tagNonHumanBitten Ch. 04

Bitten Ch. 04


Chapter 4 - Blood Moon

As the small plane circles its final descent into the ruins of Chicago I watch as the other passengers grow restless wishing I could share in their excitement. All I feel is edgy. The sun is starting to set and soon the blood moon will rise and the frenzy will begin again. In less than an hour the ceremonies will commence, and soon I'll be surrounded by nothing but blood and sex. To most vampires its heaven. For me its a long three days. I admit its good to see old friends in between the unending orgies but I am glad when the pressures to be one of them will be gone again.

Once landed I rise and file off the plane with the rest of the vampires smiling at the 'flight attendant' who waits to clear the plane with a fang filled grin. This first thing you notice when you get off the plane is the smell. Since the city died long ago there are no nanobots cleaning the air and the scent of earth and asphalt assault your senses. The winds of Chicago have long blown away any scent of the thriving city it once was. I study the decaying city as I make my way toward the cathedral. Vines and grass permeate the streets and sidewalks, crawling up buildings in an upward race for the sun. Its beautiful to me. Wishing I could stay out here for the next few days instead of in the stuffy halls of the cathedral and surrounding buildings.

I jump as I feel a hand on my back not even realizing i'd stopped walking. I turn sheepishly to look at the 'flight attendant.' "Come Miss Riddle, the sun is setting. We don't want to be caught out after dark." He was right, it wasn't safe to dawdle. We both hurried on into the cathedral and took our places amongst those gathered to watch the ceremony. As I took my seat Damion turned and smiled at me from a few rows up and I smiled in return looking forward to spending some time with him.

The ceremony started with its usual pomp and circumstance. The girl representing her peers this year was stunning. Hazelnut colored skin covered her lithe body, her pretty face surrounded by dark wavy locks of satin hair that draped nicely over the altar as she was laid upon it. Her nipples stood at attention in the cool air of the room atop round perky breasts. Her narrow waist created a smooth line to her gentle hips and strong legs. She looked like a runner. I could see why she'd been chosen.

The master of ceremonies checked her integrity just as he always did and the girl moaned as he did so. She was a tight one it seemed, poor girl. Next he introduced her chosen consort. The man was muscular even in human form but not overly bulky, lean. He had long dark hair and a chiseled face. As my eyes roamed downward I noticed that he was already hard with anticipation, and was not as large as some I've seen. Lucky girl. He strode down the aisle and shifted forms halfway down, his body hardening as it took on its superior vampiric form. His cock didn't thicken much as he shifted but it lengthened substantially. I hoped for the girls sake she wasn't shallow.

The girl on the altar was writhing with need, you could see the moisture already glistening on her bare labia. She wanted this. He ran his long tongue from her weeping slit across her clit and up her chest as he came between her legs. She calmed momentarily as she shuddered in pleasure. He teased her clit with his thumb and the noise to escape her throat was as erotic as it gets. Somewhere between a whine and a moan it was a call of primal lust. Even I reacted to it.

He ran the head of his cock over her slit several times, coating it in her juices as she writhed beneath him her desire growing quickly out of control as the moon rose high in the sky. The spectators could feel it too, its an edge in the air, a tingling of the skin. We all leaned forward in our chairs as he lined himself with her virgin opening, waiting with baited breath for the moment of penetration, her cry of pain, the scent of blood and sex an aphrodisiac to us all.

As he thrust downward into her, she rose her hips to meet his. His cry of pleasure only drowned out by her accompanying scream as the combined movement sent him deep within her body bumping into her cervix roughly. We all cheered. He slowly retreated from her warm body till just the tip remained within her pink walls before slowing moving forward again. This time a low moan poured from the girls throat and it was only a stroke or two later that she started to move with him again. The wanton pleasure overriding the pain as her body adjusted to his invading cock.

Some members of the audience were unable to wait for the end of the ceremony. Men were blatantly stroking the growing bulges in their pants. Women who were proper ladies minutes before delved into their skirts with fingers seeking their own hot centers. The woman sitting next to me was now on her knees between the thighs of her partner, her head bobbing rhythmically on his painfully hard cock. The smell of arousal was thick in the air and I wanted to escape. I could feel the draw of the moon in my skin, the tingling of desire. The need to act on primal instincts. I wished the ceremony would end so I could leave. Just had to wait out the night. Tomorrow I could run and I'd feel better.

Thankfully the girl on stage started screaming out her orgasm and by the sounds of it her partner was not too far behind. He roared as he bared his fangs, and bit into her neck as they climaxed together. Those not too distracted by their own activities cheered in victory at the couple upon the stage. Successful homage to the blood moon had been paid. We could now all play.

Quickly the audience rose and separated into various groups, quickly wanting to move on to more private games. I made my way toward Damion and smiled at him happily as he approached with a girl on each arm. I looked at the two beautiful women then turned back to my friend.

"Looks like you have your work cut out for you my friend." I said in greeting laughing as his grin spread from ear to ear.

"I sure do." He said laughing as he gave each girl a possessive squeeze.. "Coming with us? I have a gift for you."

"Of Course!" I said and stepped into line behind him as we joined the rest of the vampires filing out quickly, grateful to have a place to retreat to.

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