tagMind ControlBite of the Bimbo

Bite of the Bimbo







Being a cop in San Diego was all Sarah Penn ever wanted to be. Sure she had ambitions while in high school and college, but deep down all she really wanted was to "protect and serve". She graduated high in her class at the academy - in the top ten. Despite her mother wanting her to go into medicine or law she was proud of her daughter.

There was very little crime in "America's Finest City" and what crime there was, was usually gang related - a random homicide or a robbery. It was enough to keep the small police force busy, and aggressive policing squelched any copycats leaving the real criminals to focus their efforts further north in the Los Angeles area.

Once a month rookies like Sarah and her partner Jim Grey had to pull the night shift. It mostly consisted of chasing hookers from El Cajon Blvd and working the night club parts of the city such as the Gaslamp district downtown and North Park, where there had been a rash of shootings and women being attacked. It was a quiet night and close to the end of her shift when suddenly a commotion rang out.

A half naked buxom hooker began resisting arrest and it took several officers to bring her under control without harming her. Sarah joined in as they restrained the woman, whose clothes seemed to have been shredded and was showing everything the good Lord gave her. Sarah found a blanket and attempted to cover the woman wrapping the blanket around her only to be bitten by the woman in the process.

"Oww!" She yelled as she snatched her hand and saw the bite had drawn blood.

It was only then that the hooker appeared to regain her composure and was incredibly remorseful, apologizing and then crying only to apologize again.

Jim drove Sarah to the nearest ER for an evaluation. The bite wasn't serious, there was a chance of HIV infection, but they thought it slim. Her hand was lightly bandaged. The labs would be rushed through and she should know something early tomorrow. On the way back to the station, Sarah felt a little strange. As they walked back to their patrol car, she couldn't help looking at her partner's ass and wondering what he was packing. She quickly dismissed the notion. Jim was a married man with two kids. She was friendly with his wife Carol. She wasn't interested in Jim. He did look good in his pressed blue uniform and had a cute ass though, she thought.

Their shift ended at 0600 hours - Sarah was looking forward to a hot shower before changing into her street clothes. A few other women officers were showering and Sarah found herself looking a little more intensely at them. "No wonder men like looking at naked women," she thought as she gazed at her sister officers and their lovely curves, the different sizes of their breasts, the beautiful way their legs meet and formed beautiful pussies.

Anita Byrd caught her ogling as she looked up after scrubbing her legs. She smiled, Anita was gay and not shy, and turned to give Sarah a better look at her bald pussy causing Sarah to blush. She was busted. She turned off the water and hurried from the showers to her locker. What was going on with her, she was actually gawking and thinking about what it would be like to lick a pussy. This wasn't like her. She chalked it up to fatigue shrugged and began to change into her street clothes. Pulling her bra on Sarah was surprised to find it no longer fit. She took a deep breath and strained to close the clasps, but it bit uncomfortably into her skin. How was that possible? It fit just fine before her shower. She shrugged it off and opted to go without it. It was no big deal, she had such small tits, only an A cup, no one would notice.

Sarah had what was described as an athletic body, built for sports and speed. Long legs narrow torso, tight abs and barely any hips and of course her small breasts. She pulled her long brown hair back into a ponytail and buttoned her loose fitting long sleeve shirt. Pulling on her jeans, she found them also tight around her hips, but not too tight to button.

"I must be putting on weight," she thought, "Or retaining water."

Looking into the mirror about to put add makeup, Sarah was again surprised as it appeared she had already applied eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick a little more heavily than she normally would. She didn't remember doing that. This had been a pretty weird day and she'd been pretty distracted since the bite. As she was leaving the building many of the other officers teased her about her injury and the dangerous "perp" she helped to subdue. She laughed off the good humor and with her purse on her shoulder left the building. She climbed into her red 2014 Mazda MX-5 Miata and drove out of the downtown parking lot headed north on I-5 and exited on Washington Street.

It was still early and as she drove by the Weinerschnitzel she couldn't help but to begin to crave a hot dog. That too was strange because Sarah ate very little red meat, opting for turkey products instead. She did a quick u-turn, one that only a police officer could get away with and drove up to the restaurant. It was closed and wouldn't be open for another hour. Sarah decided to go to the grocery store instead; she needed a few things anyway.

In the deli section she found herself day dreaming as she admired the sausages, links and wieners. Unconsciously, she picked a pack of the largest thickest meat available and placed it in her cart. In the produce area she found herself once again fantasizing over the cucumbers and squashes before she snapped out of it and collected the necessary items for her daily salads. Sarah was flushed and horny without knowing why. She looked at the checkout clerk a little too closely wondering what she would look like in only heels, stockings, garters and bra.

Deciding that she was indeed coming down with something, Sarah decided to skip her morning run. As she was putting away her groceries she opened the pack of bratwurst, looking at it closely for several minutes. Without thinking she opened her mouth and slid it in and began to suck it like it was a large red cock, twisting it and licking it. As she did she began to become very wet between her legs and her odor filled the kitchen making her even more aroused. Realizing what she was doing she bit into the raw sausage enjoying the juices and the flavor as the taste seemed to explode in her mouth. She ravenously devoured the remaining pieces.

There was definitely something wrong, she thought. Since tomorrow was an off day, she decided to take a nap and see if she felt any better afterwards. Drawing the blinds and curtains closed Sarah didn't seem to have the energy to do more than pull her jeans off and fall face first into her pillow.

She slept restlessly, dreaming of large cocks, taking them in all of her orifices and licking and sucking pussy and tits, something she had never done before. She was horny and found herself rubbing her hand between her legs as she went from one sexy dream to the next. Around 1930 hours she awoke cold and sweaty. It was dark. She was naked and laying across her bed. That was strange as she had her panties and dress shirt on when she went to sleep.

She began to sit up, but her equilibrium was off. She felt a heavy movement on her chest, thinking her shirt was sticking to her she reached up with her left hand to find a giant tit where her little A cup used to be. "What the hell," She thought and brought her right hand up to find its twin. Large nipples poked through the opening between her fingers.

"I have to be imagining this," she thought. Climbing to her feet she was wobbly and felt her body jiggle like it had never done before. She waddled to the bathroom, turned on the light and screamed.

Staring back at her was a face she barely recognized. Her brown hair was now a bright blonde, and her lips were "bee-stung" huge. Sitting high on her chest were a pair of the largest tits she'd ever seen or felt, her narrow ass was now a "bubble butt" and her waist somehow was much narrower. As she looked down between her large globes she could barely see her tiny feet, but her toenails were now a bright red. Picking up her hand mirror, she noticed her fingernails were also painted the same bright red. Sarah lowered the looking glass to her pussy which felt swollen and juicy. Gone was the shapely trimmed and cropped landing strip; she was completely bald, her lips glistening with her juices. Her clit seemed to be protruding out from between her labia.

Sarah couldn't believe this metamorphosis. She was obviously dreaming. Still she couldn't resist the urge to touch herself. Putting the mirror on the counter, she slowly and tentatively reached her hand down and extended a finger. As she touched herself she exploded. The sensation was like nothing she had ever experienced. Moaning, she continued to touch herself and worked one then two fingers into her fat wet pussy. The louder she screamed the better her orgasm felt. Her juices were running down her thick thighs as she couldn't stop pleasuring herself. She had never been multi-orgasmic until now.

Like a roller coaster she climbed high and crashed to the bottom over and over until she thought she'd go hoarse from the screaming. Standing in a puddle of her own juices she was finally able to stop and removed her wet hand. She was about to wash it, when she thought again and popped a finger into her mouth. She tasted incredible and like before was unable to stop licking her hand clean. When she was done, she gingerly touched herself again and the cycle continued anew. As her large breasts bounced in front of her she reached out and discovered that her nipples were incredibly sensitive.

It was almost 2100 hours when Sarah came out of the bathroom, showered but still terribly horny, unable to explain her lust. It was as if she needed several things at once. She needed a nice hard cock, in her pussy; one in her mouth and she couldn't believe it, one in her ass. She wasn't proud that the cucumbers she had bought were enough to suppress the urge, at least temporarily. Although she had never had sex with a woman, she couldn't help imagining what it must be like; licking her lips she dreamed of eating her first pussy.

She paced the floor, her voluptuous naked body jiggling. Sarah loved the way her tits swayed back and forth, the cool air licking at her increasingly wet pussy. She needed help male or female, it didn't matter. She didn't have many people she could call. Most of her friends from school moved to LA and the bay area where jobs were more plentiful.

She thought of calling Jim. She'd fuck his brains out, but what about Carol? Maybe if the both of them came over she could fuck them both. She was feeling desperate. She realized she was no longer thinking rationally. She had to do something - the cravings were growing stronger. She went to her closet and looked through her clothes. Nothing she owned would fit her now except her shoes and she couldn't go out of the house in only her shoes. She began to think of ways to make that work; perhaps if her clothes were torn she could claim she'd been in an accident. She looked at the torn panties and dress shirt she went to sleep in. They were shredded. What would she do? She began to cry and shake which caused her huge tits to bounce and catch her attention. Her nipples were so large. She was about to take one in her mouth again when the door bell rang.

Sarah found her robe and put it on. It covered her back but she couldn't get her large tits inside. Perhaps she could hide behind the door. She shrugged. It was probably no one anyway. She hurried to the door, excited at the possibility of getting some cock or pussy if she could persuade them to come in.

Peaking through the peephole she saw a small woman standing there.

"Who is it?" Sarah asked, but the voice wasn't hers: it was too high and squeaky and she had a lisp.

"Is this Sarah Penn, Officer Sarah Penn? My name is Karen Murphy. We met at the police station early this morning. Well we didn't actually meet. I kind of accidently bit you," the woman said.

Sarah almost screamed, "You," but she didn't look like the bimbo that bit her. She opened the door and tried to hide behind it as she let the young woman in.

Karen entered the modest home and Sarah quickly closed the door exposing herself to the strange woman.

She seemed quite calm and after apprising the voluptuous cop before her, she said, "I was afraid of this, and I am so sorry. This is my fault." Looking carefully at the new Sarah, Karen looked at her blonde hair, her huge tits protruding from her chest, and her bubble butt, the open robe barely hiding her new assets. "I can't fix it, but I think we can help one another." She said as she approached Sarah and pulled her face to hers. Sarah responded quickly with a passionate kiss and pulled the woman close.

Pulling away reluctantly after several moments, panting heavily Karen asked, "Can we take this to your bedroom?"

In the bedroom Sarah was full of questions, but Karen hushed her and began to remove her clothes and said, "Sex first, answers later."

Sarah wanted to protest, but she knew this was what she wanted and needed. She dropped her robe and climbed into the bed. Karen climbed in with her and began to suck on her huge nipples as she rubbed Sarah's pussy. Within a minute Sarah was squirming and screaming as her first orgasm rocked her.

Karen spun around quickly and began slowly licking Sarah's very wet pussy. As Karen wiggled her lean ass in Sarah's face, it was only a minute before Sarah pulled it down and tasted her first pussy ever, she loved it. The taste was indescribable and she wanted more. The two romped in Sarah's bed for hours, until they had satisfied their lust for the time being. They lay panting and sweating next to each other.

Thinking her lust was sated, Sarah was surprised to find that she was craving cock. It was somewhat a relief; she was beginning to think she was now gay. But then the images of all kinds of cocks filled her mind, cut and uncut, erect and flaccid, large and small, brown, black, white, purple and pink. Why had her lust shifted so suddenly?

Being a cop, she needed answers and had Karen had any clothes on she would have grabbed her by her shirt and demanded to know what the hell was going on. Instead she threw her large leg over the woman and sat on her chest. "Okay, now tell me what you did to me," she said in the cutest high pitched lisping voice. "And why do I sound like this?"

"Okay," Karen said. "But it is a long story and although I love the feel of your wet pussy juicing on the nipple of my left tit, you are making it hard for me to breathe."

"Oh, sorry," Sarah said as she slid back and softly slid her pussy over Karen's causing her to moan appreciatively.

"Story first, sex later." Sarah moaned as she rocked slightly while Karen sat up and pulled her close, their tits mashing together and their lips only inches apart.

"I will try to simplify it for you. The physical changes you are suffering are only the beginning, if you don't get enough sex you will be subject to mental changes, too. Your voice is the least of your worries," Karen said as she breathed deeply while Sarah involuntarily rubbed their pussies together.

"You see, I bit you last night out of desperation. I needed to get cock. I had already had enough pussy. Well to be truthful, you can never have too much pussy. But in order to satisfy the curse, I had gotten enough. What I needed was a hard cock." She stopped. Sarah was rubbing her the right way and she was so distracted she was having trouble telling the story correctly, but didn't want her to stop.

"Sarah, to be blunt, you have been infected with the Bimbo Virus," Karen said and waited.

Sarah wasn't listening very well, she was feeling her pussy tingle, until the last part which seemed to ring in her ears.

"Wait a minute," Sarah said in the high voice that she'd never get used to hearing coming from her mouth, "Bimbo Virus?" She stopped her movement and looked into Karen eyes.

Karen continued. "The virus causes each of its victims to have an insatiable sexual appetite and in order to keep the symptoms in check you will need to have sex with men and women a lot.

Otherwise, you become an air head lisping bimbo until your bimbo body is sexually satisfied, and only then will you return to your normal appearance. Specifically, you must have cock in all three orifices and eat at least one pussy and have your pussy eaten roughly every 72 hours. Oh, and this is important, all the cocks have to come in all three orifices and it can't be the same cock, which means you are going to meet a lot of men. As for the pussy, you can accomplish that all with the same woman. If you are able to keep the virus in check then you will not physically change. If not then every night at dusk you will morph into a bimbo until the morning comes. The biggest problem is that when you are a bimbo you are really a dumb bimbo. You can't think straight about anything but satisfying the hunger for sex."

Karen continued, "When I am not a sex starved bimbo, I am a professor at UCSD (University of California San Diego). I teach Biology and Biochemistry. I am Dr. Karen Murphy. I had a very promising career until I was bitten. Like you my maker didn't intend to bite me either. She was caught up in getting her needs fulfilled and I was just in the way."

Sarah was barely following the conversation her pussy was talking to her and she still found images of the various cocks she'd seen over her sexual lifetime invading her thoughts. "Wait, you are saying that this is a permanent situation?"

"Yes, sorry. I have been looking for a cure for years now and haven't come close." She shrugged and her nipples rubbed against Sarah's causing her to sigh heavily.

"The best hope you have is to do what I have been doing. Confide in a few people you trust that can help satisfy the cravings in a pinch. It looks like you are going to become the newest slut on the block. You may do like me and find out where all the frat houses are. The best you can hope for is to control it. You will never master it." Karen could see the look in Sarah's eyes; she was losing the new bimbo. "Do you have a boyfriend or a close male friend that you could fuck? Otherwise, you will completely bimbo-morph and roam the city until you get the cock your new body craves."

"No, only my partner, but he is married and ..." she paused as she imagined his cock sliding back and forth in her mouth.

Suddenly Karen had an idea. "Do you like pizza? I'm hungry. Let's order some pizza," Karen said as she pushed Sarah back and untangled herself. Finding her iPhone she looked up the closest pizza place that delivered and ordered a medium pepperoni.

"With any luck we'll both get some cock delivered in twenty minutes," Karen told Sarah as she walked to the bathroom to pee. Sarah watched Karen's sexy narrow ass swish and then notice the word "BIMBO" tattooed on her left ass cheek in bold red letters.

When Karen returned from the toilet, she found Sarah fingering her pussy as she reclined in the bed. "Trying to satisfy the itch, huh? Only a nice hard cock will do that now, but don't let me stop you."

Sarah looked at the woman, she looked so different from the way she appeared last night, and now Sarah was the one that looked like a bimbo slut. "You have BIMBO tattooed on your ass, how come?"

"Not by choice, I'll tell you that much." Karen said. "Turn around. Let's see your ass."

Sarah rolled over on her stomach continuing to play with her pussy.

"There, yours is coming in, now. It isn't dark yet, but I can clearly see it. Let me get a mirror."

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