Black Out



D'antoine Meriwhether passed the joint to his best friend, Ricardo, shaking his head. The party was in full swing, The Game's new record was blaring from the speakers and hoochies and chickenheads alike were suggestively dancing just yards away, thick black booties bouncing with the music.

"You trippin', man." Ricardo glanced at him. "You'd turn down a free fuck from a girl just because she was white?"

"'Cardo, ain't nothing like black pussy."

"I agree, but I've had some pretty good white pussy."

D'antoine shook his head. "Not gonna happen." He took a deep toke and stood, handing it back to Ricardo. "I'll be back. I gotta pee."

D'antoine made his way through the crowd, pausing to slap a fat booty or two as he worked his way through the dancing crowd. There was a line for the downstairs bathroom but he lived here and knew that there was another bathroom in his sister's room, which they had arranged to keep locked. Just as he unlocked the door, the room was plunged into darkness.


His exclamation was matched by more from downstairs and he realized that a fuse must have blown in the house. No need to worry. Ricardo would have it under control in a few minutes. He groped his way around the edge of the bed and found the bathroom door. Another few seconds and he located the commode, opting to sit and piss so his sister wouldn't bitch about pee on the floor.

"Are you done yet?"

D'antoine shook his penis and stood, yanking his pants up in the darkness. "Yeah. Who the hell are you?"

"I might ask the same of you." He felt a light breeze and a puff of perfume. A pair of hands touched his hips, then moved up over his throwback jersey, gently rubbing his chest. "I'm scared of the dark. Will you keep me company?"

He chuckled, putting his hands over hers and pulling them down to his growing cock. "I think I could be persuaded."

She turned him in her arms and their mouths connected, tongues clashing and hips grinding against each other. D'antoine let his hands do the seeing for him and he saw long hair, sweet-smelling and wavy, nice, big breasts, small waist and a thick ass, which he squeezed in delight. She hummed into his mouth, pressing her body closer to his. She peeled off her clothes, hoping that he was doing the same and was very happy to reach out and find hot flesh waiting for her.

"That's nice." She drawled, touching hard muscle and soft skin. "You can use all these muscles to fuck me hard, can't you?"

D'antoine didn't answer. He backed up until he felt the edge of the bed at the back of his legs and pulled her down on top of him as he fell backwards. His hands filled with her ass and he ground against her mound, his cock ready to taste some hot black pussy. She pushed his hands off and rolled him aside, straddling his stomach and bending to smack him in the face with her breast. He caught on and caught one in his hand, fiercely licking and sucking until the nipple was a hard bud.

She moaned, pressing the other into his mouth and demanding the same treatment. His hands ran over her body, circling around a hip and finding her furred mound. Her legs opened wider and his fingers slipped into her crack, spreading the wetness from top to bottom. Her entire body vibrated as he repeated the action and she pushed up a bit, reaching under for his cock.

"Yeah, baby. Like that muscle?"

This time, she didn't speak. As much as she was enjoying his stroking, she shimmied down his body and licked the fat head of his prick, tonguing the slit and slurping the pre-cum. D'antoine groaned, trying to shove it into her mouth but she teased him, licking up and down his rod and sucking on the head until he was nearly begging for release. She climbed back up and sunk that thick tube of meat into her weeping cunt, moaning as his huge tool tried to split her in half.

"Fuck, yeah." She sighed, slowly starting to move. "Just what I needed." D'antoine gasped when her pussy muscles grasped him, holding him prisoner as she slid up and down. His hands moved down her sides, coming to rest on her hips and he grabbed on to her ass, pushing deeper into her. She whimpered, thick juice from her orgasm coating him and D'antoine growled at the liquid heat. Gathering her, he rolled her over, firmly seating himself between her legs and pumping his thick prick into her hole.

Her grunts and groans propelled him closer and closer and soon, his urge to nut overtook him and he violently slammed into her, gritting his teeth at the feel of her nails in his back, her own orgasm erupting in a wet mix of cum and sweat. D'antoine collapsed on top of her, then moved to the side, his body slightly covering hers.

Just then, the lights came on and his sister, D'alina gasped. "Well, I was going to introduce you."

D'antoine reached for the covers, still staring down into the dark blue eyes of one of the prettiest white girls he'd ever seen. Her dark blonde hair spilled across the coverlet and her hands still stroked his back lightly.

"I'm Sharla." She said softly, returning his smile.

"Nice to meet you."

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