, their tanned faces fierce, thrust themselves into the cabin, their weapons drawn.

"On yer feet, ladies. Capt'n wants ye on deck."

Rough hands grasped her by the upper arms, dragging her to her feet. The smell of sweat and sea assailed her. "You first, lassie. I'm keeping me eye on you."

"Take your filthy hands off of me," she demanded, struggling in his grasp as he held her by the upper arms.

"Aye, a feisty one, lads."

"Capt'n will like that," another muttered, and her ears burned as they snickered.

She was pushed from the cabin and along the dark hallway and up the narrow stairs, the other women not far behind.

Carly blinked as the harsh sunlight hit her eyes, then everything came swimming into horrifying focus. Blood washed the deck, cloth from a torn sail blew gently in the breeze, the familiar faces of the crew either sat or laid on the deck, bound and gagged.

She fought back the nausea as she was forced to her knees, her eyes over the other women as they were pushed down beside her. Angry tears filled her eyes at her helplessness, and she blinked them back, unwilling to allow the pirates to see her distress.

Men swarmed over the deck, seemingly directed by one man, different from the rest. Her eyes were drawn to his broad as he shouted out orders. He was tall, and golden, long black glossy waves brushed the collar of a white linen shirt. Tan breeches clung to his muscular thighs to his knees, disappearing into knee-high polished leather boots.

As if drawn by her turbulent gaze, he slowly turned, hands resting lightly at his hips. The breath caught in her throat as she met deep green eyes that seemed to burn through her as though she wore nothing. The flash of teeth in the deeply tanned face made her stomach clench, and something stirred in her memory.

His gaze left her, flickering over the woman at her side, and he barked out an order to the man that had forced her up on deck, before turning his back to them. She didn't catch what was said, his words lost to the wind, but her eyes widened as the elderly lady and her daughter were dragged to their feet by loathsome pirates. Without thought Carly was on her feet, but a thick arm anchored around her waist, lifting her clear off the ground. She struggled, her fingers clawing at the arm, before another man stepped forward and slapped her across the face. The soft skin of her face burned from the contact, and she cried out, black dots appearing before her eyes.

She continued to struggle weakly, and she saw the arm raise again, and she steeled herself for the brutal blow.

"Hold," a stern voice ordered, and a large tanned palm caught the upraised arm. "She is a mere scrap of a lass. Tie her up if need be, but don't bruise that soft skin."

Carly flinched as a gentle finger brushed her temple, coming away with sticky blood. She watched as he rubbed the blood between thumb and forefinger. "Don't make this harder than it has to be," he warned, capturing her chin with his fingers and lifting her face so that they locked gazes. Her lips parted on a silent gasp at the heat in those deep sea green eyes seared her before he abruptly turned and strode away from her.

She was too stunned to resist as a dirty hand grasped the hem of her skirt and tore a large strip off of the delicate material. She blinked back tears as her arms were caught in front of her and her wrists bound tightly with the cloth. She was forced back onto her knees, and knew that she would have purple bruises on the morrow. If she survived.

What followed seemed the longest hours of her young life as booty was transferred from the Ambassador to a smaller, swifter boat over a narrow makeshift bridge. She cringed as nimble lads climbed like monkeys across the narrow plank of wood, moving with the ups and downs of the waves. Only one crate was lost to flounder in the sea.

Eventually it was their turn. Realising they didn't mean to kill her immediately only brought a certain amount of relief. She knew what would follow would be a fate worse then death.

With a muffled scream she was scooped up against the solid warmth of his chest, his tanned arm anchoring her hips to him as they swung across to the pirate's ship. Her eyes widened as they gazed down at the water so far below, dark and shadowy between the heaving ships. Her hands clung to his shoulders, her breasts crushed against his chest as she molded herself against him in those rushed moments. He landed on his feet like a large jungle cat, and slowly lowered her feet to the deck. A blush warmed her cheeks as she felt his warmth pressed intimately against her, and she was unable to meet the dark green eyes laughing down at her.

She bit her lip as she heard Miriam's screams, quickly turning in his arms to watch as her sister clawed at the young man who held her, pleading hysterically for him not to let her fall. Before Carly could take a step toward her distressed sister, her upper arm was caught in a firm grip, and her eyes swung up to meet her captor's.

"Lock her in my cabin," he ordered to someone at her shoulder, never taking his eyes from hers. Her lips parted on a soundless gasp as she realised what he meant to do to her, and she began to struggle as the lad dragged her toward the steps that led below.

When the reached a door at the end of a narrow walkway the lad opened the door before untying her bound wrists. Before she could try anything he shoved her into a large cabin before slamming the door closed behind her.

"Pig," she muttered, rubbing her sore wrists. She gazed around her in trepidation, her eyes widening at the unexpected sight that met her eyes. Fading sunlight filtered in through the several portholes lining the timber walls, lending the polished timber furnishings a warmth and homely feeling. A large bed piled with pillows rested against the far war, soft and inviting, and her eyes slid skittishly away, unwilling to dwell on the horrible thoughts flying through her mind.

A long desk rested beneath several shelves lined with books and interesting objects that spoke of exotic places. There was thick paper, quills and pieces of wax scattered over the surface of the desk, reinforcing the idea that the pirate was educated.

As she stood gazing around curiously, she was unprepared for when the door bumped against her, and she quickly moved further into the room, the pulse drumming in her ears.

Her stomach clenched with dread as the tall man with windswept black hair stepped quietly into the cabin and closed the door behind him to lean against its length. A shiver ran through her as those dark green eyes locked with hers, and she gazed back at him with a coolness she was far from feeling.

Again she felt the strange effect her had on her, her eyes taking in the deeply tanned face that would put a dark angel to shame, the massive breadth of his shoulders and long muscular legs. He seemed to tower over her in the confines on the cabin, and she gravely doubted whether her head reached his shoulders. A memory tugged at her, but she couldn't quite catch it.

"Remove your gown."

She took a step back, shocked, her hand flying to her breast. Halting, she gathered her courage, refusing to be cowed by his overbearing masculinity. "No."

She trembled as his gaze flickered over her, noting the erratic rise and fall of her breasts, her flushed skin and parted lips, the angry sparks flying from her wide blue eyes.

He merely raised an eyebrow.

"You said don't make this harder than it has to be. I choose the hard way." Her tiny hands clenched and unclenched in the loose folds of her skirts as she waited for his anger to boil up. She was totally flummoxed when he threw back his head and laughed.

Her eyes narrowed dangerously, and she stamped her foot. "Don't you dare laugh at me, you – you mongrel."

He leaned against the door, his laughter filling the cabin.

"Sweetheart, if you are going to insult someone, at least do it properly. Call me a bastard at the very least."

"I am not your sweetheart. I am not your anything!" She hissed.

"Ah, but that is where you are wrong." Her neck prickled at the lightening change in his features, all evidence of humor erased. "You are anything I want you to be."

She froze on the spot as he moved silently across the room. She was breathless as his fingers reached up and gently tugged the pins from her messy bun. Silky strands slithered loose, tumbling down over her shoulders.

"Remove your gown before I tear it from your delightful body."

She flinched as a caressing finger traced down the side of her neck, over her collarbone to rest in the demure V of her gown. Her lashes fluttered close as his large warm palms gently cupped her tiny mounds, moulding them to the shape of his hands.


A shiver ran down her spine as his head dipped, his lips brushing her ear. "You have a choice, little one." She bit her lip as his fingers slid down over her hips to grasp her bottom, jerking her up against him, and her eyes flew open in shock. "You will let me take what it is I desire, or I will leave you to the mercy of my crew."

Fear held her motionless as he pressed a kiss just below her lobe before raising his head to gaze down into her apprehensive blue eyes. The fullness of him seemed to burn into her like a brand where he pressed against her belly.

"Know that I will curse you to the deepest fires of hell if you dare to take what is not yours to take," she ground out shakily.

"Come, my little rebellious beauty, remove your gown. Curse me later if that is still your wish, but for now I have an overwhelming desire to explore my new captive closely."

Her face pale, she reached up behind her, her fingers grappling with the tiny hooks of the gown. It was a slow and arduous task, but eventually she was unhooked to the waist. With eyes lowered, she slowly eased the material down her arms, careful to keep the bodice pinned against her breasts.

"You undress like an untried maiden," he commented as he towered above her, his hands molding her bottom as he ground her against him. Heat filled her cheeks.

"Of course I am a maiden," she cried, stepping back from him. He let her. "How dare you suggest-"She bit her lip at the unmistakable gleam of triumph in his eyes, only belatedly realising his trickery.

"I dare," he murmured, his thumb brushing over her parted lips. "And I intend discovering for myself whether your claim to being a maiden is true. Now for the final time, remove your gown before I tear it from you delicious body."

She drew in a deep breath at his threat, instinctively knowing it wasn't made frivolously. With trembling fingers Carly released the bodice of her gown, letting it puddle at her feet.

She stood before him with lowered lashes, unaware of the alluring picture she presented. The smooth, creamy shoulders revealed by the thin straps of her chemise and the gentle thrust of her breasts above the snug fit of her corset and the creamy thighs below the short hem of her chemise encased in silky stockings held in place by lacy garters.

"Turn around," he murmured huskily.

Slowly she did as he ordered. Her breathing sounded ragged to her ears as she stood silently for what seemed an age, knowing his eyes roved over her. She flinched as she felt his hands circle her waist, dragging her up against him so that the solid warmth of his chest filled the curve of her back.

Her eyes closed as the warm male scent of him wrapped around her, teasing her with hints of sandalwood and lemon.

A gasp escaped her as his fingers slowly slid over her corset to cup the small creamy mounds of her breasts barely constrained by the thin chemise.

She felt her nipples tighten at the lazy caresses as his fingers plucked and rolled at the sensitive peaks, a shiver racing down her spine as he pressed kisses along her neck.

She gazed down at the large tanned hands that molded and caressed her milk-white breasts through the flimsy material, her breathing shallow. These intimate caresses were strange as they were unexpected, stirring unfamiliar feelings low in the pit of her belly and intoxicating her senses with his closeness. She knew little of what went on between a man and woman beyond that the man shoved his male part between a woman's thighs.

Fear ran through her at the thought of what this heathen pirate intended, and she tugged herself from his grasp, backing away from him to put as much distance as possible between them until she bumped up against the side of a table. Her belly seesawed as she saw his eyes narrow, and she quickly spoke. "Surely this thing you intend doing, it – it does not require you to fondle me so," she whispered desperately, her hands feeling behind her for a weapon of some sort.

His lips curved, even as he noted her fear and courage in those guileless sky-blue eyes. "Fondle?" he inquired incredulously. "You describe my caresses as fondling?"

She swallowed hard as he advanced on her, and her fingers closed over a long thin object. She brought her arm up as he moved within reaching distance, her heart racing.

"Don't – don't come any closer."

His teeth flashed at her meager weapon, and it was then realisation struck her. "You!" She cried. "I saw you in the port. You were following us!"

"Not 'us'," he replied silkily. "You."

"But why?" She gasped as he lunged at her, tearing the quill with it's silver point from her fingers and tossing it to the floor. She struggled in his grasp as he lifted her, placing her bottom on the table and moving swiftly between her thighs.

"Because of this," he murmured huskily dipping his head to cover her mouth with his.

She moaned in protest against his mouth as it moved firmly over hers, her tiny fists beating at his broad shoulders.

She gasped as his fingers closed firmly over her hips and brought her hard up against him, firmly wedging his body between her thighs and preventing her from closing her legs.

Her fingers clung to his shoulders as he forced her back to the table, her hips arching as something dug into her.

"Don't" she cried as she tore her mouth from his, her thighs trembling as she felt his hands slide up the sides of her thighs, dragging her chemise with them. She moaned as she felt the swollen part of him barely constrained by his tan breeches prod against her damp curls with deliberate intent.

She cried out as his fingers caught a scrap of chemise over her breasts, tearing it asunder.

Heat licked through her at the intensity of his stormy green eyes as he gazed down at her bare breasts with their rosy tips, and she shook her head, unwilling to surrender to the sensations he wrought in her.

"No", she murmured huskily, trying to cover her breasts from his all-seeing gaze, but he caught her wrists in his large palms, dragging them above her head and holding them prisoner in one hand as the other trailed down the sensitive flesh on the underside of her arm.

"Yes," he muttered fiercely, his eyes lifting to hers as his palm settled possessively over her breast, the thumb brushing the taut tip. Her hips arched when his head dipped to draw it's mate into the warm depths of his mouth.

She squirmed against him, the shocking feel of his mouth and fingers on her breasts causing a tugging sensation deep between her thighs, only to be inflamed by the friction of his burning heat grinding against her tender flesh as she moved intimately against him.

She barely noticed as his hand slipped down over her belly, over the folds of her hastily pushed up chemise to discover the golden fleece between her creamy thighs as she struggled against his mouth.

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