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Black Vampire Empire


Man, I am scared shitless. Seriously. Everybody is gunning for me and I don't think I can get away this time. I guess they lack a sense of humour in spite of my attempts at helping them gain one. So what if I accidentally caused a war? These things happen. At least, I think they do. Whatever. The name is Jeremy Saint-Pierre. A big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. I am a Vampire Prince and a lifelong member of what is arguably the most powerful Vampire Clan out there, the Red Cadre. And the others are coming after me. This here may be my last will and testament.

The life of an Immortal is never easy, but lately some people have been trying to cut my immortality short. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain. I am a Vampire. I was born one. The natural way. A would-be Vampire daddy meets a would-be Vampire mommy, they hook up and then here comes a Vampire brat. Forget the crap you read about in trashy Vampire anthologies. No human can become a Vampire. And no Vampire can become human. That is pure bullshit. Let me give you the rundown of how things play out in real Vampire society.

Vampires are real, folks. We look like normal people. We go to work. We pay taxes. We own property. We're Black, White, straight, gay, rich and poor. We're not supernatural creatures. We're just another species living among you. We look exactly like human beings because of evolution. My family is known as the Cadre. We came into being when an African Vampire named Baka was forcefully brought to the island of Haiti in the 1790s by foolish French colonists. The Vampire united the African slaves who were rebelling against the French colonists and helped them defeat them. Human history remembers him as Jean Jacques Dessalines, the first Emperor of the Republic of Haiti. He was my direct ancestor.

Anyhow, my father, Francois Saint-Pierre moved to the United States of America from our ancestral home, the Republic of Haiti, while in his youth. He studied at Harvard University and later joined the Massachusetts State Troopers. He's now a Lieutenant Colonel. Respected by both humans and Vampires. He met my mother Maria Sanchez, a Mexican immigrant, and they had little old me. A Half-Breed in every sense of the word. Half Black and half Hispanic. Half human and half Vampire. Half alive and half dead. The son of a Vampire Prince who fell in love with a mortal woman. And for most of my life, I've been hated by other Vampires. Mainly because they consider me to be a monstrous aberration. Something which shouldn't exist.

Let me explain, folks. I am just as strong and fast as any Vampire. Maybe a little stronger. However, I don't crave blood like most of our kind do. I eat and drink regular food. I require sleep, which they normally don't. Ordinary Vampires drink only blood because ordinary food and drink is toxic to them. Hell, they can only drink water. In order to drink alcohol, they have to mix it with blood. And have no heartbeat. That's because they're technically Undead. I'm still alive. My heart beats. I eat, drink, shit and sleep. I stopped aging past the age of twenty five. Yeah, they don't know what to make of me.

Personally, I got over my identity crisis a long time ago. I am simply me. There are around fifteen thousand Vampires living in the City of Boston. And they're a diverse bunch. Jamaican. Irish. Italian. Haitian. Cuban. Mexican. And just like the human populations that they live among, these ethnically diverse Vampires don't get along. My father is the Prince of the Clan. And he keeps them all in line. Lately, there's been a lot of strife. The Vampires are getting out of control. My father forbids them from feeding on humans. Not because he cares about humanity but because we don't need them finding out we exist and coming after us. As a species, Vampires number close to one million world-wide. However, we would never win a war against ordinary humanity.

As befitting a Prince of the Clan, I was raised to follow in my father's footsteps. And for most of my life, I was a good little soldier. I enrolled at the University of Massachusetts and majored in Criminal Justice. I wanted to go to the Police Academy just like my father before me. That was before I started hanging out with Wayne and his crew, the Howlers. Wayne is a tall, good-looking, young Black man I encountered at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. He seemed like a cool cat and we hung out. Like me, he was also a Vampire. And in his own way he was a Half-Breed. He told me his father was Black and his mother was White. A Pureblood Vampire who didn't mind hanging out with me, the infamous Half-Breed.

Wayne played baseball for Emerson College. He dated a tall and curvy, fiery Irish redhead named Mary O'Bannon. His best friend was this Japanese Vampire named Richard Yasimoto. There was this hot-looking Indian gal named Parvati with them. They were quite an interesting bunch. All of them the offspring of powerful Vampire families. And they wanted to hang out with me.

Well, I thought I had finally met some folks who liked me for me. What did I know at the time, I was young. Anyhow, I joined Wayne's Crew. For the most part, we just hung out and had fun. We went to clubs. We raced on the streets in convertibles and motorcycles. We prowled the night looking for adventure. We just did our thing like normal young people would. What I didn't know was that Wayne was none other than the son of the Vampire Lydia, my father's Immortal enemy.

I guess some back story is in order. There is this tall, beautiful female Vampire named Lydia D'Auvergne. She is of French descent and one of the wealthiest ladies in the state of Massachusetts. Thanks to her numerous businesses which range from restaurants to cosmetics and shares in corporations. Back in the day, my father had a fling with Lydia. They were supposed to get married. He ditched her and took up with a human female. In the Vampire world, that's the ultimate betrayal. The fact that he sired a Half-Breed with his human wife and raised me as his own also pissed off numerous Vampires. Especially the female Vampires. Lydia has hated my father ever since. And I was hanging out with her son. How awesomely naive of me!

I had accidentally walked into a snake's pit and I didn't even know it. Acting on orders from his supremely vindictive mother, the Vampire Wayne befriended me. And I thought he wanted to be my friend. Wayne's Crew were all in on his scheme. They wanted much more than my personal destruction. They wanted to take down my father. One night, while we were hanging out, Wayne basically poisoned me. And I woke up in chains, in his mother's basement in the affluent City of Milton. Yep, once again the Black man betrays his brother and puts him in chains. All for a White woman. Where have I seen this before?

Folks, that Lydia woman was the most evil bitch I have ever met. And in Boston, I've met some evil bitches. Lydia went wild on me. She tortured me simply for being the son of her former flame. I endured the hellish torture she unleashed upon me. I had no choice. I'll spare you the gory details. I was burned, shot, stabbed and crushed. Being half human and half Vampire gave me accelerated healing powers. Ordinary Vampires aren't quick healers. They're exceptionally resilient, though. A Vampire's bones are several hundred times harder than a regular human's. Same goes for Vampire hair and skin. They look regular flesh and blood but they're really like marble. Shoot a Vampire anywhere except the eyes and the bullet will simply bounce off them. You need a diamond-hard blade to cut into them. I wasn't that resilient physically. But my healing factor saved me. It simply wouldn't let me die no matter what Lydia tried. And she tried many things.

I was slowly losing my mind due to the extreme torments I was forced to endure when deliverance came from a most unexpected source. While Lydia was momentarily away, the most beautiful Black woman I had ever seen walked into the basement and broke my chains. Then she picked me up and took me out of the torture chamber. I was kind of busy passing out soon after. I woke up in my room, surrounded by my father and a team of doctors. The strange woman had saved me from perdition and brought me home. And I didn't even know her name. But I vowed to learn it.

Later, I learned that my saviour was none other than Samira Jackson, an ordinary human woman. A patrol officer with the Boston Police Department. Under orders from my father, she stormed Lydia's mansion with ordinary human police officers and saved my life. You see, just like in the comics and movies where Superman has his weaknesses, Vampires have theirs. Forget about garlic, crosses and holy water. The only real weakness that Vampires have is silver. It is lethal to them. A Vampire can sense the presence of silver across a mile. They're that sensitive to it. If they stand within five feet of a silver object, they feel physically ill. If they touch it, they pass out. If silver enters their bodies, they die. And Lydia's house is littered with silver, save for her basement of course. Making it Vampire proof. She took me to the one place where my father's cronies couldn't touch her. A place Vampires feared to tread. A place where only humans could enter.

I recovered from my ordeal. My father swore vengeance upon Lydia and her entire Clan. Poor dad. What he sought to avoid for so many years had come to pass. An internecine war between rival Vampire Clans. When Immortals clash, it's never pretty. How do you end a war where every man and woman involved in the conflict is basically immune to being shot, stabbed or burned? You load up every gun you have with silver bullets and you go out to shoot yourself some bastards and bitches because you're dealing with Vampires. Got it? Cool. The men and women of the Cadre prepared themselves for war. I was basically forbidden to leave the premises of the motherhouse. My mother and I were under twenty-four-hour surveillance by Vampire bodyguards.

Well, I simply didn't want to stay indoors all day. Now, I love my mother dearly. However, I can only hear so many of her concerned comments about what I endured at the hands of her enemy. Besides, there was one woman I was dying to see. A tall, sexy Black woman who saved my ass. Did I mention that she had a fine curvy figure and a fantastic ass? I was half-unconscious when she rescued me but I remembered that much. So I walked into the police station and asked about her. Five minutes later I was asked to leave the premises. See all that a brother got to do to holler at a hot sister?

With Vampire warfare brewing in the streets of Boston, all I could think of was a beautiful Black woman who saved my arguably Immortal life. I imagine some woman somewhere will say that as a typical man, I'm thinking with my you-know-what. Whatever. All I'll say is that this lady made one hell of an impression on me. And I wanted to see more of her. I looked her up online, and finally got hold of her. I told her I wanted to thank her for saving my life. And that's all it took. I invited her to meet me at Copley Mall's Food Court for a quick bite. And she actually showed up. She looked rather dashing in a bright red dress tucked under a Black leather jacket.

Samira Jackson of the Boston Police Department looked like a dashing supermodel rather than a cop. But hey, that's part of her appeal I guess. She gazed at me oddly as I introduced myself. She flat out told me that while she worked for a Vampire, she didn't date them. I grinned and told her that I wasn't a Vampire. And to prove it I played with the silverware on the table. Samira Jackson stared at me, stunned. I always enjoy surprising people, both mortal and Immortal, who think they know me. Samira's eyes were filled with shock. I calmly explained to that I wasn't a Vampire. At least not an ordinary Vampire. I was half human and half Vampire. An Immortal human being with superhuman strength and speed rather than a bloodthirsty, undying creature of legend. the only one of my kind. You should have seen the look on her face, man. She was beyond shocked. I just love that look on her face.

Well, Samira was definitely intrigued by me. I was intrigued by her. She shared certain things with me. Samira discovered the existence of Vampires when my father saved her life during a joint Boston Police/Massachusetts State Troopers operation to take down rival gangs. And she'd been his loyal ally since then. Wow. My father had been keeping things from me and the whole Clan. Revealing ourselves to humanity is a no-no in the Vampire community. However, who cares? I liked Samira and I was interested in her. So I asked her out. Amazingly, she said yes. And that's how it all began. My whirlwind romance with a beautiful Black woman. And how I endangered my Vampire father's Kingdom in the middle of an internecine war which almost turned into an interspecies war. How about that?

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