tagBDSMBlack Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 10

Black Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 10

bylusty Vamp©

Author's note: This segment is dedicated to a special friend who just returned home from deployment with the military in Afghanistan. He provided both the inspiration and motivation behind this story line. And, while I thank him for that I also sincerely thank him and the thousands of other military men and women who go above and beyond every single day to protect and keep America safe. To all of them I offer a heartfelt salute and especially to my special GI.


Walking the few blocks back to Angel's car was an ordeal all in itself. I was completely worn out and found it very difficult to keep up with Angel's brisk pace, especially so considering the six inch high-heels that remained strapped to my feet. With our tattered clothes and smeared make-up Suze and I must have made a hell of a sight.

As we approached the car Angel tossed Suze the keys and told her she would be driving. Much to my delight Angel took me into the back seat with her. The two of us had no more than settled in than Angel hiked up her skirt and demanded, "Pleasure me you dirty white trash whore."

I didn't have to be told twice. Eager to please I positioned my weary body so that I could comfortably lower my face between Angel's well-toned thighs. Silently I lowered my lips and mouth into Angel's inviting love nest. With an urgency that she didn't often unleash Angel grabbed the back of my head and forced it hard into her brown sugar. In self-defense I immediately put my tongue to work licking her tasty sweetness.

As I began to enjoy the warmth and trembling of Angel's hot lush body Suze, in the front seat, started the car and put it into gear. Before Suze could back out of the parking spot and put the car in drive I had Angel purring like a kitty, no make that a tigress -- an angry tigress. She pressed my head harder into her freshly shaved pussy and I responded by stabbing my tongue deep into her open love hole.

Just then Angel's lethal chocolate body thrashed violently as she climaxed. Her body rocked wildly out of control as I continued to tongue fuck the center of her universe. She ground her hips up into my face demanding more and more of my tongue. Summoning all my remaining strength, I gave her all I had to offer. Angel moaned with lust and her joy radiated throughout her quivering body. She tossed her head from side to side as another wave of ecstasy washed over her. "That's it, you fucking whore, make me cum."

Again, I didn't need to be told twice. I continued to swirl my tongue around and around Angel's stiff clit sucking and kissing; licking eagerly hoping to please. All the while Angel continued to lose herself in one wild orgasm after another.

Angel surfed from one wild wave of joy to the next for most of the 20 minute ride home. My face was covered by Angel's female juices by the time we reached our destination. But, I didn't mind since I had learned long ago it was far better to make every effort to please Angel than chance incurring her wrath.

Once we arrived back at Angel's house, she sent Suze and me home with a simple wave of her hand. Over the course of the next several weeks it became apparent, if not before, that Angel ran a very special escort service. And, while Angel's stable consisted of me, Suze and 16 young black ladies of all shapes and sizes it was Suze and me that were the big draws among Angel's well-heeled black clientele. Most of the time Suze and I worked as a team working as the entertainment at various parties. And, while we were certainly whores we weren't cheap whores, as Angel often charged $4,000 a night for the two of us. Of course, Angel kept all the money we earned plus our lucrative tips.

During the week Suze and I spent most of our time cleaning Angel's house. Of course, Angel never made our tasks easy and always kept us in some form of restraint. Most of the time she kept one of our arms locked behind our backs forcing us to work one handed. At other times she would have us tethered together by a short length of chain. Sometimes it was our ankles or wrists that were chained together. However, twice when she was quite pissed at us she had a three foot length of chain locked to one of Suze's nipple rings while locking the other end of the chain to one of my nipple rings. Bound in this fashion we weren't able to move more than a couple feet away from one another.

During the day our feminine charms were also always on call. So it wasn't unusual for one of us to be called away to service a client for an hour or two. These sessions mostly consisted of a blow job and a quick fuck. However, sometimes the client would want to watch some girl on girl or BDSM action. But, the one thing that Angel always, always, always emphasized was that failing to provide the desired level of pleasure was NOT an option.

Sometimes when Angel was especially pissed at either Suze or me she would make us carry her riding crop clinched between our teeth for the day. What this told the other members of Angel's stable was that they were free to take the crop from our lips and give us one lash anywhere they chose. The black ladies in Angel's stable resented Suze and me so much that they would take full advantage of very opportunity to help punish us in this fashion. It also became quite clear that Angel didn't need a reason to punish either Suze or myself. Sometimes she would have us punished simply because she could and wanted to hear our squeals and shrieks of anguish.

Then one day Angel called me into her office. As usual I was naked expect for a pink leather garter-belt, pink stockings and matching six inch high-heels. She sat behind her desk with her gorgeous D-cup breasts barely contained by the bustier of her elegant mini-dress. Two equally well dressed black men sat in chairs near her desk. Upon entering the room, as I had been trained to do, I dropped instantly to my knees spreading them extraordinarily far apart and crossed my arms submissively behind my back. With the two men closely watching my every move, I asked, "How will I please you, my Nigger Mistress.Mistress?"

Both black men gasped audibly when I used the N word. Angel responded cheerfully, "Don't be alarmed by that gentleman. It's just my way of constantly reminding her that she is nothing but a fucking white trash whore and that her pussy belongs to a Nigger. Isn't that right my cute little Barbie Doll?"

"Yes, my Nigger Mistress, I'm just a dirty old white trash whore owned by a Nigger." I replied eagerly, praying to avoid any unnecessary punishment.

"Show the nice men your tattoo, Barbie," Angel demanded.

It was a demand that couldn't be refused, and I quickly scurried to turn so that both handsome and well-built black men could see the tattoo etched into my right ass check. There in all its bold glory where the words "Nigger Meat".

One black man exploded with a laugh, "Now that is a piece of meat I could sink my teeth into. She's meat for any nigger, huh?"

"Barbie?" Angel asked lightly. It was Angel's way of demanding that I answer the gentleman's question.

"Yes, Sir," I replied politely and without hesitation, "I pleasure nigger men or women as it pleases my Nigger Mistress. Any nigger, any time my Nigger Mistress demands me to."

"What are you for slut?" Angel's asked with icy coldness.

I answered as my face turned a bright red with embarrassment and shame, "I am my Nigger Mistress's white pussy slave."

"And what do you like to do?" Angel continued my humiliation without mercy.

"I like to lick and suck hot wet nigger pussy. I especially love to tongue worship your magnificent and most delicious pussy, my Nigger Mistress."

"And you love to fuck and suck cock? You were born to fuck and suck dick weren't you, you piece of fuck meat?"

"Yes my Nigger Mistress," I continued to answer quickly and eagerly, hoping to avoid Angel's cruel wrath, "I was born to fuck and suck nigger dick. I'm just a black cock whore and I do love it so, my Nigger Mistress."

I could tell my responses had had an effect on the two handsome black men by the bulges in their pants.

"And, who are you, cunt?" Angel asked me coldly.

I responded as I had been trained, "I'm a 35 year old white trash slut owned by a twenty year-old nigger lady."

Angel took great delight in my humiliation and never made it easy as she continued, "And, who owns your dirty white pussy, bitch?"

"You do, my Nigger Mistress, you own my dirty white pussy."

With a chuckle the other black man voiced his approval, "Well this nigger is one for sure who would never pass up a chance at some prime white meat. But first we have some business to attend to. What is your name?"

I couldn't help but look towards Angel with a quizzical look, "Answer, the gentleman you stupid cunt."

I didn't have to be told twice, "My name is Barbara Anne Sucallot, sir."

"And, you own the house at 1435 Lonesome Lane?" he asked politely.

"Yes, sir," I answered tentatively, "yes, sir I do. But what is this about?"

"Shut the fuck up, whore," Angel burst out, "These nice men have just bought your house. And you are about to sign it over to them as well as your car."

"But... Mistress," I was frightened nearly out of my mind, "my Nigger Mistress, please that is all I have. I ... couldn't possibly sell it."

"Are you defying me you stupid old whore?" Angel demanded to know as she shoved her chair backwards and stood up.

From the wild wicked look in Angel's eyes I knew I was in trouble, "No ... no ... no," I stammered, "it's ... it's just that my house is all the security I have in the world."

"That's a lie you filthy piece of white trash," Angel roared as she picked up her black leather crop from where it lay on her desk. "Stand up, cunt, hands behind your head."

I obeyed Angel's command as quickly as possible as she charged around her desk to stand just feet in front of me. "I'm your security now you fucking sassy piece of meat. I'm all the security you will ever need."

I couldn't control my body as it trembled in the face of Angel's wrath.

Angel used the riding crop to toy with my bare titties, twirling the end around my hardening nipples. "Tell me you fucking whore; what happens to sassy white sluts."

I swallowed a lump in my throat as my curvaceous body continued to quake with pending doom, "Th ... the ... they are punished. Sassy white sluts are punished, my Nigger Mistress."

The instant I finished my sentence Angel propelled the riding crop into motion. The evil leather whip split the air with a hideous shriek before landing squarely across both my over ripe melons. The horrible agony overwhelmed me as I squealed long and loud. For a split second my body shook violently trying desperately to ward off the maddening pain. Before I could fully recover, the whip again split the air with its high pitched shriek of impending anguish. This time the crop landed unmercifully on the underside of both of my 38C's leaving by naked body blazing with cruel suffering.

"Please ... please ... my ...," I tried to beg for mercy but there was no mercy in Angel's heart.

"Spread your legs, you motherfuckin' whore," Angel demanded and I obeyed. "Wider you stupid piece of trashy white fuck meat." I forced my legs even further apart. With an ugly smirk, Angel tapped the business end of the whip against my innocent pussy lips, "So what will it be, cunt?"

With tears trickling down my cheeks I answered as I knew I would all along, "I'll sign, my Nigger Mistress. I'll sign." Tears continued to cascade down my cheeks as I realized that from that moment forward Angel owned not only my body but my total being. The moment I signed the deed I was, as well as Suze, totally dependent on Angel for everything. We were her property and that couldn't be argued.

With the powerful flick of her wrist Angel's black leather whip was again put into motion. This time its target was the most sensitive and secret spot between my extremely well spread thighs. The agony was both instant and horrific as the whip impacted my poor clit. The cruel lash forced a loud ear splitting scream from deep in my throat. Instinctively I brought my hands around and grabbed between my legs trying to protect myself. At the same time my knees buckled and I staggered momentarily trying to maintain my balance. My ample and abused titties bounced uncontrollably adding to my suffering.

Angel was gracious enough to allow me a moment to recover my sensibilities then demanded callously, "You know the position, whore."

With my mind still dazed and my body still in the firm grasp of unrelenting misery, I slowly resumed my previous submissive pose with my legs spread wide and my arms crossed behind my back.

My body trembled uncontrollable as Angel once again used the end of her whip to tease my feminine charm. "Now then 'nigger meat'," Angel grinned broadly as she used the tattoo on my white ass to identify me, "do you still have issues about selling your house."

I responded immediately, "No ... no, my Nigger Mistress ... no issues at all, my Nigger Mistress."

Playfully just to see my eyes fill with fear Angel tapped her whip against my tortured clit, "Good." I didn't disappoint her as my whole body continued to quake with dread and anticipation. Then turning her attention back to the two black gentlemen who had watched my humiliation and punishment Angel said, "Gentlemen now we can get down to business if you have the papers."

"We do," they almost said in unison. For the next fifteen minutes I leaned over the front of Angel's desk signing my name. After I had signed the last document I was presented with a check made out in the amount of $165,179.07 which represented my equity in both my house and car.

My eyes must have bulged as I had never seen such a large check before because Angel said with a gleam in her eye, "Of course, you'll be signing that check over to me, cunt."

Without a second thought I replied instantly, "Yes, of course I will, my Nigger Mistress." With that I flipped the check over, signed my name and slide it across the desk to Angel. With the swipe of a pen my life was changed forever. I had nothing, absolutely nothing. Now there was no going back. No return to the days before Angel had moved into my neighborhood. From that moment forward I was dependent on Angel for everything. The food I ate, the clothes I wore even the comfort of a roof over my head were all dependent upon Angel's whims. She knew it, and what made it even worse is that I knew it. I was forever more her property, nothing more.

"Now then, Barbie Cunt," Angel said warmly as she stood up behind her desk, "you will show these handsome gentlemen how much you appreciate their hard work on your behalf by giving them two hours of your feminine pleasure." The men's faces suddenly lit up like 100 watt light bulbs in the middle of the night.

"Of course, my Nigger Mistress, I would consider it an honor," I replied as pleasantly as possible.

Then looking at the two eager black men as she worked around her desk Angel continued, "And you gentlemen won't argue will you?"

"Not me, honey," one said urgently while the other chimed in with, "Me either, Angel."

Then with a more serious tone, yet trying to keep it light, Angel added, "Now look guys I only have a couple rules no permanent marks or broken bones and no blood." Then with a bright sexy smile she continued, "While she is just a filthy piece of white trash fuck meat she is still a valuable piece of property."

"Don't worry, Ma'am," one of the men said as Angel walked towards the office door, "we'll take extra special good care of the bitch." With that said Angel opened the door and walked out of the office. Almost before the door had closed the black men had gotten to their feet and stripped off their trousers and briefs. Their huge cocks sprang into view and were remarkably similar. Both were over two inches thick and more than ten inch long. And, both looked as rock hard as a steel rod. Both gigantic cock heads glistened with their pre-cum nectar. For a whore slut like me it was a mouthwatering sight.

Without being told, I lowered myself to my knees and crawled to the closest man and hungrily took his cock between my wide open lips. It was a struggle to wrap my mouth around the huge ram-rod, but he helped by pushing it deeper and deeper until the head finally hit the back of my throat.

The other man wasn't about to be left out of the action, and positioned himself behind me to take advantage of my vulnerable ass-hole. I spread my knees as wide as possible, as I tried to assist him in any way I could.

The man at my head began to fuck my face, driving his mammoth dick deeper into my throat with each stroke until his tight black balls bounced off my white chin. Each time he pulled his cock out, my hungry tongue swirled madly about the head making whorish slurping noises. I worked like a crazed demon trying to lavish him and his huge dick with all the pleasure I could.

At the same time the man at my ass was slowly driving his monster dick into his hole of choice an inch at a time. I thought he was going to split me apart as he plowed deep into my ass-hole until his nuts slapped my drenched slit.

For the next fifteen minutes they fucked me with wild fury. From time to time as they neared completion, they would slow their assault until the urges had pasted. Now and again the man attacking my ass would slap my ass hard making me jerk uncontrollably with surprise if not pain. At those times my mouth would involuntarily clinch tightly around the cock stuffing my throat. It must have been a pleasureful sensation as the man fucking my face groaned loudly with delight. The next thing I knew, my ass was being spanked regularly and much, much harder. I nearly lost myself in a world of blinding pain and pleasure.

It surprised me when both black studs erupted almost simultaneously, as if it had been planned. Planned or not, it was a dizzying head rush to feel their scalding hot cum blast into me from seemingly every direction. My openings were drenched in man seed. Cum filled my ass, and seeped from between my lips, trickling onto my chin.

That was only the beginning, as the men were so driven that I hadn't had a chance to catch my breath before they were upon me again and again and again. My pussy was still super sore from the whip stroke it had absorbed from Angel, but that didn't deter the men from hammering my cunt relentlessly. One especially liked to fuck my pussy with me on top and forced to do all the work. And, work I did, even with the other black dick stuffed in my mouth I worked my ass off. They used me for the full two hours leaving me literally exhausted.

When Angel returned at the end of the allotted two hours, my black "lovers" simply pulled up their pants and left. They hadn't even bothered to take off their jackets or shirts. After the men had left, Angel rolled me over, straddled my head with her creamy dark chocolate thighs and rode my face to her satisfaction. She rode me hard and fast, demanding all that I had left to give. Using all the strength and energy I could summon, I feasted greedily upon the sweet nectar that was Angel's love juice. Not satisfied with my meager efforts, Angel actually began to hump her hips up and down on my face; taking the pleasure she demanded. I managed to stiffen my tongue and drive it deep into her wet black pussy. Over and over again I tongue fucked her delectable cunt until my face was smeared with a thick coat of her sweet and tangy nectar.

Then without warning, Angel stood up, leaving my tongue momentarily lapping at the air until I realized what had happened. She reached down and pulled me up by my hair "That was a piss poor display of pussy sucking," Angel hissed with scorn, "I've had dogs that licked pussy better."

"Please, my Nigger Mistress, it's just that the black men wore ...," I tried to offer an excuse for my pitiful performance but Angel was having none of it.

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