Birthday Girl


Disclaimer: Orin and the rest of the stuff except for Angeline belongs to the guy who made Little Shop of Horrors. Not me. :33 Though, I wish they did!


"C'mon, Angeline---It's just the /dentist/."

A woman named Angeline was being pushed through the door of a large building, floor spinning somewhat beneath her. A girl and a boy, whom looked like her brother finally got her inside. Angeline looked especially agitated. "I-I hate the dentist. Don't start with me."

The other two snickered softly, one opening the white door, the other shoving Angeline inside. The door was slammed shut in quick movements afterwards, Angeline slowly groaning as she turned from the barrier, sliding into a chair beside it.

Orin Scrivello, D.D.S. A somewhat unlikely love for some, in this case, Arthur, if you remember him, and a hated demon from hell for others, in this case, Angeline. Currently, he was 'operating' on a small girl's teeth, but he pulled back suddenly, the little girl taking this as a cue to leave quickly with her mother.

"You that Angel girl those kids told me about?"

Angeline glared, yet tried to become smaller in her seat. "My name's Angeline, man. Get it straight. And, I might be."

Orin smirked widely, arm quickly extending and pulling her up from her chair roughly. She winced in pain, yet he laughed, a sort of creepy, sadistic laugh. Lovely.

Angeline fought for a moment before he could successfully get her into one of the small offices. She groaned softly as Orin pushed her into the dental chair, assuring she couldn't move once putting the arm restraints around her wrists. She writhed her hands around before finally giving up. He, by now, had already gone over to the side, removing the dools from the drawers.

"You were prepared for this, weren't you?" Angeline managed to say. Orin grinned widely as if to say 'yes' before he kicked a pedal beneath the seat. The chair's back fell down to the point of where it was now like a hard, leather bed.

Orin was quite amused as he kicked down the seat. Really, Angeline's face, full of fear and anticipated suspense both excited and humored him. "Comfy?" he asked, turning away and not expecting what he had heard next. Angeline slowly looked up at him the best she could before speaking.

"Yes, doctor."

He almost dropped the tool he was holding, a malicious smirk rising where the grin used to be. "Say that again?" he asked, eyes boring into hers.

"Yes, doctor," she said nervously, looking away from his piercing gaze. He turned back to the drawers as she composed herself, Orin removing a final tool.

Angeline went somewhat pale as he whirled around, sparkling and mostly sharp tools held in his hands. With one quick movement, she was halfway straddled, his knee between her legs. Putting the tools on the sink beside the chair, his left hand roughly grabbed her dark hair with one hand, pulling her head back in another motion.

Angeline knew one thing---Orin wasn't pleased.

Really, she took /very/ good care of her teeth, but they didn't look 'up-to-par' for the dentist. His right hand picked up a tool off of the white sink, it going into her mouth quickly. It was a pick, and he was making sure to 'accidentially' cut into her gums whenever he felt nessecary.

Orin leaned down to inspect his work as Angeline screamed. Well, it wasn't exactly screaming, more like a loud whimper of pain. The little smug smirk never left his face for a moment. He moved the tool to the side, picking up yet another. It was much bigger and more threatening than the other had been.

He went to work, she shutting her eyes as tears formed. Secretly, though, she was beginning to like it, but didn't let him notice as when he adjusted, Angeline could feel a bulge in his pants. She also tried not to notice that, either.

It didn't take long before Orin noticed /her/ arousal, either. A small wet spot was beginning to form in her jeans. This was something he hadn't expected.

No one, especially Angeline, could see what happened next. Sudenly, the dentist had gotten her shirt off. She gasped, immediately blushing but staring fearfully as the other picked up yet another sharp instrument, dragging it slowly across her skin. Blood began to leak from the wounds, pain searing yet giving away to pleasure quickly.

She looked away, a small, miniscule moan erupting from her throat. Orin laughed, eyes narrowing as he removed her bra, tool finding its way to her chest. Angeline shook softly as she felt pain again if only for a minute, whimpering quietly. He shifted a bit before grimacing at the pain of his throbbing arousal.

Orin's hands moved quickly for her jeans, those coming off, the panties following suit quickly after. What he found was that she was shaved, and that she was dripping wet. Her back arched when he moved a hand down, barely touching her pussy. "Looks like I don't even need to prepare you, do I, you little slut?"

Angeline froze at that moment, unable to speak. She was a virgin, and he seemed to pick this up quickly, yet didn't seem to care much. His pants and boxers came off shortly, a thought and a decision flashing through his mind. This would be a test of her masochistic tendencies.

In a quick, sudden motion, he pushed himself into her, piercing past the thin membrane of her virginity. She screamed loudly in pain, yet in the middle of the pained cry moaned loudly in pleasure, pushing against him. He smirked.

Angeline bit her lip as she pushed against him again, desprately wanting more contact. Noticing this, his hand trailed up her body once more, pulling her head back her hair again. "What do you want, bitch? Tell me. /Tell/ me." Angeline whimpered as his other hand moved down to her pussy, pinching and twisting her clit.

Her back arched violently again, she crying out. "I-I want you to fuck me!" a frown emitted from the Italian dentist as he scowled, removing his hand from her clit and slapping her. She didn't know why he had done this, so she tried to please him. "I... I want you to /please/ fuck me, doctor!"

"Good girl."

Moments later, Orin grunted softly as he began to roughly thrust into her, Angeline crying out once more as she raised her hips, moaning loudly each time he brutally penetrated her.

"Orin... Doctor... Oh, oh God... More... Please... Oh, yes, YES!"

Orin loved the effect he was having on the bitch before him. Virgins were /always/ funner to break in, yet she was easier to work with because she was a masochist, though he'd make her scream eventually. With one arm, he lifted her leg above his shoulder, somehow pushing deeper inside. He began to slam into her before he hit her spot, Angeline going over the edge immediately, screaming in pleasure.

He came shortly after her, moaning silently as he pulled out, pulling her head back and moving forward as he came into her mouth. She swallowed obediently.

Blood mixed with Angeline's juices dripped from her abused pussy. She breathed heavily as he quickly cleaned them both, freeing her bonds.

"You're mine now, Angel-baby," Orin said through a smirk, getting his clothes on. "No one else is /ever/ gonna have you."

And, to tell you the truth, Angeline didn't mind.


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