tagAnalThe Craziest Sexy Love Story Ever

The Craziest Sexy Love Story Ever


Summary: Straight white, black stud, cheerleader, nerd & submission

Note 1: Although a rather unorthodox love story...this is a Valentine's Day 2014 Contest Entry because I wanted to try something different and because I believe love can occur in so many ways.

Note 2: Choosing a category for this story was a struggle as the more I wrote the more the story took on a mind of its own. It was suppose to be a typical interracial gay story where a straight white protagonist submits to black cock, yet as the story evolved, the plot thickened and the themes took a mind of their own.

In the end, this is a love story...although the most bizarre love story of all time. The story includes gay interracial sex, public humiliation, lesbian sex, threesomes, pegging, and romance.

I hope you enjoy but please note that this is one of my more unorthodox stories even though it has all my usual kinks.

Themes: I originally was going to put this in gay, and then considered a variety of options:

-interracial because of interracial sex

-fetish because of the wide range of kink in this story

-transsexual and cross dressing because there is cross dressing

-romance because at the heart of the story when it is all said and done it is about love

-group sex because on more than one occasion there are three or more people involved

-novella because of its length

-but in the end I choose anal, as the story has quite a few anal scenes between just men, and men and women with anal sex as the underlying bond that ties the characters together.

Note 3: Thanks to mab7991, Wayne and goamz86 for editing this crazy tale.

The Craziest Love Story Ever


The saying the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time is all about perception.

Right or wrong, being where I was, when I was, forever changed my life.

I was a senior, I had turned eighteen in January and it was the third day of varsity basketball tryouts. After an intense practice, I showered and headed home. It was an hour later that I realized, in my state of exhaustion; that I had left my iPad in my gym locker. I was going to just leave it there overnight, but it had my notes for my biology project that I needed to work on tonight.

I hopped in the car and drove back to school hoping there was still a door unlocked. I wasn't surprised to see coach's car in the parking lot as he lived and breathed basketball. I was surprised to see Derrick's car still there though.

Derrick was a senior transfer student who had just moved here a couple weeks ago, just in time to play basketball. He was six foot two, naturally gifted and black as night. He was confident, arrogant and yet there was no doubt he could back his cockiness on the court. Although there was something off about him, he definitely was a strong addition to our already very good team.

The gym door was still unlocked thankfully and I headed to the locker room, figuring I would stop by coach's office and chat with him briefly if he was available. As I got close to his door, I heard Derrick's voice and stopped dead in my tracks.

"That's it coach, you're a natural cocksucker."

I couldn't believe what I just heard. It just didn't seem possible. Coach was married to my guidance councillor, a women all us guys jerked off to. I didn't move, just kept listening to the surreal sounds of someone, supposedly coach, slobbering on a cock.

A minute later, Derrick asked, "Do you like sucking my big black cock, cocksucker?"

Coach stammered a moment later, "I-I-I'm not g-g-gay."

"I know that, you have one fox of a wife. Do you think she would like my black cock too?" Derrick asked.

"Please, don't bring my wife into this?" Coach pleaded.

"I'm just saying if a so-called straight man like yourself can't resist this delicious black meat, how could a hot slut like your wife ever resist it?" Derrick gloated.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing or the reality that my cock was rock hard and dying to be let loose.

"Please, Derrick?" Coach pleaded the tone of his voice weak and desperate.

I couldn't resist, I had to see it with my own eyes. I quietly moved to the door which was opened just a couple of inches, curious to see the unbelievable.

"Please what, cocksucker?" Derrick asked.

"W-w-we can't keep doing this," Coach replied.

Looking into the room, I couldn't believe my eyes, even after everything I had heard. Coach was on his knees in front of his desk, completely dressed, while Derrick was standing in front of him, his huge cock pointing directly in coach's face.

"You were the one begging to suck my cock yesterday," Derrick said, before adding, "and again today."

"I didn't beg," coach protested.

"Really?" Derrick asked his tone amused. "Tell you what coach. If you don't want my cock in that pretty cocksucking mouth of yours, let me know; I have tons of others who are eager to swallow my load. But if I walk out this door, my cock is off limits to you forever."

There was a long silence as coach seemed to be considering his options. Finally, coach asked, "Can we please keep this between just you and me? I could lose my job."

"You sure weren't thinking about that when you dropped to your knees and gobbled up my cock in the shower yesterday," Derrick pointed out amused.

"I-I-I don't know what happened to me, I just couldn't resist it," coach replied, obviously unsure himself why he did what he had done.

"It's obvious coach. You're a straight faggot," Derrick said, the strangest oxymoron I had ever heard. He continued by explaining, as he shoved his long thick cock back into coach's mouth, "You see, lots of white guys think they are straight but once they see a big juicy black cock something awakens in their brain and everything they thought they knew about themselves is changed in an instant. It was obvious in your eyes the moment you looked down and saw my cock."

Coach was bobbing back and forth hungrily, apparently agreeing with the absurd assessment.

My hand, with a mind of its own, began rubbing my cock through my grey sweatpants.

Derrick ordered, pulling his big black cock shiny with coach's' saliva cock out, "Tell me what you are coach."

"Please, don't make me say it," the coach pleaded still trying to avoid even more humiliation than he was already enduring.

"Cocksucker," Derrick snapped, his tone suddenly firm, "Say it, now."

"I'm a-a-a cocksucker," Coach blurted out.

"To all cocks, or just black cocks?" Derrick questioned stroking his hard on.

"Just big juicy black cock," Coach responded, his eyes never leaving the black python in front of his face.

"Beg for my cock, cocksucker," Derrick ordered.

Coach didn't hesitate this time, didn't plead for help, instead answered, "Oh God Derrick, I need your big black cock in my mouth. Please let me suck you until you shoot your hot cum in my-my-my cock sucking mouth."

Derrick shoved his cock back in coach's mouth and began fucking it roughly. "You understand I plan to fuck that pretty mouth of yours anytime I have a load to shoot."

Coach moaned loudly on Derrick's cock, his free hand rubbing his own cock through his shorts.

The gay scene was turning me on unlike anything ever had before as I rubbed myself frantically unable to take my eyes off of coach getting his face fucked.

"And don't think I only want that mouth of yours, a good cocksucker usually also has a super tight man cunt that is dying to be filled," Derrick revealed.

I let out a gasp at both Derrick's new declaration and the fact I had just began coming in my pants.

Derrick looked directly at the office door and seeing me asked, "Eric, are you enjoying the show?"

I stammered, "S-s-sorry, I didn't mean to intrude", as Derrick held coach's head and continued fucking his mouth as if it was a natural thing to be caught doing.

"Get in here and close the door," Derrick ordered.

"I-I-I need to go," I stuttered, desperate to get out of this awkward predicament.

"Get in here now," Derrick said, firmly. "I am almost done with coach here anyways."

I obeyed, going in and closing the door.

"Here it comes coach," Derrick announced a minute later, his cock gliding in and out of coach's mouth like a well-oiled piston. He pulled out, wanting, it seemed, to put on a show for me and show his dominance over coach, by shooting his cum all over coach's surprised beet red face.

Coach didn't look my way, just kept his mouth open as cum covered his face. "I saved that whole load for you coach," Derrick said, as he reached for a phone on coach's desk.

"Please no," coach again pleaded, not wanting photographic evidence of his cock sucking submission.

"Look at me, cocksucker," Derrick ordered, his cock still fully erect.

Coach obeyed, still ignoring me, as Derrick snapped a few pictures.

Turning to me, Derrick took a picture of me and said, looking down at my cum stained sweatpants, "I see you enjoyed the show, Eric. What got you off, thinking of fucking coach's mouth or replacing him and sucking my cock?"

I was ashamed at being caught with cum stained pants, but I didn't have an answer to his question. I wasn't gay, I didn't want coach, my idol the past three years, to suck me and I had no interest at all of sucking Derrick's cock. I answered, trying to sound manly and straight, "I just never saw sex live before."

Derrick laughed, his tone implying he didn't believe me, as he put his cock back in coach's mouth. "Clean me off, coach."

Coach slowly moved back and forth, his redder than the reddest apple cheeks showing his utter humiliation at being caught in the act.

"How long were you watching, Eric?" Derrick asked.

"J-j-just a few minutes," I replied, desperately trying not to look at coach with a mouth full of cock, yet the gravitational pull downward was becoming impossible to resist.

"So you heard my straight faggot theory?" He asked, smiling wide.

"Kind of," I replied.

"I imagine you were too busy jerking off and imagining it was you with a big black cock in your mouth to really listen and think straight," Derrick responded, chuckling at his own pun.

Mortified by his statement, I protested, "What? God, no. It was just such utter racist nonsense I didn't bother to listen."

Derrick laughed hard. "We'll see, I have heard many straight white boys and men say such things, trying to be a man, trying to convince themselves they are not eager white submissive cocksuckers. Yet they almost always, without exception, end up on their knees declaring their hunger to please me. Isn't that right, coach?"

Derrick pulled his cock out of coach's mouth and waited for a response.

Coach still couldn't look at me as he whispered, so quietly I couldn't hear his response.

"Speak up, cocksucker, we have a guest," Derrick demanded.

"Yes, Derrick, your cock is impossible to resist," Coach admitted.

"And you want it in your ass next time don't you?" Derrick pushed.

"Please, not in front of one of my players," Coach weakly pleaded.

"He already saw you suck cock, heard you declare yourself a cocksucker and is looking at you now with your face covered in cum, it's a little late for dignity and decorum," Derrick pointed out. "Do you want my cock again?"

"Yes," coach whispered.


"My mouth."


"My ass," Coach admitted, humiliated.

"Your virgin ass?" Derrick clarified.

"From a real cock, yes," Coach answered.

"What does that mean?" Derrick asked, confused by the answer.

"Sally has fucked me in the ass before with her strap-on," Coach admitted, humiliation piling up on humiliation.

"Mrs. Murphy pegged you, that is delicious," Derrick said, amused. "You really are a faggot."

For a moment there were no words. Coach still sat on his knees refusing to look up; I was watching it all wordlessly my eyes constantly betraying me as I took glimpses of Derrick's cock; Derrick meanwhile was seemingly contemplating what next.

Finally, the silence was broken as Derrick turned towards me, his cock still hard and now pointing directly at me, said, "I need to get going soon. Beth is expecting some chocolate tonight. But I could always use another pair of white cock sucking lips to dump a load in. Do you want some, Eric?"

"What?" I asked distracted, looking into his eyes. "No, I am not gay."

"They never think they are," he laughed, as he pulled up his shorts, apparently going commando.

"When you change your mind, and you will change your mind," Derrick confidently said, "Let me know." He patted coach on the head, "See you tomorrow, cocksucker," and left.

Suddenly it was only me and coach and it was even more awkward than when Derrick was there, at least then he was in control of the conversation and the awkwardness was about him.

Finally, after an eternity of silence, I said, "I've got to go," and rushed out of the office forgetting completely about my iPad.

I got to my car and just sat there trying to make sense of everything I just witnessed. It made no sense. Coach was married; coach was a man's man; coach was my idol. Everything in my life that made sense an hour ago was now upside down. Why did watching the homosexual act get me hard? Why did I masturbate? Why did I obey Derrick? Why didn't I stand up for myself and coach? These and a million other questions bounced inside my head as I drove home.

Once home, I tried to do my homework but it was to no avail, my head was just too full of the shocking development to think about chemistry.

Suddenly exhausted, I got ready for bed and crashed rather quickly.


That night I had the strangest dream. I was at the NBA draft, a common dream of mine, where I was drafted first overall by the New York Knicks. This too was a common dream of mine...what happened next was new though. As I stood up and started to shake hands with everyone around me every hand I shook was a big black cock. They came from every direction before I woke up in a sweat.

Shaking my head, I tossed and turned the rest of the night trying to understand what had just transpired.


The next morning I wondered how I would be able to look Coach or Derrick in the eyes. My plan was to avoid both of them throughout the day, which wouldn't be that hard as I didn't have any classes with Derrick and coach only taught two classes. Unfortunately, there would be no avoiding them at try-outs.

I wasn't at school ten minutes when I was paged by coach to meet him in his office. I cursed to myself wondering how I could look him in the eye knowing what I now knew. I made my way to his office and knocked on his door...flashbacks to last night flooding back to me.

As Coach yelled, "Come in," I shook my head to get the visual out of my head and entered his office.

"Please close the door, Eric," he requested, which I did.

"Take a seat, son," he offered, like he always had during the hundreds of times I had been in this office talking basketball, NFL football and life. Coach wasn't just my coach, nor was he just my idol, he was the father I never had, my own ditching mom and I when I was three.

I sat down and he began. "I am so sorry about what you witnessed last night."

I interrupted, trying to comfort him, "Coach what you do on your own time is your business."

He said, standing up, "Eric, I have never done anything with a student in my life before two days ago and trust me I have had opportunities."

Coach was a good looking, well built man and I knew for a fact of plenty of girls who would quickly lift up their skirts for him.

I again said, "Coach, it is none of my business."

Coach sat on his desk facing me and said, "I just want you to know how sorry I am. You should never have to see such a thing."

"I was surprised," I admitted, "but I have to ask what made you do it?"

He sighed. "That is the question I have asked myself on continuous loop since I first submitted to him two days ago." After a pause, he continued, "It's not like I haven't seen a lot of cock before, playing ball all those years I saw many naked teammates and most were black. Yet, I never once thought of them that way, and trust me, I knew some were very, very gay and eager to turn me. But I was always a chicks only kind of man." He paused again, unable to really understand himself what had changed just two days ago. Finally, trying to make sense of it while he talked, he continued his explanation, "One minute I was walking past the shower, a minute later I had a cock in my mouth, a student's cock."

"It just happened that quickly?" I asked.

"It really did. He turned around just as I was walking by, his cock already hard as he had been soaping it up and he said, all confident and smug, 'Like what you see coach?'"

Coach continued, "At first I laughed, his cock all covered in sudsy soap, I thought he was just being his usually cocky self. But then he put his hand on his cock, stroking it hypnotically while he sauntered over to me and said, so soothing and confident, 'Go ahead coach, I know you want to.' My head was spinning with the whole 'what-the-fuck-is-happening' thought and before I had time to respond he put his hands on my shoulders and guided me to my knees. I would like to say I fought it, protested or at least made a feeble attempt at resistance, but as soon as his cock was directly in my face my mind became mush and all I could think about was his big black cock. When he placed it at my lips, I robotically opened my mouth and took his cock between my lips and well the rest I guess is history."

"Coach, it's okay," I said, although I wasn't sure that was truly the case.

"I could be fired or charged if this gets out," he pointed out.

"I'm not going to tell anyone, Coach," I reassured, "although I don't understand what happened, even after hearing what happened and seeing what happened, you are my coach, my mentor and nothing will ever change that."

"Thanks, son," he said, standing up and pulling me into a hug.

Strangely, as he hugged me I wondered briefly if he would suck my cock. Once the embrace was done, my cock beginning to grow again against my own wishes, I quickly said goodbye and headed to class.

The rest of the day went by like high school days do: a surprise quiz, a terrible science video, another new math equation we will never use and yet another collection of non-rhyming poems that we had to find metaphors and similes and not be allowed to just enjoy the poem.

At lunch, I hung with my best friends and my girlfriend Karen and it wasn't until I saw Beth walking by that I remembered Derrick's words of going to save a load for her later. Was Derrick fucking Beth? He didn't seem to be much of a bluffer so I assumed it was true, yet Beth was in all advanced academic classes, already accepted to some elite music program on a all paid scholarship and not one to be seen at parties. It seemed so unlikely that Derrick and Beth would ever cross paths never mind get to know each other enough to end up fucking.

Beth was cute like Mandy Moore playing Jamie in 'A Walk to Remember' which was sort of why she dressed plain, always in long skirts and old fashioned blouses although she always wore pantyhose which I had noticed, it was/still is, my fetish. She often inadvertently seemed to tease me by sliding her stocking clad feet in and out of her flats all throughout class. Karen never wore nylons other than with her cheerleading uniform and thus Beth was often the one I fantasized about while under the sheets alone. The more I thought about it the more ludicrous it seemed that Derrick would be fucking her, yet it wasn't any more ludicrous than the fact that he was using Coach as his personal cocksucker.

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