tagGay MaleBlack Dominance: Addicted to Cum

Black Dominance: Addicted to Cum


Summary: Straight guy sucks as much cock as possible in one day.

Note: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, and Wayne for editing.

Note 2: This is part two of a potentially lengthy series about the power of black cock... and perhaps down the road... pussy.

In part 1, Accidental Text, straight white college student Joey gets a text about sucking cock accompanied by a picture of a big, black cock. Although he originally shrugs off the temptation, he soon ends up in a bathroom stall sucking black cock where he discovers not only does he love it, but that there is a secret society of white cocksuckers for black cock. Before the night is done, Joey sucks a second cock and begins his journey as an addicted black cock cum bucket... which is where we're taking you now... All aboard!

Black Dominance: Addicted to Cum

Did I feel guilty leaving my girlfriend in my bed after fucking her to go upstairs and suck dick?


Did it make me stop walking up the two flights of stairs to go and suck the cock of a stranger, or perhaps even someone I knew?


I re-examined our brief correspondence:

Eagerwhitecocksucker: Anyone looking for a white cocksucker to deposit a load in?

BarrelsLoaded: I have a full load in my black barrel.

Eagerwhitecocksucker: I've only done this once earlier today, but I'm suddenly craving more.

BarrelsLoaded: Once you start there is never any stopping.

That scared me, the idea I couldn't just stop doing it, yet the reality that I was leaving my sleeping girlfriend to go suck a stranger's dick in his room made this theory seem true.

Eagerwhitecocksucker: Where can we meet?

BarrelsLoaded: My dorm room.

This scared me too, as somehow the bathroom seemed like a safe place, although in reality it was a very risky place for my reputation. For example, I now knew that Coach Price took it up the ass.

So a dorm room suddenly seemed like a safe place.

Eagerwhitecocksucker: What dorm?

BarrelsLoaded: Baker's Place

My eyes went wide. That was my dorm.

This seemed like the second warning from above that I wasn't supposed to suck more cock... the third actually:

1. When I returned to the cocksucking party in the washroom across campus there was no one there.

2. My girlfriend showed up while I was setting up plans to suck more black cock.

3. Now I was encountering the risk that I knew this person.

As I stood in the middle of an empty hallway, I pondered my options:

1. Go home and slip back into bed with my girlfriend... obviously this was the morally right thing to do and the safest for my reputation.

2. Look on kik for another cock to suck.

3. Go upstairs and meet BarrelsLoaded.

BarrelsLoaded: Yes or no, cocksucker? I need this load released NOW!

So although I had a drunk girlfriend sleeping in my bed with my cum leaking out of her pussy, I headed out of my dorm room to do what she had just done to me... suck some cock... or in my case some big black cock.

Eagerwhitecocksucker: On my way.

BarrelsLoaded: Good cocksucker... room 441. Hurry up.

I didn't want to get there in one minute, making it obvious I lived in the same building.

Eagerwhitecocksucker: Five minutes.

BarrelsLoaded: The door is unlocked just walk in, come to me, drop to your knees and suck while I play Call of Duty.

The irony of how I had apparently come full circle was almost poetic.

I had been playing Call of Duty when I'd gotten the text that had changed everything.

Eagerwhitecocksucker: Yes, sir.

I got to his floor and waited. I quickly played a game of Clash Royale, which I won in overtime... trying to not spend the four minutes allowing guilt, common sense or moral dignity to take control.

I put my phone in my pocket, and walked into room 441.

I closed the door and paused.

Was I really doing this?

"Hurry up, cocksucker," he demanded, as I heard shooting. As I walked to him, he didn't look at me at all as he focused on the game and spoke into his headset, "Yeah, a white boy just walked in, eager to suck my dick."

I should have felt humiliated, but as I saw he was naked from the waist down and his big black cock was dangling down there tempting me, I only felt hunger. I dropped to my knees beside him, then obsequiously crawled between his legs so as to not block the view of his television.

He said, not to me, "Oh yeah, I have white cocksuckers coming over regularly to extract loads from me. I mean I have a hot white girlfriend to fuck, but girls just don't suck cock like white boys. They're only good for fucking."

I took his flaccid cock in my hand as I wondered if that was true. Did guys give better head than girls?

I suppose it made sense, since guys have a cock, and have probably jacked off thousands of times by now, so they understand the anatomy and how to please one. Although I had no complaints about Tasha, who I thought was a great cocksucker.

"Stop playing with it and suck it, cocksucker," he ordered.

I lifted the heavy dick up and took it in my mouth as he continued, "Today's cocksucker is a rookie, but those white boys are quick learners."

I stroked his cock while I swirled my tongue around his cock head, trying to awaken it from its slumber... I wanted it to come out and play.

"Trust me, you do need a cocksucker," he said. "Over here we have a whole system of cocksuckers. We have a hook-up location for white cocksuckers and bottoms to get their daily craving of black cock, we have a kik room for hook-ups, and we just started a texting app where black guys can simply text the next willing cocksucker or bottom on the list and order a cocksucker... the same way you would order a pizza, except you don't have to tip the delivery boy."

As his cock hardened in my mouth, I listened to him talk about me as if I wasn't there, even as my first thought was 'how do I get onto this text app?'

As I pondered this, I was still in awe of the feeling of a soft cock hardening in my mouth. It felt unlike anything else I could imagine.

"Text-a-Mouth," he laughed. "I like that, I'll have to suggest it for our slogan."

His cock hardened quickly, and soon I had eight inches of thick black dick in my mouth. So I did what a good cocksucker would always do, I began sucking.

"Trust me, once you have some rich preppy white boy, or some white all-star quarterback or some white coach or professor begging to suck your dick or take it in his ass, you'll never go back to just women," he said.

I imagined that as exciting as it was for me to suck a big black cock, it must be equally exciting to have white boys willing to sexually serve you at a moment's notice.

"Oh yeah, they will beg," he said. He then said to me pushing my head off his yummy prick, "Tell me how bad you want to suck my cock so my friend can hear."

I didn't hesitate, wanting that cock back in my mouth, not worried about how I sounded to some stranger on the other end, even though I knew my answer was betraying all straight white guys, "Please, sir, can I suck your big black cock until you shoot your yummy cum all the way down my throat?"

"And if I want to come all over your faggot face?" he questioned.

Overwhelmed with insatiable hunger, I responded, "White faggots are made to take your cum wherever you're willing to deposit it."

He laughed, as he snapped his fingers and pointed to his dick, "You see?"

I instantly resumed sucking, wanting to be a great cocksucker so he would invite me back for more.

"I know, and they're everywhere," he said. "The straighter you think they are, the quicker they'll drop to their knees for you."

I wondered if that was true. I think I looked pretty straight, and I'd lived a totally straight life before receiving that text several hours ago.

"Yeah, almost any white guy regardless of age, will suck black dick given the chance," he said. "Christ, my sixty year old neighbour was my personal two-hole fuck slut my entire senior year."

Wow! I thought to myself, trying to imagine my grandfather sucking dick.

"Yeah, it was great to have an eager mouth or a tight ass around to coax out a load whenever I needed it," he said, as I took half his fat cock in my mouth.

It seemed that many white guys took it in the ass, too, although I hadn't tried that yet myself in my long six hour history of being a black cock slut. I'd read somewhere that a prostate orgasm is the most intense kind, but at that time, the idea of having anything in my ass sounded so unpleasant that it prevented giving this idea any serious consideration.

Yet hearing Coach whimper and beg as he was ass fucked, and seeing our star quarterback bent over getting reamed and loving it, had definitely opened my mind to the idea.

"You don't have to look at them," he explained. "You read, watch TV, play video games... whatever you like... while they blow you. Even if you want to phone your mom, just tell them to be quiet about it and go right ahead."

Being seen as just a cum deposit was both humiliating and exhilarating... which I couldn't explain.

For the life of me, I couldn't explain why being on my knees felt natural, why having a cock in my mouth felt pleasurable, or why the idea of swallowing cum was consuming me.

It just was what it was.


Insatiable hunger.


A need to please.

"Like I said, just pull your dick out right now and tell your white buddy to suck it," he said. "I don't care about that, he will... eventually. They simply can't resist dark meat."

Again his theory seemed ludicrous and yet it seemed completely true as I bobbed away, now taking over five inches into my mouth... more than my girlfriend had ever needed to put in hers.

"Do it," he groaned, before adding, "sorry, my own cocksucker has my balls boiling."

This made me bob faster.

I wanted that load of cum.

No, I needed that load of cum.

I had to know what it felt like to have a full load shoot in my mouth.

"Looks like he's ready for a full load," he said.

And God was I ever.

I kept bobbing...

Now taking six inches in.

Trying to take a bit more with each eager bob.

"Oh yeah, cocksucker, you're a natural little cum craving faggot," he groaned, pressing his hands on the back of my head.

I took the sign and tried taking in more, focusing on breathing through my nose on the out-strokes.

A few more bobs, where I was getting almost seven inches in I think, he warned me, "Here it comes."

And a couple of seconds later, I felt cum exploding against the back of my throat like a rocket launcher.

I kept sucking, wanting all of his creamy load... baffled at why so many girls said this was disgusting (obviously they'd never tasted themselves... yeesh). No doubt about it, the taste of creamy, salty semen was way better than the usually strong-odoured, sometimes fishy, pussy juice.

One full load and I was addicted to man-cum.

One text and I was addicted to black cock.

One evening and I loved being on my knees.

One taste of black cock and I was no longer straight.

I kept sucking his cock after he quit coming, wanting to retrieve every last drop of cum and not sure what I was supposed to do once his juicy creamy cock left my lips. What was the etiquette for what to say or do after your black donor had finished? I was pretty sure it wasn't soft caresses and languid pillow talk.

"Hey, are you trying to get a second load?" he objected, a good minute after he was done.

I allowed his cock to slip out of my mouth and said, "Sorry, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do next."

He chuckled, "You're a keeper."

Wanting to add my number to this texting cock sucking club, I asked sheepishly, still on my knees, "How do I get on this text app?"

"Definitely a keeper," he chuckled, before he said, "Text this number and the phrase 'Cocksucker available 24/7'."

"Okay," I said, as he handed me an embossed business card containing nothing but the letters 'C.S.' and a phone number which I accepted gratefully, excited at the possibility of more opportunities for black cock.

"But be warned," he said, looking down at me. "Available 24/7 means exactly that. When you get texted you go and suck cock. If you're in class, you leave. If you're with your girlfriend, you leave. If it's 3:30 in the morning, you leave. The only exceptions are taking tests, or if you're an athlete and playing in a game. Are you an athlete?"

"Volleyball," I admitted, both excited and nervous over such an expectation.

"Then why didn't you play with my balls?" he joked.

"Next time," I said.

"Now, get out of here, you made me die," he said, looking down and resurrecting his online game.

I crawled out and said, "Thanks."

"No problem, cocksucker," he said, not looking at me.

As I walked out, his cum aftertaste lingering in my mouth, I was in awe of how casual it all was. There was no deep talking, no chatting, no money spent on dining and no cuddling after... just suck, swallow and leave.

God, men made sex simple.

As I returned to my dorm room, hoping my girlfriend was still in a deep drunken slumber and oblivious to the fact I'd snuck out, I pondered joining the text group.

The pros: more opportunity for cock... and cum.

The cons: I could get addicted (if I wasn't already); and the 24/7 availability was a bit scary... ok, a lot scary.

I decided to wait and think about this tomorrow.

Two cocks in one night.

One facial.

One load down my throat.

My life altered.

I quietly snuck into my room, feeling like a kid again, sneaking into the house after a party, and was relieved to see Tasha hadn't moved a bit since I left her.

I got out of my clothes and slipped back into bed, still trying to process the very surreal past few hours.


The next day, I woke up and finally washed the dried cum off my face from the previous evening, then made breakfast for Tasha, who was still asleep.

I felt very guilty that morning.

I argued with myself that it was just one strange night of weakness... of curiosity... I mean it's 2017, and exploring your sexuality is quite a common thing to do, especially in college.

Women fuck women.

Men fuck men.

Women eat women.

Men suck men.

I was just going through my college exploration; the 21st century version of sowing your wild oats.

And although I'd enjoyed it, I was still straight. I really was.

Even though I still had vivid memories of both black cocks, and even though I couldn't get them out of my head, I had a girlfriend.

I brought her some orange juice and toast and gently woke her up.

She smiled and kissed me before saying, "I love you, baby."

"I love you too," I smiled back... guilt rotting inside me for what I'd done yesterday... even though I was wondering about her own activities last night. "Who were you with last night?"

"The girls," she said.

"The other gymnasts?" I asked, imagining a lesbian orgy (every man's dream).

"Yeah," she nodded, "we all got pretty drunk."

"Did it get wild?" I asked, trying for information that would explain why her face had smelled like pussy.

"A little," she nodded, crunching on the toast.

"I was imagining a gymnast lesbian orgy," I joked, even though I wasn't joking.

Her face gave just the slightest hint I was right, before she covered and said elaborately, "Yeah, we were in one big daisy chain."

"What? No strap-ons?" I teased.

"Those are for tonight," she joked.

"Can I watch?" I said.

"No, I meant you'll be the catcher, so you'll have your back turned," she teased wickedly. "Or at least you'll be my catcher. The other girls will have to bring their own. Maybe you can watch them."

This joke would have been short-lived a day ago, but now the idea of getting fucked was intriguing. And although it had been big black cocks that had intrigued me, suddenly the idea of taking a strap-on, hopefully a smaller cock than Carson's, was an interesting possibility... and so was the idea of watching other guys being pegged. Trying to be casual, I countered, "Only if I get your ass, too."

I think this surprised her, as she smiled, "So if I give you my ass, you'll give me yours?"

"Maybe," I said, turning sideways and looking all coy at her over my shoulder as if I was the girl. I batted my eyelashes flirtatiously and simpered.

"Good to know," she giggled, finishing her toast. She then got up and said, "I desperately need to shower."

"To get all the pussy juice off your face," I slyly added, wanting to see her reaction.

She seemed startled, before she again recovered and said, "You wish."

"Yes, I do."



She shook her head and went to shower.

I shook my head and checked my phone... checking out the kik forum.

There were three different black cock pictures from this morning... each with questions. Although all from over half an hour ago:

Anyone want chocolate for breakfast?

Cocksucker needed now!

Come get a creamy protein shake for breakfast.

Shit! I shouldn't have looked on kik.

My cock hardened.

My mouth watered.

And as I heard the shower start running, I responded:

Anyone looking for a white cum deposit for a morning wake-up call?

I stared at my small screen waiting for a response... even though I wasn't sure what I would do if I got a response.

I did.

A private message.

Come to dorm room 212 Elder's. I'll give you a three day load.


Exactly what I wanted!

A response.

A cock to suck.

A load to swallow.

Shit, what was I going to tell Tasha?

That I was just going for a morning milkshake?

Then I came up with a plan. I quickly changed into a pair of jogging shorts and a t-shirt and opened the bathroom door and said, "Just going for a morning jog."

She called back, "Okay, I need to go back to the dorm. Meet up later today?"

"Definitely," I agreed, happy my lie was going to work.

"Love you," she said.

"Love you too," I replied, which I meant... even if I was leaving her hot body naked in my shower so I could go and suck a stranger's cock.

I quickly left, walked out of the dorm and jogged across the campus... my heart pulsing, my cock hard and my mouth salivating. It was then I realized I hadn't seen this cock's picture... or maybe I had... he could have been one of the three.

I reached the dorm and strode briskly through the door, feeling giddy with anticipation at the morning cream I was craving.

I trotted up a flight of stairs, walked to the room catching my breath, and knocked.

"Come in," a voice called out.

I walked in and was surprised to see not one black guy, but two. Both were large men... looking like they could be offensive or defensive linemen. Like the last guy, they were both on a couch playing the new Call of Duty (clearly the game was popular).

"I hope you're hungry," one said, as I stared at both of them.

"Yes, sir," I responded, thinking having two at once may be incredibly hot. Double the pleasure, double the fun suddenly had an all new meaning; although I certainly wouldn't be chewing.

Of course, this is not how I'd envisioned my first threesome.

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