tagBDSMBlack Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 07

Black Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 07

byPhoenix Arrow©


Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!


"What do you want to become?"

"Please my Black Queen..."

Miss Simons looked up with complete lust and passion in her eyes. She was kneeling on the floor, naked, darkness all around her. As her heavy breasts rose and fell she stared upwards toward the young girl before her, an arrogant yet dignified Goddess. Standing all around them were dozens of faceless women, watching, whispering. Simons knew she shouldn't be here. Knew she should be far far away. But her heart knew she was exactly where she needed to be.

"Yes my slave?"

"Please...my Black Queen...make me your white toy."

The Black Goddess nodded her head and fashioned a shiny silvery pair of scissors. Miss Simons bowed her head, her long hair flowing beneath her face. A moment later she heard a snip, a lock of hair falling to her cupped hands below.


Simons paused, waiting for the next few locks to fall, but none do. She holds herself there, looking down until she hears the sound again.


Now this time she looked up into the face that she so loved and watched as it slowly dissolved away, replaced by what looks like a steering wheel.

"Miss Simons, its me, Sasha's mother!"

Quickly she swirled to her left to see the black woman standing on the other side of her car window, smiling pleasantly. It is only then that Simons realized the three fingers lodged inside her pussy and the strong smell of female musk thick in the air. Thank goodness she was wearing the thick protective coat that gracefully hid the dirty self perversion from view, otherwise she'd have some real explaining to do for the mother of her young cheerleader Mistress Sasha.

None the less she was still very worried, as she rolled down the window, that the heavy feminine air would rush out and hit the naive black mother in the face. Yet if she did smell anything, Sasha's mother gave no indication.

"Hello Miss Simons, its bee quite some time since I've seen you. How's the squad coming along this year?"

Jessica took a moment to mentally compose herself, still in her submissive fog of the wet dream. "The squad? Um their...doing just swell!" She tried her best to give a sincere smile. In truth they actually were doing very well this year. She almost hated to admit it, but ever since Trish had put the former coach in her place and took over the job the squad had never been better. Much to the worry of the older woman, this caused many more students and parents to come to the school sporting events. They were up for several big time awards and were in the running for the infamous Disneyland Cheerleaders Competition. Simons almost peed in her pants as she imagined her squad prancing down Main Street, the black girls doing everything they can to flash the timid white cheerleader's private parts to the crowds of shocked mommies, daddies and children holding balloons. And then there was the County Cheerleading Title that Simons privately cherished. Thanks to Trish they had a good chance of winning it again this year, much to the anger of her bitter rival Miss Mary Struat.

"Oh well I am so glad to hear it. My little girl has been telling me so much about the squad. She can't stop talking about how much she loves it, thank you so much for helping her along with these private lessons you've been giving her lately. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!"

Jessica looked at her for any hint of sarcasm or hidden meaning, but there was none. She genuinely seemed sincere, much to the coach's surprise. Did she really not know what these private lessons really were?

It was at that moment that Sasha suddenly came sprinting out of the house, dressed in her brightly colored cheerleading uniform which contrasted wickedly with her soft black skin. Despite herself, Simons could feel her pussy walls contracting slightly around the three fingers still lodged in her cunt. She had been afraid to remove them, since it would reveal where they had been.

"Oh there she is, you must be going then. Hope things go well and thank you again for helping my daughter. Good bye honey!"

"Bye mom! Don't worry, Miss Simons and I will have such a fun time, isn't that right coach?"

Simons hung her head down, unable to look either women in the eye, muttering 'yes' in a low voice.

When Sasha was finally in the car and her mother was already walking back towards the house she reached inside Simon's coat, and grabbed a claw full of her former coach's uniform covered left breast, burying her finger nails into the soft fatty skin. Simon's threw her head back in pain.


"YES MISTRESS...YES MISTRESS...I'm sorry please....but your mother...."

Sasha squeezed even harder, "I don't give a fuck, when ever I ask you a question you answer me properly got it fuck up?"

"Yes Mistress, I'm sorry Mistress...."

Sahsa released her tormented coach's breast but as she brought her hand out of the coat, she grabbed the material so that it flung open, revealing the skimpy ridicules cheering uniform hiding beneath. Even more ridicules was the hand that was under the skirt as it was slowly moving up and down, three shiny slick fingers appearing and disappearing.

"I KNEW IT! HOW DARE YOU PLAY WITH YOURSELF WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!" With that Sasha reached down and pulled the illicit fingers out and ceremoniously began spanking her hapless coach square between her legs, sending Miss Simons wailing with each and every uncaring smack of her puffed pussy. Despite the irresistible urge to protect her most sensitive body part from receiving its pain, she knew better than to interfere with her evil little black owner. The ten quick punishment swats felt like they took an eternity, and had her on the verge of tears. What had ever become of this once proud cheerleading coach, once the winner of numerous titles, who was now reduced to getting her pussy spanked by one of her own demented cheerleaders, and a black one at that!

"Now coachy, thank me and ask me the question!"

Simons took a moment, lifted her face from her hands and meekly spoke, "Tttthank you Mistress, now may I please....lick your...pretty pussy?"

Sasha smirked at the power she held over this white adult. It had been months since Trish granted her exclusive ownership of the former coach. All the other black girls wanted one of the young white cheerleaders as personal pussy pets but not her. She got the biggest charge of her life the day she forced Simons to her knees in the gym showers and made her smell her sweet black pussy. Ever since she knew she'd have Simons all to herself, and that's the thought she relished as she looked upon her disheveled slave, her red puffed pussy open for display, her uniform covered tits rising up and down with heavy breathing, her red flushed submissive face and the most erotic words uttering from it, "May I please like your pretty pussy?" Sasha's vagina pulsed with racial power and girly satisfaction.

"Not now coachy, we dont have time for that. We need to get to the party. But we're gonna make a little stop first aren't we? I'm hungry."

Without a word Simons closed her legs, pushed back her uniform skirt and recovered herself with the coat. Fixing her hair in the mirror, she soon had the car pulling out the driveway and off towards the main streets. Very little was said between the two of them as they drove closer and closer to the fast food restaurant except for the occasional "Turn here", "turn left", "no you stupid dyke', etc.

It wasn't long before the were pulling into the drive-thru, waiting in line behind several cars. It was then that Sasha began digging into Miss Simon's purse, easily finding her wallet and pulled out a $10 bill. "Here, put this between your legs!" Simons looked befuddled at her young tormentress. "I said put it up your COOCH! NOW!"

Without further thought Simons took the bill offered to her and in a moment was sliding it under her coat, passed her pantyless skirt, and with chills slid the dirty currency between her ever moist lips. She began rearranging herself uncomfortably on the seat while closing back her coat.

"NO! Leave it open! I want the guy to see EXACTLY where his money is coming from" Simons eyebrows rose with panic. She silently shook her head with pleading eyes, but knew it was useless. She shuddered as she went over the impending scene in her mind.

Now there was only one car ahead of them at the little menu speaker. "Heres what you will order. I want a large coke, french fries, pussy chicken fingers, and a strawberry shake!"

Simons again looked befuddled, "You mean chicken fingers?"

"Did I stutter? PUSSY chicken fingers! Say it just like that. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress!"

With dread the former coach watched the last car ahead of her pull forward and ever so slowly she moved the car to the speaker while rolling down the window.

"Welcome! Would you like to try any of our combos today?", chimed a rather perky girl on the other end. It didn't even occur to her that it would be a girl instead of a guy. It almost made it feel worse knowing this. At least the guy would be given a treat when all this was said and done, but with a naive girl...

"Um yes...hello...no combos no, just please give me a....um....large coke, and french fries, and...um...", she turned briefly to look at Sasha, bit her lower lip, and turned back to the speaker, saying the next few words very fast, "and pussy chicken fingers and a strawberry shake please!". Immediately Jessica held her breath for what seemed like an eternity.

"I'm sorry ma'am, I didn't catch that, can you repeat the last part of your order?"

Sweat was now collecting on her forehead. Despite all she had reluctantly been through, she was still a good woman, with morals and dignity. Or at least she still could fool herself that she had these qualities. Now that fantasy was being plucked away even further as she spoke again, "Ok, it was a large coke, and french fries, and....pussy chicken fingers and a strawberry shake thank you!"

There was another long pause on the other end. Simons could imagine the young girl's reaction and cringed.

"Did you say chicken fingers and a strawberry shake? I'm having problems understanding you?"

"Yes yes, exactly" Simons chimed, feeling like she had gotten away with one as she looked back at an un-amused Mistress.

"Your total is $8.47, please drive to the first window."

Slowly Simons pulled the car ahead and within moments she was staring face to face with the young white girl she had just spoken to. Immediately the girl's brilliant smile mellowed as she saw the middle aged woman before her dressed in the most inappropriately small school cheerleading uniform. Then she glanced at Sasha sitting right next to her and smiled again, "Are you...girls...cheerleaders for Dale Field High?" Simons nodded wearily, "Oh that's SO COOL! You girls are like the best! I go to Dale Field to and SO badly want to try out next year for the squad!"

Immediately Sasha leaned over and whispered something into her pet's ear, which made Simons lower her head and utter "Sorry, but you can't join the squad!"

"Well why not, you haven't even seen me try?"

Simons now looked up to her with regretful eyes, "Because your....too ugly!"

The former coach saw the horrible look of hurt in the young white girl's eyes as Sasha giggled evilly beside her. With a tear forming in her eye, she looked back at the register, "Um...$6.47 ma'am."

Simons looked back at her black Mistress hopeful that she would be spared this latest humiliation, but with a sigh, reached under her skirt and began fishing clumsily through her vagina for the bill. In a few moments there was an audible gasp from the young girl as Simons brought the $10 out from under her skirt and handed it to the shocked cashier without daring to even look at her. The bill was damp and shiny and there was no doubt where it had just come from. Maybe it was because the girl was still so young and naive, or simply because she still had aspirations of joining the team, but without a word of further protest accepted the bill and returned the due change.

"Please drive forward to the next window MA'AM." Simons could sense the level of disgust in the young girls voice as she uttered those words. Quickly she pulled the car forward eager to remove herself from the humiliating situation. Behind the second window was a man in his twenties who was busy putting all the ordered food into a bag. He too noticed the comical appearance of Miss Simons's dress attire with a raised eye brow as he handed the package through the window. Sasha quickly took hold of the bag and placed it on the seat floor as the man asked "Do you girls want any ketchup or sauces?"

An evil look came across Sasha's face as she turned to the man and giggled loudly, "Oh no thanks, we have all the special sauce we need right here!" And with that, she took hold of the front of Simon's cheerleading skirt and lifted it up and back. In an instant Simons face was flushed a dark red as the young man gasped. Jessica wasted no time hitting the gas peddle to again immediately remove herself from this latest pit of humiliation. Yet she knew that with Sasha, the next humiliating moment was never far away.

As instructed she found a place to park not too far away from the fast food restaurant. Sasha was already gulping down some of her coke while exploring the bag of fast food. She soon pulled out the strawberry frosty and handed it to her former coach, who looked puzzled as usual.

"Lower your top!"

Simons hesitated only long enough to make sure no one was watching and pulled her already skimpy cheering uniform top down and under her breasts, so that they actually lifted slightly. Sasha loved the look of Simons large breasts displayed in this fashion. So as Jessica sat there with her breasts exposed and a strawberry shake in one hand she waiting for her Mistress's next instruction. It came immediately after she was handed the plastic straw, "Take this and dab some shake on each of your nipples for me!"

Simons checked outside the car again before giving a sigh of reluctance, dipping the straw into the ice cold shake. Lifting it back out, she brought its contents over her right nipple and, as Sasha began munching on her french fries, began dabbing it over her nipple. Instantly it became painfully erect as the cold strawberry jolted her senses. "Now the next one!"

Simons re-dipped her straw and brought it towards her left breast this time, hanging it over the nipple a moment before dabbing the icy shake over it, coating it just like its twin with a shiny pink. Both nipples stung something awful as she placed the straw back inside the shake and dutifully awaited for her Mistress. Sasha was by now halfway through eating one of her chicken fingers, enjoying her personal entertainment as she stared in mild amusement at the large fleshy orbs with pink tips.

"Are you hungry Miss Simons?"

Indeed she was hungry. Its amazing how much you forget about little things like an appetite when you are in a constant state of humiliating arousal at the hands of teenage black girl. With trepidation she nodded her head yes.

"Well then, here you go!", said Sasha as she handed her surprised coach a french fry. She hesitated for a moment before bringing it to her lips.

"No no no silly coachy! You forgot about the sauce!"

Simons looked at her haplessly before Sasha pointed with a smirk at a spot between the coach's legs. Jessica looked down and saw her leaking pussy staring right back at her. She looked yet again wishfully at her Mistress, whispering "please" under her breath but Sasha simply continued eating her chicken finger while staring intently at the older woman.

Bringing the warm french fry down between her spreading legs, Simons spread both labias with one hand and with a chill running down her spine slide the thin fried food inside her "Wiggle it a little!" giggled Sasha as Simons did as was ordered. In another moment she slide it back out and looked at her 'special' sauce now coating it. "Bon Appetite!", chimed her tormentress as Simons brought it to her lips. The smell of her own sex filled her nostrils as it got closer and it made her stomach churn. Slowly she parted her lips and laid the desecrated food over her tongue. The taste was revolting to her. No matter how many pussy's a girl learns to love eating, one's own pussy never tastes good, and her gagging reflexes were now begging to be realized.

"Here, have another!"

Simons reluctantly took the french fry and again brought it between her heated thighs. In another moment she was snaking it back out of her moist hole and bringing it to her lips, much faster this time, but just as revolted. This went on for another five minutes as Sasha sat back in her chair, eating her chicken fingers and sipping coke, all the while watching Simons dip french fries one at a time into her own pussy and eating it, dried strawberry shake caking her still erect nipples.

"Would you like some chicken fingers Miss Simons?" Learning her lesson she quickly shook her head 'no' but to no good as Sasha broke off a chunk and handed it to her, "Its a bit cold and needs to be cooked again. Go ahead and leave it in you a bit to warm up!"

Simons dutifully spread her cunt lips and pushed the fried chicken piece inside her, deep enough so that it would stay but not too far so she could easily get it back out.

"Good, now while you wait for it, why don't you give those big titties a nice coat of shake! Yes that's right coachy, I want you to lift up that cup and tip it over each saggy udder. I don't care how cold it is you stupid cow and don't you DARE get it onto anything other than your big tits or ELSE!"

With the utmost care Simons began pouring the pink strawberry shake over her right breast. Instantly the icy cold jolted her. With the other hand she cupped the slow moving liquid from spilling anywhere else. In another moment she was carefully, if not humorously rubbing it all over her tit, getting every square inch of flesh in the sticky milky shake. Soon after the left breast joined in on the action, getting a healthy helping of shake over it. In no time it looked as if someone had placed two partially deflated pink balloons over her chest. Sasha the whole time was beside herself with laughter seeing the older woman struggle to keep all the liquid on her chest while painting them in icy pink strawberry shake.

Now Simons had frosty all over her hands and asked timidly for a napkin. "Clean them on your pussy. Better yet, play with yourself for awhile until I finish eating."

Simons lowered both hands and began gliding her fingers over her labia lips, coating them with pink shake as she did. Encircling her clit she soon laid her head back and closed her eyes as Sasha looked on.

She could feel the piece of chicken loosing its shape as her cunt muscles squeezed and shook with every manipulation. Just as she was beginning to get into it, Sasha made her stop and remove the chicken. It was a rather pathetic affair, for it had degraded into pieces and was not remotely sexy in any fashion, even for the humiliation factor Sahsa was so hoping to achieve. This perhaps made the act she was doing all the more depressing.

After all the noticeable pieces were removed from her cunt and redeposited in her mouth, Sasha commanded Simons to recover herself with the cheerleading uniform. By now the pink frosty shake on her chest and pus had dried into a sticky cake-like substance and though annoying in its own right, meant that it would not stain the uniform. Despite her bizarre life change, Simons was actually quite proud of this uniform.

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