Black Orgasms Ch. 01


"Oh god, fuck, I can't take this... oh... much longer" Adrian grinned and bent down to whisper in my ear, just as James closed his tongue and lips around my clit.

"Come" His rough voice commanding me.

I did, screaming both their names, trying desperately to catch my breath as I absorbed the aftershocks, his tongue still flicking at my swollen clit.

James stood up, removed his shirt and pants, and sitting back on the bed only wearing black boxers. Wrenching my eyes away from him I looked at Adrian, who I now saw was holding a small, ornate knife. I trembled, half with anticipation, but also slightly fear.

"Okay babe, I know you trust me, you have to trust us both to do this, he'll probably just watch but do you trust me?" I nodded again and he reached up to the handcuffs. "I'm going to take these off but you have to stay still sometimes alright?" I said yes and asked him where he wanted my hands. "When I'm doing things to you I want them on your body but now I want them on me." He grinned and I did too, loving the chance to torture him a little. I kissed his mouth, and his reaction was everything I wanted it to be. He put his hands on my hips and dragged me down so I was straddling him. I loved the feeling of being on top, feeling his body beneath me. We kissed for a long time, and then I moved down to suck and bite his neck. "You have to stay still now, okay?" He lay me back down on the bed and held the knife in the middle of my chest. He ran it gently up and down my stomach, not even making a cut. We had done blood play before but he was always careful with me.

"Tell me if this hurts too much" With that he began to cut small lines between my breasts, at first the pain wasn't bad, I was numb. Then the pain seeped through my body and I was breathing so hard. He had cut five lines and stopped. He put his slender fingers between my legs and as he did his tongue traced the red bleeding lines.

"You're still ready for me babe, you're so fucking wet." He plunged inside me and I cried out, with pain and pleasure. He fucked me hard and fast, all the while licking up my blood. Finally we came loudly together, I saw James release himself as well, obviously not being able to take our erotic displays any longer. Adrian dressed my small wounds and I kissed them both for an amazing night, beyond my wildest dreams. They both threw back the blankets on the bed and to my surprise they were tucking me in, like a child. James lay on my right side, with Adrian on my left.

"We've got some more things planned for you tomorrow baby girl, but sleep now." Adrian whispered. They touched me softly, whispering gentle things, with me eventually falling into the sweetest dreams I have ever had and anticipating what would happen next.

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