tagInterracial LoveBlack Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 01

Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 01


Kirk arrived at his office early to get his emails out of the way to start his day fresh. He was nearly finished when one of the remaining few caught his eye. The subject line read:

"Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!"

Kirk thought it a somewhat odd message for his business inbox. The Internet Service Provider silkroad.com.cn gave Kirk pause as he noted that the "cn" denoted China. Curious, he read the message:

"I awoke this morning, as I have a lot recently, and thought about you. So I thought I'd let you know by wishing you and yours a great Valentine's Day!"

I hope to speak with you soon.

Li Su

He quickly recalled the sender -- a prick teasing Chinese computer programmer that he'd interviewed a few months earlier.

His mind flashed back to the day he'd met her.

Kirk and his small team had submitted bids on two large Air Force contracts with work to be done onsite at a New Mexico facility. To his utter surprise, they'd won both bids and were in desperate need of programmers who wrote code in a new esoteric programming language. After hiring all he could find, Kirk outsourced some work to a consultant on the East Coast.

He became hopeful of a much needed new hire when some of his team returned from the East Coast raving about the skills of a young Asian programmer. They were excited because, although she was working as a contractor with the East Coast consultant, she lived on the West Coast much closer to Kirk's facility. They wanted to hire her if possible. Trusting his team, Kirk agreed to meet her twice when she visited. His first meeting was to share his vision of the opportunities he saw for skilled programmers. The second meeting after she met the rest of the team was for him to close the deal.

She arrived wearing a crisp white suit, white hose and matching white heels.

"Unusually well dressed!" Kirk thought as he shook her hand and took in her long slender fingers. "And tall for an Asian lady" guessing her height at 5'6".

Her long curly, blonde streaked hair was a bit unusual too since her resume indicated that she only recently immigrated to the US. As she was 26, some twenty years Kirk's junior, he thought maybe he might be out of touch with the younger set.

He offered her a seat at the circular table in his office where he'd placed a notepad in case he needed it. His team had informed him that while she wrote English perfectly, her pronunciation of some words was difficult to understand. Asking her to write the word in question would help keep the conversation moving. She sat with her legs to the side of the table, crossed at the ankles which caused her knees to spread wide enough to give Kirk a view of her inner thighs.

Each time she needed to move forward to write on the pad, her knees spread even wider letting Kirk see her blue panties and their red floral design. At first Kirk thought the unladylike posture was accidental but he quickly learned otherwise. When his assistant knocked and brought in a pot of hot water for the tea Li Su had requested, her knees snapped closed. As soon as his assistant left, Li Su reopened her knees even wider.

Within five minutes Kirk realized that his time might not bear fruit. He learned that the reason Li Su chose to work for the East Coast contractor was that her husband was teaching at a nearby university. He'd taken the position after no West Coast school offered him a job which would allow him to earn a green card then citizenship. Working for Kirk's contractor allowed her to not only work in her chosen field but also have company paid travel to see her husband. After a few more spread leg notes that she rolled forward to write and her not flinching when Kirk looked directly up her skirt, he decided to end their chat and let her get on with her visit.

After her day long meetings, Li Su returned to his office for Kirk to close a deal which he knew wasn't likely. As Li Su resumed the seat she'd used earlier, her legs were spread even wider and her skirt raised about six inches up her slender thighs. She seemed intent on letting him look all he wanted. He did, looked at her face which betrayed a sly smile. Intent on closing the deal, Kirk offered to pay for twice a month trips to the East Coast for conjugal visits with her hubby. Although unusual, he reasoned that he was already footing the bill on contracts paid to her employer. He had no good response when she said "That would be nice but what happens after the contracted work is completed?"

His assistant knocked and asked Kirk if she could speak with him. He walked out of the office and closed the door behind him. "Its 4:30 and she's got a six o'clock flight. Will you be done soon? I'm supposed to take her to the airport."

"I haven't closed the deal yet and might not so I need some more time. You can leave and I'll take her to the airport" he said and returned to his office.

As he opened the door he was greeted by an enticing sight. Still seated, Li Su was bent over at the waist leaning forward to smooth a wrinkle at the ankle of her hose. Her suit jacket had fallen away from her chest revealing her pale breasts that were larger than Kirk might have thought given her slender build. "Wow, she's sporting some heavy artillery!" Kirk mused. As she began to sit back up, he caught a simultaneous top/bottom glimpse. "And she's showing off something else I like -- matching underwear!" he thought.

"We've run a bit longer than I planned so I'll be taking you to the airport if that's OK?"

"That would be great!" Li Su replied with more enthusiasm than was warranted.

Kirk began to sum up his selling points in staccato fashion given the press of time. Li Su seemed to be listening intently and looked him directly in the eyes. Though her eyes were still and unblinking behind her coke bottle thick glasses, the same could not be said for her legs. They were now gapped as wide as her fitted skirt would allow giving Kirk a full view. Noticing that her display had his full attention, she began opening and closing them. As she closed them tightly one last time, her face flushed slightly which Kirk noticed only after diverting his eyes to resume looking at her face.

Li Su smiled as if she was drifting in a pleasant dream world of her own. Knowing that further conversation was not going to be productive, he suggested they'd better leave for the airport.

"We'll be in touch shortly." Kirk told her.

"That would be nice." Li Su said. "And may I have one of your business cards in case I need to get in touch?" Kirk gave her his card. "Let me give you one of mine too!" Li Su said and bent to retrieve one from her purse on the floor. She spread her legs even wider letting Kirk see a dark wet spot at the crotch of her panties and hose. She accepted the card as she slowly stood smiling as she saw him still looking between her legs. He noted the Silkyroad.com.cn notation on her email address.

As they arrived at his car, she commented. "Nice car! I've never ridden in a Porsche before!" He opened the door for her and she awkwardly sat on the low seat, gapping her legs wide and lifting her feet without closing her knees.

"Roses!" Kirk thought as he stood close enough to identify the floral print on her panties. After a repeat 'Roses on full display performance' upon their arrival at the airport, Kirk watched as she walked briskly to the entrance. She turned and looked over her shoulder, seeming certain that he'd be watching. She smiled and waved as he slipped the car into gear and pulled away from the curb.

She'd quickly responded to the offer letter he sent the following week. As he expected, she politely declined their offer and Kirk thought that was the last he'd hear of her. But now she sends an email. "Has she changed her mind?" Kirk though as he replied to her message:

Hello Li Su,

How thoughtful of you. I appreciate your message and wondered if you'd decided to join the team after all.

Warm regards,


Her quick reply made him dismiss the thought

Dearest Kirk,

No I didn't change my mind. I have thought and dreamed about you a lot and wondered if you ever come to the West Coast. I'd love to see you if you do. Today is the day for lovers!

Hugs and Kisses,

Li Su

He responded

Hi Li Su,

I do get to the West Coast occasionally and plan to be there in a couple of weeks. I will let you know my schedule.


Her response left no doubt about her intentions:

OK Kirk!

Please hurry because I want you to fuck me! I saw you looking up my skirt when I was there. You made me horny! I had an orgasm just squeezing my legs together in your office when you looked up my skirt! I was hoping that you'd invite me to dinner and pound me with your black cock all night. You didn't but I dream about it every night and I need you deep inside of me!

Your horny Li Su

Kirk typically traveled to the West Coast twice a month on weekend recruiting trips. Doing interviews on weekends kept programmers from arousing suspicions of their current employers. He usually worked in his room on Friday evenings after his arrival but something other than work was in this offing this trip.

He emailed Li Su letting her know he'd be arriving at around six the following Friday and the name of the four star hotel he had booked. Her reply demonstrated that she was eager for his arrival.

I'll pick you up at the airport and bring you to my place! Its closer than your hotel!

Far less confident than she sounded in her emails, Li Su was a nervous wreck. She'd fretted all day wondering if she was doing the right thing or just setting herself up for yet another disappointment. She'd tried everything she knew to achieve the one thing that had eluded her -- a 'Made in America' clitoral climax. So far in her young but accomplished life, this marked her only failure as she'd achieved on 'Made in China' orgasms either by her own Chinese hands or her drawer full of vibrators -- all made in China. She'd tried everything she knew, but failed. Her desperation had her own a new course, trying to see if there was any truth to the gossip and whispers she'd heard about black men.

She was more than skeptical as she thought back to her meeting Kirk.

"I acted like a slut, opened my legs so he could see my snatch and hoped he'd make me miss my flight so he could fuck me. But although he looked, he didn't bite. He didn't even flirt with me!"

She sighed deeply as she stood waiting for his arrival.

"At least he's coming -- but will I at long last? What if he wants something more than I want like oral or anal? ... What if ..." Li Su's questions hung unanswered as she spotted Kirk in the crowd of arriving passengers. Butterflies the size of eagles flew in her churning stomach as wet warmth enveloped her loins.

As Kirk emerged from the security gate, Li Su was easy to spot. She stood along the velvet rope that marked the passenger exit wearing a mid-calf length black silk skirt under a matching silk blouse that was worn draped outside her waistband. As he approached, she stepped forward and gave him a brief hug and turned on her heel. Her quick movement caused him to notice the deep slit in her skirt which she wore over fishnet stockings. She walked rapidly toward the exit, cutting a swath through the crowd as if anxious to get to her car.

Not seeming to want to waste a minute, she pointed he key fob toward a still distant car. The lights of a small blue economy car flashed signaling Kirk their destination. Kirk held the driver's side door open for her which caused a quizzical look on her face. She hurriedly slid behind the wheel as Kirk walked around the car and got into the passenger seat. Seeming to relax from her panicky dash to her car, she slumped back against the seat.

"I didn't want to be seen by anybody I knew 'cause they know I'm married!"

"I could have taken a cab or rented a car if ..." Kirk started to say but was interrupted.

"That would take too long and waste time. I don't want to wait any longer!"

With that she drove quickly out of the parking lot and accelerated onto the Interstate.

"How odd!" Kirk thought as he glanced down at her legs as she pushed the clutch. "She didn't hesitate to spread her legs wide open in my office but now she's driving primly with her knees pressed together!"

Her mad dash at the airport was repeated upon their arrival at her apartment complex. Without waiting for Kirk to open her door, she brushed past him and almost ran to the stairs before quickly ascended. She neared the second floor landing before Kirk reached the first step.

She quickly closed the door behind him as he stepped in and hurriedly locked it. Seeming to relax again she smiled, stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I've been waiting impatiently all day for you to get here!"

Kissing her lightly on the neck, Kirk asked "Horny are we?"

"Desperately horny - for YOU! Why didn't you make me miss my plane so we could fuck? I wanted you to!!"

Kirk reached around, unzipped her skirt which fell to the floor as he released the button at the waist. "I was interviewing you, a married lady and not trying to seduce you."

"Your eyes roaming over my body said otherwise!"

"I'm a red blooded man so why wouldn't I look? You put on quite a show!"

"I hope that you're also a man with a big black cock for me!" Li Su whispered and started humping his package with her slim hips.

As his strong black hands cupped her net covered ass, she hissed.

"Hurry -- strip me! I need you to fuck me NOW!"

He unbuttoned her blouse revealing a soft black silk bra with floral patterns. She carelessly tossed the blouse aside and bent to strip off her hose. As she reached to unclasp her well filled bra, Kirk stopped her.

Lifting her into his arms he said, "That's for me to do! Where is your bedroom?"

With her arms clinging tightly around his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist she nodded toward a nearby door.

Kirk could feel her warm moist mound as she clung to him as he made his way to the bedroom. He lay her down and looked into her expectant eyes as her chest heaved. He slowly slid her bra straps off her shoulders and unsnapped the front clasp revealing her full breasts and hard pink nipples.

When his strong hands grasped the waistband of her panties, she quickly thrust her hips into the air as he began to ease the soaked garment down her legs.

Although she was already wet, Kirk knelt between her legs intending to urge her to release even more lubricating nectar with his tongue. Although intent on fucking her brains out, he wanted to make sure that this slender vixen could accommodate his girth. As he knelt he saw her engorged clit peeking through the long silky pubes that she had shaved into an unusual 'Double S" shaped design.

Feeling the tip of his tongue flicking on her pulsing clit, she pushed his head away.

"No! I want to feel you dick inside me!

Kirk was frustrated but abandoned his attempt at foreplay and stood over her. Pulling her ass to the corner of the bed, he lifted her legs over his black rippling forearms and rammed his thick cock deep into her core. Her anxious pussy was wet but not nearly wet enough as he felt the friction of her tight pussy walls. His size made her wince and she tried to slow his entry by pushing against his chest.

"Oh no, you wanted it -- DEMANDED IT so I'm going to give it to you ALL OF IT!

Her eyes widened in surprise -- almost shock -- "Too much -- it hurts!"

"Yeah but it's gonna hurt so good!"

Kirk began thrusting his hips almost savagely into the Asian nymph beneath him and slid a thick finger deep into her ass.

"Oh no! He's trying to get into my ass!" Li Su became panicky and tried squirming away.

Lifting her hips to prevent his back door invasion, she was pounded by another powerful downward thrust of Kirk's black meat into her already uncomfortable snatch. Jerking back quickly to get away from his frontal assault, she unintentionally impaled his finger even deeper into her ass.

After three or four dick in pussy/finger up ass repetitions, her hot thick cream coated Kirk's cock and ran down the crack of her ass to lubricate his thick finger that was invading her rear. Growing accustomed to his size and being double stuffed, she started thrusting her hips forcefully upward to urge his cock deeper into her love canal before ramming her hips backwards forcing his finger deeper into her bowels.

"YES! Now I know why I wanted you so bad! You're even better than I dreamed! I love your big black cock in my pussy! And you're taking my virgin ass with your fingers! It feels ..." This new sensation and Kirk's baritone voice made her abandon her comment ... and her resistance.

"Before I'm through with you, your tight little ass is going to be taken by the hard cock that's deep in your tight pussy!" Kirk hissed as he pistoned his hard cock in and out of her swollen and now streaming pussy. He was ramming her hard, looking down at her wide eyes and large pale breasts that jiggled in response to each powerful thrust.

The bed was creaking and the headboard was banging to the wall each time his hips slammed into hers.

Li Su moaned louder and louder in response to his jack hammer front/back thrusts. She began to perspire as she began feeling sparks shooting from her loins, a telltale throbbing of her head, a tidal wave about to overwhelm her being!

Her moans turned into grunts ... then screams and then ear splitting loud wailing. "I'm coming ... I'M CUMMINNNNNNNN!"

"Oh damn! OH DAMN!" She screamed in unison with each strong thrust of his hips.

"Coming! She squealed "I'm coming again!"

He continued ramming her front and back until she wrapped her long legs around his waist with her lips curled into an orgasmic snarl.

She whimpered as she felt Kirk's hot cream pouring into her as his balls contracted and exploded jetting stream after stream of searing love juice into her depths. As her vaginal walls rippled in post orgasmic joy, she sighed loudly and fell back exhausted.

"I am so glad you came!" Liu Su whispered and then, realizing her double entendre, began giggling uncontrollably.

Her reverie was interrupted by the incessant ringing of her doorbell followed by repeated knocking.

"Oh shit!" Li Su muttered as she scrambled up from the bed, wrapped herself into an ankle length robe and scurried to squint through the door's peep hole.

Kirk arrived at the bedroom door in time to see her shoulders slump. It was obvious that something completely unexpected had occurred. Li Su looked over her shoulder, saw Kirk placed a finger to her lips to tell him to keep quiet and gestured for him to step back into the bedroom. As he stepped back she began to unlatch the door.

Confident in his physical abilities honed by countless hours at his karate dojo, Kirk rose onto the balls of his feet and prepared to make short work of the intruder who was likely to barge through the doorway.

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