tagNonHumanThe Ebony Alpha

The Ebony Alpha


Hello everyone this is my first submission. Hope you enjoy.


The moon glowed goldenly as the animals below moved to the clearing. As if on cue the howling begin and the animals whose shadows became clearer were wolves in all shades and colors. The largest animal moved into the center of the clearing and slowly began rising onto his hind legs. Slowly his body morphed and changed into a man. Naked as the day he was born he stood over six feet tall and his dark skin glowed under Luna's quiet gaze.

"My people the time has come for your leader to leave you. I must find my mate for only she can begin the circle of life for our pack for the next one hundred years. I will take my faithful Omega Stephan with me as well as my Beta Sullivan. My second in command Darien will accept your bond when I am out of range and will lead you as I would."

Jackson Clarion was beautiful to behold as a man and wolf. His wolf was ebony as was his skin. His hazel eyes glowed like liquid amber in his wolf form. He was huge and anyone who saw him knew he could only be the Alpha male.

The Alpha of Pack Clarion shifted again returning to wolf form and rejoining his pack for the last time. He would only return home with his mate. His time was limited and his pack depended on him finding her by the next Blood moon. That was only two months away. No one knew how much pressure he felt to find her. In order for his pack to prosper he would have to be successful in his quest to find the prophesied one.

Jackson took the time to rub against and scent his pack with affection as they wished him Luna's blessings on his quest. The woman was out there and unfortunately she was human according to the Legend passed down from generation to generation. She would not be black of skin as he and would have fiery hair and green eyes.

Jackson chuckled to himself, that was not really his taste and he couldn't understand how the fates could be so cruel. His mother and father had laughed at him and told him that when the mate was scented it wouldn't matter what she looked like, his wolf would be attracted to her and the wolf that she would become.


Laughing again at his future he entered his bedchambers and he smelled her. "Evelyn" he said with a sadness that Jackson felt all the way to his gut. They had grown up together, and he would have mated with her if the choice had been his but alas it was not to be. They shared a gentle love but the passion he saw other mated pack members express, was not there for them.

"My Alpha; come share yourself with me this last night." Evelyn tried to remain unemotional but the sob in her voice gave her away. Jackson pulled her into his arms and kissed her eyes to catch each tear before they could fall.

"I will always have love for you Evelyn, but we knew this day was to come." He held her close and softly began to run his hands up and down her bare back trying to memorize her body, for this would be his last night with another woman until he met his mate.

He sighed into her open mouth and found her willing tongue waiting to duel with his own. She felt hot to his touch and he could smell her arousal. He slid his hand to her sex and found her wet and ready. He could not help but smile and laid her down covering her body with his. He deepened the kiss and felt her began to move against his hand that was stroking her soft folds. He began teasing her clit with his thumb and pushed two fingers into her wet slit.

Evelyn moaned and opened her thighs giving him better access to her weeping mound. Jackson broke their kiss and stood to undress. Evelyn watched with desire and lust in her eyes as his body became exposed with the removal of each piece of clothing. He was six five and had beautiful dark skin that stretched across his massive shoulders. His body seemed to be sculpted out of stone and his small waist accentuated his massive thighs.

She hissed at him sexily as her eyes rested on his throbbing cock. It seemed to match her heart beats, as it jutted from the center of his being. She loved sucking him to climax and knew she would not leave this night before giving him that pleasure one last time.

Jackson climbed back into bed and began to place kisses down her neck and paused at her large breasts. He gave each one his undivided attention and sucked one dusky nipple at a time causing the raven haired, brown eyed woman below him to squirm.

His tongue began its move down her body and stopped just above her triangle. He stroked her again inserting two fingers in her blazing hot cunt. She was so wet he knew he would have no trouble entering her this night even in his Hybrid form. Shifting ever so slightly he felt his tongue elongate and he began licking her wet slit with his rough tongue.

Evelyn opened her eyes and saw that Jackson was slightly shifted. She knew that the rougher sex from the Hybrid was so much better. Jackson had never given her this side of himself before tonight. As he moved over her and placed his pulsating pole at her opening she shivered in anticipation.

Jackson thrust into Evelyn in his Hybrid form claiming her in one single stroke. He waited for her to adjust to his larger girth and it took all his control to keep still. After a few minutes he began to move slowly and felt Evelyn begin to match his movements with her own.

Evelyn bit back her scream. Jackson was much larger than normal and caused her delicious pain. He was moving slowly now but she couldn't wait for him to take her much faster. She began moving a little faster but Jackson growled at her, making her submit to his pace and he began to kiss her, torturing her with his mouth.

"Jackson please I want you to hurt me. Fuck me harder. I want to feel you into next week. I want to remember this night with my body and mind forever." She pleaded with him and he looked into her eyes seeing only sadness and despair. "Please fuck me Jackson! Harder, ride me! I want to keep this night with me forever."

Jackson lost his control and began to pound into her with all the power his half wolf possessed. He howled into the emptiness of the room and ground into her harder and harder until he could smell the slight scent of blood mingled in their juices.

The smell sent him spiraling and Evelyn began to contract around his throbbing cock. The screams and howls from their release echoed throughout the room. He pulled out before a knot could form. He heard Evelyn's moan of complaint as his seed was wasted on her stomach between them.

Jackson stood and offered her his hand. He led her to his bathroom and they shared a shower. The silence lingering between them as the finality of this night finally hit home. He stood behind her and hugged her to him.

"I will miss you Evelyn, but you must find a mate. I will not be able to be with you again after this night and I will not be truly happy unless you are the same."

"I will try my Alpha. It will be hard to find another to replace you I am afraid."

"When you do my dear all traces of me will be whipped from your mind, just promise me you will give yourself a chance to find your true mate."

"I promise Jackson." But in her heart she didn't think that was a possibility in this life time.


Stephan Murphy finished packing his Alpha's luggage and carried the first of the three suitcases down the stairs of the home Jackson shared with his father and mother.

Stephan couldn't believe that Jackson had chosen him to travel with him. He and his brother Sullivan were good friends with Jackson having grown up together.

Their lives were very different from each other's as far a pack order was concerned. Jackson was Alpha and his bond was strong, he ruled their pack with love and compassion. Although, when he needed to, his discipline was strict and no one wanted to be on his bad side. His sheer size was a deterrent to any who would challenge his authority.

Sullivan was not as big as Jackson but was bigger than most of the other wolves in the pack. Therefore he was Beta and a good physical barrier between any harm that would threaten their pack.

Stephan sighed and considered his Omega status. They were usually the servants of the pack and were given the menial duties. But Jackson had cautioned his pack against treating any one of the pack as lesser, and encouraged them to remember that each one was important to the pack's success.

Stephan was a part of Jackson's security systems team. He had implemented the alarm systems and digital surveillance that surrounded their lands. It helped with the watches especially when the weather was bad. Even though he was smaller in size he was a great asset to his Alpha and was very proud to help him bring home his mate.

"Stephan what's keeping you?" Sullivan growled from downstairs. Stephan hurried down the stairs with the last of Jacksons bags and loaded them into the black Suburban waiting outside.

"Let's get breakfast while we wait for Jackson little brother." Sullivan said and pulled Stephan into the large dining hall in the Alpha's quarters.

The smell of bacon and eggs pulled them forward and they filled their plates and waited for their friend and Alpha to finish his conference with his parents.


"Have a seat my son I know this is a hard thing for you to do." Jackson's father placed a hand on his son's shoulder and led him to the chair close to the fireplace. His father took a seat across from Jackson where his mate was seated.

Anderson and Ophelia Clarion were a beautiful couple. He stood as tall as his son and shared the same dark skin and hazel eyes that was a unique trait in their family.

Ophelia was a feisty strawberry blond, with light brown eyes and as small in stature as Anderson was in height. All of five feet two she was more powerful than she looked. Ophelia controlled the two men standing before her with just her voice alone.

Thanks to their Werewolf background their age was a controlled burn, they were both around three hundred years old. Though they looked like they were in their forties. Jackson had stopped aging at twenty-five although he was one hundred and fifty years old.

"You are of age my son and I hope that finding your mate will be quick and less painful than my quest to find your mother here." Anderson looked at his mate with a twinkle in his eye and the love between them made Jackson feel warm inside.

"I want to wish Luna's blessings on you my son. May she guide your journey and lead you to this wonderful woman with swiftness and good fortune." His mother stood and hugged him her cheek only coming up to his chest. Jackson hugged his mother back and held out his other arm to invite his father to join them.

"How will I cope with the loss of our bond? I have not been alone in this world since my birth." Jackson looked alarmed at the thought and dropped his arms from his parents.

Anderson laughed softly and explained. "You will lose your Alpha bond here but our bond as a family will never be severed. I will always feel you, but we will not be able to talk with our thoughts when you are too far away. Remember Sullivan and Stephan will keep your bond and they will ease the loneliness you may feel at first."

Jackson let out a long sigh and nodded. "I am off to find my mate, we travel to Boston first and then where the wind may take us I cannot say. I will let you know as I decide."

Kissing his parents goodbye he left their suite and headed downstairs. All he could see as he walked down the stairs was as many of his pack that could get inside the building; the others were waiting outside all to wish him good fortune in finding his mate. Jackson was humbled by their faith in him, after all their future was in his hands.

Jackson, Stephan and Sullivan waved goodbye to the crowd and got into the waiting SUV. "Wow!" said Jackson and whipped a single tear from his eye. He growled at the two men sitting in the seat next to him and controlled himself. This was going to be an adventure and he would enjoy the ride.

"Let's go Robert." He said to their driver. "It is time to find my mate." And with that Jackson smiled at Sullivan and Stephan as they smiled right back.

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You are very unusual to write a black werewolf romance and have the black males mate with white women rather than black women. Very unusual.

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