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Black Man Rules The World


What is your purpose in life? That's a very important question most men and women spend a lifetime trying to answer. Not me. I've always known what my purpose in life was. I was destined to be a mover and shaker. A force of balance between the ordinary men and women of this world. In all things, there must be balance. Black and white. Up and down. Right and left. Male and female. Straight and gay. Light and dark. Good and Evil. Rich and poor. It's all about balance. Just call me the living embodiment of the Balancing Act.

My name is Maximilian Henderson. Friends call me Max. I'm a big and tall black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I was educated at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst campus, where I earned a bachelors of science degree in the field of business administration. For a time, I played Division One football at my school. It was a grand experience. I later earned a Master's degree in business administration from Boston College. I am an executive for Watson & Parker, a shipping magnate with offices in twelve cities.

I travel a lot for business. Recently, I was sent as far as Saigon to negotiate a deal between one of our affiliates over there and a wealthy conglomerate interested in becoming a shareholder in our company. I enjoy what I do. I wish there were more black male executives out there. Business acumen is something I've got a lot of. Many men and women at the company can't do what I can do. It's a talent. You either have it or you don't. I am good at reading people and situations. It's a very useful talent that comes in handy at work and elsewhere. Enough about work. Since that's just my day job. My avocation is something else altogether. This is my story of avenging the male of the human species and teaching the female of said species a thing or two about hard work, respect and humility. And you can bet that I am having fun while doing it. It's going to get hot in here.

There are a lot of dumb, lazy and mean-spirited women in this world. They're women of all races, body types, backgrounds, religions and creeds. Black women. Hispanic women. White women. Asian women. Middle-eastern women. Eurasian women. None of them were spared the laziness and false sense of entitlement that America bestows upon the female of the human species. And most men are too decent or too powerless to do anything about it. Not me. I treat them the way they deserve to be treated.

I'm a bisexual black man, which is an advantage if you ask me. Heterosexual men depend on women exclusively for emotional and sexual rapport. And women know it so they manipulate these poor bastards. A bisexual man can choose to be with a male or a female. His options are unlimited. If he's good-looking, smart and has money, the bisexual man can be king of his world. And that's me in a nutshell, folks. An openly bisexual man who is successful, and happy. I am in a monogamous relationship with a tall, handsome gay black man named Pierre Roche. He's originally from Haiti and works for the United Nations. Right now, he's away on business. I am the Man of the House.

Right now, I'm walking outside in the vast yard which surrounds my mansion. Watching my women as they work for me. It's freezing cold outside and they're out there working. Doing what I tell them to do. Like taking out the trash. Notice how reticent women are when it comes time to take out the trash? They'll make any excuse not to do it. Well, not at my house. They will do as they are told or I will whip them. That's why I carry my whip. A six-foot-long black leather whip capable of whipping even the laziest and most recalcitrant of workers into shape. Yeah!

My three workers are a diverse bunch. First, there's Brenda Lee, a five-foot-ten, heavyset, busty and big-bottomed Asian woman in her mid-thirties with short hair bleached bright green. She used to be a street walker until we crossed paths. I offered her a purpose in life. Instead of working the world's oldest profession, she could make an honest living. In exchange for a place to stay and three square meals a day, she would work for me. As the groundskeeper of my vast estate in the city of Brockton's opulent west side.

The second worker is Elisabeth Beck, a tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed, skinny white chick in her twenties who fits the blonde bimbo stereotype to a T. When I met her, she was a college dropout trying to survive while working as a waitress in Boston's Back Bay. I approached her, gauging her small-mindedness and overeager demeanor accurately. Most women are like that. In no time, she was working for me as part of my stable of sluts whom I was determined to teach the value of hard work to.

The third worker was a large, big-bottomed black woman named Jacqueline Brown. Like so many black women from the United States of America, she was lazy, rude and downright vicious. She had nothing to do all day but to cuss about black men. She lived off welfare, basically taking advantage of the United States government and taxpayers everywhere. There are lots of women like her in the black community. We call them the Welfare Queens. They curse a lot, they're lazy and they've got enormous round and brown, thick asses. I've just described the prototypical black bitch from the hood. Am I good or what?

I sat on the veranda, watching Elisabeth Beck, Jacqueline Brown and Brenda Lee as they did their thing. Cleaning up the yard. Cleaning up the house. Taking out the trash. Raking the leaves. All without complaining. From time to time, one of them got lax. So I went over and smacked her a bit, or whipped her good. Got to keep them in line, you know? They did as they were told. Now, that's what I like to see women doing more of. More working and less complaining. If they did more of the former and less of the latter, the world would be a better place.

When my beloved partner Pierre Roche comes home from his trip, he will come home to a loving man and a nice, clean house. When he comes, I will lock the workers in the shed for the evening, of course. Can't have these rambunctious dames roaming around. They must be taught their place in my house. Everyone must be taught their place in life. Otherwise, chaos will rule the world. And we can't have that.

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