tagSci-Fi & FantasyBizarre Roommates Ch. 01

Bizarre Roommates Ch. 01


I was sitting in my room, typing down my journal in my laptop as the light from my desk lamp shined. I stopped and looked away for 20 seconds while messaging them with my fingers. Suddenly, I heard something break on the other side of the door.

"What the hell, Cristina?!" I heard Jessica shouting and she wasn't too happy. "That dish was worth 2,000 dollars and you just dropped it onto the floor!"

"Like, what's the big deal, Jessica?! So, I broke a plate! It's not the end of the world," Christina retorted defensively.

"That plate was a gift from my grandmother! It's irreplaceable!" stated Jessica.

Rubbing the bridge between my eyes, I stood up out of my chair and sauntered to the door. I guess it was time for me to intervene, yet again. I walked into the kitchen, which was next to my room on the right, standing in front of my two roommates with both of my hands crossed.

Glaring at the two, I sighed heavily while trying to remain calm. I questioned in a gruff tone, "Okay, what are you two fighting about this time?"

They turned their attention towards me, watching their shoulders moving up and down as they inhaled and exhaled their breaths.

Placing a hand on her side, Jessica gestured a hand and fumed, "The klutz over there broke my grandmother's plate with her clumsy, manicured fingers and it's now all over the floor, Ryu!"

"Hey, I said I was sorry! I can pay you back!" Cristina interjected. Her apologies fell on deaf ears as Jessica brought her glares back to her.

"That plate was from a country that doesn't even exist anymore and you expect to pay for it?!" Jessica admonished, getting into the brunette's face with her finger poking at her large cleavage. "So, unless you have a time machine, you can never repay me for it!"

Jessica's mouth started to bare fangs as I watched her eyes glow red. She added insultingly, "Maybe, you should get a boob reduction because those things are stealing all the blood from your brain!"

"What did you say?!" Gritting her teeth, I watched as Cristina's face started to morph until it resembled a wolf's head. Her body started to grow with her top and lounge shorts ripping while brown fur began to pop all over her body.

She growled as she protracted her claws, roaring, "You better take that back, or else I'm going to make you take it back!"

Right before my eyes, pandemonium was about to be unleashed and I needed to put an end to it before it could happen.


I stomped my foot onto the floorboards and felt the area shake like it was hit by an earthquake, which drew the two's attention back to me.

I reprimanded the two with furrow brows and a stern demeanor, "For three days, you two have been fighting like cats and dogs, and every time you fight, there are holes in the wall and half of the living room would look like a twister passed through!" I grabbed the two by the shirt collars and dragged them into the living room, sitting them down on both sides while glaring at them as they looked away in intimidation. "Now, none of us are going to bed until you two get along and I'm going to make sure that's going to happen!"

You' all must be wondering why I'm stuck with two girls as roommate, or better yet, two monster girls as roommates. Maybe, I should start from the beginning of the story.

It all began three days ago. I just came into the town of Haven, which was a very unusual town, by bus and I was looking for an apartment. I answered to an ad posted on the side of a bulletin board at the bus station.

Someone named "Jessie Dris" posted it and it was written in bold letters. It read, "Two roommates needed! Come by the Shelly Apartment at Prometheus Lane and sign up for Room 666!"

I was so excited that I couldn't stop a smile from forming on my face. I dashed up the street, running as fast as I could for about a block until I finally reached the right street. My feet halted and after I caught my breath, I looked up and I saw that I was finally at the Shelley Apartment Complex.

Walking through the parking lot, I sauntered inside the building, admiring the French rococo design of the building's interior while walking on the oriental carpet under my feet. I headed to the landlord's office and after I knocked on the door, I took a step back as the door slowly opened.

"Yes, who is it~" hymned a feminine voice.

Standing at the door way was a beautiful woman in her thirties, looking at me with widened eyes in confusion.

She looked to be in her thirties, having long red hair, brown eyes, and beautiful pale skin. She was dressed in a very casual manner with a tight beige blouse with the top buttons undone to give her large cleavage some air, a pair of short shorts that revealed her long legs, and a pair of plain slippers.

"Can I help you?" she asked in a friendly ton. A gentle smile formed on her face.

I didn't respond, as my body remained stiff, feeling my palms beginning to sweat while my eyes moved up and down at her body. However, when I saw her puzzled stare, I snapped out of my daze and regained my composure.

"H-hello. I'm Ryu Bushi a-and I'm here for the roommate deal up at Room 666," I said nervously, handing her the poster that was in my pocket.

Her smile grew bigger before gesturing me to enter her office. I walked in and plopped into the seat in front of her desk. For the last 5 minutes, the landlady was in her storage closet, probably going through the files for the apartment and when she came back with a few papers in her hand, she sat in her chair and presented them to me.

"Here you go. Just sign your name and date of birth, social security and phone number, and occupation and income. Once you have that all written down, you will have a quarter of owner to the room," she stated, handing me a pen in a passive manner. With lightning speed, I wrote down all of my information down and handed the sheets back to her.

She smiled and added as she handed me the key, "I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Judy Martin and if you need anything, just give me a call and I'll be there to give you a hand..." I felt her soft manicured hand caressed across my arm and noticed her licking her lips in a sultry manner. "...In more than one way, if you like?"

My face immediately turned red as beads of sweat fell from my brow. Grabbing the key, I moved my arm away and sprinted out the door before shouting, "Thanks for the offer! I'll consider it!" I rushed to the elevator and pressed the up arrow, and when the door finally opened, I got in and pressed the level 6 button.

I let out a sigh of relief. It was the first time I had ever had an older woman flirt with me, and it was the most uncomfortable feeling I had ever had. Don't get me wrong, it was flattering but I wasn't use to such a thing. I was never popular with the opposite sex. So, it was natural for me to react shyly and tried to get away from there.

20-minutes-later, the door opened and I walked out with my shoulders hanging low. I strolled down the hallway until I reached the right room. When I unlocked the door and entered, I examined my newfound surrounding, taking note of the large empty space to the east and the kitchen to the west. In the center of the room were boxes left unpacked and stacked in a tower. Since I hadn't ordered my stuff to be shipped over, I can assume that they belonged to my roommates. Suddenly, I heard the sounds of running water coming from the bathroom, which meant I wasn't alone in this apartment. I gingerly walked towards the bathroom door that was next to the living room and slowly opened it. I couldn't make out who was inside due to all of the steam but I can tell that it was someone with a very curvy body. The faucets were turned off and the shower curtains flew open, giving me a better view of whom it was and my face immediately dropped to discover that it was a girl.

She was a young beautiful African-American woman with long brunette hair, yellow eyes, and light-brown skin. The girl reached in and grabbed a towel from the rack, using to dry herself off before wrapping it around her curvaceous body as it hugged her large h-cup sized breasts.

I wanted to get away as fast as possible but the sight of her nudity had petrified me. She finally looked up and was taken aback by my presence. The air was filled with only silence. Then she screamed, causing me to jump as my face cringed in fright.

"Pervert!" she yelled. Reaching for the nearest item, she threw it straight at my head.

Luckily, I ducked as fast as I could, but wasn't prepared for the barrage of body products that came flying at me.

Covering my head from the attack, I exclaimed, "I'm sorry!"

I leaped out of the bathroom and landed on the boxes. Unfortunately, I found myself covered in women's panties and bras, which were about the girl's size, making the situation much worse when the girl came out.

"Wait! T-this isn't what it looks like!" I pleaded with both hands waving in a non-threatening manner.

However, she wasn't listening. Gritting her teeth, she started to seethe in rage and I watched her transform before my eyes, turning into a 12-foot-tall wolf while retaining her female figure and her human limbs. She pounced on her hind-legs and charged, ready to sink her claws and teeth into my flesh.

I was terrified. I felt my body trembled. Fortunately, my arms subconsciously thrust out and were able to push the wolf girl back, sending her flying three feet away and landing onto the granite counter, shattering it into pieces under her body. She just lied motionless, but from watching her bare chest rising and falling, I was relieved that she wasn't dead. Then again, it takes a lot more than a granite counter to put down a werewolf permanently.

I stood up and panicked while my teeth chattered. I thought: Oh God! This isn't good! When she gets back up, I'm going to be in so much trouble! I had just pissed off a werewolf and once she regained consciousness, she'll return to tearing me limb-from-limb.

I was surprised when she slowly twisted and turned. I didn't want to leave her naked. So, I did what any sensible person would do. Bringing her over to the boxes, I grabbed a pair of teal underwear and dressed the girl in them. Then I proceeded to open the other boxes and rummage through each one until I found the right one, pulling out a short black tank top with a Sassy logo written in gold on the front and a pair of tight blue jeans. It was hard putting them on her. I even accidentally cup a feel of her left breast, which felt soft and squishy like a water balloon.

My face contorted in shock, feeling a tent starting to form in my pants. I whispered angrily at my bulge, "Get down! Get down!"

If that wasn't bad, then it just got worse. I heard the girl groan while her body moved. Leaning up and rubbing her head, she said, "Like, what happened? All I remember was some perv saw me in the shower and started touching my panties, and then everything went dark."

She looked up and saw me with her eyes raised. She screamed at the top of her lungs while covering her chest with her hands and crossing her legs in an attempt to shield her body.

Covering her mouth, I stated in an unnerved tone, "Please, calm down! I'm not here to hurt you! If I was going to have my way with you, then I wouldn't have got you out of the debris and dressed you!"

When I took my hand away, I saw her face fell in shock as she cringed in disgust. She shouted, "You dressed me while I was knocked out?! What the hell is wrong with you, you creep?! That is like totes weird!"

"I just thought if I dressed you, then it would decreased some of the tension! Besides, would you have liked to remain naked while there was still a man in the room?!" I stated in a heightened volume, trying to sound as reasonable as possible.

"Like, I should report you to the cops for attempted molestation! Not just that, but they'll probably charge you for breaking and entering also!" she threatened as she glared, pointing at me while scooting away.

Arching a brow, I placed a hand on my chest and corrected, "what are you talking about? This is my apartment, too! I just signed up for the roommate deal by Jessie Dris and the landlady gave me the keys."

"That's so weird. I got the same deal as well and it didn't say anything about a boy for a roommate," she remarked. She became flabbergasted with a blank expression, placing a hand on her cheek as she stared at me.

Just then, the front door flew open and walking in was another girl about my age. Both of our attentions turned to her as she closed the door behind her.

She had short black hair with violet streaks and one bang over her right eye, green eyes, and beautiful inhumanly pale skin. She was dressed in a black tank top with the word "blood" written in bones that covered her probably 38C-cup breasts, a pair of blue shorts with dark leggings, and a pair of black and white knee-high high-tops.

Taking off her ear buds, the girl was taken aback by the sight of the two of us sitting on the floor. Her eyes moved from me to the girl next to me. Then to the panties scattered all over the floor.

Pinching the bridge between her eyes, the emo girl confirmed in a passive tone, "I take it you two are here because of the roommate deal, right?" her accent sounded Welsh, possibly from the northern region.

My eyes widened when I realized something. Pointing at her while standing up, I said inquisitively, "Wait! Are you Jessie Dris?! I thought you were a man!"

"My name is short for Jessica Driscoll, but I can see how that can confuse you," she stated with a shrug. Crossing her arms, she pointed a finger at me and asked, "So, who are you two suppose to be?"

Bowing my head, I introduced myself, "My name is Ryu Bushi and I am from Raleigh, North Carolina. I answered your flyer right after coming to Haven City and once I signed up, I planned to moved all my stuff in later from home."

Jessica placed both hands on her hips and pursed her lips. Raising her brows, she stated with a chuckle, "Your name means 'Dragon Warrior'? I take it your parents thought it would be cute to give you a name like that, huh?"

My face became deadpanned as I glared at the emo girl. I saw her turn her attention to the other girl with an arched brow. "And who are you suppose to be?"

The brunette stood back up and raised her hand with a smile. Then she greeted, "My name Cristina Jordan and I'm a student from the University of Chapel Hill. I just transferred to Haven University and, like, wanted to find a place to crash. I didn't want to live in the dorms. Those places were totes disgust." Despite being cute, her valley girl accent was starting to get on my nerves a little.

Unbeknownst to Cristina, Jessica was starting to give her the stink eye. She motioned up to the werewolf and sniffed her. Flaring her nostrils, she stated, "You have the stench of a werewolf on you!" Fangs protruded from her mouth as her eyes glowed red.

Cristina took a whiff and her face lit up. She smiled and said as a tail and ear popped out, "You smell like a vampire. That is supes amazing! I, like, always wanted to live with a vampire!" she was like a child hopping up and down in an ecstatic way.

This surprised the vampire girl as a large droplet of sweat formed on the side of her head. Shaking her head, she waved her arms dismissively.

Jessica contended with a scowl, "no way am I living with a smelly werewolf!" this offended Cristina as her jaw immediately dropped almost to the ground.

"Excuse me?! What did you call me?!" she questioned.

"You heard me. I just called what you really are. A smelly werewolf!" Jessica's voice grew louder right at the werewolf girl's face.

Unfortunately, she received a punch to the face from a giant paw, flying and slamming against the wall, leaving a large crater against the plaster and drywall. When she came to, the vampire girl quickly got back to her feet and charged, slamming her feet against the werewolf girl's stomach and knocking her to the ground, smiling as she watched her get grazed against the floorboards and leaving a large trail behind. Getting up, Cristina sprinted and was ready to bite Jessica's face off, but the vampire girl leaped straight at her and the lock hands and crushed their hands, weighing to see who was the strongest. It was like watching two lions competing to see who was the alpha of the pride. The minutes flew by fast and by the time the two got tired and stopped, almost everything in the apartment was thrashed from having more holes in the wall and having the cabinet doors broken off to the windows being smashed into pieces. The only place that was left untouched was the bathroom with everything remaining intact.

The two of them were sitting on the ground, leaning against each other's back while facing different directions. I, on the other hand, just stood the whole time, watching their little brawl get out of hand while avoiding getting into the crossfire.

"So, are you two done fighting?" I asked as I staggered over to them.

Both looked up and nodded, breathing and exhaling to regain their breath. Then they started giggling like a duo of schoolgirls having fun. Standing back up, they brushed the debris of drywall off of their persons and became civil for the time being.

"Do you think Miss Martin is going to be okay with us living together? I mean, despite being a vampire and a werewolf, we're also two girls living with a boy," Cristina pointed out the obvious while gesturing a hand at me.

I twiddled my thumbs shyly whiled diverting eye contact. I turned my attention to Jessica who furrowed her brows at me.

"To be honest, I didn't really expect something like this to happen. Frankly, it's like the pilot to Three's Company," stated the vampire girl. She placed one hand on her hip at the end. "As long as he can pay rent, I think she'll let it slide."

We' all looked around with long faces, taking notice of the damage we've done. Jessica rubbed her right arm and added, "Now, how do we explain all of this to her?"

Suddenly, we heard a knock appear at the front door before it fell, revealing our landlady Miss Martin and when she saw the whole mess, the wide grin she had faded into an exasperated glare. At first, she was angry but that disappeared later on. Apparently, we weren't the first tenets to nearly destroy her apartment complex and that she knew a couple of guys who could repair the room quickly, and without any shady dealings or any use of shoddy materials. Sadly, since Jessica and Cristina got the room online and through me personally, she scolded us for almost forming an innocent cohabitation but let it slide on the count of all three of us being able to pay the rent, which is what brings us to the present day. However, before I get back to the story, I should explain why there are monsters in the town of Haven.

About a year ago, monsters had finally revealed themselves to the human public. Unfortunately, like human nature would dictate, the monsters were met with hardships and prejudice, as humans tend to fear the unknown and would instinctively attack it. Luckily, to prevent any further incidents from coming into flourishing, the government created the city of Haven in North Carolina where monsters and monster-sympathizing humans could coexist as a form of social experiment, which turning out to be more successful than what anyone thought possible.

Now, leaving to where I left off, Jessica and Cristina were sitting on the couch, facing away from each other while flashing stink eyes at each other from time to time. I, however, was standing in front of them with my arms crossed and my patience running thin.

"Okay, none of you are going to bed until we have this sorted out," I asserted. I tried to maintain a levelheaded exterior, as my face became stoic and featureless. I heard the two groan dishearteningly as they protested.

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