tagInterracial LoveBlack Slave Woman Ch. 01

Black Slave Woman Ch. 01


The first time we met, I never thought she'd be into this sort of thing. Interracial dominance and submission. Jade Brown was every bit the dominant Black woman. Six feet two inches tall, busty and heavyset, with wide hips and a big round ass. She weighed two hundred and forty pounds and didn't seem to have a submissive bone in her body. She was captain of the men's wrestling squad at Pemberton University. One of thirty nine female wrestlers on men's intercollegiate wrestling teams nationwide. The school has a women's varsity wrestling team but Jade Brown switched to the men's varsity wrestling team because she found it far more competitive.

That's my Jade. She was tough, driven and strong. Every bit the strong Black woman. In the 2007-2008 wrestling season, she won twenty five out of thirty four of her matches against the top male wrestlers in the heavyweight division. She's a strong Black woman. I just never thought she'd be so sexually submissive in bed.

My name is Eric Anderson. A five-foot-ten, green-eyed and dark-haired Irishman living in Boston, Massachusetts. I attend Pemberton University on a student-athlete scholarship for swimming. I met my girlfriend Jade Brown freshman year and I've loved her ever since. She's the light of my life. I told my bigoted family members that if they didn't accept the Black woman I loved as my future wife, they would lose me. I wasn't playing. I loved Jade Brown with all of my heart. Women like her, so beautiful and smart, aren't usually into guys like me. I'm a nerdy White guy who loves Black women. And for once, a gorgeous Black woman loved me back. I wasn't about to let my family jeopardize our special relationship. In the end, my parents relented and accepted her. Jade and I got engaged three months ago. I love her dearly. It's important for you to know this.

Right now, Jade is on all fours. There is a slave's collar around her neck and her hands and feet are bound with steel. Face down and ass up. I am standing behind her, spreading her plump butt cheeks wide open as I ease my long and thick, uncircumcised White cock into her tight asshole. With a swift thrust, I slam my cock into her booty hole. Jade screams. I smack her big Black ass and tell her to shut the fuck up. Holding firmly onto her hips, I drill my cock into her asshole. For she is my Black female slave and I can do whatever I want with her. Jade lowers her head and calls me Master while I thrust my dick into her asshole. I call her my slave and ask her how she feels about having White cock up her big Black ass. She squeals and tells me that she absolutely loves it.

How come I'm doing this to my future wife and the woman that I love more than life itself? Simply because she told me to. I am not an evil man. I am not a racist. I have many Black male and Black female friends. I grew up in a predominantly Black middle-class neighborhood of Boston. I took a sexy young Black lady to the prom back in school. I've always had a thing for Black women. My best friend Joshua Winston, from the Pemberton University football team, is a Black man. We chill together all the time. He's the one who introduced me to Jade Brown in the first place. She's best friends with his sister Veronique Winston from her old neighborhood in the city of Brockton.

It never ceases to amaze me, the things people want done to them. Here is Jade Brown, a strong Black woman in every sense of the word and she loves getting dominated by her White boyfriend in bed. While ramming my dick into Jade's asshole, I tug on her slave collar and at her insistence, I call her a few names I won't repeat here. I am a bit uncomfortable with this, as you can imagine. However, Jade seems to really get off on it. She calls me Master and urges me to fuck her in the ass like a worthless Black slut from the ghetto. I oblige, smacking her ass while slamming my cock up her booty hole. Jade is so turned on by all this that her pussy is dripping hot girly cum all over the bed. Yes, my sexy African-American collegiate wrestler girlfriend really gets off on kinky interracial domination.

Man, I really love the feel of Jade Brown's asshole as it grips my big White cock like a frigging vise. Jade once told me a certain secret. She said that big women had really tight assholes, something they tried to hide from men, lest every big woman with a curious boyfriend find herself bombard with requests for anal sex. Before I met the lovely Jade Brown, I wasn't really into anal sex. She's the one who turned me onto it. Just like she's the one who got me into the whole White master and Black female submissive or Black female slave role playing thing. I guess women are far kinkier than most men can imagine. How else would you explain why my lady is into all this weird but strangely wonderful stuff?

Jade Brown begs me to completely dominate her. She tells me she's a sassy Black woman who's in need of punishment. She wants me to fuck the sass out of her. And so I did. I tugged on her slave's collar and yanked on her long black hair while ramming my cock deep into her asshole. I called her a cock-gagging ghetto whore, and a useless Black slut. The more I berated her, the more turned on she became. I fucked her even harder, watching her big booty bounce as I fucked it. I wasn't holding back anymore. I played the role of the arrogant and domineering White guy who dominates the sassy Black woman to the limit. I smacked her ass, whipped her and sodomized her. She screamed. She squealed. She begged. Hell, she even pissed herself. I absolutely got off on dominating her big Black ass. So much that I came, flooding her asshole with my manly cum. Jade Brown squealed in delight. I pulled my dick out of her asshole and made her suck my cock. Obediently, she did as she was told.

Afterwards, I removed her bindings and pulled her into my arms for a big kiss. Jade had tears in her eyes. I kissed her passionately, and told her I loved her. I love my tall and beautiful, sassy Black woman. I want to hold her forever. I can't get enough of her. As soon as we graduate, I'm marrying her. I'm a White man who loves Black women. White women don't do jack for me. And I don't care who knows it.

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