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Black and White Loving


Who would have guessed that a social evening at the home of my husband's boss would turn out to be a night of pure unforgettable pleasure? My husband's boss was a black concrete contractor with a ranch and horses and a nice large home. Ed (my husband) and I (Brenda) were invited to his home one evening for dinner and cocktails. There was an opening in the company for the field manager's position and we were thinking that this was part of his boss's interview process. The boss (Sid) and his wife (Sheila) were a very good looking black couple who were friendly and likable. They were about 10 years older that we were.

As we were getting ready for the social engagement, we discussed the possibility of Ed's promotion and that the evening could well be important in relation to a promotion so we both needed to be at our best.

The evening went well. We were treated with a before dinner drink, a great dinner with wine, and later an after dinner drink. By this time we were feeling good, relaxed and the conversation was going well. Throughout the evening I noted that Sid seemed to be interested in my figure as his eyes seemed to go up and down my body and his eyes seemed to twinkle, and maybe a little smirk on his face as well. I am 5'-9" and 130 lbs, with a nice figure and bouncy breasts. My husband Ed is 6' and well built. He seemed to catch the eye of our hostess.

As we sat and sipped our after dinner drinks, the influence of the alcohol seemed to make me a bit of a bitch as I let my skirt slip up and show some thigh for Sid to admire which he seemed to be doing. I noticed that my husband was taking in the leg show of our hostess. I was having some evil thoughts which included us having a real sex fest which was only a fantasy of mine.

Sid suggested that we get a tour of the horse stables and the house. Sheila took Ed by the hand and said, "I will show Ed the House, honey, if you will show Brenda the horses and the barns".

With that Sid and I were off to the horse stables. As we walked, Sid put his arm around my waist and I did the same to him. I giggled and said, "Are we on a date"?

Sid replied, "Well I would not object if you do not".

I giggled again as we entered the stables, and said, "It's OK with me. It is our little secret".

Sid said, "While we are on the subject, have you ever dated a black man"?

"No", I replied. "I had lots of chances in high school but never did. Guess I was being socially correct at that time. The thought now intrigues me," as I giggled again. "I have a feeling I may have missed something".

Sid stopped and turned toward me still holding me around the waist and moved his lips to mine and kissed me. I offered no resistance. Our eyes met and without a word he pulled me to him and kissed me again with a long passionate kiss. As he withdrew, I said, "Whew, Wow, hummmmmmm guess we are on a date after all"!

Sid turned his attention to the stables and showed me a couple of his mares then on to the pen with his prize stud. Sid said, "This old boy loves the ladies and loves to breed them". With that thought I was getting to feel some little tingles in my clittie. Without hesitation I turned to Sid and pulled him closer, I mumbled out, "Are you like your stud horse?"

Sid pulled me to him and kissed me deeply as he placed his hands on my butt cheeks and pulled me hard against his now hard cock. I pushed my pelvic into him in a grinding manner letting him know that his filly was receptive to breeding. I was now feeling my juices flowing making my public area wet and ready for a good stud to take me.

I could tell that Sid was ready to fuck his new found white married filly. He was holding me tight with his hard cock near its goal; my hot white pussy. Sid released me and took my hand and led me to the stable manager's quarters where there was already a mattress on the floor awaiting our arrival. I was now aware that Sid had planned to have his employee's wife tonight. My head was reeling from the excitement and from the alcohol. I knew I was going to be his and there was no turning back now. I lay down on the mattress without being told. Sid followed me and started freeing my white breasts and suckled them like a baby. As he suckled he managed to relieve me of my blouse, bra, skirt and panties. I was so horny for my new found black lover. I started helping Sid remove his shirt and pants and shorts, freeing his beautiful jet black cock. I pushed Sid off me and onto his back and I straddled him with my wet honey pot over his face and I took his black cock into my hand and started licking the head and the pre-cum that was now flowing freely from the slit it his black pole. I ran my finger up and down his shaft as he licked and slurped my juices. I played with his big black balls knowing that they would soon be filling me with black baby seed.

I soon realized that Sid and I both were at our peak arousal and we needed to take each other soon. I moved over laying on my back as Sid mounted his white mare, shoving his hard black breeding tool into my hot wet white pussy. I felt the head push against my cervix and started knocking as Sid humped his white momma. My cervix was now ready to receive my black stud's seed. We were both sweating now and our sweat was mixing together as we slid on each other holding tightly. My fingers were digging into Sid's butt as he pulled me to him driving his cock deep and hard. His black balls were slapping my butt like a couple of wrecking balls.

Sid let out a hard grunt and I felt his cock throbbing as it started spewing his black seed deep inside my womb trying to make me his baby's Momma. I then started my own orgasm and was calling out to him, "Make me your baby's Momma, your fucking black stud!!! Breed me Daddy!!! You are my stud, Fuck me!!!"

Sid gave me one more hard thrust and said, "You are my baby's white Momma now."

We both went limp and lay in each other's arms as I felt his wonderful cock shrink and become limp. WE both lay there knowing we had the best sex anyone would ever want.

After a while, I said to Sid, "What are our spouses going to say? We have been gone so long."

Sid laughed and replied, "I doubt they will say anything. My wife had her eye on ED and I doubt they made it out of the bedroom before she had him between her legs and getting some white seed planted in her garden."

I have to report that Ed got the promotion and we both got us some great lovers. It makes our marriage stronger and we both enjoy socializing with the handsome sexy black boss and his beautiful sexy wife.

(telling it like it was makes me horny)

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by Mikesmiles11/14/17

Black Lovers

For a long time, my had a sexual fantasy involving black men but had never mentioned it to me. When she finally did it didn't take long for it to happen. Her first black lover was our dentist, who lovedmore...

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by Anonymous07/10/17

Being a married white woman, I simply loved your story. Unfortunately my husband doesn’t have the same liberal open mindedness when it comes to interracial sex, so I take it upon myself to enjoy it withoutmore...

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