tagErotic CouplingsBirthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 07

Birthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 07


Jade wandered around in a bit of a fog the entirety of the next day. Akim did not call for her again. Honoring his word? Or taking his rejection like a man?

Her feet carried her aimlessly from one part of the palace to the next while she searched out each entry point. It was approaching sunset when she passed through the main forecourt and saw Nahid. She looked much the same as Jade had 32 hours ago. Covered in sperm, tear stained and exhausted. Her hand was furiously working a short thick cock while the recipient spewed forth all manner of vile boasts. From what he would like to do to 'those pretty little nipples' to where he would like to stick his cock after she jerked him off.

At long last the man came while going through a rendition of all the ways he could please her with his tongue. Jade speculated that half his pleasure came from the sound of his own voice. His hot gunk splashed Nahid's cheek and glopped down onto her breasts.

Jade stumbled from the room seeking Li'ir. Sure, it was easy to hate Nahid for the cruel taunts she constantly threw Jade's way or the way she had deliberately touched Jade intimately knowing all the while her touch wasn't welcome, but all that aside, Nahid was still a person and did not deserve to be restrained and forced to pleasure men against her will.

Jade navigated the palace halls with a speed and dexterity she would have been proud of had she bothered to notice. Her only focus was getting to Li'ir, who in the end proved easy to find.

"Li'ir," she entreated, bowing slightly before meeting her eyes, "I must see the prince as soon as possible."

Li'ir arched an enquiring brow. Whatever Akim had done to her had no doubt worked because Jade was fairly chomping at the bit in her anxiousness to see him.

Stifling a laugh, Li'ir went in search of him.

Akim was lost in deep reverie when Li'ir entered the room, still somewhat mystified over what to make of Jade's behavior. She was a slave for God's sake. He couldn't very well discuss his predicament with others, not and still maintain their respect.

Li'ir's smile suggested he was about to be very pleased with the tidings she brought him. He hoped so.

The present Li'ir had given him in the form of Jade had at first seemed a gift, but he was quickly coming to realize any gift could turn into a curse if it was not handled properly. Jade had managed to turn his palace into a mad house since coming. His closest confidant and defender had lectured him on his treatment of her, his favorite love slave was being enjoyed by the whole of his kingdom as punishment for touching her, and his latest acquirement had scorned his love, if he had read the situation correctly.

Yes, he certainly hoped Li'ir stood before him with good news. But the pessimist in him sorely doubted it. As a result, his tone, when he spoke, was terser than he intended.


Her smile slipped a little at his curt tone, but she continued on fearlessly knowing she was about to give him great pleasure.

"Jade requests an audience with you." Li'ir gave a slightly malicious smile before continuing. "Shall I send her away?"

Akim gave her suggestion due consideration. If Jade was panting after sex it would serve his purposes to make her wait. It would serve his purposes best to make her beg. Though after all the frustration he had suffered the previous night he would probably do well to drill her until she couldn't walk straight.

"Bring her to me."

Li'ir turned to do his bidding. The American innocent was about to truly learn her way around a man's body if the look in his eye's had been any sign. His passion was high and Li'ir doubted if she would see either of them again before sunrise.

Jade entered his library with a pinched look to her face. It briefly dissipated as she beheld the splendor of his private library and compared it with the others she had seen thus far. It was so lavishly appointed she could barely believe it was a mere office and reading room. Her fascination held for only a moment as the urgent reason for her visit returned to her. Her eyes were drawn to his figure as he moved to stand opposite her. The heat from his body reached out and stroked an enticing path down her body as he loomed over her.

She immediately bowed before him to escape his presence. It was a reluctant Jade that rose, lifting her eyes only as far as his left shoulder. She didn't see the hot burn of desire in his eyes and she had certainly missed the bulging welcome that had sprung to life upon her entering. Jade was in her own little world shaping the words that would hopefully set Nahid free.

"My Prince," she greeted.

He inclined his head in acknowledgment and waited for her to continue.

"Nahid." Jade said the name that had brought her rushing to his side. Anxious to get it all out before her courage deserted her she rushed on, "Nahid is not at fault for what happened yesterday."

No response.

"I ask that you release her."

Deafening silence.


His hand reached out and grabbed her arm clasping her to him. "Please me first and I will consider it."

Her first inclination was to look up and try to read his emotions through his eyes; she stifled the impulse ruthlessly. Although the piercing grip on her arm gave her a fair idea of what he was feeling. As did the proud erection that was pressed into her stomach.

She wondered how much of his current response was residual anger from her reaction to his avowal of love. Correction. His possible avowal of love. He wasn't even sure if he felt anything for her yet.

His grip tightened marginally as she stood passively and silently in his embrace.

"Please you in what way?"

His mind immediately filled with hot thoughts of what he would like to do to her, but as she had said the night before it was always about him. And if he voiced a single one of his thoughts he would only be proving her right.

Certainly she had given him the right with her question to demand anything he wanted. Even that she rescind their agreement and allow him to sate himself on her body whenever he pleased. But that was not love. So he would let her decide for herself the best way to please him and see if she had been paying attention in the weeks past.

"In the way that you think would please me most."

For a moment Jade felt like she was on acid. She was definitely tripping out if the riddle he had just laid before her had been correctly interpreted. She could choose how to please him? In such a case as that she hoped he would be pleased by further begging because that was the most she felt like doing.

Focus, she bade herself. This is important.

Akim had taken her in various ways throughout the past weeks, had taught her various things. Some positions she knew gave him more pleasure than others, but it seemed he received the most pleasure from witnessing or tasting her own pleasure. She would go that route and pray it was the correct one.

A self-conscious hand drifted through her hair as she acknowledged that she had looked better. Certainly more desirable. But she couldn't very well ask him to wait while she went to freshen up and beautify herself. If nothing else it would negate the urgency and gravity of her request.

Akim turned his back on Jade, giving her a few minutes to gather herself as he settled indolently on a lounge chair. His brain raced in circles trying to fathom her next move. As his mind threw forth one delicious possibility after another, he found his restraint tested to the limit. He battled his natural inclination to spread her thighs and plunder her honeyed depths.

Jade strolled over to him and gently eased herself between his legs. "Will you help me undress?"

Impertinent eyes scraped over the miniscule peasant top and semi-sheer pants. It would take her all of three seconds to take the pieces off herself. His mocking eyes met the challenge in hers.

One shoulder lifted in a negligent shrug that questioned his hesitation. That one cheeky shoulder ended his perusal.

Hands that wanted to hurry and strip her naked were forced to slow down, forced to give the impression that he wasn't eager to view her in all her glory. One long, tan finger trailed under the waist line of her pants stretching the fabric taunt for a few tension laden moments before he snapped it back in place. Steady hands set her away from him before calmly assuming their place in his lap.

Her bewildered gaze flew to his.

"I would like it more if you undressed yourself."

Without hesitating, she lifted her hands to the hem of her shirt, eager to have the whole experience over with.


The command hit her like a bullet stopping her in her tracks. Her hands lowered to her sides. Several deep breaths were pulled through her lungs before she felt strong enough to put on the performance of a lifetime.

To date, undressing had been a functional process for her. The necessary step between being dressed and being nude. She turned away from him and slowly dropped one strap.

She glanced over her shoulder to see if he was paying attention. She was pleased to note his eyes were glued to that one fallen strap. She let the other one fall and turned to face him.

Just the crest of each globe was showing and she playfully tightened her arms across her chest to force just a little bit more flesh up to where his eyes could partake. Slowly she lowered the fabric and just when her nipples would have been revealed she turned away again. The harshly indrawn breath suggested just how much he had wanted to see them.

She pulled the top the rest of the way down with her back to him and he was forced to gaze upon inch upon creamy inch of smooth skin. She wriggled the shirt to the floor and daintily stepped out of it.

His impatience got the best of him and he once again became the autocratic prince she found unbearable. "Turn around."

Jade did as he asked and turned, but her arms stayed firmly crossed over her breasts.

"Is this what you want?" she asked, standing there for all the world as though she wasn't denying him what he wanted most. As if she wasn't willfully disobeying him.

The temptation was strong to demand she take her hands down, but he was too clever for that. He did the next best thing, asked her to continue undressing.

One hand stayed across her breasts while the other slowly worked her pants down. He followed the achingly slow progress with single minded focus, visually devouring each inch of flesh as it was revealed. She knew he could see the dark thatch of hair between her legs, but not the jewel that lay nestled within and she took pleasure in that.

She managed to wriggle her pants to her feet as well and stepped out of them. She bent over to retrieve her clothes from the floor letting her bottom stand high in the air for the precious seconds it took to gather them.

Her hand gave up its missions of concealment, but from the back he was unable to see much more than her pert bottom and long legs. His hands curled tightly as he waited to see what she would do next.

It wasn't a long wait. She finished fiddling with her clothing and turned to face him.

The playful vixen who had refused him even the most cursory glance of her nipples was gone and in her place was a proud miss who gloried in her beauty. She approached him with a sultry stroll passing close enough for him to touch and then skidded away. Her thighs came up against his desk and she settled onto it. She brought a single leg up to the desk so that at long last he could view the jewel he desired.

His eyes caressed her folds for long moments before lifting to her eyes.

"Will you do something for me?" Her request hung between them. She had never asked him for anything...except to be released, but that hardly counted. He stared at her for long moments.

His head inclined the slightest bit to indicate he was willing to listen.

A small concession, but one she knew not to take for granted.

"Will you touch yourself for me?"

His eyes darkened at the request.

"Will you show me how you like to be touched?"

He didn't respond, but she could see the bulge beneath his pants twitch in excitement. She left her request hanging between them, seeing if he would take action, or in any way acknowledge her request. She half expected it to be met with disdain so she was surprised when he at last growled out a reply.

"You know how I like to be touched."

His words were gentle but it was a clear chastisement. A clear warning to back down, but she refused to heed them. She knew she was supposed to be going out of her way to please him yet a selfish imp in her prompted this bit of selfishness and demanded that he please her for once.

"Do I?" Her head cocked to the side like an exotic bird as she continued, "Or are you too intensely private to share something so intimate with me?"

She knew the claim was unfair, but she said it anyway to prompt a response from him. A man as fundamentally sensual as he was wasn't afraid to share anything sexual. It was more likely that a prince didn't share such things with a slave, but she wanted it anyway. Wanted to see him touch himself as he had asked her to do so many times.

It was the challenging spark in her eyes that dared him to do it. The same spark that seconds later had him lifting his hand to stroke his stiff member through his pants.

Eyes luminous with pleasure dropped to follow the motion of that one hand. She was damned if she was going to miss a single second of the performance he was putting on.

As she watched his long fingers slide over his thick cock she felt hot desire pool between her legs. The image burned into her mind as a curl of dark desire snaked its way down her spine. Just watching him filled her with all sorts of illicit desires. The desire to push his hands aside and replace them with her own. The desire to unfasten his pants and let all that hard aggression spring forth. The desire to let her mouth relearn every dip and hollow on his gorgeous body.

She clenched her thighs for a second as her desire reached fever pitch and leaked from between her legs. All this and she hadn't even seen the prize yet. Akim watched her watching him. No, he corrected himself, she wasn't doing anything as simple as watching. Her eyes were devouring every inch of his body. The epitome of enraptured.

He slowed his stroke to tease her. He bit back a groan as he too felt the loss of his persistent caress.

Jade. Everything about her was unique and, if he was being honest, compelling. The force of his indomitable self-control was laid low in the face of the desire she stirred in him. And though she had come to him a virgin he absolutely blamed her for his loss of will.

He couldn't remember having a partner who watched him with such single minded focus. He couldn't remember a woman who made him want to perform to her satisfaction. The very nature of what he was dictated that others bent over backwards to please him. And yet he found himself unzipping his pants, when he should be working, for her pleasure.

Her tongue came out to moisten lips that had gone dry in anticipation.

The zipper was down, but instead of bringing his heated flesh out for her eyes to feast on he kept it tucked away and continued to stroke it.

She groaned in frustration as he spit on his hand and it disappeared inside his pants. He could see her making little motions on the desk in agitation. Knowing how badly she wanted to see it gave him the strength he needed it to keep it out of sight.

His hand tightened incrementally as he observed her. Her eyes were glued to his crotch and her tongue was absentmindedly stroking her teeth. His gut clenched in hot desire.

"Let me see it," she begged. Her hand twitched on the desktop, desperate to dig into her own lush folds as she watched him.

Her broken plea was all the incentive he needed to draw his flesh out into the open.

His hand swept swiftly up to the tip and back down to the base as he continued watching her. She was making little moans of desire he doubted she was even aware of. And he could see her pussy glistening with desire just from watching him. The thought that he could slide deep into her pussy without even touching her and she would welcome him pushed him to the edge of orgasm.

"Now do something for me," he demanded. His voice was gravelly with desire and sounded harsh, autocratic. And sexy. She wanted him desperately.

Desire stole her voice, but she didn't need to reply. She knew what he wanted.

Her head fell back a little in pure need as she imagined giving in to him. It would feel so good to slide a finger inside herself and work herself to the rhythm of his strokes.

She brought a single finger between her legs and ran it through her slit just once. Her eyes dropped away from him to monitor her progress. She brought the glistening finger up to her mouth and sucked it clean.

The whole job could have been done in seconds, but she drew it out. Her mouth lingered on her finger and her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked hard. When she was done she removed the clean digit from her mouth and met his eyes. They smoldered with a kind of feral hunger that she knew meant she only had moments before his control broke. He still stroked himself at an intense and furious rhythm, but it was almost absentminded.

He wanted her. To taste her. To devour her.

For a moment there was only silence. Aside from their ragged breathing not so much as a chirping bird could be heard. It was like the whole earth stood still and waited to see who would move first.

She broke the silence. "Did you like that?"

A harsh groan was torn from his throat.

"Were you wishing it was your finger between my thighs? Your tongue cleansing away the taste of me?"

His neck muscles were extended in agony and she knew he was moments away from coming.

"Would you like to taste me now?"

The words were pure invitation and his mind received the invitation and acted on it before his body even knew what it was doing. He was on her and in her in the blink of an eye. Her flesh spasmed with that first thrust catapulting her into an orgasm that literally left her shaking. His hips pumped swiftly for all of two seconds before he joined her in ecstasy.


The look on Akim's face was thunderous as he navigated his way to the main hall. Sated and yet unsatisfied.

She had toyed with him. Using his desire as a weapon. He was infuriated with her for playing him like a master and at the same time oddly aroused by her manipulation. Offering him a taste when she knew he was at the end of his rope. Letting him see how much the sight of him aroused her. And the worst offense, making him want to confess his love to her in post-coital bliss.

He had been sorely tempted to take her again when he pulled out of her. Her pussy had winked back at him pink and dripping wet. The desire to take one lick at it had ridden him hard. But one taste of their combined enjoyment and he knew he would have wanted so much more. So he had walked away. Before he was ready. And was paying for it.

His cock throbbed in his pants despite having just been satisfied and his countenance hardened further in his frustration.

Nahid quivered as she caught sight of him approaching. The raw aggression she read on his face made her wary, but she still greeted him as due his position when he approached.

His eyes raked over her face, taking in the regret in her eyes and the desire. He was hard pressed to keep the look of disgust from his face. It was nothing to do with the fact that she was covered in sperm, and everything to do with the way her eyes rested on him as if he were some kind of a God. Not even a hint of censure in her gaze. Her only desire to be forgiven. It was at such great odds from Jade's response he could hardly stomach it. Jade consumed him until he could barely breathe. Even when she defied him she could do no wrong. He valued her spirit and how she made him feel. Like a man. Like a man in love.

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