Bitch of The Pack Pt. 01 - Unmarked

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Analise falls into a filthy predicament.
13.9k words
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Content Warning:

This story contains vivid and gross depictions of kinks such as Fart Fetish, Watersports and Smegma.

Bitch of The Pack Part 1 - Unmarked Territory.

Written by HumbleHeretic

"And why exactly should I trust you?"

Analise kept her notched arrow trained on the bright orange creature who rightfully trembled from the menacing gesture. Maybe the Fox's quick movements would have spared him from danger at any other time, however his chances of getting away greatly dwindled when considering who he was facing. Long red hair from within which poked out unusually long, particularly pointy ears. Of the many races on the continent, there was hardly one that bested the Elves when it came to their natural talent for archery. Derrick therefore had to continue to tread lightly, lest he end up with a hole between his eyes.

And as the Fox was warily observing the Elf, the latter was reciprocating his gaze with scepticism. Analise knew what kind of creature this was, what looked like a normal red fox but was larger than normal, easily stood on two feet and spoke and acted like a human as he was doing now. However while they were far more intelligent than the average fox, that directly made them more tricky and cunning. She'd heard stories of people being led astray by such creatures, she would have already chased him away with an even worse threat were this under normal circumstances, however currently she was in a bit of a bind.

"I assure you that I can help you find what you're looking for before the day's end, all I ask for is twelve gold coins as compensation."

As the Fox spoke, the Elf had little choice but to actually consider it. She had somehow, despite her sharp senses, had an item stolen from her last night as she was camping. Any other time she would have simply called it bad luck, however this just happened to be an item that she really needed to get back. Just as she was at a loss on what to do, she met this Fox. At first she assumed him the thief and had threatened him as she was doing with her bow right now, however he'd pleaded his innocence and offered to track the item for her for a fee, leading to the current situation.

Honestly, twelve gold coins was a blatant and bold-faced rip off just to search for an item, however it was because of this that his intentions seemed more authentic. She'd heard that beasts like these were magically blessed in finding valuable items as patrons of the Scavenger God, so he really had a better chance than most to help her find her missing item. Besides, in the event that he turned out to be the thief and was even trying to scam her further, Analise was more than confident enough in her skills to put down the Fox and whatever other companions he might have waiting for her along the way. For now, the item was of the utmost priority.

"Fine then, lead the way, just know that this won't end well for you if you try anything."

"Of course, of course. Uhm, if you have something that was last in contact with the object in question, that would be a great help."


As if he probably didn't know the scent well enough already. Analise huffed but continued to play along, the Elf was prepared to turn this Fox into a fur scarf should he try to make a fool of her.


"It's already been two hours."

Analise inevitably began letting down her guard as the search progressed. Of course she was still ready to have to fight whoever the thief was if and when they eventually found them, however, not only was the Elf confident in her personal skill, but they were also currently traversing through a forest. No matter where an Elf went, the forest was their home, they would have an advantage even when facing beasts and anyone that tried to ambush an Elf in a forest where their senses were at their peak would be foolish at best and suicidal at worst. Therefore one couldn't name her for taking it easy as she watched the Fox tracking along.

It seemed walking on four legs was still most comfortable for his kind, he acted more like just a regular larger fox as he twitched his nose about while trotting along, supposedly tracking the scent of her stolen item. Even Analise, a being close to nature, didn't quite understand how beasts could possess such incredible senses and tracking abilities, much better than elves even. Her hostility towards the conniving creature gradually shifted more towards curiosity as they went, which further contributed to her subconsciously easing her guard. And it was exactly because of this that the fairly skilled elven warrior was caught in a situation she never should have been in.



All of a sudden, a pained yell echoed in the empty forest, followed by a hurried scampering noise! Within a half second the pain on Ana's face was replaced by burning rage as she almost instantly notched an arrow to her bow and took aim! However, the assailant had already taken up hiding behind the trunk of a large tree, almost fast enough to leave a bright orange after-image where he'd scampered off from. Analise cursed over and over in her mind as she looked at her calf that was barely exposed above her boot. The pain originated from a small collection of fine needles that were now stuck in her leg, needles that had supposedly been hidden in the damned Fox's tail that he'd brushed against her leg just now!

Obviously regular needles would have never been enough to incapacitate a grown Elf, however it was the identity of these needles that made Analise horrified. It was a very familiar type of needle to Elves as it came from a specific flower that was one of the most dangerous in nature to their kind. The reason for this was proven almost immediately as a great sense of dissonance suddenly caused the Elf to drop to her knees like a puppet with its strings cut!

"Ugh, damn fox-!"

It was a struggle for her to even yell in rage right now as her insides were even more enraged. The secretions of the flower's needles caused the mana inside of her to go absolutely ballistic, the flow was disrupted and excited sporadically, causing all order in her circuits to become destroyed like a country's roads piled up with carriages with horses that had suddenly become scared and gone wild! This was a temporary effect that at most would have made a regular person extremely nauseous, however to a faerie race like the elves that were greatly intimate with mana on an intrinsic level, the effects were greatly exaggerated to where she would be struggling just to hold on to her consciousness for a short while! And this short while was all it would take for things to go horribly wrong.


The damn Fox was still hiding behind the tree while Analise was unable to do anything while crumpled to her knees. The Elf clicked her tongue in distress as her disarrayed senses caught some presences nearing their location rapidly. Obviously they had been staying out of her detection range all this time, only now having started moving in with some kind of signal from the damn Fox. In the end, she had been duped worse than she could have anticipated and now it seemed like the outcome would be far beyond her control. It wasn't long before the stench of foul beasts began to taint her sensitive elven nose, causing Analise to scrunch in disgust and anger as the shadows of her assailants came through the surrounding brush.

"Well, I didn't think the little shit stain would actually pull it off!"

"And she's a pretty one too!"

Their vulgar speech aside, a single look at them was all it took for everything to make sense. Ana's dislike for foxes is abundantly clear, it's a sentiment shared by most, however even the sneaky, conniving creatures known as foxes held a higher social standing compared to these filthy beasts. Hyenas, four of them, specifically, four anthropomorphic hyenas.

Like the fox still hiding for his life behind the tree, they all stood on two legs, legs that were many times more developed. Their long legs were even longer than those of a slender tall Elf like Ana, and they were muscular. Their plump calves made their large clawed feet seem even more threatening, thick furry toes adorned in gleaming ebony blades that could easily flay fully grown lions. The dark, almost black fur of their feet transitioned to creamy tan fur decorated with brown spots, this thick coat continued up their legs of thick, muscular thighs, plump hips and thick waists flanking their muscular stomachs. A couple of them even showed abdominal definition through the lighter, tan fur covering their bellies. One would think that they were males were it not for, first of all, their well-developed breasts that would be the envy of those even more endowed than the modestly busted Elf. There was not a one among them without full, bouncy breasts of light tan fur and bare ebony nipples. Continuing the trend of their very wild yet undoubtedly feminine features were their faces of dark brown muzzles, long, pearly, undeniably sharp canines joining the rows of tough, hide-ripping teeth hidden behind their glossy black lips. The colours of their bright, sharp eyes ranged similar to their hairstyles, however rather than regular hair like Ana's burning read strands, they had what seemed more like lush manes of long, spotted tan fur cascading down their heads where stood up pairs of fluffy hyena ears. Given their features, one could easily describe them as tall, furry, beastly amazons with a wild style. Busty physiques and rough attitudes.

However there was one more part to them worth paying extra attention to, a part that a proper girl like Analise hadn't seen on even the most ruggish of past party members. All four of them had bare, dark brown protrusions extending from their crotches. Without sugar-coating it, they were sizable, packed canine sheaths complete with a pair of large, dark brown balls hanging between each of their meaty, furry thighs! Analise had heard that regular hyenas had fake phalluses, however there seemed to be absolutely nothing fake about the prominent sets of cocks and balls presented by the band of savage beast women. Just with a glance, the inexperienced Elf could tell that they were more than functional! The mere sight of this quartet of wild She-beasts was already making Ana wish she'd been ambushed by a band of vulgar human bandits instead!


Ana tried in desperation, thinking that she'd be able to overcome the effects of the toxin somehow. However in the end there was only so much that could be done through sheer will. As she tried to move her index fingers, her pinkies simply twitched instead. Her knees felt tingly and week, unable to move properly, there was no way she could even get back to her feet in this state. She had heard of the horrifying effects of the Elvenbane flower, however this was the first time she was experiencing it for herself, and the effects were much more horrifying than she could have imagined! The helpless Elf was thus carelessly approached by the lumbering Canines, even if she was in her top form, she would struggle against four fully grown Demonic Hyenas.

"You know, I was sceptical at first, but the little mutt sure knows his stuff."

The biggest Hyena in the lead approached right up to Ana, showering the Elf further in her beastly stench and making her face cringe. An especially annoying stench seemed to be wafting off her naked crotch that was hanging right above the kneeling girl.

"I did what you asked right?! You'll accept my request right?!"

As he seemed to finally be convinced that the scary Elf was down for the count, the scheming Fox finally left his hiding position behind the tree. Ana watched with hatred as he trotted up to the feet of the towering Hyena Alpha, like a pet dog kowtowing at the feet of his master. He even bowed his head in subservience, to which the other party placed her large foot paw on top of his head.

"I guess you're a little more useful than you look. Fine, we'll take you as our toy too."

Toy? Ana was in disbelief at the expression of the Fox having his head gently stepped on by the large paw that could easily crush him! Rather than fear, his expression was one of ecstasy, as though aroused at being treated in such a way by the much larger beasts! Did he set her up just so that he could serve the Hyenas like some sort of sick masochist?! The more the situation developed, the more rage and the more sick to her stomach Analise felt!

"Of course, you'll have to wait, this one is going to be our main bitch."


"Gugh, you fucking... freaks."

A round of strange hyena laughter came from the other three as the Alpha donned a sharp, toothy grin whole looking down on the helpless Elf. Ana spat curses as it seemed that her venomous mouth was one of the only parts still working. However that was all that she could do. She couldn't even move, therefore she was wholly unable to stop the Hyena from reaching down towards her and hooking a sharp claw on one of her ten thick, dark brown furry fingers, right between her cleavage!



Elves certainly preferred lighter leather armour over heavy metal armour that most humans wore, however she didn't expect it to be so easily ripped apart! Her lower garments stood even less of a chance and joined the leather scraps as ribbons of once expensive fabric. Out spilled the Elf's modest breasts, her fair skin and dainty pink nipples the complete opposite of the Hyena's bountiful mammaries with their puffy dark milk knobs. Excited hyena laughter filled her ears as Ana shamedly looked away, or tried to as the Alpha grabbed her small breast in one of her large furry mitts, then bringing her fuzzy face closer,



The Elf grunted as a shock ran through from her chest to her whole body, making her back tense and tingle! Swiping across her nipple was the large, rough, wet and hot tongue of a hyena, it was a large enough tongue to almost cover her whole breast. The Hyena aggressively licked at her breast while focussing on her nipple, meanwhile the slightly rough nubs of her fingers caressed Ana's fair and soft skin. The thing was though that it wasn't just the shame sending Ana into turmoil, but a fact that she seemed to only now discover for herself. Apparently the effects of the needle made her body even more sensitive than normal! The act of the Hyena's hot tongue aggressively attacking her nipples made her otherwise immobile upper body shiver uncontrollably!


"Gunf! Stop!"


That wasn't the end though, despite her mental distress, Ana's nipples quickly hardened against the surface of the Alpha's rough, beastly tongue! The sensitivity increase another fold, and now as the Elf was shamed with the others watching and laughing along, her lower body as well was experiencing an involuntary reaction! Her disobedient legs reflexively squeezed together on their own and twitched along with the snaking movements of the tongue on her breast. While she struggled not to have her voice leak from her mouth, gradually a warm fluid began to leak out somewhere else and wet her underwear below her remaining leather armour. A warmth and a buzzing made her tight, smooth belly tremble! It was by far the greatest humiliation the noble Elf had even suffered in her life, to be forced into arousal from the molestation of a filthy anthropomorphic, demonic beast! However, pretty soon Ana would realise that this was only the tip of the iceberg of the humiliation she was meant to suffer!



A final heavy suck of her nipple for good measure and the Hyena finally stopped licking. She let go of her breast covered in beastly saliva as Ana panted in rage and shame, her back still tingling and her legs still quivering with the wet spot already enlarged.

"That's a nice taste you've got there, too bad we're gonna have to ruin it now."

Ruin it? What did they mean by that?

The other Hyenas seemed slightly dissatisfied at their leader's words.

"Hey, you could have let us get a taste of her first!"

"No time, I don't think the effects will last much longer. This is our only chance to mark her."

"Ah, in that case..."

At this time one of the other three Hyenas changed places with the Alpha. Though this one was ever so slightly smaller, Ana felt no less intimidated, especially with the wicked toothy grin spread across her face. Clearly she was up to no good, and Analise found out the hard way as the Hyena suddenly spun around in front of her!

"Ugh, filthy bitch!"

The curses came out naturally as the Elf came face to butt with the She-beast's furry ass! Their natural feral musk was already doing a great disservice to her sensitive elven nose, however a much more pungent odor now bathed her face as the Hyena's large, plump butt came nearer. This scent got even worse and made her face scrunch more heavily in disgust as the Hyena proceeded to spread her fat ass cheeks apart while bent over in front of the Elf! Between the doughy mounds of furry spotted ass meat was all the bits that were meant to be there.

The Hyena's fat dark balls hanging below her vagina that resembled that of a regular woman's instead of a mutt like Ana assumed. "Resembled" being the key word here as her pussy was still large and vulgar, plump dark brown labia much like her balls with contrastingly bright pink folds packed tightly within the slit. And above of course was her asshole, a fairly large, slightly puffy ring or dark brown, wrinkled flesh below her long, fluffy tail. An intense stench of unwashed ass was now mixed in with the Hyena's pungent musk, the Elf could even see small beads of ass sweat decorating the Mutt's fleshy anus as it stared her right in her horrified face!

Surely they weren't planning to actually "mark" her, just the stench of Demonic Hyena ass from this distance was already making Analise feel nauseous!

"Get that filthy thing aw-WMPHPFT~!!"

"Gosh, so chatty."

The Elf was only halfway into yelling when her words were directly blocked in the worst way! Her voice were muffled as her small elven face was practically swallowed whole by the musky, stinky chasm of the Hyena's ass, whom had jammed her filthy butt back into Analise until the back of her head was roughly jammed against the stump of the tree behind her! Darkness engulfed Ana together with the meaty pressure of doughy ass meat compressing her facial features like a stinky vice. The pressure of the massive Hyena butt was followed by the sensation of moist ass fur against her cheeks and bare, moist, leathery skin against the front part of her face. The warmth was like a sauna, except rather than her own sweat, it was the Hyena's smelly, murky ass sweat now wetting her face as it was rubbed this way and that in her funky, greasy ass crack! But still that wasn't the worst of it!



"Aw yeah, right there, that's that ich I've been meaning to scratch."

What really made it a true stink face was the Hyena's act of roughly grinding her smelly butt in the Elf's face with the poor girl's small nose jammed right against her wrinkled anus! The dark butthole that was the hottest part of her ass was big enough to engulf the area from Ana's top lip to the top of her nose bridge, and the tip of her nose was starting to poke into the absolute worst place possible! Ana couldn't even pay attention to the feel of the hot, wet Hyena pussy against her chin dripping fluids that trickled down her neck, she couldn't pay attention to the feel of the back of her head grinding on the log, her soft hair alone sparing her from the rough bark. All of her senses were captivated with the sensation of the tip of her nose trying to dig into the Hyena's heinous tailhole as her face was ass wiped with a wet, sweaty squelching, the sheer funk of the Hyena's unwashed butt being worked into every pore of her supple skin!