tagBDSMBlack Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 06

Black Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 06

bylusty Vamp©

Author's note: The support I have been shown for this story line has been just amazing. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. I hope everyone will enjoy the latest installment just as much.

Warmest Regards,



Angel wore a glamorous full-length black leather dress with a split skirt in front, which revealed her delicious legs to above mid thigh. For shoes she wore classic four-inch black leather pumps. Angel's medium Afro hair-do acted like a halo and gave her the appearance of an African Angel. Yet the wicked looking leather riding crop that she held in her right hand shouted she was no angel. No, my African Goddess wasn't an angel she was my 21 year old Black Mistress.

Sweet Suze looked terrified as she demanded, "Who ... who the hell is this." Suze grabbed her elegant black dress and stumbled awkwardly to her feet trying to use her dress to conceal her nudity.

Angel bolted quickly towards the frightened Suze and backhanded her hard across the face. The force of the blow sent Suze sprawling to the floor. Suze was dazed as Angel grabbed one of her twin ponytails and dragged her back to her feet.

Glaring at me Angel hissed, "Strip now, you old white cunt." I obeyed in a flash stripping off my pink mini dress. My nipples were hard little buds as my titties sprang into view. In just a moment I was completely naked except for my pink garter-belt, stocking and matching 'cum fuck me' high heels. The color accented my long blonde hair and blue eyes.

A thrilling chill raced up and down my spine as I assumed my natural position, naked and kneeling before my gorgeous and youthful Nigger Mistress Angel. Without being told I spread my knees very wide and crossed my wrists behind my back. Honestly I was relieved to be rid of my Domme persona.

Suze's lovely face was contorted with terror as Angel continued to pull her ponytail viciously. Pulling Suze with her Angel took a step or two towards me.

Glaring at me Angel spoke coldly, "Well, you fucking old cow, are you going to introduce me to your new friend?"

Ohhhh god, I was horrified, my stomach leaped into my throat. Even though the situation was obvious I couldn't admit that I was Angel's owned property in front of Suze; the humiliation was more than I could bear. Angel took an angry step towards me. I had to say something, "Ahh.. errr ... Angel, this is Suze. Suze this is ...."

With the swiftness of a flash of lighting Angel propelled the riding crop into action. In a split second the crop landed cruelly across my left tittie. I yowled with the burning agony as the crop landed squarely upon my erect nipple. It took all the courage I could muster to maintain my submissive pose.

"Properly," Angel growled, "introduce us properly, you fucking white assed ho."

My humiliated soul burned nearly as hot as my stinging tittie as I was brutally reminded of my proper place. It was plain to see from the evil smile forming upon Angel's full lips that she was taking a great deal of pleasure from abusing me and Suze.

Quickly I began to speak praying to avoid Angel's wrath, "Ahhh, my Nigger Mistress ..."

Suze interrupted my words with a gasping "Oh my God," as my vulgar words registered with her.

I couldn't let Suze's shock detour me, "My Nigger Mistress, this is Suze Mc Neely ... Suze this is ... this is my Niger Mistress." Any color left in Suze's cute white cheeks now drained away.

Angle noted the stunned and fearful expression on Suze's cute face. "She's my white ho, I own her freaking white ass, she will do anything I tell her to" Angel stated the simple facts coldly as if to answer Suze's unspoken question. Then eyeing me closely Angel added, "Isn't that right you ass sucking piece of white thrash?"

My shame was complete as my face burned red with humiliation. The lovely southern belle Suze now knew the true state of affairs. She knew as I had learned to accept that I was nothing more that the 34-year-old plaything of a 21 year old black girl. I gave the only answer I could, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress."

Then Angel presented the riding crop she still held in her left hand to my lips. I was suddenly filled with fright but somehow found the courage to open my mouth. The heat between my spread legs was unbelievable. Angel forced the crop between my lips and ordered that I hold it. Of course, I didn't have to be told twice as I instantly clinched my teeth down tightly on the evil wand.

Suze froze as Angel let go of her ponytail. With her black dress pressed tightly against her nude body Suze made the prefect picture of feminine innocence. Angel made herself comfortable on my sofa.

Crossing her beautiful legs Angel spoke firmly, "Now, Ms Suzanne McNeely, you have a choice to make. You can put your dress on and leave this instant or you can hand me your dress and kneel before your African Goddess and become my white slut just like Barbie." Angel then went on in a softer tone, "It's your choice, baby." Glaring harshly at me Angel sneered, "You are my white slut aren't you Barbie." Not wishing to incite Angel's wrath further I shook my head yes without hesitation.

Gorgeous Suze couldn't believe what was happening to her. I had just humiliated her more than she had ever been humiliated before in her life. She had given herself to me and then I had simply given her away; given her away to my Nigger Mistress. To top it off the lady Suze had been given to didn't even seem to care whether Suze stayed or not.

From my knees I could see the wheels turning is Suze's head as she contemplated her choices. If she left she had nowhere else to go. Yet for the 33 year old southern belle born and breed in the heart of old Mississippi kneeling before a 19 year old nigger girl would be the worst of all humiliations. The only thing worse would be to have her old friends or family see her in such a compromising position.

For a moment I thought Suze was about to bolt. I watched as a lump formed in Suze's throat. A shiver shook her naked body from head to toe. With her dress in hand Suze begin to straighten herself. I heard my breath. Then with tears in her sparkling green eyes Suze fell to her knees still holding her dress tightly against her bare breasts.

Angel's delight was obvious as Suze knelt near her feet. Her smile was short lived as Angel demand that Suze hand up the black dress. Tears streamed down Suze's flushed cheeks as she complied. Angel grabbed the dress and tossed it behind the sofa.

With tears still trickling down her sweet cheeks Suze tried to preserve some dignity by using her arms to cover her nudity.

A wicked smirk formed on Angel's full lips as she asked, "So you wish to be my white ho, Suze?"

Suze's whimpered so softly she could hardly be heard, "Yaaa ... yeee ... yessss Mistress,"

With the swiftness of a jungle cat, a tigress, Angel bitch slapped, Suze, as she growled, "Speak-up, cunt, so I can hear you."

Suze was slow to recover from the stinging slap. Her cheek was turning a bright shade of pink as she answered Angel, "Yesss, yes, Mistress ... I wish to be your white ho."

"Of course you do slut," Angel mocked. Then Angel demanded, "Spread your fucking knees ho and put your arms behind your back like your cunt sister Barbie."

Tearfully Suze obeyed the wicked command. She flushed beet red as she lowered her arms once again revealing her firm, round titties and their hard nipples. From where I knelt I could see that Suze's love lips were puffy with passion.

Once Suze's submissive position satisfied Angel she ratcheted up the pressure again by demanding, "And, you will call me your Nigger Mistress just as Barbie does. Do you understand you fucking white cum hole?"

I could see Suze draw a deep breath as she naively summoned all her courage, "Yess, I understand ... myyy ... my ... Mistress. But pleaseeeee, pleaseeeee don't make me use that word, the n-word. It ... it is such a degusting word and vile I hate it." Suze's words were drenched in her sweet southern belle accent.

I knew what was coming and Angel didn't disappoint, almost faster than I could think the thought. Angel used all her strength to bitch slap Suze across her left cheek and then backhanded her right cheek just as powerfully. Angel roared with her sexy laughter as she said, "Did you hear that, Barbie? The white southern lady here haaates the nigger-word the cunt thinks, 'iiit'ssss viiiile and deeeeeguuuusting'."

Suze instinctively raised her hand to her burning cheeks. In a flash Angel grabbed Suze's left nipple and began to twist it severely as she growled, "I don't give a mother-fuck what you hate, you piece of white Dixieland thrash." Suze shrieked as the agony exploded throughout her body and she tried to grab Angel's hand.

That only infuriated Angel to new heights as she twisted Suze's nipple even harder and hissed, "Put your arms down, cunt. Put them back behind your back." Gritting her teeth as the agony stabbed deep into her being Suze realized she had no choice but to obey.

A contented smile brightened the lovely features of Angle's face as she relaxed her grip on Suze's nipple. "Don't think for one freaking minute you lit' southern ho that you are off the hook. I'll deal with the nigger-word later." I couldn't help but feel a pang of sympathy for Suze, as I knew full well that my Nigger Mistress didn't make threats; she made promises.

My eyes locked with those of Suze. We exchanged looks of helplessness. After a moment I noticed Suze begin to scan my nude body from head to knee. I couldn't help but blush as her eyes riveted on my ripe melons. Her ogling caused another burning round of humiliation. The blazing heat between my spread thighs was quickly becoming unbearable.

Angel's voice brought me back to reality, "Goodness my feet are tired they could sure use a good massage." Without being told I reached out and removed Angles four-inch pump from her lovely foot. With the riding crop still clinched tightly between my teeth I began using my hands to gently rub and massage her foot. "With your freaking titties you old white tramp." My face burned red with shame as I leaned forward lowering my titties to Angel's foot.

Realizing I had no choice I used my hands to press my tits tightly around Angel's black foot. Suze followed my every move which only intensified my shame. My left tittie which Angel had wounded early still stung like all hell. A dark red welt eight inches long and squarely across my left nipple clearly marked where Angel's wicked wand had landed.

"That's right, you honkie slut, tittie fuck my nigger feet," Angel sneered. I tried my best to ignore the hateful comment but I knew better than to ignore my task. Using my hands I trapped Angel's foot tightly between my white titties. Like some kind of whore I began to rub my titties all about Angel's foot.

As I continued to tittie fuck Angel's beautiful black foot she held her hand out to the side then growled at Suze, "Come here, cunt, and straddle my hand with your freaking thighs." Suze hesitated for only a moment glancing first at me then at Angel. Angel hissed, "Don't make me repeat myself, my lit' Dixieland slut."

Finally with her eyes lowered in shame Suze moved into the position that Angel had demanded. As she crawled forward Suze's perky tits jiggled provocatively. I found myself wishing I could feast upon one of her hard nipples.

"Look at me, you old fucking ho," Angel demanded of me. Looking up from my submissive position my blues eyes locked with those dark and powerful eyes of my Mistress. Her beautiful eyes burned deep into my being telling me exactly what she thought of me. And she knew that I understood exactly what I was; a cheap and dirty lit' white ho.

As I continued to massage Angel's foot with my titties I watched her rise two fingers on the hand that Suze had so obediently straddled with her creamy white thighs. "Mount my finger's, you fucking white assed ho," was Angel's simple demand delivered with something of a smirk.

From my position at Angel's feet I watched as Suze lowered her naked body onto Angel's waiting fingers. The contract of Angel's black hand and wrist against the creamy whiteness of Suze's shapely thighs created a beautiful image. The erotic effect that wasn't lost on me as my hot juices began to ooze from my throbbing pussy.

Angel laughed her demeaning laugh as her fingers slipped easily into Suze's gapping fuck hole, "God, Barbie, this cunt is fucking drenched." It was time for Suze to feel the heat of burning humiliation.

I wanted to acknowledge that I knew very well of the treasure nestled between Suze spread thighs. After all only minutes earlier it had been my fingers which Suze had rode. But having learned my place in Angel's world I held my tongue and remained silent. All the while my pussy screamed for attention.

As Suze impaled herself upon our Mistress's fingers Angel warned with an evil laugh, "Don't move a muscle, my sweet and horny lit' Miss Southern Belle."

I continued to minister to Angel's gorgeous black foot with tender care. I rubbed my titties against Angel's foot from ankle to toe then back again. As I worked my titties near Angel's ankle her lovely toes would inevitability come very near my lips. It became increasing hard to keep from sucking one of Angel's delicious digits into my mouth. However, I wasn't about to over step my limits.

With her free hand Angel reached into a pocket of her black leather dress and pulled out her cell phone. She flipped the phone open and spoke the simple command clearly and distinctly, "Call ... Jasmine."

From my kneeling position at Angel's feet I could tell Suze wasn't having an easy time of it. Beards of perspiration were forming upon her lovely white face. Her distress was most telling as she bit her lower lip trying to remain motionless while Angel's fingers explored deep in her cunt. The fear in Suze's sparkling green eyes was most becoming.

Suze's lovely face looked as if it were made of stone as she clinched her mouth shut. A thin film of perspiration coated Suze's naked body. It was clear that the dear southern born babe was making a supreme effort to remain still as Angel's fingers remained crammed into her sex hole.

I continued to lavish Angel's magnificent toes with the best tittie fuck I could manage as I listened in on Angel's conversation with her black beauty of a girlfriend Jasmine.

"Hey, it's me," Angel spoke casually, "how ya doing, baby ... okay, well listen there has been a change in plans ... yea, I am moving the party to Barbie's house ... ah huh ... call everyone and make sure they know where to come ... oh and honey stop by my house and pick up my strap-on dildo ... yea the big one ... and, sweetie, grab a dozen or so of my alligator style nipple clamps ... yea the ones you hate so much ... and we'll need the black leather strap ... yea I've got a white slut here that is going to need a lesson or two ... okay, then I am counting on ya, baby ... yea, don't let me down or it'll be your ass." Closing the phone Angel placed it on the sofa's end table.

Knots filled my stomach as I listened to the one sided conversation. The words "party", "lesson", "dildo", "the big one", "nipple clamps", and "leather strap" all caused me great apprehension. Angel's words had the same affect on Suze as she continued her super human effort to remain motionless on Angel's devilish fingers.

The End of Part Six


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I looove it!

I loooove it!!!! I really do. I am really hot after the first chapter. I am a 42 years white woman who have from time to time paid black women to humiliate me and expose me in public. I have a simple jobmore...

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