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Black Sissy for White Couple


Watching Robert Wiles sucking my husband Daryl's cock totally turned me on. I donned my strap-on dildo and began fucking the tall, muscular Black stud with it. Robert groaned as I penetrated his ass with my eight-inch strap-on dildo but didn't stop sucking Daryl's dick. Robert Wiles is a bisexual Black stud from Jamaica who goes crazy for White cock, and White pussy. We were so lucky to find him. My name is Madeline O'Malley Winston, formerly of Metropolitan Johannesburg in the Republic of South Africa, and I approve this message. My husband Daryl Winston and I are new to the Canadian swinging scene, and we're both really into Black guys. That's okay because we find plenty of them to play with around the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario.

Daryl looks so good thrusting his nine-inch, thick and hard Englishman's cock deep down Robert's throat. The Black stud sucks Daryl's dick like there was no tomorrow. I smacked Robert's ass and shoved the dildo deep into his ass. He's such a submissive little slut. Just the way I like them. I've always wanted to fuck a macho Black guy in the ass with my strap-on dildo. The Black guys in my old hometown, the City of Johannesburg in the Republic of South Africa aren't into White women. The Black guys of Ontario, Canada, chase White women like their lives depend on it. That makes it easy for my hubby and I to find sexy Black gay men and bisexual Black guys to play with. The swinger scene is alive and well in the Capital region of Canada.

While fucking Robert's ass with my strap-on dildo, I fingered my wet pussy. Gosh I am so turned on. Fucking Robert up his Black ass with my strap-on dildo is a dream come true for me. Earlier, we had all kinds of wicked fun together. I lay naked on the bed and Robert licked my pussy while I sucked my husband Daryl's cock. After I polished Daryl's cock with my tongue, my husband came all over my face and Robert licked it all up. Afterwards, Robert knelt before me and licked my toes while Daryl pissed all over him. To top things off, Robert drank Daryl's pee and then licked my asshole after I turned around and bent over. Daryl and I are having so much fun with Robert. The submissive Black stud from the island of Jamaica is thrilling us beyond our wildest dreams. He does everything we tell him, and I can't tell you how much this excites me. It's like being home again, in the old days.

I fucked Robert's asshole with my strap-on dildo, pounding his ass really hard. Meanwhile, Daryl came all over Robert's darkly handsome face. We switched things up. Now it was Daryl fucking Robert in the ass while I watched them going at it. I've always been turned on by man to man sex. Especially Black guys and White guys having Gay sex. I watch interracial sex scenes in Gay and Bisexual videos and DVDs with vivid interest. In most of these videos, a macho-looking Black guy with a big dick slams his cock into the asshole of a weak-looking, submissive sissy of a White guy. I prefer to watch tough-looking White guys fucking big Black men in the ass. The contrast between Daryl Winston and Robert Wiles is astounding. Daryl is five-foot-nine, slim, with blond hair and green eyes. He was born and raised in the City of London, England. He's been living in the Confederation of Canada for six years now and works as an Account Manager for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Robert Wiles is six-foot-three, darkly handsome and very muscular. He was born in the region of Montego Bay in the island of Jamaica. He has been living in Canada for eleven years and now works as a Corrections Officer in the City of Kingston, Province of Ontario.

Robert Wiles screams as my dear husband Daryl Winston slams his cock up his ass. The macho Black guy looks like a total bitch as the Englishman rams his dick into his ass. I finger myself furiously as I watch the White on Black gay action. I love watching White men's dicks sliding into Black men's assholes. Nothing I find more erotic in the world. Isn't that a strange thing for a White woman to say? Of course, I am into more traditional styles of fucking if you must know. Daryl pounded his thick White cock into Robert's masculine Black ass until the macho Jamaican stud begged for mercy. Afterwards, I surprised both my husband and our favourite swinging Black stud by going down on them both. I sucked first Daryl's dick, then Robert's. I sucked them both dry, and they groaned in pleasure as I worked my brand of feminine magic on their rods. I was still horny and I had a dick in each hand. What do you think I did?

I decided it was my turn to get penetrated. I got on all fours, and Daryl began fucking my pussy from behind as I sucked Robert's cock. I got Robert's gigantic Black dick nice and hard, then we got busy. Robert positioned himself behind me, and slid his thick Black cock into my pussy. Meanwhile, I sucked Daryl's cock. My husband filled my mouth with his dick while Robert fucked me roughly. I haven't had a big Black cock in my pussy for a long time and Robert was just what the doctor ordered. He fucked me good, slamming his big Black dick mercilessly into my cunt. I loved it so much that I offered him my ass. Yes, I wanted to get fucked in the ass by the same Black man who sucked my husband's cock. I bent over and spread my ass cheeks for the Black man while sucking off my hubby. Robert lubricated my asshole, then pressed his dick against my rear entry. And just like that, Robert began fucking me in the ass. If I could have screamed I would. Robert's dick felt huge in my ass. Laughing, the big Black stud pounded his cock into my asshole. He fucked me mercilessly. It hurt but also felt really good. I loved every moment of it. Nothing quite like the feel of a big Black dick up your ass, ladies and gentlemen. I'm a White woman from the Republic of South Africa and I swear by it. Must be good indeed!

My darling husband Daryl Winston came all over my face, so turned on was he by the sight of Jamaican bisexual stud Robert Wiles fucking me in the ass. Daryl wanted to try Robert's cock. I looked at Daryl. That was new. Usually Daryl is a total top. I raised my eyebrows but said nothing as he assumed the position. I winced as Robert squeezed his massive Black cock out of my asshole and put it in Daryl's mouth. On his hands and knees, my virile Englishman of a husband began sucking the big Black man's cock. I couldn't believe it. My ass was still smarting from the pounding it got from Robert. I sat down and fingered my pussy while watching my husband sucking a gigantic Black dick. He sucked Robert until the macho bisexual Jamaican came all over his face. Then Daryl got on all fours and Robert came up behind him. Robert lubricated Daryl's asshole and then the dark-skinned stud began fucking the masculine Englishman I married up the ass. Wow.

Robert mercilessly drilled his big Black cock into my husband Daryl's asshole. At first Daryl tried to hold it in but he ended up screaming and crying real tears like a little bitch. I silenced him by slamming my dildo down his throat. Obediently, my husband sucked my strap-on while Robert and I exchanged a passionate kiss. He fucked my dear Daryl until this South African beauty's favourite Englishman in the world begged for mercy. It was awesome. When all was said and done, the three of us showered and left amicably. Daryl and I had a nice talk about our dear Robert after he left. Robert Wiles is married to a six-foot-tall, pretty and very curvaceous Black woman named Alexandra Madison. She's originally from the City of Boston, Massachusetts. Alexandra Madison is a straight-laced preacher's daughter and a graduate of the Northeastern University MBA program. She moved to the Confederation of Canada to be with the man she loves and now works for Henderson Enterprises. And I think she's going to pass out when I mail her a video recording of our sexual escapades with her dearest husband Robert. You see, I'm dumping Daryl soon. I want Robert for myself. He's the only man I've ever truly craved.

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black cock


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