tagLoving WivesBlack Couple Seduce Neighbor

Black Couple Seduce Neighbor


Our Neighbor, Our slave.

I had seen Renee many times over the last year. She seemed to be a cool neighbor. We didn't talk often, I was always going one way while she was going another. I noticed her sometimes getting into her car going to the gym... I always admired how well shaped her legs and ass were. I would sometimes catch my boyfriend Steven sneaking a quick glance too.

It was a Saturday night around nine when I heard the knock at the door... I went hesitatingly to the door and I was surprised to see Renee standing there.

"Hi Renee, are you ok?" I asked.

She looked a bit frantic, and explained that Her refrigerator had broken and she had four bottles of chilled wine that would go bad if she didn't do something with them. I suggested she bring them over and we could store them for her.

She looked at me happily and said " I'll be right back."

I was glad she stopped by, Steven wouldn't be back till around midnight and I was bored with TV... I hoped maybe she would share a bottle of the wine with me. Renee arrived back as promised within about ten minutes, just enough time for me to straighten up and get a little more presentable.

I had told Renee to just walk in and when I heard the door open I knew it was her.

I am not sure if my face shown my surprise but she had changed into a pair of tight daisy duke shorts and a clinging light white shirt. Her ample breast were framed very nicely and I had a difficult time regaining my composure, luckily, by the time she reached the back of the house where the kitchen was I was able to stammer " Great outfit!"

I felt embarrassed being caught off guard, but Renee just handed me two of the bottles and smiled and said " I like yours too"

I had never been attracted to women who wasn't black, but Renee's outfit and pretty blue eyes and her well built figure gave me a slight tingle. I wondered how this night would end...

Renee broke the ice by saying "Well Braida, should we pop one of these corks and taste test the wine?"

I smiled and said as suggestively as I could; " I'm game if you are"

We were into the second bottle and had talked each others heads off. I noticed she would touch me occasionally, on the leg, the arm and each time she would linger longer as the bottles were vanquished. I was still wearing my skirt from shopping that day and I was proud of my legs and ass too. I made sure to peek back when moving about the room to see if Renee was watching; She always was and had an approving look on her face each time.

At one point we both rose from our chairs at the same time and the wine in Renee's hand splashed onto her white shirt.

She looked at the spreading stain and laughingly said... " Fuck! May I rinse this in your sink?"

I said; " of course"

She proceeded to pull the shirt over her head, revealing that she was not wearing a bra. I felt the tingling increasing as I watched her head toward the sink. Her D sized breast swayed while she rubbed the wine stain under the water... I was mesmerized by their movement. I am not sure if the wine made me so brazen, but I went up behind her and rapped my arms around her chest from behind and cupped each breast in my hands. The contrast of her creamy white skin and my deep cinnamon colored hands was exhilarating.

Renee dropped the shirt into the still running sink and leaned back against me. I put by mouth to her neck and kissed lightly along the nape. I felt her shudder as her nipples hardened between by outstretched fingers. She turned her head toward mine and our mouths met. My tongue sought out her tongue and she willingly wrapped hers with mine. I felt my pussy and whole body shudder with anticipation of what was to come. She turned and removed my top and bra, I felt her shudder as she took my breast in her hands.

"Oh Braida, I have wanted to touch these since I first saw you." she said, with her passion soaked voice.

I watched as she began kissing my nipples and rounded areas of my breast like a hungry animal. I was going crazy from the sensations screaming from every part of my body. I then felt her lead me to the parlor where she sat on the couch and pulled me toward her... She kissed her way slowly down my tight stomach and lingered at an area just above my skirt. I felt her hands go up under my skirt, to my ass cheeks and her warm hands felt exquisite as she caressed and cupped them. She looked up to my face, questioningly, as if to see if it was alright.

To show her how "alright" it was, I removed my skirt and panties in one quick movement. I was so happy when she looked at the lower half of my now fully exposed body and bit her lip in appreciation.

I heard her whisper hoarsely

" Oh my god Braida, you are like a goddess, your pussy is one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen, Please let me just kiss it... Please?" She begged.

Renee slid to the floor and her mouth was at the perfect height to take advantage of my pussy while I stood there. Her long blond hair cascaded back on the couch while she pulled me to her mouth... Her hot breath and soft tongue and lips glided over every inch of my perfectly shaved pussy lips. Her lips caressed my clitoris and her tongue teased it erect. My Clitoris was pulsing and throbbing within a minute of her attention to it began. I felt my hips grind my now pulsating pussy against her pretty face and mouth. She sucked and kissed and sucked and kissed faster and faster, all the while squeezing my ass harder and harder. Her strength amazed me, she was almost lifting me off my feet, yet her mouth was so soft against my pussy... I started to breath faster and harder and the explosion of my orgasm shocked me with its' intensity.

I was screaming and pulling her hair; "YES , YES, YES, FASTER, FASTER YOU LITTLE WHITE BITCH, EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY..."

I felt the release of my juices flow out of my pussy and watched as Renee greedily licked every drop. I tried to pull her up, thinking she was exhausted but her cry of hunger and grip on my ass made the effort futile. I collapsed on the couch with my legs still spread and watched as Renee savored every drop.

Renee lay on the couch next to me, holding me close while the last shudders of my intense orgasm resided. I finally caught my breath and we both looked at each other and laughed. It was then that I looked to the clock over the fireplace and saw it was almost midnight.

I then asked Renee, " Have you ever met My boyfriend Steven?"

" I have said Hi a few times, but we haven't formerly met" she replied

" Well, he will be home in 15 minutes and I am not sure how he will react. He was in a basketball league tournament tonight and I am not sure if they won or not. He can be distant when his team loses" I informed her.

While I was saying this, Renee was gathering her outfit and sorting herself out. It was then I heard the garage door open and the car pulling up. I knew I had about five minutes to get better organized, but I could not let Renee leave-- it would look too obvious. We straightened out the parlor and the kitchen and quickly returned to the parlor and sat chatting when we heard Steven coming up the steps from the garage. I was glad, at this point I hadn't tasted Renee's pussy, It may have been difficult to conceal the scents of sex on my face.

Steven, my boyfriend, is six foot seven and very sensual. He has beautiful gray eyes with long lashes and the build of an athlete. His exotic features and close cropped curly hair made him look like a male model. Steven was very masculine though. He grew up in a tough neighborhood and I had seen him put fear into the eyes of other men. He had a dangerous side to him. His hands were my favorite part. Large strong hands with thick fingers. A mans hands, developed from years of working as a stone mason.

" Hey baby, we beat their asses 82 - 62. Hey, where did you get this wine?" He yelled from the kitchen while rummaging in the refrigerator.

"Baby, congratulations on the game and uh, we have company" I replied

He was walking out of the kitchen, at this point, drinking a bottle of water... He saw Renee at the same instant he was asking the question " Who?"

"Oh, hey Renee I didn't know you knew B so well. When did you two hook up?" He asked nonchalantly.

Renee and I both looked at each other and burst out laughing, of course Steven wasn't in on the joke and like a typical man, it went right over his head.

"That is Renée's wine in the fridge, her fridge broke and she asked if we could store it till hers is fixed, we tried a bottle and had just finished it when you got here." I said.

I couldn't help noticing that Renée was staring at the area of my Steven's crotch. He was wearing white shorts and he never wore underwear in the summer. It was easy to see the outline of his cock as it stretched down the pant leg of his athletic shorts. Poor thing, I thought. She must be so horny after our session and must be dying to get off. Steven and I had watched many porno DVD's with interracial sex, but had never had the opportunity to partake. My pussy was now ready for some cock after the thorough pleasing I had just received from Renée. And, judging by the look on Renée's face, I could tell she wouldn't mind some either.

I stood up to Hug and Kiss my man hello. I sauntered over and wrapped my arms around his back and as he bent down to kiss me I grabbed him firmly and began to French kiss his mouth. He was taken aback for a few seconds but quickly responded as I knew he would. I felt his giant cock begin to rise against my stomach and I knew now what I would do. I fell to my knees before him and slowly pulled down his shorts. We were turned sideways to the couch and I watched as Renée's eyes grew wider and wider as I slowly exposed his huge cock. I heard her whimper and could see her hand go immediately between her legs. This action excited Steven even more. I pointed to her and motioned her with my finger to come here. She dutifully obeyed and was instantly on her knees to the other side of Steven's massive cock.

I asked her " do you want to taste it?"

She asked hoarsely " Please?"

"Would you like to feel it in your pussy?" I asked sensually.

"I would do anything... Anything" She quivered.

"You see Steven, twenty minutes before you got here Renee had made me climax with her hot little tongue on my pussy. I want to see if she is as good with a cock as she is with a pussy." I said, while stroking and kissing Steven's cock.

I then looked at Renée and said "I want you to show Steven how much you love his big cock while I taste your pussy. Would you like that?" I said huskily.

I lay on the floor and made Renee sit on my face, her pussy was delicious and I was getting so horny watching her stuffing Steven's giant cock into her tiny white mouth. She lovingly took each of his lemon sized balls into her mouth and kissed and stroked them. Steven's giant cock hung four inches over the back of her pretty blond head. And I would watch as his huge hands would pull her away from his balls and shove his giant cock into her mouth. She could only take a little less than half of it but she made a valiant effort to do more. I felt her pussy begin to spasm and her blood engorged clitoris pulsed with her soon to be orgasm. I felt the wave of her orgasm wash over her as she shuddered and screamed even though her mouth was filled with my Steven's cock.

I watched from below as Steven, who could take no more, grabbed his giant cock from Renée's mouth but it was too late. His cum exploded from the end of his giant cock like a stream of milk from a straw. It poured into Renee's waiting mouth, shot after shot. She drank it down as fast as she could but, Knowing from experience, she was wasting her time. Steven's cum poured down her face and into my open mouth. I watched as she cleaned the last drops of cum off Steven's cock and quickly began kissing me and licking what drops that had missed my mouth.

Renee looked at us with love in her eyes and said; "I love this cum and I love your cum. Thank you both. If you will let me... May I please be your sex slave? I want to worship your beautiful bodies and you may do what ever you want to me. I will give all of myself to you and I will never touch anyone else... Unless, you say I may"

Next chapter; Renee learns to love Ass.

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