Black Pickup


I felt Maricel start to jerk and her pussy contracted around my cock. As she climaxed, her whole body shuddering hard as she experienced an incredibly intense orgasm. I continued watching my wife as Maricel came in a loud orgasm. My wife's black lover lover kept plunging faster and faster into my wife's wet clutching and dilated pussy. I was watching my wife being fucked by a black stud on the bed next to me. The black guy seemed to be so vigorous. His unbelievably huge black cock fucked her wet vagina without tiring. I could barely believe it but Jenny was crying out for the guy to cum together with her. I saw her shudder and moan.

"Go on fuck his cock harder!" I groaned to my wife.

Pushing her lover onto his back she pulled his huge black cock out of her sopping wet pussy and climbed on top of of her young bull. I watched as she let herself mount astride his cock and I saw her slide the whole length of his strong long cock into her pussy. My tiny woman rocked back and forth on his big dick as I watched her fuck this stud on the bed. Her moans filled the room while riding Trey huge cock. She had her eyes closed and was enjoying every inch in her pussy. I watched his black cock glistening proudly in my wife's juices as her pussy, tightly wrapped around his pole, sucked and massaged it, up and down, up and down. It made me so hard. The pace began to pick up and she began to screw him harder and harder.

"Cum in me!" She cried out as he pound his enormous black cock into my petite Filipina.

He fucked upwards as he shot his load into her. She cried out as he bucked beneath her sowing his fertile oates deep inside her cervix. I knew that my cock could never satisfy my wife the way he could. I was so excited watching my wife behave like a cheap little street hooker. I saw the milky cum dripping down from her pussy and her crotch was a sticky mess.

Just then I remembered with horror that my wife had stopped taking the pill as she wanted to go for a baby in Philippines. Trey had just pumped his hot sperm in her unprotected ovulating womb. My wife had experienced multiple orgasms on his cock sucking his seed into her tubes.

Trey left my wife lying spread out naked on the bed leaking semen from her abused pussy. Maricel saw me looking at her naked abused body and said:

"You clean out her pussy now. You not want her pregnant."

I'm not ashamed to say I licked the guy's cum out of my wife's pussy and ass while Maricel put another condom on my cock and sucked it.

I moved down between my wife's legs and began licking and sucking her just fucked gaping pussy, dripping with our cum. She locked her thighs around my head and gave me a tender squeeze as I smelled and licked her freshly fucked pussy. I could taste her lover's sperm as I slowly kissed and licked her. She let me suck the cum from her body. She was in heaven as I licked and sucked on her clit, then sent my my tongue deep in her sperm filled cunt eating the cum I worked my fingers into her wet loose pussy. After a while she knelt up with her ass in the air, and pulled my face under her pussy still oozing cum. She then squatted over my face and let me lick the cum out of her fresh fucked pussy.

"I fucked him, darling... Did you like it? It was so good. I fucked his lovely big black cock just for you. He paid me too you know. I sold my body for money like a real whore bargirl tonight, darling..." She whispered.

I groaned in despair as she pulled on my hair, and forced me to lick the cum from her pussy. My cock was so hard thinking about my little brown beloved hot wife being fucked by another man.

"His big new cock felt so good in my pussy." She told me. "I really enjoyed it darling."

My slut-wife rode my face as if it were a cock using my nose to rub her clitoris and forcing me to lick her pussy. I ate her out. She was moaning and screaming like a whore. By this time, my cock was ready to explode. Seing this Jenny mounted my erection gave me a few rough strokes with her tight pussy and made me cum in her again.

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