tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBitch is Taught a Lesson

Bitch is Taught a Lesson


Crystal mistreats people, gets her comeuppance and likes it.


Everyone having sex is over 18. This was written at the request of kurocero. He supplied the names, characters, and theme. It is a disturbing, sex-filled tale concerning a New Year's resolution made and broken. I put it in the interracial love category. It also qualifies as non-consent.

Do you have a story to tell? Email me. Maybe we can collaborate.

^^^ (Early in the morning on January the 1st)

"Do it, Andre! Fuck her mouth. Then, pull out and blast your load all over this snobby white bitch's face!" Jamal said.

Four black men stood in a room with a naked white woman. The chubby, twenty-three-year-old was in a stock, the old-time, wooden structure that has holes to secure a person's head and hands. She was held captive by it.

She'd been put into it by her boyfriend who had gathered three other men and encouraged them to grope the woman and receive a blowjob. The woman was being punished for being snooty and smug and verbal abusing regular working people.

The man she'd been dating organized this as payback. It was her turn to be yelled at, abused, and humiliated. The cute, curvy brunette was coerced into sucking cocks and allowing the hooded men to come on her pretty face.

Was Tayven, her boyfriend, breaking the law? Definitely. Was he overreacting? Maybe, maybe not. I'll tell you the tale and you decide.

People disappoint us all the time. That's no excuse for acting as he did. But she'd made him fall in love with her. Then, she revealed herself to be a small-minded, prejudiced person. She promised to change, but didn't. Her inconsiderate treatment of others disgusted him, broke his heart and drove him to this.


(December 3 years ago)

"Annnttt! Annnttt!"

The annoying noise was the retail store's theft detection system going off. The matronly woman looked around confused. She'd paid for her items and yet the alarm sounded when she tried to exit the store.

Tayven, the assistant store manager, hurried over to the bewildered lady. She held out her receipt to the young black man and said, "I don't understand. You can check my bag."

Tayven glanced at the receipt. He saw it was from register #3. He thought, "Damn it, Darlene!". She was his worst employee. He had no doubt the lazy cow had neglected to deactivate and remove the anti-theft tag on the silk blouse this woman had purchased.

He smiled at the woman and said politely, "It's entirely our fault. Let me take care of this for you."

He walked her over to a register that wasn't being used. He pulled out the blouse, used a device to quickly and easily remove and deactivate the plastic tag. Then, he folded it nicely and returned it to her bag.

"That's a lovely blouse. The color will look great on you," he said.

"Thank you." She was no longer flustered. She appreciated his handling of the matter. She said in an offhand manner, "Those sensors work well. I wish one of those detection devices could be put in my mother's dentures.

"She's in a nursing home. Memory issues," the lady confided. "Mom takes her lower denture out and puts it in a napkin. Then the staff comes along and throws them out with the trash. That's $2000 gone in an instant.

"The home has a system that keeps the residents from walking out of the building. If only their door sensor could sound an alarm when someone's denture was being carried out in the trash!" The woman smiled and left.


Tayven was a tinkerer. As a child, he drove his mother crazy dis-assembling radios, televisions, computers, and other devices to learn how they worked. It paid off for the family. He was able to fix their broken devices. He earned a few bucks repairing things for the neighbors.

After graduating from high school, he entered a manager trainee program for a large retail chain. He continued to repair items on the side for cash, but he put his hopes for a steady income on the retail trade. He planned to move up in the company and secure his future.

That evening after dinner, Tayven recalled the conversation with the woman buying the silk blouse. He wondered if it was possible to do what the woman had asked.

He knew nursing homes had 'wander guards' that sounded an alarm when residents left their assigned, secure area. The detection system was already in place. All he had to do was figure out how to miniaturized the sensor to fit in a denture.

A year later, Tayven solved the problems. Dentures aren't very thick. There's not enough mass to hide a sensor and battery. The solution was to change their shape and embed them in the plastic teeth.

He made a few and tested them. First, in his workshop at home and then in the field. He continued to modify and improve it. He made it compatible with most of the popular 'wander guard' systems on the market.

He applied for a patent and then approached various companies. He found a factory in Taiwan that would manufacture it. Then, he reached out to companies who sell wander guard systems.

Six months later, his product hit the market and was a success. He quit his retail job. He was on his way to becoming a wealthy man. As an entrepreneur, he had to assemble a team of advisors. He needed a lawyer, an accountant, and people to assist with marketing.

That's where he met Crystal. She was a bubbly, young accountant who worked for her family's prestigious accounting firm. It was her job to work with small start-up firms like Tayven's.

Tayven was bowled over the first time they met. He was escorted to her office. She was on the phone standing with her back to him looking out the window of the skyscraper's floor-to-ceiling window. She was wearing a tight pencil skirt and high heels.

He was stunned by the sight. The skirt material was drawn tight across her big, round ass. The high heels accentuated her shapely calves. He salivated as he thought, "Damn! That's a great ass!"

She turned, waved and gestured that he sit. He did and he continued to check her out. She was in her mid-twenties, short, cute, and a brunette. Her skin was flawless and very pale, very white. She was chubby.

Her extra weight didn't bother Tayven. In general, he didn't find skinny girls attractive. He liked women. Women of substance. Women with big tits and big butts. In his mind, the more to grab the better. He preferred to take women from behind and a bigger ass made it more fun.

If you'd hooked Tayven up to a lie detector, he would have admitted that part of Crystal's appeal was that she was white. While interracial marriage was no longer illegal, for a black man to be with a white woman was somewhat taboo. Having the forbidden fruit can be very exciting.

She ended her call, smiled, and extended her hand as she walked toward him. "Hello, Tayven. My name is Crystal. I'm pleased to meet." Her bright smile was dazzling.

He stood and shook her hand, Her hand was small and delicate. Her nails were neatly trimmed and painted a bright red color.

Their business relationship continued to bring them together as his company grew. He enjoyed the time he spent with her. They had numerous business lunches. She was bright, enthusiastic. Very posh. She came from money and had attended expensive, prestigious private schools.

Tayven was a public high school graduate. He was impressed and smitten by the well-dressed, well-spoken woman. He took a chance and asked her out one day.

"Crystal, I like you. I'd like to go on a date with you. How about dinner tonight?"

She looked up from the spreadsheets and said, "Sure. Do you like sushi?"

"Great!" he exclaimed. Inside he was doing cartwheels.


He picked her up at her place. When she opened the door, his mouth fell open. He was stunned by her outfit. She was wearing a cobalt blue, wrap dress. Her breasts were barely restrained by a flimsy, lace bra. They jiggled and bounced every time she moved.

While the amount of cleavage she was showing was awesome, the way the dress cinched at the waist and flared at the hips was amazing. The dress clung to her curves. Her big ass looked luscious and juicy.

Tayven was momentarily speechless. When he regained the ability to speak he said one word, "Wow!"

She giggled coyly and said, "Thanks. That's the reaction I was going for."

They went to dinner, enjoyed the food and the company. They both drank sake and were slightly inebriated.

She asked, "Want to come back to my place?"


They returned to her apartment. It was nicely furnished. "Make yourself comfortable? I'll be back in a second. Drink?"

He nodded and removed his jacket.

"Make mine bourbon neat. The bar is there," she said and pointed to the corner as she stepped into her bedroom.

When she returned her high heels were gone and so was her bra. Her big boobs floated and jiggled under her dress.

They sat on the sofa, talked more and drank. She leaned in and kissed him. He was nervous and it showed. She said, "We're not in high school. My parents won't be coming home, No one will catch us fooling around. You can kiss me."

They kissed. They kissed a third time. That one seemed to last forever. It was warm and soft and nice. They heard and felt the other's breath. They looked deeply into the other's eyes. His hand hefted a boob. It was heavy, yet soft. He searched out her hard nipple and massaged it.

"Oh," she groaned enjoying his touch.

He continued to kiss her as he groped and caressed her breasts. She lay back on the arm of the sofa and let him touch her. She loved it.

He sat perched on the edge of the couch. His hand slid down to the bow that held the wrap dress together. He undid it. The dress came apart. He felt like a kid at Christmas unwrapping a gift.

She lay there smiling at him as he pulled the fabric aside. She was naked underneath. Her pale white skin glowed. Her boobs were big and floppy. Her areolas were large and dark. Her nipples were tight peaks.

His eyes scanned her body. He ran his hand across her stomach moving lower, toward her sex. She had a tuft of dark pubic hair on her belly. He couldn't see if she'd removed all the hair around her pussy because her ankles were crossed and her thick thighs were pressed together.

"You're so beautiful," he said awestruck. "You're skin is so smooth. So soft. So white.

"Why don't you get undressed?

He stood and yanked at his fine clothes. He practically ripped off the expensive threads. He stood naked before her. He was an average sized man, 5' 10", fit, but not overly muscular. His skin was a deep caramel color. He had black hair and dark brown eyes.

She took it all in and then looked at his penis. It too was average, a hard six inches. "Nice," she said. And then casually, as if playing 'you show me your's and I'll show you mine', she spread her legs and exposed her cunt.

His jaw dropped open and he stared. It was bare. With the hair removed, he saw her slit and labia clearly. They glistened in the light because she was aroused and wet. It was pink. A beautiful pink gash surrounded by the alabaster white skin of her tummy and thighs.

He was in heaven. He'd been with black women and Latinas whose skin ranged from cocoa to ebony, but she was the first white woman he'd seen naked in person. It was hot. Erotic.

He dropped to his knees and kissed her sex. She giggled at his excitement. He shoved his face into her pussy and devoured it. He had to touch, kiss and lick everything. He tasted her and loved it.

"Oh. Oh!" she moaned enjoying what he was doing.

He ate her earnestly and for a long time. He marveled at her pink pussy. She rocked her hips into him and moaned. His fingers explored her cavity and his tongue played with her clit.

She cried out sharply as she came,"Oh! Oh! Ohhh."

Her body spasmed and her stout thighs captured his head and momentarily held him prisoner.

"Oh, nice. Thanks," she murmured when her orgasm ebbed. She released him and stretched out on the sofa lying on her side facing him. She grinned at the man kneeling on the floor and playfully asked, "What's next?"

"You're going to show me that beautiful ass!"

He reached out, grabbed her, and rolled her onto her stomach. Both hands went to her large bottom. He squeezed big handfuls of her flesh. She laughed and giggled while he played with her bum. He caressed it. He gently slapped it. He grabbed it and shook it.

"You like?" she asked playfully.

"I like!" he responded.

He had to have her ass. He grabbed her legs and pulled. He positioned her so her knees were on the carpet and her chest on the sofa. Her big ass was right in front of him.

"I've got to fuck this ass!"

"Take it," she said giggling.

He knelt behind her and rubbed his dick against her sex wetting the head. He placed it against her vaginal opening and pushed. He was so excited, so turned on by her porcelain white skin and big, round butt that he wanted to slam it home, but he restrained himself.

He slid in smoothly and calmly for her sake.

"Ahhh," he exclaimed. She was as hot as a furnace and soft as velvet.

"Ohhh!" she moaned. His prick was hard and thick and wonderful.

He pressed in slowly and paused when he bottomed out. Both thought they were in heaven. Their hearts raced. He gently fucking her. It was nice.

The problem was, Crystal didn't want nice. She'd asked to be taken. She looked over her shoulder and taunted him. "Tay, am I some petite lady you have to be careful with? Look at my ass! It's made for pounding. Fuck me hard. Pound that ass!"

He smiled and said, "I think I love you. I know I love your ass and your attitude."

He kicked it up a couple of notches and gave it to her hard. He slammed into her pillowy ass making it jiggle. Soon they were panting, sweating and rutting like maniacs.

She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. A second powerful orgasm built inside her. She arched her back and cried out, "Oh my GOD!

Tayven had been barely holding back his orgasm. This white girl was everything he'd dreamed about in a lover. When he heard her cry, he screamed too.

"Ohhhh. Ohhhh!" he came big time and thrust into her. He came and came. Then he slumped on top of her. They lay there exhausted and happy.

When she felt his jism sliding down her thigh, she got up and ran out of the room. She called out, "Come with me."

She led him into the bathroom. She was not embarrassed to plop herself on the toilet and pee in front of him. She pointed to the walk-in shower and said, "Get the shower going. That was hot, nasty, wonderful sex. We need to clean up."

He did as instructed. She wiped, flushed and washed her hands. Then, she joined him in the shower. She barged to the front and took all the water. She wet herself thoroughly.

"Hey," he said playfully. "What about me?"

"Tay, this is a dog-eat-dog world. It's every man for himself."

He took her advice to heart and slipped past her and got the majority of the water. She grabbed the soap and cleaned her soiled sex. She reached around him and soaped up his dick. He grew hard due to her touch.

"Looks who's back!"

He turned to face her. She continued to beat him off using an underhanded motion. They stared into each other's eyes. She said, "I got off twice. I guess I owe you one. Do you want to come? You can come on my tits or my ass."

He liked her dirty talk.

She continued to stroke him and said, "Come on my tits! Never my face, but you can come all over my big titties. Okay?"

He nodded and groaned, "Ahh. Ahhh, Ahhhh!"

His dick exploded and his cum landed on her boobs. She beat him off milking all of the cum out of him. She smiled, proud of her sexy self. His legs went weak and he leaned against the wall.

She giggled happily and pushed passed him. Then, she washed his sperm off her body.

He recovered and came up behind her. He kissed her neck and fondle her slick, wet tits. He moaned contentedly and said, "You're something."

"Yes, I am." She turned to him and said sincerely, "So are you." She kissed him long and passionately. When she ended it and pulled back she said playfully, "Did I earn a second date?"

They both laughed.


They continued to date and continued to have hot sex. On their next date, she showed her oral skills. After making out on the sofa and groping each other, she slid to the floor. She undid his belt and gave him a challenging, sexy look arching one eyebrow.

She got his pants and underwear off and grabbed his hard dick. She licked him from balls to the tip while staring up at him. Tayven found the experience really hot.

She plunged him into her mouth and sucked his cock like a wild woman. She was relentless and imaginative. She bobbed. She massaged him with an active tongue. She took him deep. Her hands played with his balls and stroked his shaft.

She got him off in a manner no other woman had. After vigorously giving him head. She pulled back and only kept the tip of his dick in her mouth. She knelt at his feet and flicked her tongue around his knob. Occasionally, she reached down to the special spot on the underside of his dick. The whole time she stared up at him wide-eyed.

Her tongue action felt nice, but what got him off was seeing his black dick in this white women's mouth and seeing her looking up at him adoringly.

"Oh! Ahhhhh," he cried out and empty his load in her mouth.

When he recovered from his climax, he said, "That's was amazing and you swallowed every drop!"

She teased him saying, "I'm wearing an expensive dress. No way was I going to let your spunk stain it!"

On another date, they went to a movie. When they returned home, they again made out on the sofa. After a bit, she led him into the bedroom. They undressed. She sucked his dick. He ate her pussy. They were both were ready to fuck.

"Get up on your knees," he said wanting to do it doggie-style.


He frowned, but only slightly. Sex with her was always good.

She said, "Don't worry lover. You won't be disappointed. What do you like most about me?"

He worried this was a test. He said, "You're smart. You're kind, You're beautiful."

She interrupted him, "Cut the crap. You love my big ass. We're going to fuck and you're going to love it because the whole time you can admire my best asset."

She batted her eyes and said in a sexy, husky voice, "Lie down, darling."

He lay in the middle of the bed. She got on her hands and knees. She crawled to him and kissed him. He returned the kiss fervently. She ended the kiss and moved until her tits hung down on his face. She moved back and forth brushing her big, white boobs against his lips and cheeks.

She giggled enjoying teasing him. He caressed her boobs and latched onto a nipple every chance he got.

Next, she flipped herself around and dropped her pussy on his face, Naturally, he kissed and licked her sex. She scooped up his cock and sucked on it briefly. Then, she let it fall from her mouth as she moved toward his feet. She crawled on her hands and knees until her hips were over his.

She reached back, grabbed his erection, and she asked, "Ever do it reverse cowgirl style?"


She sunk down on his prick and cried out, "Oh, yes!" She paused and savored the joy that always came when a cock spread her flesh. Then, she asked, "How's my pussy?"

"Wonderful," he groaned.

She took him in and out a few times. She giggled, looked over her shoulder and asked, "How's the view?"


He was spellbound seeing her big, white ass bounce up and down on his cock. It was a beautiful sight seeing his black dick disappear into her pink pussy. And, as if that could be topped, her ass looked huge from this vantage point!

She fucked him. In this position, it was hard for him to thrust so she did most of the work. She brought her fingers to her clit and rubbed it as she had sex with him. She didn't expect him to last long. He was obsessed with her ass and she suspected he'd get overly excited and come quickly.

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