tagInterracial LoveBlack Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 04

Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 04


Chapter 04

Cold cash and an 'icy hot' New Year!

Early in the week Kirk had some unexpected free time because he'd received a report from his team that they'd somehow managed to pick up two full weeks on the schedule. This let his mind wander to Li Su's arrival on Friday and the lust filled weekend that lay ahead. Although he'd first been hesitant to allow her to visit, the afterglow of making love to this nubile creature overcame any doubt. "In just a few more days, I'll be buried deep inside her again!," he mused, "VERY DEEP!"

He smiled, sighed in anticipation and decided to go to his favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. He'd just ordered when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket announcing an incoming message. He retrieved his iPhone from his jacket pocket and glanced at the display. It was another text from Li Su, this one marked URGENT:

"Is it OK if I arrive one day early, on Thursday instead of Friday? Can you pick me up? Plane arrives same time, just one day earlier. I hope its OK -- thanks!"

Kirk read it with a bit of confusion and slight irritation since he was used to calling the shots. "She seems to be getting a bit pushy. She's probably already changed her reservation!"

Rather than reply immediately, he first fumed, then mused at the turn of events as he slowly ate his lunch. He chuckled as he read his fortune cookie --

"A patient man reaps unexpected rewards!"

Although he wasn't much of a believer in horoscopes or fortune cookies, he decided "What the heck? I'd normally be traveling to interview programmers anyway" and replied to Li Su's text.

"I can make Thursday work. What made you change your plans? Need me that badly? LOL"

Her reply came back almost instantaneously.

"Need and want you badly, but also need your help BIG TIME!"

Not one to overreact or to probe too quickly, Kirk decided to wait until her arrival to get an explanation. On Thursday he left his office and drove to the airport to await her arrival. The airport that served the area didn't have arrival gates. Instead passengers deplaned on the tarmac and walked to the tiny terminal.

Li Su was easy to spot as the passengers began leaving the plane. Kirk was struck again by her elegant beauty as she emerged from the door behind the cockpit. She wore a light beige pant suit with matching shoes. Her jet black hair was up on her head with lacquered pins holding it. She quickly retrieved her matching leather luggage from the baggage handler and strode purposefully towards the terminal. As she entered the door, Kirk stepped forward to greet her.

Upon seeing him, she smiled broadly and increased her pace. With no hesitation she rushed into his outstretched arms, dropping her bag as she did, then squeezed him tightly and kissed his full lips warmly. Still clinging to him, she broke the kiss and whispered into his ear. "Thanks for letting me come early! I really needed to." She kissed him softly on the cheek before finally loosening her grip.

Kirk bent, retrieved her bag and slung it over his left shoulder. He grasped her hand and led her towards the exit. As they walked, Li Su interlaced her slim fingers in his which caused Kirk to react slightly. "She's not wearing her wedding band!" he thought and glanced at her face. Seeming to notice his recognition, she simply smiled but said nothing. Kirk had driven his Jaguar that day so as they approached, she didn't recognize the car. "Is this your car too?" she asked. "Yes, its more befitting of an elegant business lady like you!" Kirk responded. "Besides I thought it would be easier for you to get into."

Li Su chuckled "You mean it lets me maintain my modesty in public?" Kirk started to reply "Well, the thought ..." but Li Su interrupted. "I could have managed easily since you encouraged me to be myself. Besides, I always wear slacks when I travel back east. I don't have to fuss with keeping my skirt down when I work around the guys and it keeps my asshole husband from shoving his repulsive hands between my legs whenever he feels like it." Kirk tucked away the comment for future reference and opened her door.

After tucking her bag away and sliding behind the wheel he exited the airport and accelerated onto the highway. Li Su slid her ringless hand over his and asked "Do you live far from here?"

"No, its only a ten minute ride."

"Good, I'm anxious to get there!"

"Hmmmm ... she sounds eager to get into bed!" Kirk smiled inwardly.

As he steered the car into his garage, Li Su inhaled deeply and let out a long slow breath in anticipation of what was to come. He took her hand to assist her from the car, retrieved her bag and led her into the house. He made a B-line for the bedroom. "Nice big room!" she said and a really nice, really BIG bed!" Knowing where this was leading Kirk hung her bag in the closet and turned to see her unbuttoning her jacket. Kirk walked over and wrapped her in his strong arms around her slender frame but was surprised by her next comment. "I want to see the whole house, especially your office!"

"Okay" he said trying not to betray his surprise. He took her by the hand and led her from room to room. After seeing the kitchen, dining room and the two other bedrooms Li Su seemed a bit insistent. "Where is the office?" Kirk skipped his large exercise room and headed back towards the master bedroom and his adjacent office. Li Su pulled her hand from his as they approached and turned back into his bedroom explaining "I need to get my laptop!"

Kirk waited for her to return and they walked into the office. Making no comment, she placed her computer on the small conference table, powered it up and sat down. Pointing to an adjacent chair she said "Sit here, I have something to show you!" As the machine powered up he saw her new screensaver -- her hands on his chest as he lay on his back, her cone shaped tits with hard nipples hovering over him with her jade necklace dangling between them and his hard wet cock penetrating her pussy. Without waiting for a reaction from him, she clicked on a PowerPoint presentation.

"I want to show you how you can help me."

"Help you?"

"Yes, how you can help me bring my mother here and .... how you can help me get a divorce! Please just listen before you start asking any questions!"

Stunned, Kirk sat quietly as she clicked on the first slide, a cover sheet headed "Professional Proposal"

For 15 minutes, Li Su described a new approach to writing the esoteric computer code used by Kirk's team. Although his own code writing skills were rusty, he understood enough to recognize that she was describing something akin to the "holy grail" in the arena he had his team working. Genuinely surprised, but still cautious, he said "That's an incredible breakthrough -- if it works!"

"Oh it works alright! We've fully tested it on a live project!"

"On which project?"

"On yours! Did your team tell you they had picked up two weeks on the schedule?"

"Yes ...."

"That's because we used this new technique!"

"Who is WE? Nobody on my team even traveled last week."

"I have my own team and the patent paperwork is ready to be filed."

"Your own team? I don't understand."

"I know ten programmers who graduated from the same #1 school that I attended in China. They are great programmers but they 'live in the shadows' , that means they are undocumented, so they are afraid to work for companies like yours because they know you have to report immigration status of employees. However, they will work for me as long as I pay them in cash "off the books".

"It sounds like you're well on your way to becoming rich! But what do you want from me? I already have a contract with the East Coast company you work for."

"I know that but I also know the contract ends in three more months. What I want from you is $100,000 in cash for the patent."

Kirk was about to ask another question but was interrupted by Li Su.

"DAMN YOU! I told you not to ask any questions until I was finished! Just hearing your deep voice gets me distracted and makes me wet! I need you to FUCK ME RIGHT NOW!"

With this sudden shift in mood, she slammed her laptop closed, stood up, shrugged out of her jacket and flung it against the wall. Her nipples were so prominent through her silk blouse that there was no mistaking her state of arousal. They stood out to the point that Kirk could even make out her pinkish areolae. His appraisal of her sexually aroused state was interrupted as she bolted for the door.

Kicking off her shoes as she almost ran down the hallway, she began unbuttoning her blouse. Kirk made it to the door in time to see her blouse in midair followed quickly by her bra leaving an easy to follow 'Come fuck me!" trail of clothing. She was reaching for the snap on her slacks as she rounded the corner and disappeared from Kirk's view.

When he reached the door, his cock hardened as he beheld a sight for lusty eyes.

Her slacks were on the floor just inside the door, her light blue panties a stride beyond and Li Su was kneeling naked on the side of the bed. Kirk saw her in stereo. He saw her in the flesh from the rear and her reflection in the large mirror across the room. Her arms were ramrod straight, her hands flat against the comforter and her ass was swaying provocatively in mid-air. The large mirror she was facing reflected her pale pink nippled breasts and the back of her head as she turned looking for Kirk.

"I've waited long enough! I need your big black cock in me NOW!"

As Kirk began to quickly shed his clothes, her excited state was undeniable. She had a pleading look in her eyes as he hurriedly stripped. By the time he slid his thumbs into the waistband of his silk briefs, she was wiggling her hips back and forth and humping the air. "Hurry up! I need you in me!" She pleaded.

Kirk glanced at her inner thighs and knew her need and urgency was literal. She was soaked! From the junction of her thighs extending almost to her knees her skin glistened as if coated with oil. She was gushing in urgency with long strands of her pubic hair plastered against her legs. Kirk's thick manhood was hard and bobbed in the air as he walked up behind her. He lined up his now seeping cock with her hole and stepped forward, the purplish head making contact and his thick mushroom beginning to slowly slide into her wetness.

Her impatience growing, Li Su thrust her hips backwards and enveloped half of his meat. "Fuck me now and fuck me HARD!" she hissed.

"YES!" she yelled as he shoved the full length of his hardness into her. She began furiously rolling her hips and rocking forward slightly before ramming herself backwards to take him in again. Not waiting for him to begin fucking her, she was instead fucking him -- his rock hard cock disappearing inside her only to reappear coated with more of her thick cream. After a few repetitions of her frantic thrusts, she stiffened and let out a wanton scream -- "FUCK YEAH, FUCK YEAH ... I'm cumming!"

Her face was flushed with redness creeping down to her upper chest. Kirk grabbed her slender hips and begins to ram her. With unblinking eyes she looked lustfully at Kirk's reflection in the mirror as she felt his groin begin to rhythmically slap against her hips.

"Yes baby, YES BABY -- fuck me!" Li Su yelled. Her breasts were swaying in synch with each of his hard thrusts, each more powerful than the last. The pendant hanging between her tits was swinging violently, jolted by his forceful plunges.

As Kirk began ramming into her in earnest, the lacquered pins holding her hair begin to loosen and finally give way, falling to the bed. As they fell Kirk felt a hot rippling deep within her vagina. He grunted in exertion and slammed repeatedly into her.

Li Su's arms begin to weaken and tremble as she lost her grip on the comforter. Unable to support herself during Kirk's now frenzied assault, her hands slipped wider from her shoulders while her elbows bent into pushup position. Despite her waning strength, her eyes remained glued on his in the mirror.

Lowering her torso forced her undulating breasts down to the point that her nipples were grazing the comforter as she struggled to maintain her balance. Her face suddenly contorted to a half grimace -- half smile as she neared another orgasmic explosion.

Her face glistened with perspiration as her eyes widened, her mouth formed the letter "O" but no words came forth -- just "ooooh -- ooooh -- OOOOOHHHH!" until she succumbed to the gushing flare of another white hot orgasm erupting through her body, ricocheting repeatedly from clit to brain to body .

Kirk redoubled his thrusting as the exertion took its toll on her. Sweat trickled down his chest, dripped on her flushed ass cheeks and coursed drown her crack. Not strong enough to continue supporting herself with her arms, she braced herself on her forearms. As Kirk's onslaught intensified further, Li Su started moaning in unison with his now man possessed pace. As she lowered her torso, the angle of her ass jutted further upward pointing toward the ceiling. Kirk spread her now crimson ass cheeks with his thumbs glimpsing her pink rosebud that winked at him with each stroke -- opening as he withdrew and snapping closed as he slammed into her.

He slid his thumbs into her winking ass as his cock bore into her fuck starved pussy. Knuckle deep in her ass, pumping man meat into her needy cunt, Kirk felt her tense up and cum again. Her already wobbly arms collapsed and she lost her precarious balance on her forearms. She slumped to the bed leaving only her flattened tits and the side of her head to support her upper body.

Feeling himself about to come, Kirk growled

"Is this what you wanted ... to be fucked hard by a real man?"

"Yes, I needed your big black dick in me!!!!!!!!!!

As he finally exploded into her coating her vagina with his thick hot white cream, she collapsed completely sprawling flat beneath him. As she slumped, Kirk moved downward to remain deep inside her. He lay flat on her back and sandwiched her between his sweaty chest and the damp bed.

He felt her trembling beneath him and gulping for air.

"Am I too heavy on you?"

Beginning to sob, Li Su said "No, I wanted and needed you so badly! I'm glad that I didn't touch myself all week waiting for you to fuck me. And I didn't let that Son of a Bitch husband even get close to YOUR pussy. You make me feel so good, so wanted that you're the only one that can touch me -- not just my body but my heart too!"

Kirk didn't respond but instead enjoyed the sensation of her beneath him as his cock began to slowly soften. He rose slightly and planted a soft kiss on her neck.

"You're an amazing lady Li Su and an incredible lover!"

Instead of replying, she wriggled her hips causing his cock to twitch in response which set her off into a giggling fit.

"What's so funny?"

"Your big cock, its wriggling in me like a snake -- a big black snake!"

"And that's funny?"

"Yes, because this is the Year of the Snake on the Chinese calendar and I've got my own black snake good luck charm buried inside of me!"

Kirk chuckled and said, "We'd better get something else inside of you -- some food because you're gonna need your strength!"

"Can we have Chinese food? It will give me even more good luck?"

"Of course, I'll take you to my favorite restaurant."

Kirk braced his hands against the bed and slowly pushed himself up withdrawing his cock from Li Su.

"I wish I could keep my new good luck charm inside of me, it makes me feel awesome!"

"We've got a few days so I promise to give you a lot of this thick black luck charm."

They arose and showered, taking turns washing each other's backs before dressing and making the short drive to the restaurant. The female proprietor greeted them as they entered with an energetic New Year's wish "Gung hay fat choy!" which Kirk knew translated roughly "May you become prosperous."

As they were seated, Kirk mused about Li Su's unfinished presentation earlier and wondered if the greeting was a harbinger of things to come. They ordered drinks and tea. Kirk mentioned her slide show and how he wanted to hear more.

"Not now my handsome lover! Now it has to wait until tomorrow. For now let's celebrate being together on the New Year!"

The proprietor returned to take their orders which Li Su requested in Chinese. While they waited, Li Su excused herself to visit the restroom. As she was returning to the table, she was intercepted by the proprietor and they chatted briefly with the owner covering her face to mask an obvious snicker. Seeing that Kirk had noticed the exchange Li Su explained "She wanted to know if we were business acquaintances or lovers. I told her BOTH!"

After a sumptuous meal, they headed to the counter to pay the tab. The owner saw they were leaving, excused herself from the couple she was seating and rushed to the counter. Excitedly addressing Li Su in Chinese, she bent and retrieved a package from the glass display case and handed it to Li Su. Smiling broadly, she again bade them "Gung hay fat choy!"with a noticeable gleam in her eye. Li Su accepted it graciously and turned to Kirk "Do you have champagne and an ice bucket at home? She says we need to celebrate in the right way."

Not fully understanding the comment, Kirk replied that he had both at home.

"Good!" Li Su said "That means that we won't have to stop on the way and can celebrate sooner!"

Upon arriving home, they strode quickly hand in hand to the bedroom. Again showing that she was anxious, Li Su asked "Will you get the champagne and a bucket with lots of ice?" Kirk mused "After the fucking I gave her earlier, I thought I'd taken the edge off!" Confident that he was up to the task of satisfying her needs he retrieved a bottle of champagne from the cooler, located his largest silver wine bucket and filled it with crushed ice.

As he walked into the bedroom, Kirk saw Li Su kneeling at the head of the bed. She had stripped off her clothes and was wearing a short red robe. As she knelt carefully placing the pillows one atop the other in the center of the bed, her exposed tits showed she wore nothing beneath. She first carefully smoothed the wrinkles from one pillow, uttered what sounded like a prayer or chant before repeating the sequence as she placed the second pillow on top. Not wanting to interrupt her, Kirk stood quietly at the door. She smoothed the top pillow one last time, repeated her chant and began sliding the robe off her shoulders.

She folded it carefully into a perfect square, stood and walked to the foot of the bed. She placed it on the bed and took great care to assure that it was precisely aligned with the middle of the pillows she'd carefully placed at the head of the bed. She began to utter her chant again as Kirk waited and took in the process.

Li Su then opened the small bag the restaurant owner had given her. She removed two red candles in highball sized glasses with black Chinese symbols on them, placed one on the night stand, lit it and began walking gracefully around the bed to light the second. As she did, she noticed Kirk standing there.

"Just preparing our ritual ... ahhh, our New Year's Celebration." She smiled brightly at him.

"What were you chanting, a prayer?"

"Not a prayer - just making three wishes" she said as she placed a candle on the second night stand and lit it.

"Oh?" Kirk asked "Three New Year's wishes?"

"Yes, the first wish is to make love."

"And the second?"

"To make money."

"And the third?"

"To make baby!" she grinned almost impishly before continuing "I want to make love and make money now but making baby can wait for a few years. Don't worry, I'm on the pill!"

She then reached into the bag and removed a small vial containing a reddish colored liquid. She placed it in the palms of her hands and began rolling it vigorously as if to warm it. With her full tits and hardening nipples shaking in rhythm to her movements she said "Get undressed lover, turn off the lights and let's celebrate!"

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