tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBlack Book Diary Entry: Gina

Black Book Diary Entry: Gina


Black Book Diary Entry

Gina and I had the most erotic relationship that I have ever had with a woman. She was into kink, as much as I was. It was early in our relationship, when we discovered that we complimented one another with me being a voyeur and her being an exhibitionist. Let me tell you, it doesn't get much better than that when the woman you're with enjoys showing her body, as much as you enjoy watching her show her body. Hot damn.

Gina was a very attractive woman with dark brown, curly hair and deep brown eyes. Except for the color of her eyes and her being shorter, she reminded me of Lynda Carter of Miss America and Wonder Woman fame. Lynda Carter has green eyes and is 5'9".

At 5'7" and 135 pounds with shapely C cup breasts, Gina was voluptuous, an understatement. She was hot. She had a nice body and when you hung on to her, you felt like you were holding on to something. There was nothing bony about her. Yet, there was nothing fat about her either. She was shapely and firm.

Any time she rode in my car on the highway, she'd laugh her deliciously sexy laugh while unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her big boobs to the appreciative truckers. If she was wearing a skirt, she'd hike that up, too, for them to get a good look at her panties. She loved flashing her body and that was only the appetizer. The fun part was the sex we had later, when talking about what we did and what we'd plan on doing next.

The mall was our favorite haunt. She always gave the shoe salesmen a show. Wearing a short skirt with bright white panties beneath, she'd wait until the store wasn't very busy, generally around suppertime or when they first opened or just before they closed. I'd watch her from the window outside. I didn't have to stand very close to see her. With the big glass windows that the store had, I could see her from the second floor of the mall.

She'd always begin the same way, sitting like a lady, but with the salesman sitting down so low, once he asked for her foot, and boots were the best for this, she couldn't help but expose her panties to him. By the time he had fitted her with a boot, her skirt was not only raised up to her crotch but also her legs were wide open.

The fun part was watching his reaction to seeing so much of what she was showing. He tried acting as if he wasn't looking and as if he didn't see Gina's panties, but he did. Some of the younger ones turned red, while the older salesmen, the ones who had been in the business and who knew what she was up to, no doubt, stared.

Whether young or old, the salesman always disappeared around back for an extended period of time. I couldn't help but wonder if he was back there jerking off or repositioning his growing erection, while pretending to look for her size boot. I'm sure when they went home for the evening, they'd be jerking off over the memory of Gina's panties.

On more than one occasion, when she was the only customer in the store, Gina would have the entire staff helping her with her selection and fit, usually two shoe salesmen and the store manager. She only frequented stores that were staffed by men. She got off exposing her panties and she was good at making it appear accidental, while acting embarrassed and making them feel as if, they were the perverts and, they were the ones doing something wrong. Her trying on boots in a shoe store was my favorite.

Our next stop was the massage chairs. She was lady like when climbing on the chair, but once the salesman turned that chair on high, once that massager rolled her around and jostled her about, her skirt was nearly up to her waist. Always, she had attracted the attention of a crowd of men who weren't interested so much in the chair, as they were in seeing Gina's panties.

Then, when she climbed off the chair was the best part of the flashing exercise. Acting dizzy and disoriented from the massaging action of the chair, taking her time getting up, with one leg on the floor and the other still on the chair, it was a good thing she was wearing panties or she'd be pulling a Britney Spears, a Paris Hilton, and a Lindsay Lohan. Massage chairs were one of our favorite ways for her to flash her panties.

My favorite was stores that didn't have a dressing room. Gina would find a sweater two sizes to small and try it on. The fun part was watching her struggling to remove the oh so tight sweater. She'd find a man shopping close by and, just as she accidentally on purpose lifted up the sweater, along with everything else, her blouse and bra, she'd turn to face him. With the sweater momentarily over her face and her tits hanging out in the open beneath her raised blouse and bra for this man to ogle, the show was worth the price of admission.

When she finally removed the sweater, she'd even have a horrified embarrassed look on her face, while quickly pulling down her bra and blouse. Different men had different reactions. Some put out a hand to help her remove the sweater. Most just stared with their mouths gaping open and others chuckled over Gina trying to free herself from the sweater. One man even invited her out for coffee, the pig.

"Hey, fella, she already has a boyfriend. Me. Now, get lost. Pervert."

If there was an Oscar given for exposing her body, Gina would have won it. Our next stop was to any store that still had curtains. Few and far between, most dressing rooms now have doors. Unless they are swinging cafe doors, it's difficult to do any flashing, especially when the door is a full sized door.

Yet, we even flashed with a full sized door. She'd come to the door, open it and asked me what I thought of something, while leaving the door open. I'd walk away without closing the door, as she started removing her clothes, pretending not to notice that the door was still open. It all took only a few seconds, but that was more than enough time to flash some guy who was standing close by.

When we did find a quaint shop that had curtains, Gina would wait until there were bored husbands or boyfriends standing outside and waiting for their wives or girlfriends. Then, it was show time. She'd leave her curtain open just enough for whoever was standing out front to see her stripping off her clothes. Rewarded to seeing her standing there in her panty and bra, bras were her favorite item to try on for obvious reasons. Gina enjoyed showing her tits, as much as she did her panties.

It was such hot fun to watch her tease men. When riding up the escalator, knowing there were men coming up behind her, she'd bend at the waist just enough and long enough, while pretending to fix her shoe to give those behind her a view under her skirt. Loose, low cut blouses were her favorite. All she needed to do was to lean over just enough, while pretending to look for something in her purse and that action was enough to garner the attention of horny men, who ogled her bra and cleavage down her open blouse.

Whenever we went to the food court, Gina would sit with her legs open enough for all to see that she was wearing her bright, white panties. I'd watch her show from a safe distance. It was obviously funny watching men looking for the perfect place from which to view her. With all those tables and chairs taken from which to see her at the best angle, the men just stood around while watching what Gina was showing.

Then, after lunch at the food court, she made a pit stop for the ladies room, only, oops, she walked into the men's room accidentally on purpose. More than once guys flashed her their cocks to her gleeful delight. Yeah, I had a lot of fun with Gina.

Eventually parting, we went our separate ways, but we sure did have fun and she left me with a lot of memories of voyeurism and exhibitionism.

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