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Bitch Day Afternoon


"Oh, for fu-fu...Achoo!...for fuck's sake!"

The frustration broke through Special Agent Dana Scully's usual calm and controlled facade, one that she kept up even when alone. As she was now. It was half-past-eight in the morning, but it was already humid and stuffy in this small basement office of the Hoover building. Scully had arrived early in the day, while most of the morning commuters were still snug in their beds, and had already wasted more than an hour trying to get her computer to work. And now here she was, on her hands and knees in the deep, dark corner under the desk, disturbing layers of dust that had been gathering for years, while her tailored business suit awkwardly twisted and pressed against her perspiring body.

Her hand gave another wiggle to one of the cords at the back of the computer, and then she finally heard the dull rumble of the computer coming back to life. Lights flashed and a few beeps sounded as she backed out from under her desk, brushing the hair out of her eyes, getting a few deep breaths of slightly-fresher air, and then putting a fist over her mouth as she coughed again.

Scully's eyes darted around the room; she reminded herself she was alone and then exclaimed fairly loudly, "Fucking hell! At least that works now. I hope."

She sat down in the large black leather office chair and waited for her computer to boot up. It was really the only practical desk in the office and it was hers exclusively now, with Mulder on seemingly endless suspension and exile, and the other various agents now re-assigned -- the X-Files were now Dana Scully's personal little obscure kingdom.

As soon as her computer booted up she checked her email. It was the usual array of things she already knew, things she didn't need to know, and things that were actually incorrect. Though, among them there was a note from one of the human resources people, a woman Scully had had a few friendly chats with. It read, in part: "I know you're always asking for help down there in your office, so I've roped two guys who are on the apprenticeship program for the summer. You've got them at least for today and maybe longer if I can swing it, and if you want them. They're not exactly prodigies at Quantico, but I figure they might be able to handle filing some paperwork or lifting some heavy boxes for you. They're kind of cute though!"

Just as Scully finished reading the note a knock was heard on her office door. "One minute!" she called out, and pulled out a mirror from a drawer, made sure that she looked at least presentable, and didn't have a cobweb hanging off her forehead, and then strode towards the door.

When she pulled it open she saw, standing right in front of her, one man in grey pants, a white short-sleeved dress shirt and tie. He had dark hair in a short brush cut and thick-rimmed glasses. Behind him, leaning against a wall with arms crossed and affecting a definitely casual attitude, was another man, in dark slacks and a purple silk shirt with several of the top buttons undone, and long blonde hair that was brushed behind his ears and flowed halfway down his neck. They were both about six feet tall and looking relatively fit, with the blonde man having a slightly bulkier body.

As Scully stood there with her hand on the doorknob she felt them looking her over too, the barely five-foot tall woman with red hair parted on her left side and falling just past the line of her chin, in a tailored subtly-pinstriped skirt and jacket, her white blouse unbuttoned just enough to show the golden crucifix hanging around her neck. Her legs were in dark hose, and that day she had chosen to wear black heels with a significant platform under them that not only slightly boosted her height but always raised eyebrows when she wore them to work.

For a few moments there was just the buzz of the vents circulating air until Scully spoke up, "So you're the cadets sent down to help me out today?"

The man with the buzz cut extended his hand, "Clarence Sipkowetzer. Pleased to meet you. I hope I can learn a lot."

Scully shook his slightly sweaty hand. "Sip...Ship...I'll call you Clarence. Agent Scully, nice to meet you. Come inside."

The blonde man came up and extended his hand, "Hey. Andy Jones. Nice little hideout you have here." He walked in.

Scully gave a little amused smile as she closed the door. "Hey? Hey? I think you'll want to be a little more formal, Andy, especially when greeting senior agents." She stood in front of him, looking up to his face from the broad chest at the level of her head. "Is that a regulation haircut for a male agent? Quantico's discipline must be slipping."

"Um, well...yeah, they've been hassling me about it..."

"I can imagine. Grab a seat, boys, and I'll give you a little briefing about your duties for today." Scully sat down on the edge of her desk and crossed her legs. She watched as the two men glanced around for chairs. Then looked around further. Scully realized that there really wasn't much adequate seating for visitors, them being so rare. As the two new arrivals looked in all the corners, Andy finally pulled up a cheap office chair that had sat against a small desk in the far corner. With a little disappointed look on his face Clarence had to settle for a small footstool, which he also pulled up in front of the main desk.

Scully intertwined her hands over her knee and began talking. "Now, FBI work may seem a lot of fun, but being a good detective is really about diligence, persistence, and attention to detail. And this office is in bad need of an overhaul of its filing system." Scully continued on talking on these themes for several minutes, thinking about the valuable lessons she was imparting to these prospective agents.

Occupied in trying to verbally express herself effectively, she almost lost her train of thought as, a few minutes in, she looked at her audience and saw that neither one was looking at her face, and not even at her chest. Andy's eyes focused on the slowly-bobbing toe tip of the foot highest up in the air, while Clarence, from an even lower perspective, certainly seemed to be focused on where her hemline met her thigh. Scully glanced down and saw that the beginning of the top of her stockings was beginning to show. Both boys had their mouths slightly open, and their breaths were quick and shallow.

"Anyway!" Scully exclaimed, and pushed herself off the edge of the desk, standing up. "Let's get to work. Uh..daylight's burning!" She felt like she had just narrowly missed venturing into something, though she wasn't sure what. "Let's detail what I want to get done."

She led Clarence to a file cabinet and pointed at the bottom drawer with the tip of her shoe. "This. It's a mess, I don't think I've been down there in years. Take the contents and arrange them first categorically, then alphabetically. You'll find some sheets on top here where I want you to index the contents." Clarence sat down on the floor and readied himself to work.

Scully guided Andy over to the small desk in the farther corner of the office, and indicated several old cardboard boxes that were water-stained and smelled of mould. She said, "These are some boxes of evidence I recovered during a recent investigation. They're all photos of suspected UFO's. Same idea, index, categorize, cross-reference...and document it all."

Andy wrinkled up his nose and opened up the top box. It was packed full of photos. He pulled out a few and glanced at them. "These...aren't these just dust, sunspots...clouds...fingers?!"

Scully was already walking back to her desk, swinging her hips and wiggling her ass in that tight skirt as she exclaimed, "That's why I don't want to deal with them!"


Time slipped by as the two men worked away, while Scully sat at her desk, glasses on her nose, typing away at her computer.

Clarence seemed to get more lost and distraught the more he delved through the drawer and its neighbour filled with various files of papers, photographs, and even tapes and DVDs. After a few sighs he ventured to ask out loud "Uh...Agent Scully? I'm not sure I get..."

Scully's concentration was broken and she took a pen she was holding in her hand and forcibly whipped it against the surface of the desk in frustration. She had thrown it a little harder than she meant to, and it skipped off the desk and landed on the floor, close enough to Clarence that he flinched away from it. Scully saw this, but thought it was no time to admit a mistake to subordinates. She fixed him with a stare through her glasses and said sharply, "Clarence! Don't they teach you the basics of filing?! I mean, even if your only ambition is to be a secretary at the FBI, I should think you'd know how to do that! Listen, I can't hold your hand through your whole day, I'm an actual Special Agent, with real responsibilities, ok? If you can't do this, I'm just going to send you back, ok?!"

Clarence tried to swallow though his throat was dry. "O-oh-okay."

"Fine then," Scully said, and went back to typing away, the sound of her little fingers pounding the keys filling the stuffy basement office.


Scully pressed SEND and then sighed and stretched out, extending her hands up towards the ceiling and wiggling her fingers. That was a tough report, but she got it done, and just past the deadline. She looked at her watch and it was already half-past eleven. The two assistants were working quietly, and seemingly diligently.

Scully felt a little guilty about her earlier outburst. But, she reasoned, she was a driven, professional woman, in a job where pressures were enormous. I think I'll show them my appreciation buy buying them lunch, she thought, and smiled, feeling generous. And I'll make it take-out, so they can keep working while they eat.

She stood up and stretched herself some more, then finally stopped as she noticed Andy trying not to eye her as she kicked her legs around. She walked over to Clarence and bent over, putting her hands on her knees. "Well, how's it going, then?" Her shapely ass, hugged by the skirt that stretched over it as she bent over, was right in Andy's view, and he idly fumbled with his pencil as he stared at it.

Clarence looked up. "It's, uh, going ok...Actually, I'm not too sure...uh, we never worked with evidence quite like this, um..." Scully noticed that Clarence's face was getting redder, and perspiration was breaking out on his forehead. As she glanced down she noticed that Clarence's cheap tight grey slacks were distended by a throbbing erection. She thought, before she could catch herself, looks like a big fucking cock.

Scully squatted down and ran her hands through some of the material Clarence had been categorizing. "Oh no," she muttered. She cursed herself inwardly. How could she have forgotten that this was where Mulder kept his collection of pornography? And now Clarence had been browsing through this various material for hours, trying to form Mulder's various failed attempts at a database into a grand system.

She picked up the paper Clarence had been writing on and saw a chart with categories such as 'Threesome', 'Anal', 'DP', 'Facial', 'Rough'. "Ooooh my God." Scully was partly horrified, but it was so ridiculous that she couldn't help snickering, and put a hand over her mouth, trying to cover it up.

"I'm sooo, sorry," she said, with a smirk. "I didn't know this was there, I...haha...but you kind of enjoyed that, didn't you?

"Why don't you just pick this stuff up and put it all in one of those empty boxes from the hall? We need to clear this stuff out of the office." Clarence looked up at Scully, but then down to the floor again. He didn't move. It was clear if he tried to get up, his erection would be obviously, unmistakably visible. Besides that, Scully thought, it might even hurt him just to move it in those cheap tight pants.

She thought she might give the hot and bothered young man some space, and so she partially stood up, though still leaning over, and looked back at Andy. There was no question now he was looking straight at her ass. Mouth open and almost drooling. Another hardon tenting his pants too, and one of his hands was slowly rubbing the outline. When noticed he drew his hand away slowly, reluctantly.

Scully closed her eyes. Just for a moment the heat and humidity and stuffiness overwhelmed her, like she was tipping her over the edge of something. Eyes closed, she rolled her head around, stretching her perspiring neck. Those two hard cocks, clearly throbbing in tight confines, affected this usually staid and conservative woman deep in her core. When she opened up her eyes again there was a different look in them. She pushed her glasses up her nose and stood straight up, strode over to the door, and locked it.

Then she strode over quickly to Andy, growling, "I could have you charged with sexual harassment, motherfucker!"

"What? Huh?" Before he knew what was happening, Scully's breasts were in his face, the full smell of her in his nostrils, as she reached around him and grabbed his wrists and cuffed them behind him, to the frame of the chair. With her knee between his legs on the seat of the chair, she very thoroughly made sure that he was securely restrained, as she shimmied her chest against his face, feeling his hot moist breath on her upper chest and thin blouse.

She then stood up and quickly turned, walking towards Clarence, giving an exaggerated wiggle to her hips. Using a hand to brush her hair from her face she growled "Stand up!"

"Huh? Wha--?"

"I SAID stand up! Right now!" she stood over him, both hands on her hips.

Clarence silently tried adjusting his pants, trying someway to hide his erection.

Scully grabbed his ear and pulled him up "C'mon!"

"Owww..." Clarence stood up at full height, and Scully looked down at his cock that was pushing out his pants, throbbing in one leg.

Clarence stood, backed right up against the metal filing cabinets. His lips trembled nervously as he looked down and saw Scully's hand, with her manicured and painted fingernails, reach out to brush his erection through his pants.

Scully muttered, "Cheap fucking Kmart pants, there's no way you can hide your cock in them." Clarence's hands were spread out, supporting himself against the cabinets, and it wasn't until he heard a few clicks that he noticed that Scully's other hand had placed on him a pair of handcuffs that bound his left wrist to a drawer handle.

"Now let's see what you've been hiding there, buster." Scully said, and unbuttoned, unzipped, and tugged down his pants.

All three in the room gasped, Clarence in relief that his pulsing cock was free of its confines, Scully in surprise at the large cock that sprung up in front of her, and across the room, cuffed to his chair, Andy soaked in that this was all becoming very sexual, indeed.

Scully wrapped her little hand around Clarence's shaft, as much as she could, and stroked his cock a little, then spit on her hand and stroked it some more. She cooed "Ooooh, look at that, LOOK at that...you're SO big and SO hard already..." she glanced over to Andy, stepping to the side so he could see, "Hasn't he got a big one, huh?" and she cackled.

She put more effort into stroking the big thick throbbing cock, as Clarence enjoyed the attention. Scully put a hand under his cock to feel up his balls, rubbing and squeezing them, as her other hand kept stroking his shaft. Precum started to ooze out of Clarence's cockhead, and it wet her hand, mixing in with her spit as she stroked that cock.

Scully stroked it with both hands for a little, then moaned out, "Ooooh, fuck, I need to taste that shit," and she tossed her red hair back as she squatted down in high heels, levelling her head with the throbbing cock, and then put her tender red lips on it.

"AAARrrrgh-OOOhh," Clarence moaned in pleasure as Scully began by licking and sucking his fat cockhead, then working her lips further up and down his cock, stroking the base with one hand and rubbing his balls with the other, bobbing her head up and down with those lips fixed tightly on his throbbing meat.

She went deep a few times, making the cock hit the back of her throat, as her nostrils flared and she gagged enough to make thick drool run down his shaft and balls, and drip down her chin. Scully then pulled off with a loud "Pop!" and leaned back, smiling up at Clarence, and gave a girlish "Wow!"

She wiped the back of her hand against her wet mouth, then stood up and walked over to Andy, wiggling her hips with every step. As she got in front of him she planted her legs in a wide stance and leaned over. She looked right in his eyes, "How about you, boy? You want more of the same?" He could see the saliva still shining on her lips.

"Uh...uh-huh" he managed to get out. Scully smiled and knelt between his knees. Very soon his pants were around his ankles, his cock out, and Agent Scully's mouth all over it.

Andy's cock wasn't quite as large as Clarence's, but that didn't seem to dampen her enthusiasm any. Scully not only sucked his cock loudly and messily, but she humped her whole business-suited body against him, humping on his leg, until eventually she was sucking Andy's cock while her crotch was rubbing against his knee, her skirt sliding further up her ass.

Clarence, cuffed to the filing cabinet, watched, especially focusing on the way Scully's tight skirt rode up her ass, exposing the bottoms of the globes of her round firm cheeks, and the tight little black band of her panties that was stuffed in her asscrack. "Oooh yeahhh," he moaned as he watched her ass wiggle.

Scully slipped her mouth off Andy's cock and turned her head to look back at Clarence, while she still stroked Andy's throbbing, saliva-slick cock, and her half-covered ass was sticking up high in the air. "You like that?" she asked him, teasingly. "Yeah, I bet you fucking like this cock. If you weren't cuffed you'd crawl right over here and suck it, wouldn't you?" Her hand kept jerking Andy's wet cock up and down.

"Um," Clarence stammered out, "N-no." His free hand was stroking his throbbing cock. He watched as Scully sucked up and down Andy's cock some more, her head turned to keep one eye on him, her ass sticking out in his direction.

Scully then pulled her mouth off Andy's cock and crawled over to Clarence. By the time she got there her skirt was scrunched up all the way around her waist, her large firm round globes of ass on display. She kept that up for a time, crawling between one young man and the other, tasting each of their cocks, getting them hard and throbbing, but keeping them away from orgasm.

After a time she stood up in the centre of the room and said, "Ok, enough of that!" she slipped off her skirt and her blouse and everything else, until she was just in heels and stockings. Scully ran her hands up and down her own body, pulling and twisting at her hard pink nipples, pleasuring herself for a moment before remembering that there were two others in the room.

She found the keys to the handcuffs and un-cuffed Clarence, then shared a long, sloppy kiss with him as she stroked his hard cock. Scully then pulled Clarence across the room behind her, holding him by his cock, as she walked over to Andy, and also un-cuffed and then made out with him.

She led the two men over to her large leather chair and she knelt down on it, her knees on the seat, facing the back, her elbows resting on the top of the backrest. Andy and Clarence ran their hands over her body, rubbing them along her smooth, milky-white back and her plump round ass.

Scully grabbed Andy's cock and spun the chair around so she was facing it, and she leaned down to suck it. After a few slurps she looked back at Clarence, "What're you waiting for, baby? C'mon and get on my pussy."

As Scully put her hands on Andy's hips and slurped her mouth up and down his cock, Clarence knelt behind her and gently spread her asscheeks with his hands and started lapping away at her wet pussy.

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