tagInterracial LoveBlack Master SHANGO Ch. 02

Black Master SHANGO Ch. 02


Black Master SHANGO grabbed the back of her head and roughly pushed her against his crotch, forcing his thick organ into her mouth. Monica issued a grunting choke as she felt the head of his cock jam at the back of her throat, making her momentarily gag on it. Shango exploded with mirth as he watched her get back herself. Still holding the side of her head, he thrust his cock all the way into her mouth, barely giving her chance to recuperate. Monica shut her eyes and took the punishment; she desperately wanted to cry. The girth of his cock filled her mouth like a helium balloon. She tried desperately to relax her jaw muscles so as to accommodate him more. It was a struggle to swallow more and more of his cock.

"That's it, you slut," Olu murmured encouragement at her oral activity while still thrusting his shaft in and out of her mouth. "Yeah ... keep taking that black dick, babe ... suck that cock like you were born to do it. And don't ever think of stopping until I tell you, bitch! He spat.

Monica had often prided herself to be a good cocksucker whenever she had the chance to handle Tim's prick. But what her husband had was nothing comparable to the giant prick she was sucking right now. She felt humiliated just scarping her teeth over the black cock's foreskin, still muttering gagging fits as on and on she sucked his cock. Her eyes watered with tears. Spit rolled off her mouth and down her chin. Olu held his shaft in his hand at the same time held her lower jaw. He put his fingers into her mouth, forcing it open. He was grinning at her and turned to look at Tim, who knelt beside him staring pathetically at what was being done to his wife and unable to do anything about it.

"You enjoying the show, Tim, my boy? Don't you worry, you too are going to have a taste of this prick once she's done learning some manners. I'm going to show you the proper way to respect a black man next time you happen to come across one."

He turned to Monica and said to her, "Now listen here, you slut. I'm going to jam my cock in and out of your pretty mouth and I want you to leave it wide open like it is right now, you got it? Nod your head if you do."

Monica nodded.

"Good. Here it comes."

Tim watched with tremor at the sight of Shango's thick cock thrusting in and mouth of his wife's mouth. His cock resembled a kid's fist; its size was unlike any cock he ever knew any man, let alone a black man, could carry. Monica's body shook from the exercise and tears continued to pour off her eyes. When finally he stopped fucking her mouth, Olu told her to remain where she was and then spoke to his senior officer in Yoruba dialect. The man came forward in front of Monica and he too unzipped his fly and whipped out his prick. Monica knew what was meant for her to do and stroked his cock before accepting it into her mouth. The officer's cock wasn't as thick as Olu's, and within seconds of tasting the saltiness of his prick, she started enjoying it and was sucking him with relish. Her hands unbuttoned her blouse and she reached into her bra to caress her tits.

Shango waved his prick before Tim's face. "Okay, white boy. Let's see you open that big mouth of yours and feel this dick."

Tim looked at him with defiance in his eyes. "Go to hell!" he said.

Olu made his fist like a claw and shoved it at Tim's throat. He grasped his Adam's apple with a fierce grip. His fingers pinched at his skin sharply, making Tim squeal and gurgle with pain, stopping the air that was in his larynx. Olu held his grip a few seconds before releasing him. Tim fell to the floor, his hands around his throat, coughing aloud and rolling on the carpet from the exquisite pain that was on his throat.

"Did you feel that, white boy?" Olu said to him. "That's a little trick I borrowed from a friend long ago. If I'd held your throat a few seconds more, I'd have busted your voice box and then you'd be spending the next years of your miserable life sipping liquid food from a straw. Now get yourself over here and suck this dick. Don't make me say it twice, boy."

Tim gathered himself together. Still gripping his throat, he sputtered loud coughing fits before crawling towards where Olu stood. He took his cock and made like his wife and started sucking it. He shut his eyes as if in revulsion at what he was doing. He felt further humiliated when he heard Shango and his senior officer explode in laughter. There was a brief flash of bright light. Tim looked up at Olu and saw that he had a digital camera in his hand and he aimed it at his face and took a few more shots.

"Yeah, that's just perfect, white boy," he remarked. "This is just a little further insurance, Tim. Nothing personal, but if in case you ever decide to go back on our deal again, now you know I can always get at you whenever I so want to."

A minute later he took his cock out of Tim's mouth and told him to go seat on the floor and watch what was about to happen. Tim did as told, went and sat at a corner of the parlour where he had adequate view of the two men with his wife. Monica was lost in what she was doing, sucking the officer with what looked like gusto; she'd never taken her eyes from what she was doing all the while Tim had writhed in pain from the hurt Olu had given him. Olu took of his jacket and began stripping himself of his clothes, his erection still jutting in front of his crotch. When he was naked, he came behind Monica and knelt behind her. He pushed up her skirt and moved her line of panties to the side. Tim watched with apparent fear and listened to Monica scream aloud when he shoved his monster cock between her legs.

Monica was pushed forward when she felt Olu's cock penetrated her cunt lips and the cries that spewed from her lips reverberated around the room. The pain she felt was enormous; it was unlike anything she'd ever felt before. The senior officer, whose name was Amir, held her from falling and slapped his cock over her face while she moaned and gasped from the thrusting cock in her pussy. Her mouth open, Amir popped his cock into her mouth and she expertly caught it with her lips and sucked on it hard to take her mind away from the cock that was now jammed inside her cunt.

Shango grunted from her pussy's tightness and kept forcing his dick in and out of her. He did it steadily, her pussy released copious amounts of juice to compensate the wetness surrounding her cunt. Although she was still giving high moans, the pain reduced after a while and Monica was no longer hurting from it at all. Instead she was having fun enjoying the size of his cock thrusting in and out of her while at the same time she concentrated on the blowjob she was giving the officer. Amir was groaning heavily now and holding her mouth open he jerked his cock and ejaculated his cum down her throat.

"Swallow it!" he ordered her.

Monica moaned from the force of Olu's prick still stabbing at her. She felt Amir's cum dissolve down her throat without her even making much effort of it, gulping it down as if it were water. Amir left her and shuffled towards a couch and planted himself on it, gasping from the load he'd just released while he watched his boss, Olu Shango, fuck the white slut. Monica fell face down on the carpet. Olu landed on top of her, still jerking his cock inside her. Her body convulsed and spasmed under him. She reached her hands behind her backside, urging him to give her more, to release her from the pain she was in.

"Take that cock, bitch!" Olu grunted into her ear. Sweat rolled down his face and landed on her neck. Monica could feel his cock growing heavy inside her. She steeled herself and gave another piercing cry as she felt the roar of his cum shoot into her like a rocket, exploding galaxy of stars all the way past her womb and cervix. Her body stiffened and she climaxed again while he grunted more spurts of semen inside her. When he was done, he pulled out of her and slapped her buttocks, leaving a trail of still squirting semen on her butt cheeks. Monica moaned as she felt his cock leave her pussy. She remained where she lay on the carpet, loving the soothing feeling that came upon her now.

"Hope you enjoyed the show, white boy," she heard Olu say to her husband. "There's more where that came from."

She looked at her husband, saw her Tim sitting at the far side of the room, looking at her. There was apparent sadness in his eyes. Even then, Monica knew that their married life from that moment on was never going to be the same again.

Olu turned to his senior officer, who'd finished buttoning back his khaki pants and shirt. "Amir, take the bitch upstairs and have her clean herself up."

Amir came and helped Monica get off the floor. She faltered on her feet, too weak was she, she had to put her arm around his shoulder for him to lead her along. There was a hole in her pussy, she thought. And it felt like it wasn't ever going to close up again.


Monica must have passed out. When her eyes came awake, she was in a shower stall, lying on the floor while water from the shower's mouth high above her head rained down on her. She touched herself, felt her hands over her mouth—there was a throbbing hurt on her lower jaw, plus semen smell in her mouth—down her neckline where she'd drank another man's cum not too long ago. Prior to him, the only man whose cum she'd ever tasted was Tim and no one else. Today she had broken a record on that. Her hands came down to her tits. Everything about her tits felt normal, no harm or uninvited touch had come to them. She felt over her lower abdomen and around her thighs, finally coming to the one place she knew felt different aside from every other part of her system—her cunt.

Even as the water splattered down on her and streamed down her torso and thighs down to her cunt, it wasn't enough to stem down the temperature her mind told her was raging in there. She winced as she ran a finger between her vagina and then plunged it into her pussy. She introduced a second finger and moaned like one caught in the clutches of a bad dream at the expanded texture that was her cunt. She could still picture the sight on Olu's cock and was surprised he'd forced that big, black prick of his all the way in her and she'd lived to tell the tale.

Prior to dating and then marrying Tim Simmons three years ago, Monica had only dated one person before him. That was back at college. She had kept pretty much to herself and the fellow—Josh, his name was, she remembered—so persistent he was, he'd dogged after her all through her sophomore year. He'd taken her out to the prom, and it was on that fateful night, haven guzzled half a bottle of vodka just to give herself courage, she'd allowed him to take her cherry in the back seat of his Dad's BMW. They had dated for almost a year till he had quite college and gone off to become an air force pilot and hadn't seen or heard from him since. Memories of him now came to her as she recalled the exquisite hurt and pain that lit in her body and deep in her cunt when his cock broke through her tight wall. It was pretty much the same thing that had happened to her a couple of minutes ago when Olu too had thrust his cock behind her. It's no wonder he came at her from behind—she doubt if she would have allowed him to stick that big thing in her if he'd told her what he intended doing. But now, come to think of it, she was glad that he did stick it to her. She'd never been so abundantly filled up by such a cock, a Nigerian black cock for that matter. And the way he'd fucked her so mercilessly, making her climax almost suddenly ... it was worth having his cock anytime.

She struggled to pull herself to her feet, nearly slipping on the wet floor while she did. She took a bar of soap from dish by the wall and washed every bit of her body. There was a bottle of shampoo beside the soap dish and she used it to wash her hair. When she felt satisfied that she was clean enough, she turned off the shower and waited for the water to dry off her skin before stepping out of the stall and entering the bedroom.

There were some clothes on the bed. A short red blouse, black skirt and nylon garters with stockings; there wasn't any panties. Monica picked up the red blouse and held it to her chest; it stopped halfway of her belly. Still she put it on after she'd done drying her body, felt its tightness press against her body. The garter belt with the stockings came on next. The skirt was very light and it barely covered her butt cheeks when she wore on. Monica thought that all she needed to complete the picture was a pair of maroon-coloured 'fuck me' type high heels to wear. She looked beside the foot of the bed and as if by magic, there was a pair of sleek black high heel shoes standing there just for her. No harm there, she sat on the bed and wore them on and tested by walking from one end of the room to the other. Her legs were familiar with high heels but never one as outlandish as these; they made her look nearly six feet.

Then she thought about Tim, wondered if he was still in the house or not. She approached the windows that faced the front of the compound and looked down at the driveway but there was no sight of their car or of the police Land Cruisers that had brought them here.

Suddenly the bedroom door came open. She turned her face away from the window like one who'd been caught at something and saw her captor Olu Shango standing there in his vest and pants, admiring her new outfit. She felt naked before his eyes and nearly felt the urge to search for something to cover herself with.

"Yes, that's exactly the way I pictured you to be," he murmured with agreement at the how the blouse looked snug to her body. He closed the door behind him as he stepped further into the room. "First time I saw you, I had this perfect picture in my head of you dressed like you are now. You've got a great body that looks like something only a ballerina would want to her." He came to her and caressed her lower abdomen, ran his finger around her navel. This brought some excitement to her body.

"Where is my husband?" she asked.

"You mean Tim? He's gone back to work nearly a half hour ago. I'm sorry you had to see me hit him downstairs. Your husband's been jerking me around, and that's something I despise. Don't matter who it is."

"I wanted to see him," she said. "He wanted me to return home. My plane must have left the airport by now."

"You will see him. Don't think that I'm holding you here as prisoner. This is my castle, but it's your castle too, and you're welcome to it anytime, day or night."

Monica was suddenly angry at him. "I'm confused. I don't know yet how to take any of this. I feel like my whole world just turned upside down. A few hours ago I was at my place having a tan, then Tim arrived and told me I've got to leave for home right away. Then you send some police people to stop us and bring us here. You fucked me in front of my husband—you made him watch, and then you made his suck your cock. You told him I was now your property. Now you saying you're not holding me prisoner here. Exactly what would you want me to believe?"

Olu's voice became as cold as a tombstone when he said, "What I want you to believe is first of all, don't ever you dare raise your voice at me."

Monica took a step back away from him, momentarily afraid. But just as he'd turned angry, like someone flicking a light switch off, the anger in his eyes instantly melted away and he resumed being his casual, seductive self, so too did his voice.

"I want you to feel my desire, Monica. Know how much I want you, and how much you want me in you." He drew her closer to him. His arms encircled her body against his; she couldn't resist. "You didn't see the look that was on your face when downstairs and you sucked my dick. I know you've never had one as big as mine before, or have you?"

She shook her head against his chest. "Your cock is so ... so fucking big. I've never had a cock that big before, ever."

"I know. But you did enjoy yourself, didn't you?"

His hands went down her backside and cupped her buttocks under her skirt and she shivered as he began caressing it. "Tell me that when I shoved that cock down your throat that you didn't like it. You felt so alive when you were handling me. Sucking my dick with so much love written in your eyes."

His words were like the ocean waters and she was the Titanic going down to the bottom. Even before she realised it, she was moaning against his chest, her hands held onto him as she vividly recalled the rush that came upon her when he'd served her his cock. She still recalled the taste, and with him standing here before her, there wasn't anything that could prevent her from having his cock again. Good thing this time Tim wouldn't be here to watch her ... though come to think of it, it sure would have been nice if he actually were around to see her getting fucked again.

She looked up at him and stretched her face towards his. Their lips met, and then it parted and Olu slid his tongue down into her mouth cavity. They mashed their lips against each other's. Her hands caressed the back of his head and shoulders while he kept squeezing her butt cheeks and giving them a playful slap.

Olu bent down towards her legs and lifted her up into the air. Monica gasped with sudden fright, fearing for her life as he lifted her higher till she rested her legs over his shoulders. She held onto the far wall while her other hand help up her skirt which partly now rested over his face.

Within seconds she felt his tongue blowing air at the outer skin of her labia. She held back the hem of her skirt and watched the top of his face bury itself between the open 'V' of her legs. His tongue licked up her pussy once, making her gasp momentarily. It slipped up her pussy a second time, then a third, and then went into her like a missile and began sucking her pussy steadily. Monica gave whimpering pants. Her hands ran over Shango's head repeatedly while her feet kicked the air behind his back. Olu held her deftly in his hands. His biceps stood out as he continued to balance her weight in front of his face while his lips perused her wet pussy with sucking vigour.

He came forward and lowered her to the bed. Still holding her legs up, Olu never once let up his head from where it was buried at. Monica's pussy seemed to scream at him for more, not wanting him to stop any moment soon. Her hands held his face down while her hips kept pushing up to get more of that questing tongue of his. A raging fire was happening from deep within her and it speed-balled into a flaming orgasm, one that made her shudder and convulse under him. Olu kept his face glued to her pussy, even as she squirted juice upon his face. Still she was gasping and panting wildly while her abdomen and pelvis rocked her body in half.

"Ahh ... Ohhhh ... God! Oh my God!" she whimpered as the orgasm gradually died down. "Ohhh God ... Olu, I've never had it so good!"

He looked up at her, his lower face covered with her cum. "Don't ever call me by my first name anymore," he warned her. "From now on, I'm Master Shango to you. Do you hear me?"

"Yes," she complied without hesitation even though she was still panting. "Yes, Master Shango. Thank you for making me cum like that. Oh God, it was wonderful."

"Don't thank me yet, bitch. I still want some of that pussy."

He came on top of her, balancing his bulk on one hand as if he was doing a one-hand push-up exercise, and with the other hand wrapped around his cock, he rubbed its knob head against her pussy entrance. Monica drew in a deep breath, her body shook, most especially her legs as she felt the presence of his cock pushing through her walls, entering her. A humming sound emanated from her lips as she felt her pussy begin to expand, and it grew into a moan, and from there progressed into a screeching as the head of his cock went into her along with several inches more.

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