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My name is Jonathan Francisco Peterson and I am a student at Gusto College. It's one of those forgotten schools you never hear about. Life can be so damn boring when a man lacks the proper stimuli. Thankfully, college life was turning out better than I expected. That's because I know how to make the best out of a sad situation. I'm just your average, everyday, cheerfully psychopathic college man. The people of Gusto College had no idea what they were in for. As someone famous once said, finding out was going to be half the fun.

Gusto College is located in rural Maryland. It's a very small school. Only sixteen hundred students. The campus is surrounded by farmland. The nearby town is a farming town and that town itself is surrounded by wilderness. I'm a city slicker but I grew to love the country. The city of Boston could grow tiresome for a young black man like myself. That's why I opted for college way out of town. Gusto College didn't ring a bell besides its peculiar name when I checked it out online. However, they were offering me an academic scholarship, which was more than okay by me. So, I moved there. I left behind my usual digs. I didn't miss Boston. Having a female sociopath as head of household could be taxing. I didn't miss my psychotic aunt Giselle and her foul brats, or her passive-aggressive, closeted husband Leonard. I left Boston and moved to Maryland, intending to never return.

Gusto College presented me with a fresh start. It's a place where nobody knew me. A man with my good looks, great intelligence and charisma could do very well here. Besides, I really needed a new beginning. Gusto College turned out to be a fun place. This small college was where all the town farmers sent their grown brats. A four-year private college with a focus on agriculture, mechanical trades and other things of that nature. The school's only true claim to fame was having one of the best college sports programs in the union. Athleticism was almost considered a religion at Gusto College. The school offered Men's Intercollegiate Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Crew, Cross Country, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, Track, Volleyball, Water Polo and Wrestling. They also offered Women's Intercollegiate Archery, Badminton, Softball, Basketball, Crew, Cross Country, Fencing, Equestrian, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, Track, Volleyball, Water Polo and Wrestling.

I'm not really into following college sports, except maybe football and wrestling. I did meet some rather sexy jocks, though. First, there was Allen Randall, of the football team. He was a tall, good-looking Irishman with short red hair and pale green eyes. The first time I laid eyes on him, I knew he was feeling me. Even though he was walking around with a lovesick blonde woman who was looking at him adoringly. Yes, the football stud was at least bisexual. That didn't surprise me. I was used to having both men and women checking out my six-foot-three, lean and muscular, 230-pound black athlete's body. I didn't play sports but I worked out all the time. Got to stay in shape, you know? The first time Allen got me alone, he flirted with me heavily. He also introduced me to his girlfriend Beatrice O'Neil, a tall blonde with some major tits and a plump ass. She was checking me out too. I ended up hooking up with both of them.

It happened one night in Allen's dorm, he and his girlfriend Beatrice were drinking. I was hanging out with them. They were pretty cool. Both of them were natives of the town and showed me around. I was treated like the guest of honor. They took me places around town and bought me stuff, and I didn't mind hanging out with them. We crashed at Allen's dorm after a night of dancing and drinking. He put a porno on, to lighten the mood in the room. I watched the screen. It was some video featuring a tall black male bending over some skinny white chicks and stuffing his cock in their big mouths, spread pussies and tight asses. I love watching interracial porno. That stuff is totally hot. I can't get enough of it. So, Allen got all drunk and asked me to show him my cock. I unzipped my pants and out came my ten-inch long, uncut black dick with balls the size of apples. Allen's eyes widened. Beatrice looked at me, stunned. Yeah, the bitch was shocked. She looked at Allen and told him that she'd always wanted to try a black man. Allen asked me if that was okay with me. What do you think I said? Beatrice stripped naked, showing me her breasts and ass. They were her best features since her face was rather plain. She knelt before me and began sucking on my dick. Allen unzipped his pants and began stroking his cock as Beatrice sucked my dick and licked my balls. I could tell that this stuff was turning him on. Yeah, I bet he wanted to suck on me. I invited him. Never have I seen a man move so fast. He joined Beatrice in sucking on my ten inches of black man power.

Watching the football stud and his girlfriend sucking on my black dick was a real turn on. I thrust my cock into their mouths. They both sucked me off eagerly. I smiled. When I came, they drank my cum. As I watched them, I realized that they were both a couple of submissive people. I could easily dominate them. And so I did. I told them that I was going to try something new with them. I told Beatrice to suck on Allen's asshole while he sucked my cock. The bisexual football stud was only too happy to get his ass licked. Beatrice licked and fingered her boyfriend's asshole while he sucked me off. When she got done sucking on his ass, I made him get on all fours and shoved my cock up his ass. Allen gasped as I buried my ten-inch cock up his ass. I smiled and thrust into him. Meanwhile, Beatrice watched. I told the lazy bitch to suck on her boyfriend's cock while I fucked him. And so she did. I grabbed my belt and told them I was going to spice things up. I whipped Allen as I fucked him, lashing out across his back with my leathery belt. He yelped as I fucked him. I continued to fuck his ass until I came, sending my hot cum deep inside him. He came not long after, and Beatrice drank his cum too.

I pulled out of him, and made Beatrice suck the cum out of Allen's asshole. Then, I told her that it was her turn. You wouldn't believe how fast she got on all fours and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. This white chick was especially eager to get some black dick up her ass. I looked at Beatrice's plump ass. The white chick had a nice ass. I couldn't wait to fuck it. I shoved my cock up her ass, and she howled. Laughing, I began drilling my cock into her butt hole like a miner looking for gold. I whipped her as well, striking her back, thighs, rump and even her face with my leather belt. This seemed to turn her on for she begged me for more. I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and yanked her head back while slamming my cock into her asshole. Beatrice yelped as I shoved my cock deeper than ever before. I could tell she liked it. She liked having rough sex. I explored the depths of her asshole, filling her tight crevice with my cock. Meanwhile, Allen watched. He stroked his cock while Beatrice got fucked by yours truly. I told Beatrice to suck his cock. And she did, eagerly taking Allen's cock into her mouth. I continued to slam my cock into her asshole. With his cock in her mouth, she couldn't howl as I shoved my cock so deep into her ass that I was worried it couldn't get out. I continued to have my way with her ass until I came, filling her tight crevice with my cum. Then, I pulled out.

Beatrice continued to suck on Allen's cock. I told her to let him go, then I invited him to get a piece of her ass. He was quite pleased. He came up behind Beatrice, and slid his cock into her asshole. Allen had a nice, big cock. Nine inches long and quite thick. Let's see if he knows how to work it. Judging by the way he grabbed Beatrice hips and thrust into her asshole, the man had done this before. Beatrice looked at me as Allen shoved his cock into her ass. I smiled and grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking her head while she got fucked. I also fingered her pussy, and asked her how she liked the cock in her ass. She claimed to love it. I told her I'd intensify things soon, and I did. I whipped her back and rump as Allen fucked her in the ass. She howled in pain mixed with sweet pleasure and begged for more. Man, this chick was crazy. I liked that!

I let her have it, whipping her with the belt while Allen fucked her in the ass. I came up behind him and penetrated him again. I fucked his asshole while his cock filled his girlfriend's puckered hole. He howled and so did she. I laughed, it was music to my ears. I came again, then pulled out of him and watched the spectacle. He fucked her like this for a good half hour then he came, sending his hot cum deep into her asshole. I told them to try a sixty nine. Both of them had hot asses filled with cum. Allen's ass was full of my cum and Beatrice's asshole was full of his cum. They agreed. Watching them suck and lick cum out of each other's cum was a major turn on. Especially now that they were doing it sixty nine style. It turned me on so much that I came again, sending my hot cum splattering all over their faces. They laughed and licked my cum off each others faces. I smiled. How sweet.

Yeah, we spent the night together having fun. When the evening concluded, I parted from their company and went back to my dorm. Damn, white folks are crazy. I liked them, though. They're a seriously twisted and delightfully kinky pair. A bisexual football stud and his girlfriend hooking up with the campus sexiest black male. That kind of story could be made into a steamy movie someday. And I was living it. We would hang out and hook up quite a few more times. I had other men and women I hooked up with, but none of them were as fun as Allen and Beatrice. Man, the stuff we do together would make a seasoned pornographer blush. Anyhow, that's just the beginning of this stud's college adventures. Stick around and watch what happens.

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