tagBDSMBlack Woman Owns White Slaves

Black Woman Owns White Slaves


My name is Nicole Swanson. I'm a five-foot-ten, short-haired and golden-eyed, dark-skinned and voluptuous young Black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. The City of Champions. At least, that's what the locals call it. I call it Shit Hole, USA. I'm a woman who turned her sheer contempt for human beings into an asset. You see, I am a Professional Dominatrix. Men and women of all races and walks of life come to me because they are desperately in need of my unique services. And I'm more than willing to help them out, for a fee of course. I don't do this for the money. I do it for the pleasure. I love to dominate and humiliate people. Especially White people. The money is just a little added incentive.

Right now, I'm fucking a big White woman named Sheila Posy O'Donnell with my long and thick strap-on dildo. Sheila is a very sexy and quite loud White woman who works as an assistant principal at one of the local private schools. She makes some good money, and lives comfortably. Like many White women in such a position, she has many unfulfilled needs and desires. I guess that's why she came to me. Sheila gets off on interracial domination and humiliation. Lots of people, male and female, White and Black, have such a fetish. For three hundred bucks, I played the role of dominant Black Mistress to Sheila's hapless White Slave.

That's why I've got her bound and gagged. The big White woman's huge ass cheeks are spread wide open and I'm slamming my dildo up her asshole like anal sex is about to become illegal. While sodomizing her, I call her my stupid White witch, my filthy White slave and my own personal White bitch. Sheila says yes to everything I say and simply takes the fucking I'm dishing out on her. I think she's a natural submissive. Why else would she come to me? She's married to a White man named Henry O'Donnell who makes two hundred and forty grand a year after taxes since he's a corporate attorney. Yet she can't seem to get her rocks off without being dominated and humiliated by a Black chick. Why?

I don't know. And to be honest, I don't really care. I've met a lot of White male and White female professionals with such fetishes. Last week, I had some wicked fun with a handsome White lawyer named Raymond Watson. This sexy stud moved from Atlanta to Boston a few months ago. He has a lovely wife named Miranda Halpern Watson whom he describes as a real WASP or White Anglo-Saxon Princess. They have a son and daughter in private school. His wife is a college professor. Seems to me like they have it made. Unfortunately, he has certain desires that his wife can't understand or fulfill. Simply put, Raymond has a slave fetish. He loves to submit, especially to dominant Black people. I had some fun with him. I dressed him in woman's clothing and made him serve me as I smoked a cigar and watched TV from my leather sofa. Raymond was a really submissive bitch, though you'd never know this if you saw him. He's a big and tall White dude who used to play college football back in the day.

I enjoyed bossing Raymond around and calling him everything from a dumb-ass submissive White bitch, a punk, a sissy and a whiner to a White punk, lousy cracker and loser. He loved it when I called him derogatory names. For the grand finale, I tied him up and whipped him like a runaway slave. A runaway White slave! Then I took out my strap-on dildo and sodomized him. Raymond squealed like a little bitch as I slammed my dildo up his ass. I made him beg for mercy and stretched his asshole from a tight end to a wide receiver. Folks, I made the big and tall White man cry. And he thanked me by paying me four hundred bucks. All for humiliating him for the better part of two hours. Is my job fun or what? Ah, memories.

Raymond and I have a lot of fun together. Then one day he started feeling guilty and told me that he wanted our sessions to end. I wasn't having that. So I told him that if he didn't want his wife and business partners to find out what kind of sick freak he was, he would not only hand me ten grand but he'd also agree to be my bitch for the next year or so. Raymond thought I was bluffing. I showed him a video of the two of us going at it. Him on all fours and me, positioned behind him as I rammed a dildo up his ass and called him a White slave. The big White man looked at me with pleading eyes and asked me for mercy. I told him he was my real-life slave from that moment on. Since that day, he comes to my apartment once a week, puts on a maid uniform and cleans up for me. I sodomize him with my strap-on and berate him or whip him for a few hours, then I send him home like the White bitch he knows himself to be.

Back to the task at hand, people. I grab a handful of Sheila's long White hair and yank the big White woman's head backwards while ramming my dildo up her shit hole. I continue to berate her, this time stepping it up a notch. I call her a filthy Irish dyke, a White bitch and a two-time loser. I tell her that she's a cunt from the Irish and she will never amount to anything. Sheila nods and says yes mistress as I continue to berate and demean her. I can tell that she's really into this and I for one am absolutely loving it. I smack Sheila hard in the face and she glares at me, stunned. What? I'm just getting into character here!

I spank Sheila's big White ass as I fuck her. I delight in watching the White woman's huge butt cheeks jiggle as I spank them. I've always wanted to spank a big White woman with a big booty. Especially those big-booty Irish bitches I see in places like Avon and Milton near the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Sheila reminds me a lot of those big-booty Irish bitches I've occasionally longed to fuck. Oh, she's got money and a college degree but stripped naked she doesn't look different from the big-booty, busty and loud-mouthed White chicks I see talking loudly with their lady friends at the mall. I hate these ridiculous White bitches. I've always wanted to tie one up and break her down. Imagine my wonderful surprise when one of them delivered herself into my very eager and capable hands.

I turn Sheila around and this time she's lying on her back. Why? Simply because I want to look into the big White woman's eyes as I ravage her asshole with my strap-on dildo. Sheila looks up at me as I thrust the dildo up her ass. I pinch her nipples and thrust my free hand into her pussy. I start to fist her and Sheila's eyes grow wider and wider. She squeals in pain mixed with pleasure. I love to make White women bow down to me. Seriously. I smacked Sheila's face, hard. Her eyes went wide. Grinning, I smacked her again. I told her I owned her fat White ass and there was nothing she could do about it. I took out my whip and whipped her savagely with it. I whipped her tits, her face, her belly and her legs. She squealed. I never stopped fisting her pussy or slamming the dildo up her asshole. In the end, she came, her pussy squirting out hot girly cum.

Afterwards, Sheila showered and thanked me for a great session. Then she told me it would be the last time. She wanted to give up our sessions, and told me she'd been seeing a shrink to cure her of her sordid desires. I couldn't believe this. I couldn't let her go. She was too much fun! I told her I had a surprise for her. I showed her a videotape of our session. Sheila looked pale. I told her that unless she wanted her husband and colleagues to find out about her fetishes, she'd best fork over six grand and agree to become my willing White slave for the next year. Shaking her head and crying, Sheila agreed to become my slave. My White female slave. I then let her go home. From that day on, she comes to my apartment once a week, cleans up and then gets sodomized, whipped and fucked. And she loves it!

Yeah, I have a lot of fun with Raymond and Sheila. Neither knows about the other. And I want to keep it that way. What happened to them is purely their fault. They came to me with their White Slave fantasies. Well, they awakened my Black Dominatrix who needs real-life White slaves fantasies. I enjoyed dominating them. So much that I just can't give it up. I'm their dominant Black Mistress and they're my White Slaves. And I wouldn't have it any other way. The name is Nicole Swanson, formerly of South Africa and currently of Brockton, Massachusetts. It's 2009, and I'm a strong Black woman. I'm a proud Black woman who owns White slaves!

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I love a black mistress to own me .
I give up my will=mine ==body =soul=spirit owning me .
her slave girl teen child kid into panties or girl bloomers and legging on my ass only .
go true beating more...

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