tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBirthday Present Pt. 05

Birthday Present Pt. 05


Her Side

I leaned back from the computer after reducing the cam image to fit in the lower corner of the screen. I was so happy with the way that Victoria had come back to life in her office. I could tell that Vic was really hooked on the feelings that women's clothing gave to him. I was still amazed at the turn everything had taken from the moment I had decided to surprise Vic for his birthday. I never dreamed that it would be more than just lark, a fun time completely different from anything we had done before. But here was Victoria, working and meeting clients in femme, scared, but more than passing as the beautiful woman that she was becoming. And I was amazed at the daring person that I had become.

A few days ago, I would never have had the nerve to make love to another woman, even if I had the desire. And I think the desire was stirred by the video we had watched. Shaving Vic's hair off, and dressing him in a negligee, and making him up, and then making love to him as a woman had done something to me, also. Although I was sure that this was a temporary phenomenon, I had never been so horny, or so much into sexual play. The whole area of eroticism seemed to be opening up to me and I was loving it. I thought on what else we might experiment with and an idea came to me.

I grabbed my purse and headed out to the car, the wind blowing my skirt around my legs. I shivered as the wind caressed my naked thighs above my nylons and blew across the thin layer of panties over my labia. I got in the car and a few minutes later pulled up in front of Cindy's Lingerie and Novelties store. I saw Jenny through the window and waved. She smiled, delightedly, and came to meet me at the door. As I entered, she took my hands and pulled me to her body, kissing me deeply and deliciously. Surprised, but delighted, I quickly looked around. There were no customers in the store and no other staff was in view.

"I can't stop thinking about you and Victoria, Donna. I keep fantasizing about our next adventure, whenever that may be. And Gail is so beautiful and sexy."

"That's what I'm here about." I replied. "I'm wondering about the next step in our experimentation with feminizing Vic. He has taken to the feminine clothing with a delight that I never dreamed that he would and has responded to bondage and spankings positively. I want to keep things progressing in new and pleasing ways for his and my pleasure. And, of course, you and Gail are very much a part of this now."

I proceeded to tell her about the morning and the video cam. She laughed at the surprise we had pulled on Victoria.

Thinking for a second, she said "You know, Victoria seemed to enjoy being entered by the dildo each time we have used it on her. I think she enjoyed getting fucked and you can definitely make the use of her love hole a part of the feminizing game. Let me show you something."

She led me to a section by the dildos and picked up a package. It contained three plastic penis shaped items, each with a flat base and each a different size.

"These are called butt plugs, or training plugs. The idea is to get him to wear them up his anus while he is doing non sexual things. They will distract him and stimulate him sexually the whole time they are in. You start with the smallest and as he develops the ability to comfortably wear it, you go to the next size bigger. By the time he can comfortably accommodate it, he will also be stretched to the point that he can enjoy being screwed with out pain or discomfort. Plus, they will also let him know constantly that you are in charge of his body and his openings, and all for your pleasure which should pleasure him."

I took the package and followed her to another section.

"You've already seen these, as Gail brought some to your house." She picked up a set of nipple clamps.

"These are good for training and teasing. Once a person gets a taste of them, they crave the exquisite pain they produce."

She handed me the clamps and picked up another set. Walking back over to the plugs, she picked up another, but different, set of them. Coming back to me, she smiled.

"You know, Donna, you really shouldn't expect Victoria to let you do something to her that you aren't willing to do yourself."

I felt my anus draw up at her words. I had been so into what she was showing me for Victoria that it had not crossed my mind that they could be used on me.

Taking my hand, she led me back to the dressing room. Pulling the package of butt plugs apart, she took out the smallest and stepped behind me. She lifted my skirt and slid her fingers under the band of my panties. Pulling them gently down below my hips, she whispered into my ear.

"Bend over, darling, and take your medicine."

I hesitantly bent over. She pulled my cheeks apart and worked the dry plug against my anus. I tried to relax my anus but found it tightening up against the invasion of the plug. Suddenly, Jenny slapped my rear end.

"Loosen up, bitch, or I'll wear your butt out!"

Tears welled up in my eyes at the slap and the hard words, but I pushed back against the plug, pushing inside as if I was trying to have a bowel movement. I felt my sphincter start to relax and the plug started sliding in. My mind went back to the night Jenny had fucked my ass with the dildo and I found myself getting hot. I leaned over and grabbed my ankles.

"Push it on in, Mistress Jenny. I'm ready for it."

Jenny finished working the plug into my anus until the back end rested against my cheeks. I stood back up, feeling the plug deep in my bowels, creating the strangest of sensations inside of me. Jenny slid my panties gently back into place and dropped my skirt.

"Now, wear that all day."

As she spoke, she turned me around and started unbuttoning my blouse. Without taking my bra off, she reached in and gently pulled out my breasts. Holding each in turn, she tightened the clamps on my nipples. I could feel the pinching on my nipples as she tightened them, stopping only when she saw me wince at the pain. She pulled my bra back into place. I could hardly think, with the plug stimulating me from behind and the clamps pinching my nipples.

"I have a task for you now, if you can concentrate enough to do it. Take these over to Victoria's office and put them into and onto her."

She pulled me close and kissed me. I was so turned on that I passionately returned her kiss, pulling her to me. About that time, the chime on the door rang and Jenny pulled away from me.

"It's time to pay, and then go do your chores, lover."

We walked out to the cash register. I was trying not to squirm with the butt plug stimulating my back end. I paid Jenny for the items which she put into a bag for me. She winked at me and smiled as I turned to leave. Opening the door to the car and tossing in the bag I swung in and lowered myself onto the seat. The plug push up further into my bowels causing me to lift my hips from the seat. Overcoming my discomfort, I eased myself back onto the seat, and the plug, and pulled the seat belt across my body. My nipples yelped in pain as the strap caught on my breast and brushed across the clamps under my bra.

This caused me to drop my keys to the floor and it was all that I could do to bend over and retrieve them. The plug pushed into my rear and my nipples pressed against the steering wheel causing them to throb. Being even more careful, I started the car and headed over to Vic's office.

Gail looked up and smiled as I came through the door carrying the bag. She gracefully swung her legs out from under her desk and stood to greet me. Taking my hands, she, also, kissed me full on the mouth. I winced as her breasts caressed mine. Noticing my wince, she asked what was wrong. I unbuttoned my blouse partially and pulled my bra down a little, showing her the clamps.

Her eyes widened in surprise.

"Donna! What are you doing?"

"I went by Cindy's where Jenny works to get some more ideas for Victoria. She had some ideas, alright. But they were for both of us."

I took her hand and pulled it down to my rear where she could feel the plug under my panties. Then I took the packages out of the sack. She could see the place in the plastic where one of the plugs was missing. Her reaction surprised me as she looked at the package.

She looked at me and grinned.

"Can I try one?" she asked, coyly.

I looked at her beautiful face and fantastic body. Why not, I thought. What is good enough for Victoria and me is good enough for Gail.

"I'll tell you what. You help me convince Victoria and I'll put it in you myself."

Gail smiled.

"It's a deal." and picked up the other package, pulling it apart and taking the smallest plug out.

We entered Vic's office, Gail holding the plug behind her back while I brought in the nipple clamps. Victoria looked up from her desk. I gasped. She was even more beautiful that on the cam. She swung her beautiful legs from under the desk and stood, her heels making her legs look even more classically feminine.

Gail and I approached her as she twirled around for me to get a view of the outfit. She caught herself just as she started to loose her balance.

"Careful, beautiful. You don't want to break your lovely neck."

I walked up and took her into my arms, turning her around so that her back was to Gail.

"I've got another surprise for you, dear." I said as Gail, on my signal, started to unzip her dress. I gently lowered it below her bra and Gail undid the clasp, allowing it to come loose on her breasts. I fingered her nipples and felt them harden under my manipulations. I pinched them both and saw Victoria's eyes glaze over. With them enlarged, I produced the clamps I had been palming and began screwing one down on a nipple. Victoria's beautiful eyes widened and then she moaned as the clamp began pinching the nipple. I put the other one on as she waited. I knew from experience that the pain was exquisite and delightful at the same time. After making sure that each was secure, but not overly tight, I pulled her bra back into place and Gail hooked it. I pulled her dress bodice back up and Gail, in turn, re zipped it.

I could tell that he was enjoying the pain the clamps was causing to his nipples. Now was the time for the plug.

"Victoria, please bend over toward me and raise your skirt off of your rear end."

A look of alarm entered her face and I could tell she was ready to refuse.

"Victoria, do you trust me?"

"You know I do, Mistress Donna."

"Then do as I say." I replied, looking at my feminized husband and catching his made up eyes with mine.

He bent over and raised his skirt, showing his beautiful black panties and garter and nylons. Gail slid his panties down over his hips and separated his cheeks. I could tell he wanted to pull away as she pushed the plug against his anus but he did not and held his helpless position through sheer will. Gail worked on pushing the plug into his rectum and a moan escaped his pretty lips. I saw him push back against the plug and it slid the rest of the way into his passage. Pressing the plug firmly into place, the end resting on his upturned buttocks, Gail pulled the flimsy panties back into place.

"You can stand now, my dearest."

He stood, and I could tell that he was feeling the same feelings that I had and was feeling. I smiled at her as she dropped her dress back into place.

"You were so good and obedient that I've got a surprise for you" I said, and unbuttoning my blouse and pulling my bra down, showed him my clamps. He grinned.

"At least I'm not the only one in pain here."

"That's not all" I said and turning away from him, I raised my skirt and pulled my panties down to show him my plug.

Gail slipped out of the office and came back holding the next size up.

"My turn," she grinned at Victoria and handed the plug to her. "But I going to need a little lube first and you have just the tool to give it to me."

Victoria turned to me and I smiled my ok.

I got in front of Gail and began kissing her deeply. As I kissed her, I grabbed the hem of her dress and raised it above her panty covered rear. Victoria, lowered herself to her knees and slid the panties down from Gail's perfect rear. Drawing her face in close, her tongue extended and she began to lick Gail's rear passage. Gail moaned in delight and leaned even harder into me as she pushed her rear back into Victoria's mouth. Victoria licked and sucked and probed Gail's tunnel until I thought Gail was going to pass out.

Then she held Gail's hips as she stood to her feet and lifted her dress. She slid her panties to one side and released her bulging member. Pushing up to Gail's rear she guided her penis into the now lubricated passage and pushed, as Gail pushed back against her. Her love tool entered Gail's rectum and she began pumping Gail as though she had not had sex in a month. Gail moaned into my mouth and worked her hip back and forth onto Victoria's tool. Victoria squeezed and released Gail's breasts and cried out as she filled Gail's back channel with her love juice. Gail shuddered and went limp against me, holding me tightly as she trembled.

She regained a little of her composure and looked at me.

"Now I think I'm ready for the plug."

Victoria pulled her still hard penis out of Gail's rear end and picked up the plug. Pushing it into Gail's anus, it slid in easily and settled into place. Gail reached down and pulled her panties back up.

"I believe that went in easier than either mine or Victoria's" I grinned at Gail.

Gail smiled back.

"You've just got to be lubricated correctly, Miss Donna.

"I see, now" I joked. "I'll have to remember that next time. Meanwhile, I think I'm going to scream if somebody doesn't give me a climax."

Gail slipped to her knees and, raising my skirt and sliding down my panties, proceeded to do just that.

As Gail gave me a wonderful tongue lashing, Victoria came around behind me. She pulled the plug from my rectum and before my sphincter could close, reinserted her penis and proceeded to do to me what she had done to Gail. As I screamed into a climax the thought crossed my mind. It doesn't get much better than this.

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